A Bicycle Ride in the Country

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I always thought of myself as reasonably fit. I go for a run once or twice a week, go to the gym and ride my bicycle a few times a week.

The weather had been wet for the last few weeks and I hadn’t been able to get outside much. The weather looked as though it was going to clear so I got my push bike out and decided to give it it’s annual maintenance going over. I also needed to fix a problem I had been having with the gears. I couldn’t seem to solve the problem with the gears, so I put the bike in the back of the car and drove down to the local bike shop.

Walking into the shop reminded me of how long I hadn’t been to a place like this. I checked out a few of the bikes and realized my bike was at least 10 years old. Perhaps, I thought, it was time for an upgrade. It wasn’t long before a sales assistant walked over and started to explain the features of the bikes I was interested in. I noticed a run-out model with good discount and decided to go for it. I had walked in to the shop over an hour ago looking for some advice on how to fix the problem with my gears on my old bike and walked out with a brand new mountain bike, along with a new helmet, water bottle and a few spares. There was no doubt the sales assistant had done a good sell job.

I got my new bike home, gave it the once over to make sure it was ready to ride and then checked out the weather report. Tomorrow was going to be a sunny so I thought I would head up to the hills just out of the city to try out a new section of bike trail that had only opened a month ago. It followed an old railway line that had since been dismantled, in a river valley. I planned my ride to be about a 40 km round trip. That should be enough, I thought, I don’t want to over-do it.

After a good sleep I got up early and, with my new bike in the car, drove for about two hours up into the hills. By the time I parked the car and got ready to ride it was about 9:30am. I then headed off on my first leg of 20 km’s down the valley. I got there at about 11am, took a short break, ate a chocolate bar, drank some water and headed back. I was really happy with the way my bike was performing. The larger tyres soaked up the bumps better and the gears were much easier to use.

I had been riding for about 45 minutes when I noticed two riders in the distance. These were the first fellow bike riders I had seen for the day. As I slowly approached I could see they were woman, riding side by side chatting away. As I got closer I could see they both had plump, shapely asses in sheer Lycra shorts so I slowed down to admire the view. One of them looked over her shoulder at me after a while. With that and not wanting be caught staring I decided to over-take them, and keep going. I pulled to the side, shifted down a few gears and picked up the pace. As I was passing one called out to me.

“Hey, excuse me, can you help us please.” I slowed down and let them catch up. We all stopped.

The one who called out spoke first. “We were wondering if you could help us out? My friend Linda seems to have a slow leak in her front tyre. We have pumped it up a few times but it really needs to be changed. By the way my name is Mandy.”

“Hi, my names Alan, I should be able to do something. Do you have a spare inner tube?” I replied.

“No we don’t,” responded Linda, “But I have a puncture repair kit somewhere in my back-pack.”

I hopped off my bike and lay it down in the grass beside the track. Both women got off their bikes and faced me. Both were blonds, good looking, pretty faces and about the same height as each other, around 5’5.” Linda was slightly larger and seemed to have some impressive boobs strapped down under her Lycra top. Mandy was also packing some impressive boobs however hers were supported in a bra under a loose fitting tee-shirt. They were both about 40.

“Right,” I said, “let’s have a look at this tyre.”

With that I took Linda’s bike from her and flipped it upside down. I released the wheel out of the front forks. I could see Linda rummaging around in her back pack and she eventually pulled out an old battered box that was labelled ‘Puncture Repair Kit’.

“I’ve been carrying this around for years and have never had to use it. I hope it’s OK,” said Linda.

“Open it up and let’s have a look,” I responded as I moved closer to Linda to have a look in the box and caught a trace of her perfume and sweat scent.

“It looks OK, I will just get a couple of tyre levers from my kit,” I said.

I had the inner tube out, found the puncture, applied the repair patch, inflated the tyre and had the wheel back on the bike in 10 minutes. While I did this we chatted about bike riding and the new trail. Linda mentioned that they had ridden it a number of times and were going to a spot further up the track to have a picnic.

I flipped Linda’s bike back onto its wheels. As I turned around I just caught both of the girls checking me out. Standing at 6 foot tall, reasonably fit, I thought, I looked OK for 45 years of age. I handed güvenilir bahis Linda’s bike back to her. I then went over and put away the tyre levers. I heard the girls whisper to each other.

I stood up, faced them and said, “Ladies, it’s been a pleasure, it’s time for me to get going. Enjoy your picnic.”

Mandy spoke up first. “Alan, since we have taken up your time, perhaps as a way of repaying you, would you like to join us for our picnic lunch. We have more than enough to go around.”

It didn’t take much to work out what my answer would be. I wasn’t doing anything this afternoon, the sun was shining and here were two pretty sexy blonds offering to feed me.

“Sure, I would love to join you,” I replied.

“OK,” said Linda, “All you have to do is follow us. We have about another two kays to go.”

The girls hopped on their bikes and I followed.

After a couple of hundred metres Linda looked over her shoulder and said, “Are you still there Alan?”

“Still here,” I responded, “just enjoying the view,” as I paid close attention to their plump asses.

“I think Alan might be an ass man,” said Mandy as both women looked at each other and giggled.

After about a kilometer I followed the girls off the main track and up what looked like a narrow disused walking track. We were doubling back on the main track but heading down to the river. About another kilometer on we stopped at the top of a gentle grass slope running down to the river. There were trees providing shade around the edge of grassed area. Linda and Mandy walked their bikes over to a spot and I followed. We lay our bikes down. The girls both slipped off their back packs and had a stretch.

Mandy then winked at Linda and said to me “Gee, it’s very warm Alan, you don’t mind if we make ourselves comfortable?”

Before I could respond Mandy had slipped off her tee-shirt and Linda had peeled off her Lycra top. Both woman stood there looking at me. Mandy had a white sports bra on, her boobs would have easily been 42EE’s and Linda’s tits were swinging free. They were jaw dropping. They must have been 48GG’s. Each big globe had a 5 inch wide pink areola with small nipple in the center. I didn’t know what to say. They both looked amazing and I had my mind was running away with thoughts on where this could lead. I caught up with myself and immediately took off my tee-shirt and reached down and slipped off my running shoes and socks. I could feel my cock starting to stir.

“That’s better Alan, you were at risk of being over-dressed. Are these too much for you?” asked Linda, pointing to her mammoth boobs.

“No,” I gulped “They are amazing.”

“I think my tits intimidate most men. What do you think?” she asked.

“I think I have never seen such huge beautiful boobs,” I replied.

“So I don’t need to cover them up?” she said with a grin.

“No please don’t do that I am really enjoying the view,” I responded.

With that and not to be outdone, Mandy unclipped her sports bra and let her boobs free.

“How about mine Alan, do you like?” asked Mandy.

“Very impressive,” I responded as I checked them out.

They were like a smaller version of Linda’s. Perfectly formed, with 4″ areola but her nipples, which by now were hard, were much bigger.

“They are nowhere as big as Linda’s but my nipples are really sensitive,” she added.

With that Mandy pulled out a small picnic rug from her back pack, spread it out and both women put the items for our picnic on the rug. There were salad rolls, fruit, soft drink cheese and biscuits. We all sat down. I made sure I was sitting in the best position to gain maximum advantage of the view of their boobs. As we ate lunch I had to adjust myself a few times as I could feel my cock stiffen. The girls could see this happening and looked at each other and giggled. Mandy asked me if I liked big boobs and I replied the bigger the better. They thought I was an ass man.

I let them know that I appreciated a nice round plump ass, but when pressed would prefer big boobs. Linda said they had been visiting this spot since Mandy and she were both kids. They lived in the valley and spent many summer’s days here having picnics and swimming in the river. Linda then went on to say they we should have a swim after lunch had settled. I nodded, agreed and ate my lunch while hardly taking my eyes off these two beautiful women and their jiggling globes.

We were just finishing up lunch when I noticed Mandy was turning my bike helmet over in her hands.

“Hey Alan, this is a great helmet, its’ very light,” she said. With that she placed it over her left breast. “Looks like I would need two,” she giggled.

She suddenly stood up, winked at Linda and said, “What will you give me to hand it back?”

With that she ran up the grass bank and headed off up the track.

“Where’s she going?” I asked Linda, who had a big smile on her face.

“I don’t know, but you better get after her or she will hide it türkçe bahis and you won’t be able to find it.”

With that I leapt to my feet and took off after her. She was waiting just up the track and when she saw me dived in the bushes. I followed and found her over a 100 metres away siting on a large rock at the edge of the river waiting for me. She no longer had my helmet. As I walked up to her she looked up at me and asked again, “What are you going to give me to hand back your helmet?”

I was thinking. There I was standing over this voluptuous half naked women dressed in a pair of shorts and my cock was getting harder by the moment. I could see Mandy was looking up at me and down to my groin with a big grin on her face. “I’m open to suggestions,” I said.

“Oh no you aren’t,” responded Mandy. “You have to tell me what you are going to give me in exchange for your bike helmet. If I don’t like it I will tell you and you will have to think of something better.”

I continued to stand over her thinking. She was now staring at my groin. I could feel my cock getting harder. I really needed to adjust myself.

“OK, how about I kiss you,” I said.

She didn’t say anything so I bent down and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Her lips immediately parted, I probed with my tongue, she responded. I held her head with my left hand, she put her hands on my ass. This woman knew how to kiss. After a few minutes I came up for air. “How was that?” I asked.

“Hmmm, it was very nice but I think I need something more,” she replied.

“OK then, how about I lick your sensitive nipples?” I asked.

Again she didn’t reply, only smiled up at me as a knelt down and started to run my tongue around her right nipple. I heard her gasp. I then moved across and ran my tongue around her left nipple. I then slipped her nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard. She let out a moan. I then moved back to her right nipple and sucked it heard. I felt her move her right hand down to her pussy. After sharing my attention between her nipples for a few minutes I stopped and looked at her at eye level.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

She stared into my eyes as she continued to rub her clit through her Lycra shorts.

“Well, it was OK and I liked the way you sucked my nipples hard but I need something more,” she explained.

I was warming to this game. It was clear from where her hand was what she wanted next. I threw caution to the wind and continued.

“Right, what I am going to do next is stand you up, slide down your Lycra pants, sit you back down on this rock, spread your legs wide and eat out your pussy, I explained.

Her eyes widened a little as she took a deep breath. Again she didn’t say anything but stood up for me. Still kneeling in front of her I grasped the top of her Lycra pants on each side of her wide hips and slowly slide them down over her plump ass with a bit of difficulty. Once they were down to her ankles she flicked them aside with her foot and immediately sat down.

She looked at me with a big grin and spread her legs wide exposing a very wet shaved pussy. She was clearly aroused with her pussy lips having swelled and her large clit standing to attention. It was a beautiful sight. I pushed my face between her thighs as I felt both hands on the back of my head. My world went dark. All I could smell was her musky pussy juices as I explored her lips with my tongue. I felt her tremble as she pushed my head into thighs. I found her engorged clit and licked the tip of it. She moaned. Because of its size I was then able to get it in my mouth and suck it. She shuddered as I commenced to suck her big clit. I could feel it still growing as I sucked harder.

“Oh my God, I’m CUMMMMMMMMMING!” she cried, as she pulled my head away.

She sat there panting. Her breasts were heaving and she had sweat running down her face. I pulled back and caught my breath. My face was covered in her pussy juice. I looked straight ahead. Her clit was red and swollen from my sucking and there was pussy juice now starting to dribble down the rock she was sitting on. All I could smell was pussy.

I stood up I had to re-adjust my cock. By now it was very hard and trying to peek out the top of my shorts. “Well?” I asked, as I looked down at her. She was now leaning back with her arms outstretched supporting her body at an angle. Her legs were still spread wide and she had sweat pouring off her face, arms, breasts, tummy and legs.

“Not bad,” she said, “But you still haven’t given me something I can keep.”

The penny dropped.

“So you want my cum,” I asked.

“Yes please,” she replied. “I want you to spray cum all over my boobs,” she responded.

“Well why didn’t you say that to start with,” I retorted.

“Come on silly. Can’t you see? It’s a lot more fun doing it this way,” she said.

Before she could say anything more I pulled down my shorts letting my very hard and thick 9″ cock free. Her eyes widened and she gasped. She clearly wasn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri expecting something this size. She started to sit up open her mouth and reach out to hold my cock.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said, “I’ve got a much better way of giving you what you want.”

With that I pushed her back flat on the smooth river rock and slide her hips forward. I knelt down and guided my cock to her still dripping pussy.

She lifted her head and said “Hey, all I wanted to do was blow you.”

“Don’t worry” I replied. “Can’t you see? It’s more fun doing it this way.”

With that I thrust my big cock into her now very relaxed, wet, waiting pussy. I got about half way in before meeting some resistance. I pulled back and thrust again. This time I slid all the way in and felt my pelvic bone meet hers. She was big and very wet.

“Alan you are huge! FUCK ME!” she cried out.

I obliged and commenced to piston her like there was no tomorrow.

She let out several whimpers before she screamed “I’m CUMMMMMMMMMING!” and I felt her body tense and go limp.

I immediately pulled my cock out, and stood up. I had my hand wrapped round my cock and was jerking myself off as fast as I could go. Mandy propped herself up to watch me. I looked into her eyes as I felt my balls boil. I came in long strings of white sticky semen. The first one landed on her breasts, face and hair. The second just as far as her breasts. By the time I was finished her breasts and tummy were covered. I stood there, utterly spent, my cock still in my hand dripping on her pussy.

Mandy looked down and grinned. “I think your payment should be sufficient. You can have you helmet back now.”

I laughed and helped her stand up. She wrapped her arms around me coating me with my sticky spunk. I looked down and gave her a long kiss. I could taste myself on her lips. We walked into the water and washed each other off. I dried Mandy down with my shorts and kissed her on each nipple. I then slipped my shorts on. She slid her Lycra shorts back on and we walked back to the picnic location hand in hand. Along the way I grabbed my bike helmet hanging in a tree.

We presented an interesting pair when we got back. Linda had been for a swim and was sitting naked on the picnic rug getting some sun. She looked up to see me wearing shorts carrying my bicycle helmet and Mandy half naked with a very satisfied look on her face.

“Looks like you got your helmet back Alan,” Linda said. “And Mandy, you seem to have enjoyed whatever the payment was,” she went on.

Mandy giggled and sat down beside Linda. “It was a very enjoyable transaction,” Mandy replied.

“I know, I could hear you,” said Linda.

I sat down beside the women, a little bit down-hill from them so I could admire their boobs.

“What did you hear?” asked Mandy.

“All I heard was you yelling, ‘I’m cumming’, then a bit later, ‘fuck me’, then ‘I’m cumming’, again,” replied Linda.

“OK, let me fill you in, you don’t mind do you Alan?” asked Mandy.

“I would be fascinated to hear your story,” I replied, as I sat up with a big grin on my face and moved into position directly in front of Mandy and Linda.

“Well,” commenced Mandy, now that she had both of our attention, “as you know I ran up the track with Alan’s helmet and back down to the river where that big smooth river rock is just on the edge of the water. I was sitting there waiting for him, ready to give him a blow job and taste his cum. That was going to be my payment for the helmet. Alan stood in front of me and asked what the payment was. I was very naughty and wouldn’t tell him, he had to guess. I thought sitting on the rock staring at his groin would have been enough for him to work out what to do. Instead he bent down and gave me a beautiful French kiss. He has a great tongue you know.”

“Go on,” said Linda who was now stroking her left nipple and looking at me.

“OK,” continued Mandy. “I said the payment wasn’t enough and he had to do better. So he knelt down and gave both my nipples a very erotic lick and a suck. I almost came when he was sucking my left nipple. When he finished I said the payment still wasn’t enough and he would have to be better. And you know what he made me do then?”

“Do tell,” Linda responded in a slightly husky voice.

I could tell she was getting turned on as her left hand was making circles on her tummy. “The next thing he did,” continued Mandy in an excited voice, “was pull down my pants and lick my pussy. He found my clit, and you know how sensitive my clit is, sucked on it very hard and made me cum.”

“So that was the first cum,” said Linda with her legs slightly spread and her fingers now exploring her own pussy while still with her eyes locked on mine.

“Yes, I almost passed out. But I still wasn’t satisfied, although I really was, I was seeing stars and the orgasm rippled all way down to my toes. But I hadn’t received ‘payment’. I then told him that all I wanted to do was blow him and get cum on my tits. But he took matters into his own hands and that’s when he fucked me stupid. After I had the deepest orgasm he pulled out and unloaded the most amazing amount of sticky jizz on my face, hair, tits and tummy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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