The Perfect End To A Hard Day

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Come home from a hard day at work, soaked to the bone from the rain that has been pouring down all day. I get home late that evening, because traffic was so bad, it took extra long to get home. My business suit dress is plastered to my firm 23 year old body. As I step into the house I notice that all of the lights are off and there are candles set up and burning all over the house. I set my briefcase down with a ponderous look on my face and unbutton my blazer.

I slip out of my dress shoes, and as I’m looking down at my feet I notice rose petals. I look on and I see they’re strewn in a path, leading up the stairs. I inhale deeply and I can smell them. The scent and the candles invade my senses and I immediately feel relaxed. I hear a crack of thunder and wonder if the power has gone out. I follow the rose petals across the hardwood floor of the foyer and up the winding stair case. There are candles set on each step, softly illuminating the path. The plush carpet feels so good on my sore tired feet. I continue up the stairs and when I’m almost to the top I start to hear soft sexy sounding music coming from somewhere down the hall. I let my senses guide me as I walk down the hall to my bedroom.

I see that my bedroom door is ajar and the rose petals continue into my room. I push the door gently and a smile spreads across my face from what I’m seeing. There are petals all over my bed, and vanilla candles all over my room. I can hear the music more clearly now, and the thunder I hear kind of adds to it. I notice more candle glow coming from my bathroom, so I walk towards it.

When I step into my bathroom, I can see my garden tub surrounded with candles, 2 wine glasses sitting on the edge, an ice bucket with wine chilling in it, and of course Travesti you, running me a bath. I ask you what you’re doing and you stand up and put your finger to my lips. I look into your eyes and I can see all the love they have for me. I obey as you take your finger away I don’t say a word. You push my wet hair away from my face and kiss my lips very gently. I let out a small sigh as I kiss you back, thinking how wonderful it is to have a man like you in my life. You pull back and look at me again, and begin to unbutton my blouse. Once you’ve gotten it unbuttoned, you peel it off of me, and your eyes roam over my lacy soaking wet bra, taking in every inch of my cold very erect nipples.

You then kneel down in front of me and reach around behind me and unzip my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I step out of it and shove it aside, and look down at you. You give my flat tummy little kisses as you run your hands down my sides. You kiss down the side of my bikini line, and down to the top of my thigh high stocking. You slide that down slowly and kiss everywhere that you have just exposed. You do the same with my other leg too. I step out of the stockings and you reach up and begin to pull my panties down. I gasp as your fingers graze my skin, sending shivers down my spine, making me hungry for your love.

You pull my panties down and I step out of them and you then kiss your way back up my leg, and my thigh, and my shaven pubic mound, making me moan. I thrust myself forward trying to get you to lick my pussy, but u just stand up, take my hand and lead me over to the tub. You pour us glasses of wine and set them down. You help me in to the tub, and I lean back and relax in the warm bubbly water. I let out a long sigh of satisfaction and Ankara Travesti you hand me my wine glass.

Slowly you pulls me towards you. Your soft lips caress every inch of my neck as I lean into you and sip at the champagne. I let out a soft giggle as you move your lips along the crevice under my chin, spilling a little drop of champagne on your ear. Moving slowly, I start to suck on your ear, stroking it with my tongue until the taste of champagne slowly wanes away. I can feel the heat between us as your cock starts to grow between my thighs. The candles make the silhouette of our bodies seem as if they are one molded being.

Our bodies move together as I arch my back, pressing my firm tits tightly against your chest. My nipples begin poking at your muscle as I let out a small moan from the excitement and arousal of my nipples. Slowly I slide myself over your waist, and move my hips over your cock. Feeling it between my thighs, stroking your head at the apex of my leg.

“god, baby, it’s so big. I can tell you really want me to ride your cock tonight.” my moan echoed through the large bathroom. All you can do is look up at me, your eyes filled with passion, and mutter, ” I love you so much.” you lift me up a little, then you slowly slide me down your slick, wet chest, gliding my wet pussy along your frame. You softly run your tongue along my milky white thighs, licking every bit of flesh. You slip your tongue around the outside of my pussy, licking at my swollen lips. Hungrily you nibble on my clit and get a long, low moan deep from my chest.

You lap up all of my juices, running your long tongue deep inside my velvet folds. “god, I love it when you eat my pussy. It feels sooo good. I’m not going to last much longer if İstanbul Travesti you keep this up. Unngh…I’m…I’m gonna cum…please don’t stop, don’t stop.” and then you pulled away from me.

With a small, smartass grin, and slide my pulsating pussy down towards your rock hard throbbing cock. I position myself over your dick with the largest knowing grin on my face. I slowly slide down, taking in all of your cock. I feel every vein, every curve, every thick inch of you. “god you’re so tight. I don’t think I’ll last long with you. You’re so damn beautiful baby. I love you so much. Please fuck me! Please fuck me so hard!” you manage to mutter out.

Slowly I rock myself up and down looking in your eyes, letting you feel every inch of my pussy as you explore my breasts. Your hands rolling around my nipples only manage to aid in bringing me to the edge of one of the biggest climaxes of my life. I start to move a little faster, still taking in all of your cock, hard and passionately, feeling every inch of your love wand. “oh god, ohhh, I’m going to cum, I can’t wait any longer. God I can’t hold back. Mmmm, you’re so big, and it fills me all the way up.” you start to gyrate your hips under me, ramming your cock further up inside me than I thought it could go.

I let out a long, loud moan. “god I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming, oh, ugh, it feels so good. I love your cock inside of me. I’m cumming. Mmmmm, oh god, I love to ride your cock. God I love you…” I experience one of the largest climaxes of my life and I cum all over your cock. My body spasms with delight and I collapse on top of you; my body convulsing in delight. Laying there with your cock still in my tight sopping wet pussy you hold me to your chest and then I realize something.

“you haven’t come yet” I said. You reply in a cool voice, “it’s not important, this night was for you.” you kissed my lips softly and you hold me tightly and we lay there drained, content in each others company, listening to the thunderstorm raging outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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