The Fetish Shoe Shop Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Jenny

It was at the end of my first day at The Fetish Show Shop, Mrs. Wyles had asked me to stay behind and we had ended up with me fucking her from behind while she admired herself wearing only a pair of 8 inch black heel shoes. These 8 inch heels were the highest we had and only a few clients had managed to walk in them although for many it was a massive turn just to put them on and look at their feet in them. We were going through next days clients when the telephone ran. Mrs. Wyles answered it and I listened in on the second line.

It was a male voice. He said he was Doug and had heard about The Fetish Shoe Shop and that both he and his girlfriend Jenny had a foot fetish and he would like to make an appointment for Jenny to visit and he would like to receive an account and video of her visit. Mrs. Wyles asked whether he would prefer a male or female to attend to Jenny’s needs. Doug thought for a minute and said, ‘Although I’d love to see Jenny with a female, I think at this first visit she would prefer a male assistant.’ Mrs. Wyles said she would check the appointment book and said that Robert who is twenty three years old was available and a date was set for Jenny to visit in 2 days time at 10 a.m. Mrs. Wyles said, ‘First appointments usually last 3-4 hours as we need time time to get to know Jenny. You need to tell her to expect absolutely anything as there are no limits here.’ She thanked Doug for phoning and said she was looking forward to meeting Jenny.

I arrived at work, and as usual I was early so that it gave me time to prepare for the clients for that day. I opened the appointment book and saw that my first client for the day was Jenny. I knew nothing about her except that both her and her boyfriend Doug had a foot fetish. I would have to play it by ear and see how things went.

Jenny arrived a few minutes before 10. She knocked on the door and Mrs. Wyles let her in. My first impression was stunning. She had black hair, was well tanned and had what at first sight looked like a perfect 36C bust. Straight away I was wondering what her nipples were like. I didn’t really notice what she was wearing but was so taken in by her stunning looks. She sat down opposite me and I told her briefly about the service we offered for foot and shoe fetishists and she was more than happy to continue.

I led her into the other room and I could see on Jenny’s face how surprised she was at the selection of footwear we had. I told Jenny to sit on the sofa and I sat in front of her on a low stool. I said to her, ‘I’ve got a really good selection of very fine silk stockings that I’d like you to try on’. I lifted her feet into my lap and slowly removed her shoes. I realised she had pantyhose on and told her I would have to take them off. She stood up for a moment and I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She stepped out of it and I picked it up and draped it over the arm of the sofa. Then I hooked my fingers in the top of her pantyhose and lowered them just below her lovely rounded arse.

We both sat down again and I lifted her feet into my lap. I reached forward and slowly and deliberately slid each pantyhose down her legs and slipped them off her feet. She had lovely tanned legs and I looked up and saw that she was wearing silky white knickers and could clearly see the dark hairs of her pussy. I handed Jenny a number of stockings for her to choose while I started to prepare her feet. Although she had showered before she adana escort left home this morning I always liked to clean clients feet and toes personally. I lifted one of her feet to my face and took in the delightful aroma of a woman’s foot. I slowly licked in between each of her toes and then sucked each one individually into my mouth making sure that they were as clean as could be. I looked up and saw that Jenny was stroking each pair of stockings and loving the feel of the silkiness of each one.

The look on her face showed me she was enjoying the attention to her feet and was obviously looking forward to having the stockings slowly peeled up her legs and fastened to the suspender belt that she still had to choose. The attention I was giving to her feet was also having a sexual effect on her as I could see a damp patch forming on her knickers. I lowered the foot I had just cleaned orally and started on the other. As I raised this one to my mouth Jenny visibly opened her legs. I looked at her and saw she had her eyes closed. She was still feeling the stockings and I saw her raise the pair she had chosen to her face and run it gently across her face.

With her eyes still closed, she started nibbling her lower lip, a clear sign that she was getting sexually aroused. I spent even longer on this foot, licking and sucking each toe and then licking in between each toe yet again. She now had her mouth wide open and her tongue was licking her lips. She was sighing and breathing heavily. As I continued her foot cleaning I said, ‘Jenny, I really don’t mind if you feel the need to stroke your pussy, a lot of our ladies love the attention I give to their feet and feel the need to masturbate as I give their feet the attention they need.’ She opened her eyes and said, ‘I really would like to play with myself’. I lowered her feet for a moment and as she lifted her lovely rounded bottom I hooked my fingers in her knickers and slid her knickers off. I noticed instantly her dark black pubic hair. It was also very damp as her pussy juices had been seeping out.

I said to her, ‘Jenny, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it but we do offer a shaving or trimming service and I would be happy to do it for you.’ She thought about it and said, ‘yes let’s go for it, just a trim, not shaven, although I’m sure Doug would love me to have it all shaved off so that when he went down on me he’d get the full benefit and taste of a bare pussy.’ I got the scissors and started trimming her bush. As I got near her I could smell the wonderful aroma of her pussy juices and could clearly see the moistness on her pussy lips. I was now fully hard as I took in the sight of a sexy woman on heat. I wanted to finger fuck her or suck on her clit. She was making me so hard. I wanted to taste her cunt juices on my tongue, but I was unsure about that at her first visit. I could now feel the wetness of her pussy juices as I carefully trimmed her hair into a perfect V shape.

As I finished I got a mirror and held it in front of Jenny letting her admire her now perfectly trimmed pussy hair. I had been detracted from my original task and got back to giving Jenny the attention her feet needed. I again lifted one of her feet to my mouth and her sexual excitement had caused her feet to sweat slightly. I licked in between her toes and adored the slightly salty taste on my tongue. Jenny was still naked from the waste down and while one hand was stroking a pair of stockings her other eskişehir escort hand had wandered down to her pussy and she was slowly stroking herself. She had her eyes closed and was nibbling her bottom lip again. I soon finished licking both feet and was soon ready to put her stockings on but first I wanted to rub some moisturising cream into her feet and legs to help preserve her tan.

I squeezed some cream out of the tube and rubbed it in carefully making sure I rubbed it between her toes and all around her ankles. The look on her face showed me she was loving it. The movement of her hand on her pussy also showed me she was loving it. After I had finished massaging the cream into her feet I started concentrating on her legs, gently rubbing it in and generally giving her legs a relaxing massage. As I worked higher and got to her thighs I was prepared for Jenny to tell me to stop but she didn’t. I carried on higher until I was almost at her pussy. I took her hand and smelt her fingers. Her fingers were covered in her cunt juices. I put each finger into my mouth and licked it clean just as I had her toes. How I wished her toes smelt of her cunt juices too. When I had finished cleaning her fingers I decided she was ready to wear the stockings.

Although I sensed that Jenny was happy for me to finger fuck her or to make her cum with my tongue I decided that she had to be wearing the stockings she had chosen. First she needed a suspender belt I took her hand and led her to a rack of underwear. She chose a red silky one. I asked if she wanted to wear a bra and she decided she didn’t. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. She was wearing a quarter cup bra that only just covered her nipples. I unfastened the bra and took it off her shoulders. Jenny stood there naked with her lovely black hair highlighted against her tanned body. Her perfectly shaped 36C breasts looked magnificent with her erect nipples. I reached round her and fastened the suspenders. She went back to the sofa and sat down. I raised one foot and started pulling the stocking up, taking every opportunity to smooth the silky seemed stocking against her leg. I did the same with the other. Then I took her hand and helped her to her feet. As I knelt in front of her and attached the stockings to the suspenders I could smell her pussy juices.

With both stockings now clipped to the suspender it was time to choose some shoes. I didn’t know what her preference was but chose a pair of red 5 inch high heeled shoes with ankle straps. She sat down again on the sofa and I took one of her feet into my lap and put her shoe on. I fastened the ankle strap making sure it wasn’t too tight. Then I repeated the process with the second one. She stood up and paraded in front of me looking in the mirrors to admire herself at the same time. Her nipples stood out like miniature cocks and I am sure they had seldom been larger or harder. She stood for a few minutes admiring herself in the mirror. I wheeled a portable one behind her and she could clearly see the back of her legs and couldn’t take her eyes of the 5 inch heels and the seemed stockings she was wearing. Her hands went to her breasts and she started pinching her nipples. Jenny said to me, ‘This makes me feel so fucking sexy, I need to cum. ‘I’m not sure if Doug would be happy for you to fuck me but I’m sure he won’t mind you licking my cunt and sucking my clit.

My cunt feels so fucking wet, I’ve just got to cum. sakarya escort You will make me cum won’t you.’ I was so hard and horny that there was no question about it. But would Jenny let me cum as well. She continued standing admiring herself from all angles. She walked up and down in the 5 inch heels. Jenny said, ‘I wish Doug could see me now, he’ll love the video. This will make him cum in his pants. If he was here now I’d dress him the same as I am but probably without the bra and then get him to fuck me with the mirrors all around us so that we see both of us from all angles and I’d get Doug to fuck me senseless until neither of us had any more cum in our bodies. In fact next time I visit I want Doug to join me, I want us to visit together. He’ll love the range of stockings and shoes.

Then Jenny continued, ‘Right kneel in front of me and lick my cunt, put your tongue inside my cunt, suck my clit.’ I did as she asked. Jenny said, ‘Oh that’s wonderful, put your tongue inside my cunt, that’s it, oh yes, suck my clit, oh its wonderful, my nipples are so hard, I’m pinching and squeezing them, do you like tasting my cunt juices, oh yes, faster, harder, suck my clit, yes that’s its, oh yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Jenny’s cumming all over your face, oh its heavenly, no don’t stop, I need more, push a finger up my arse, that’s its, finger fuck my arse, lick my clit, oh no, I’m cumming again, oh Doug look whats happening to your Jenny.’ Eventually Jenny had finished cumming, I sensed she had cum four times but it could have been more. She could hardly still stand in her 5 inch heels. She tottered back to the sofa and collapsed on it. I said, ‘Jenny, would you make me cum now, you’ve made me so horny watching you’. I know Doug wouldn’t want me to fuck you but I’d love you to wrap some stockings round my cock and make me cum into them’.

She smiled and said, When Doug sees how much pleasure I’ve had I’m sure he won’t mind.’ I slipped my trousers and shorts down. My cock was sticking out straight in front of me. It was at its full 8 inches. Jenny opened her legs and told me to stand in between them. My cock was only inches from her face. She reached out and wrapped a pair of stockings around it. Immediately I loved the feel of the silk against my cock. I saw Jenny biting her bottom lip I was sure she was getting turned on again. I wanted to put it between her lips but knew I couldn’t. I wanted her to wrap her lips tight around it suck my spunk deep into her mouth, but I knew I couldn’t. I wanted to reach down and suck her delightful 36C nipples deep into my mouth. I wanted to suck her tit milk out of her, but I knew I couldn’t. I knew she was Dougs and was out of bounds. But the thought of all this was enough to trigger of an enormous orgasm as Jenny frantically rubbed my cock and made me empty my balls into the stockings she had in her hands. After I had recovered I asked her if she would ask Doug if I could fuck her if she visited again. Jenny said she would ask him.

Jenny changed into her other clothes and took away with her the stockings, suspenders and shoes she had been wearing. Doug was in for a great time that evening because she also took away another set but this time in his size. The thought of both of them dressed the way Jenny had been and getting down to some serious fucking soon had me hard again. I looked forward to Doug’s comments.

This account of Jenny visiting the Fetish Shoe Shop was requested by a reader of If you would like an account of your wife, or girlfriend or someone you know visiting The Fetish Shoe Shop give me as many details of them as possible, including likes, dislikes and fetishes and I will write a fictitious account of their visit and send it to you. Send me a photo if you like. The more details you give me the more realistic I can make it.