A Gift to a Vampire

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Nigel heard the sound of footsteps cross the threshold of his home, since that fateful night when he became this creature he learned many valuable tricks from his love Lian. One of which he enjoyed most of all was leaving his house unlocked after the sunset, amazing how many people wandered into his home thinking they could steal something from it. When really there was a monster lurking inside ready to steal from them. Following the sound of the steps he heard them stop in the lounge, an ideal place for any thief. With the walls covered with paintings from across vast dimensions, and family trinkets that littered the shelves. It was indeed a greedy mans paradise. Waiting in the shadows of the open doorway to the room, Nigel watched the stranger for a moment. Though something different about this one. He didn’t even look once at the things in the room, instead he stripped his upper garments off his body. He was a black man about Nigel’s height and build. Nigel watched him with intriguing thoughts floating through his head, he never had thought of men in a sexual way before. But there was something different about his man, he seemed submissive and shy. Obviously nervous about being in Nigel’s home. Very interesting to Nigel’s eyes as he watched him strip his t-shirt off and then slowly pull the leather belt out of the loops around his waist. Watching him as he slipped the belt around his neck to tighten it snug against the deep brown color of his skin. This man must be one of Lian’s, possibly he was waiting for her arrival.

Nigel stepped from the shadows after he saw him get comfortable, his movement quick as he was brought instantly across the room to stand next to the mortal who was now sitting himself on the sofa. The startling speed at which he moved caused the black man to sit up more on the sofa, his eyes looked up at the godlike creature in front of him. After the sudden fear washed away he had an adoring, almost longing and loving look in his eyes. Nigel wondered what was going through this humans mind, he must of known what Nigel was but for the first time he actually witnessed a mortal that might just anticipate the bite and piercing cut of his fangs. Looking the man over as he sat in front of him, his light blue eyes trailed over his deep skin. Caressing his gaze over his chest and down to his groin where he witnessed the bulge of arousal starting to press against his pants. His eyes darted back to his victims eyes, starring intently into them as his hand reached out and touched at the leather belt around his neck. “What’s your name?” Nigel spoke softly, seeing the mortals eyes drift closed for a moment before he licked his dry lips and spoke in a soft timid voice. “Anthony.” Nigel smirked softly, his fingers stroking against the belt as they rounded softly to trace his cold fingertips on his flesh next to the leather. He heard Anthony sigh a moan of enjoyment at his touch and then his head tilted to fall against the open palm of Nigels outstretched hand. Again Nigel spoke, “Does Lian make you where this?” he questioned about the belt around Anthony’s neck. The mortal nodded and reached to grip the strap of belt that hung down in front of his chest, yanking softly at it and pulling tight against his flesh. His eyes looking up into the vampires seductively, “Please.. feed. I would love it dearly master..” Anthony’s head tilted, offering his neck to the vampire before him.

Nigel pulled his hand away at the display that was put in front of him, partially disgusted by what was said. He did enjoy the hunt, a fight in his victims. And here this human easily just handed himself over like fresh meat. Everything he loved about Lian, a part of him disliked the fact she did this to humans. Making them almost servants to her lust and needs. Plus thoughts burned in his mind what exactly went on between these two when he wasn’t around, what else was she capable of when he wasn’t looking. “Tell Lian I’m pleased by her offer.. but I just can not do what she demands on me.” Nigel looked down in the dark strangers eyes for a moment, something about feeding upon a man was new to him and he wasn’t sure if he could be in that kind of embrace with the same sex. Nigel peeled his eyes off of him as he went to turn away, his head turning as he looked to somewhere else in the room.. “Please don’t call me master.. just put some clothes on and I’ll show you out.”

Before Nigel could get a foot away, Anthony reached out and grabbed the hem of Nigels pants. Gripping the fabric and dripping his fingertips under the garments. His eyes now searching out Nigels as he slipped from the sofa and moved to his knees in front of the vampire. His other hand slid up the front of his body, caressing his firm muscles under his clothing as he reached out to Nigel’s face. Nigel froze feeling Anthony grab him caused a little bit of anger to rise within him, about to knock the mortal away. Thats when he smelled it, when his senses took in what laid on his skin. The scent was strong, it plagued Nigel and almost as quickly as he had decided to leave he suddenly wanted that scent to cover every bit of his body. His immortal loins twitched, aching güvenilir bahis and wanting.. lusting now for the smell of Lian that now covered every inch of this mortals fleshy skin. Nigel groaned and Anthony smiled since he knew just what he was lusting for, he was cleaver and his eyes fluttered in a light excitement in his control over the beast. Anthony spoke softly with his seduction, “I know you can smell it, that addictive perfume that now covers every inch of my body.” Had it been so long since he had touched Lian that such a simple smell could push him over the edge like it did. He looked down at the hand on the collar of his shirt before glancing to Anthony as he sat before him. Nigel couldn’t help but smirk slightly, such a cleaver human just undid him with a simple touch. And he was right, he could smell what covered his entire body. Making him want to devour all of Anthony, maybe just so he could have a taste of Lian again.

Anthony’s hand at his pants, pulled at the fabric. The garments so thin, so delicate Anthony practically wanting to tear them from his body. His fingers tracing out the arousal he felt growing, he knew the smell of her worked. He could feel it, there was no denying it now. “Close your eyes master..” Anthony still watching until he saw his eyes slip closed, his hand moving into his pants. Tracing out his thickness and length, the unknowing of what he would uncover took his mind. From what he felt so far caused his mouth to water, his heart to thump a bit faster and his own cock to harden. Unclasping his trousers, his body kneeling to the floor before Nigel, pulling the semi-hard cock from his pants. He stroked him as he lifted the growing heavy meat to his wet tongue to lick up the underside of him before his lips wrapped around the pink pearly head of his prick.

The touches he placed on him and the smell that lingered Nigel soon was hit with visions of her. His cock grew stiff as the thought of her hands touching him. It was difficult to keep his eyes closed, but with each touch on his skin he enjoyed the images that came over him as well as the feelings. His wet mouth, lips and tongue toy with him. Nigel let out a small gasp of pleasure, his lips uttering his enjoyment.. “..oh do continue..” Anthony pulled his lips off Nigel as he heard his words, a smile glancing his dark lips before he slid his wet mouth up an down the gorgeous length in front of him. The thoughts of this cock taking Anthony, it over took him as he pulled the head into his mouth again. His lips clasped tightly around him, his tongue quivered and he sucked eager at him. Taking him deeper with every stroke and dip of his head. His other hand lowered from Nigel’s chest, his fingers pulling at the fabric of his clothes before he gripped onto the base of his white meat. Anthony moaned as he felt the head hit the back of his throat, the saliva welling up and dripped off his lips. Wanting more he tried to take it all and the images that flooded his mind caused his loins to throb, his own cock begging for release from his tightening pants. Slicking and wetting the muscle with his mouth as his fingers massaged and stroked what he couldn’t reach. His hand moved to his own pants, undoing the zip and letting his own arousal spill forth. Running his hand back and forth in slow motions down his own cock, the wants inside of him caused the precum to boil from the head of his cock.. his body squirming slightly at how much he wanted what played out in his mind causing him to moan deep again on Nigel.

Nigel could feel his hunger growing, with every movement of Anthony’s mouth he felt how long it had been since his last taste of blood. With his eyes closed it didn’t help, feeling his fangs extending behind his lips. Heightening his senses even more, the images, thoughts and memories of Lian driving him crazy. To the point he forced his eyes open, even though he was looking down at a man, Nigel didn’t see the same sex he just saw an object to fixate his pleasure out upon. Moving his hands from his sides he stroked the pads of his fingers over Anthony’s bald black head, feasting his eyes on Anthony, watching him stroke his own cock. The sight of his flesh swelling with blood, and Anthony’s cock easily out-sizing him made Nigel nip the back of his lip. Never had he witnessed flesh like his before, curiosity burning inside of him wanting to know what a beast like that would feel like. His hand moved to the belt at Tonys neck, hooking his fingers under it as he pulled on it. His other hand pressing against his cheek as he pulled Tony’s mouth off his cock and shoved his body back on to the sofa behind him. Nigel was hungry, and if they wanted to continue he’d need something more from Anthony. Reaching to Tony’s pants he yanked them off his legs before he crouched between his open thighs. The towering black meat in front of him distracted him momentarily before he stroked his lips up Anthony’s inner thigh. Tasting and feeling with his tongue, searching out the strong pulsing vein there. Anthony’s blood pouring through his body sent him over the edge as his fangs pierced the skin, the gush of crimson liquid filled his mouth. A river türkçe bahis of blood trickled over his chin as he took a small yet greedy amount from Anthony.

A gasp of pleasure and slight pain came from Anthony as Nigel buried his fangs into his skin. The sound of his moans turned Nigel on more and more, and so did the blood that flooded out over his tongue and down his throat. Anthony groaned behind his closed lips, his hand still on his cock he gripped the hard prick. Rubbing his hand back and forth, causing the skin to pull over the swollen head and back down again. “.. yes master.. feed.. god I want it..” Anthony gasped as he felt the burning pierce of his fangs through his flesh. The intense pleasure ran through Anthony, his legs shook slightly at the first shock of the pain. His eyes rolled back into his head, his hand stroked himself faster and more fluid as his other reached down and gripping his sack. Rubbing and messaging his balls, all doing it for Nigel as he watched him feast between his open legs. Anthony felt his bare ass roll against the cushion of the sofa before his hips tensed with his orgasm. Anthony enjoyed the blood letting so much it always got him off easily, usually Lian waited until the last minute to bite him. But he loved the fact Nigel buried down between his legs, never had he been bit there and he loved it even more. The orgasm coursed through him as he moaned out loud and his thick cum spewed from his cock.

But Nigel had other plans when he witnessed Anthony cum, his thick white cum beading over his black muscle caused Nigel to moan softly against the bite. The warm white liquid hitting him in the face made him flinch before pulling away. Reaching to his face he collected the cum off his skin with the tip of his finger, never tasting another man before. But if his blood was as good as it was, his cum had to taste even better. Sucking the liquid from his fingertips, it mingled within his blood stained mouth causing him to smile. It tasted salty and blended with the metallic flavor of his victims blood. Reaching out he wrapped his fingertips around the belt that dangled down Anthony’s chest and pulled him into a sitting position so his face would come closer to his now. “Did I give you permission to cum Anthony? Hmm? No I think not..”

Anthony loved being treated like a piece of shit, just a piece of meat for someone to do whatever they pleased to. When Nigel yanked at the belt pulling him closer he couldn’t help but moan, the deep tones of his voice begging Nigel to do more. Hearing his accusing question, he shook his head. His head turning away as he glanced off in shame for defying his master. Anthony moaned breathlessly, “I couldn’t help myself.. you sure know how to please me master..”

Nigel’s other hand gripped Anthony’s wrist that was stroking his black cock. Pulling the cum soaked digits off his black cock he moved them to start lathering it all over Nigel’s dick. Nigels arousal large now filling with Anthonys blood. Like a good little slave and slut, Anthony stroked his hand up and down him. Now feeling what good his blood had done, slipping the slimy slick cum all over Nigel. As Tony touched him, Nigel moaned his pleasure against the side of his face and then reached down between them and wrapped his fingertips around Anthony’s thick monster. Rubbing his hand over his sensitive skin. His thumb toying with his orgasm a bit, rolling the pad of his thumb under the head as he watched Anthonys reactions to him touching him in such a way. Anthony felt Nigel touch his cock he groaned, his body twitching and writhing as those fingers touched the sensitive skin. His hips jumping as he felt everything. Such a soft lustful moment of two men stroking each others cocks. The physical and emotional image that burned into their minds only ignited their passion further, wanting and hungering to devour each other.

Nigel glanced down and he saw more cum drip out on his white fingers, collecting up the cum on his digits he lifted his fingers to Anthonys mouth. Letting him suck his own cum off his skin. Watching as he excepted his fingers, taking them into his dark wet mouth sucking on them. Tasting himself as well as his master’s skin again, causing him to rub and stroke his cock faster. Nigel smiled.. “I’m so sorry to do this to you.. but I can’t let that happen again. From this moment on Anthony you won’t cum unless I tell you.” His hand that held the belt yank roughly on it, his voice turning stern “Understand?” Hearing him as he yanked on the leather Anthony gasped, “..yes I will.. I promise I will master..” Not exactly sure how he would be able to control his orgasms like he wanted him to, he would try to, but deep down he feared he’d fail the request.

Pulling away Nigel stood to remove the rest of his garments. Knocking Anthony’s hand off his cock he had him turn to face away from him, positioning him over the armrest of the sofa. Taking his place behind him, he stroked the white flesh between the dark cheeks of his ass before he pushed the swollen head in the tight hole. Anthony lifted his ass as he awaited for the fuck to begin. Anthony bit his lip as he felt his güvenilir bahis siteleri cock penetrate him, the first pain as it split his tight asshole open. His body clenched and his wet mouth moaned, reaching back he pulled at the cheek of his ass. Spreading himself for Nigel, wanting all of the slimy dirty prick he eagerly ground his hips back. Pushing all of himself on to him, “fuck that ass good Master.. Fuck It Rough.. oh god punish it Master..” Anthony moaned as he bit his lip a bit harder.

His cock so hard now it pierced through Anthony, widening his tight fuck hole until he hit his hilt. Nigel let him push his hips back on him as he enjoyed watching his back. Seeing the lean muscles tense under his beautiful skin. Hearing his words Nigel reached up and wrapped his long white fingers around the belt. Anthony lifted his hand to the belt at his neck when he felt him grab a hold of it. His fingers digging around it, he liked that it was choking him but he tried to release the pressure. Feeling the leather and hard metal clasp digging into his flesh. Though it wasn’t as painful as the pain of Nigel’s cock fucking him causing him to pull away some, but slowly it grew better.. slowly it felt good and his hips soon pushed back against him to feel his body clash against his own.

His hips pulling back and kicking forward as Nigels cock tore through him. His ass throbbing around him causing his speed on him to increase, feeling his balls smacking against him adding to the moans of pleasure that filled the room. Nigel pulled on the belt a little more as he bent over his back. Pressing the side of his face against Anthony, sucking and pulling on the back of his ear with his lips as the fucking continued to violate him over and over. Being so close to his neck he could hear the loud pump of his blood running through him, driving him insane and making him want to taste him again. “You will do as you promise Anthony.” Nigels words coursed through Anthony’s mind, his mouth uttered his moans and gasps of pleasure.

Nigel smirked, before he kissed his lips down to his shoulder, scratching his fangs against him before plunging them into his dark skin. The rough fucking upset his hold on him, causing him to bite him multiply before he could latch on to a good feeding. More blood coursing through him, making him swoon and ache. Feeling his fangs slicing through him again, he squirmed. His hips rocked hard against Nigel, his eyes closed as he knew he would cum now. He could feel his balls swell with the cum again. Nigel nawed him, his teeth puncturing him over and over again. Each worse upon him then the last one, his back arched as he wanted the release. But he was going to hold true to his master’s wish, he wasn’t going to cum until he was told to.

Pulling his fangs out of him, his tongue licking at the wound. Collecting up any drop he left behind. Nigel backed off Anthony, letting his fingers release the belt as he leaned back and continued to delve himself repeatedly into him. Nigel knew he was close to cumming himself, he could feel the tingles of his orgasm creeping over his shoulders. His thrusts into Anthony becoming ragged and unpredictable. Finally he spoke to give him his release, “I’m gonna fill this ass with my seed Anthony.. oh yes, You can cum for me now.” Before he could even finish his statement, Nigel felt his orgasm break free and his hot jizz erupting into Anthony’s tight ass. Underneath him he heard Anthony groan and give into his own climax. His knees bulking from the pleasure, and his sweat covered body collapsed softly on to his new lovers back. Both exhausted he heard Anthony speak, “Thank you master.” Nigel laughed softly at the fact he was still calling him master, though after this night he definitely could get use to it.

Pulling his dick out of him, he was still semi-hard from the pulsing new blood through his veins. Though in this eye opening experience, Nigel looked at Anthony in a new way. Softly he had him turn over, and before he knew what he was doing he was placing his mouth on Tony’s softening cock. His mouth wet and rimming with saliva from the oncome of the best sex he had ever had, easily he swallowed his cock into his mouth. Sucking and massaging his lips up and down his thick length, his mouth drawing out all the cum. He heard Anthony moaning softly and his hands slipping through his short blond waves of hair. Nigel glanced up, pulling his mouth from his prick he smiled to him. “I think I could get use to this.. your taste is so addictive.”

“OH Really!?” A female voice exclaimed from the other side of the room. Both Anthony and Nigel glanced over to see Lian standing there. She must of been watching them the whole, or possibly walked in during. Oddly, even though Lian was Nigel’s mistress he found himself suddenly protective over Anthony. Though embarrassment still rose to his cheeks, not knowing what to say exactly to his love Lian. Tony reached out and gripped Nigel behind his neck, bringing their lips together in a kiss. A moan was muffled as Nigel exclaimed his surprise, yet he liked the feel of his lips meshing against his causing the moan to be one of pleasure too. “Don’t listen to her, it was her plan from the start.. she’s just trying to scare you. Happy Birthday Nigel.” Anthony spoke with a hint of teasing at Nigel’s mouth.

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