Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 03


In Chapter 2, Ms Storm spanked Stevie and begins to show Stevie where he stands, or kneels, in their relationship. Stevie has met Ms Storm’s maid, April, and April has been told to take Stevie to the guest bedroom and prepare him. Prepare him for what?


April leads me into a big bedroom, nothing out of the ordinary. There is a large oak bed in the room with large bedposts at all four corners. There is a black leather soft chair in one corner with a matching ottoman in front. A bathroom is off through a door at side of room.

“Get undressed, we need to take a shower to prepare properly,” April tells me.

I start undressing thinking about the ‘we’ she used. I look up and she is undressing too. As I finish undressing, I look up and see her slide her petticoats off. Her breasts are not large but so firm and perfect with perfect pink nipples. The nipples are small in diameter but like a new pencil eraser. All that remains on her are her black thigh highs and heels and a lacy black thong. She has just enough of a tan for that healthy look and no tan marks anywhere. She sits down on the ottoman and starts to take off her heels then stops and looks at me.

“Would you like to take them off Stevie?” April asks me with a smirk on her lips.

“Yes I would,” I answer without hesitation smiling.

“Well you can’t! If Mistress knew I let you touch me, we would both be in trouble,” April tells me, almost looking like she is enjoying telling me that I can’t touch her.

I watch as she slides her high heel off her foot slowly, looking at me the whole time. Then she holds it up and drop it. Then does the same with the other high heel.

“Do you think I’m pretty Stevie?” she asks me her leg pointing up, her hands reaching high, rolling the nylons off her leg.

“Yes I think you are very pretty April but it has already got me in trouble as you well know,” I tell her trying to sound as serious as possible. “Damn, she really laid into me, I couldn’t believe how hard she spanked me. My ass still feels like it’s on fire.”

“Mistress knows what is best for you Stevie, you must trust her and do what she says,” April tell me as she finishes taking her stockings off. “After all, you did deserve it Stevie. You were looking at me like you wanted to fuck me Stevie.”

I watch as she lift both legs, rolls back on the ottoman, and starts sliding the thong down her hips, then down her legs. I look at her and she is staring at me. She pulls them off her legs, letting them drop to the floor. As she lowers her legs, she spreads her legs and I can see that she is shaved smooth. She stops lowering her legs spreading them further apart which allows her pussy lips to open. Her pussy lips are slick with moisture and shine in the low light illuminating the bedroom.

“Do you want to fuck me Stevie?” April asks me looking between her legs, “would you like to stick your cock in my pussy?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea April,” I tell her fearing what could happen if Ms Storm found out about it.

“But if you could do it without Mistress finding out, would you fuck me Stevie?” April asks, her tongue licking her lips till they look so wet.

“Oh yes, would love to fuck your hot pussy, you really are very hot April,” I tell her trusting her. I watch her as she reaches down and runs one finger down lightly between her pussy lips getting it covered with her juices then bringing it to her mouth and sucking it into her mouth. She moans softly, eyes closed, as she sucks it clean.

“Mmmmm. that feels so good,” she says as she lowers her legs and stands up from the ottoman. “Come with me Stevie, we have to take a shower and get you ready for Mistress. You do want to be perfect for her, don’t you? You must try hard to please her so she will want to keep you Stevie.”

I follow her into the bathroom. It’s a big bathroom with a large walk-in shower. She turns the water on and when the temperature is right, she takes my arm and leads me into the shower with her. I notice high on one wall is a large eyebolt with two rubber cuffs hanging from short chains attached to the eyebolt.

“Stevie,” April says, seeing me looking at the cuffs, “I must put those on you so she will know you didn’t touch me in here.

“Ok,” I answer thinking that she must be going to wash me. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing, I think, as I raise my hands and watch her hook my hands securely with the cuffs. She takes the portable showerhead and starts wetting me down, the water feels so good. I do feel some stinging on my ass as the hot water hits my cheeks but not so bad anymore.

April grabs a big bottle sitting in the shower and starts rubbing the lotion in it all over my body. “Its so important to realize how important it is to do as Mistress tell you to do. She does know what is always best for you. All you have to do is behave and do as you are told and you can be so happy Stevie. You must trust her.”

The lotion is lathering up on my chest then she covers sex hikayeleri my arms and legs with it. Then she moves to my butt, smoothing it on my ass cheeks and then her hands move to my cock and balls. It feels so good as she rubs the lotion in. Can feel it starting to get to me and my little cock starts to grow and stand out a little. Wondering about all her comments about obeying Mistress, and so on. She seems to be happy with her but it sounds pretty serious, like a big commitment, don’t know if I’m ready for that. Guess I can leave if it doesn’t work out right.

“It really is pretty small, isn’t it Stevie?” she says as she makes her fingers into an ‘O’ and strokes slowly up and down my cock.

Embarrassed that she thinks that way. I have always been rather conscientious about my cock size but always hoped it wasn’t really that small, but now to hear her say that, I guess my apprehensions were justified. “Well, I guess its not huge like some guys are, but it isn’t that bad,” I tell her feeling I have to defend myself a little.

“It’s alright to have a young boy’s cock Stevie, Mistress really doesn’t mind,” April tells me. “It really makes it all easier for her.”

“Makes what all easier for her?” I ask her concerned. I feel the lotion starting to sting.

“Nothing, just forget it please Stevie,” April says to me nervously, “I really shouldn’t have said anything. Please just forget it.”

“Rinse this stuff off, its really starting to sting,” I ask April.

“I can’t yet, I have to leave it on longer for it to work, especially in your pubic area. Your arms are probably ok though,” April tell me and she starts rinsing the lotion off my arms.

“Oh shit,” I say as I realize the light hair I had on my arms is all gone. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“You can’t talk like that here Stevie,”April tells me seriously, “I will have to tell Mistress. I told you that you must trust her and she doesn’t like her slaves to have any body hair below their necks. Don’t you want to be all smooth like me?”

“But I go to the gym sometimes and wear shorts a lot in summer. How can I do that if my arms and legs are all smooth?” I ask her so concerned and worried about everything that’s going on.

“Maybe you will have to do different things Stevie and maybe find some new friends,” she tells me. “You must trust Mistress, she knows what is best for you.”

April start rinsing me off and I watch helplessly as I watch the hair in my pubic area fall away. Looking down farther, can see my legs are all smooth also. As I look to the side, see that my armpits are also smooth as can be. Can’t believe how different my cock and balls look with no pubic hair. At least, it makes my cock look a little bigger, I think, but realize that it really makes me look more like a little boy. Really wondering if this is what I really wanted, wasn’t wanting to jump into anything this serious, really just wanted to play around a little. Thinking about how April is always telling me to trust Mistress, I want to but can I do this?

“I will give you this bottle to take with you,” April tells me. “You must make sure to keep yourself smooth like this all the time. It’s very important that you do this and do not displease Mistress. She gets so mad when she finds any body hair on her slaves.”

“I really don’t know if I can be a slave,” I tell April, “I didn’t really know that is what I was agreeing to.”

“You must have agreed to that Stevie or you wouldn’t be here,” she tells me as she release my wrists. “Just trust Mistress Stevie, she knows what is best for you. Now get out and dry off,” April tells me as she gets out and starts drying herself off then leaves the bathroom.

I get out and start drying off. My body feels so weird all smooth like it is now, not really bad but weird. My balls feels so smooth as I handle them and stroke my cock a little. Can feel it start to get hard when suddenly April walks back into the bathroom.

“Quit playing with your little cock before I have to tell Mistress you were jacking off without permission,” April tells me, very serious now. She is now wearing a short silk bathrobe and furry slippers.

“I wasn’t jacking off, I was just drying off,” I tell her realizing that I’m worried that she might tell Mistress and I would be punished again and really don’t want that to happen.

“It’s very bad to lie here, she will always know and you will be punished Stevie, you must learn that,” she tell me being very serious. “Now sit down and let me brush your hair out.” I sit down and she brushes my hair out till it hangs straight down. “It will be so nice once it has grown out Stevie. Now go into the bedroom and kneel on the round rug in the center of the floor and wait for your Mistress.”

I go back into the bedroom and all the lights have been turned out but there are candles burning all around the room. The atmosphere is very nice and I can here soft music playing in the background. April follows me out and takes a place porno hikayeleri next to the door and looks at me.

“You look nice Stevie,” she says, “now just spread your knees and put your hands behind your back and sit up straight.”

I do as she says then she tells me to lower my eyes and I do that and don’t hear any more from April. Kneeling there for several minutes, neither of us speaking, when I hear the door open. I don’t look up but hear heels clicking loudly on the wooden floor till I can see too black boots come into my vision in front of me.

“Look up slave,” her voice low but commanding.

I start looking up. The black leather continues up her legs and I see that she has thigh high black boots on with 5″ spiked heels. The leather is tight up her legs, looking like a second skin on her thighs. Further up, I see the black leather thong pulling tightly into her crotch. A matching leather corset is laced tightly on her, making her waist so small, making her ass stand out even more and it ends below her breasts. Her breasts are bare and beautiful, they are nice and firm with a big areola and big nipples. Her chocolate skin looks so smooth and intoxicating.

There is a silver necklace on with several strands, each one closer to her breasts. The silver looks so erotic on her black skin. Matching earrings highlight her face even more. Looking at her again,I realize how stunning she really is. Her makeup is heavy but looks so appropriate and I realize maybe this is all worth it. She really is beautiful.

“That’s enough for now slave, look down again,” Ms Storm tell me.

I lower my gaze and hear her walk away towards the door, I look up and see her firm ass as she walks away. It is such a great ass I think to myself. I lower my eyes again quickly.

“Report April,” Mistress says.

“Mistress, he used foul language when he found out that I was removing his body hair,” April tells her, “he even used the work fuck.”

I can’t believe she is telling her this, I thought she liked me. Feel my face getting red, not knowing how Mistress will take it.

April continues, “And Mistress, he said he would fuck me if he could do it without you finding out. Of course, I told him I would never let him touch me without your permission. He has such a small cock anyway,” she says trying to sound as disgusted with it all as she can.

“Anything else April?” Mistress asks.

“Well I did catch him jacking off in the bathroom,” she tells Mistress.

“I wasn’t jacking off, I was just drying off,” I state suddenly.

“Shut up slave, you do not have permission to speak,” Mistress says, her voice and demeanor so different than it was earlier.

“Thank you April, you are dismissed,” Mistress says and I hear the door open and April’s footsteps as she leaves the room. Then hear the door shut, the music stops, and the room is totally silent. Her heels clicking on the floor as she approaches and stops right in front of me.

“Do you questions my decisions slave?” she asks.

“No Mistress, I just wasn’t expecting to have my body hair all removed like that,” I tell her. “I don’t know how I will explain it to my friends.”

“Maybe you should tell them your Mistress likes her slaves to be smooth, or maybe you prefer that I tell them for you,” she says as she lifts my face till I have to look up into her face. “Or maybe you should just do as I tell you to do and not worry about your friends.”

“Yes Mistress,” I reply quietly.

“You want me to tell them?” she asks.

“No Mistress, please don’t. I will just do what you tell me to do and not worry about them,” I tell her.

“Isn’t it nice to feel and look so smooth slave?” she asks.

“Yes Mistress,” I tell her trying to tell her what I think she wants to hear to avoid further displeasure from her.

“Good, I’m glad you like it. You will keep yourself smooth all the time and no haircuts without my permission,” Mistress tells me, her eyes boring into me but know that I must not look down.

“Do you still want me to be your Mistress, Steve?” she asks.

“Yes Mistress, please,” I tell her realizing that I do mean it, she is so hot that I really do want to be with her and do what I can to please her.

“You know that you will be punished for your thoughts about April don’t you,” her voice soft and smooth.

“Yes Mistress,” I tell her.

“Then you must ask for it Steve, you must tell me that your behavior requires punishment so you will learn to behave properly around women,” her eyes so intense, so intimidating.

Her hands squeezing my chin, holding my eyes to hers. I look up, “Please Mistress, please punish me for my disrespect towards you and April. I want to learn to treat ladies as they deserve to be treated. Please, Mistress, let me be your slave, please.” I feel a couple tears run down my cheeks.

“Crawl over to the ottoman Steve and lay over it, your hands by one set of legs, your legs next to the other,” she tells seks hikayeleri me as she releases my chin and starts walking toward the ottoman.

I crawl across the wooden floor on hands and knees, the floor hard on my knees. When I get to the ottoman I crawl over it and put my hands down by the ottoman legs on other side of ottoman. She leans down and pulls leather cuffs from under ottoman and hook each wrist to the ottoman leg. Then she goes back by my knees and pulls straps from under ottoman. Each strap attached to a leg and she fastens the strap around my knees. I try to move a little but can barely move as I’m securely attached to the ottoman.

She goes over to a wall and hits a switch and the ottoman starts rising from the floor till I’m lifted a couple feet into the air. Then she attaches my ankles to something on the floor, I can’t see what she is fastening them with, all I know is my legs are being held well apart. I hear her going over and opening a closet door and taking something out and shutting the door again.

She walk around in front of me. In her hand is a long black leather flogger. “It’s time for you to learn not to disrespect your Mistress,” she states. ” How many lessons will be required will be up to you. I will not put up with bad slaves.”

“Please Mistress, I’m sorry,” fear in my voice. “I just didn’t know. This is all very new to me. Please don’t hurt me, please.” She doesn’t even answer me but moves around behind me. I tense up, scared about what she might do.

Her heels clicking as she moves out of my sight behind me. Suddenly, WHACK, the flogger sticking across the top of back of my shoulders.

“OWWW, please Mistress, please don’t…,” I begin to ask, then WHACK.

Another blow across my shoulders. It hurts but I can bear it.

“Quiet slave, you must learn to take your punishment in silence,” Mistress tells me, “you have much to learn slave.”


Several blows across my back, moving lower as she goes. On some strikes, the fingers of the flogger wraps around and hit my tender sides. It is all I can do not to cry out but I take it silently even though it gets harder and harder as the blows seem to be getting more intense.

Mistress walks around in front of me. “Look up slave.”

I look up at her, my back stinging where the blows fell.

“Am I worth it Steve? Do you want to leave now? Think about what I’m asking you,” Mistress asks, her demeanor very serious.

I look at her closely. She is every man’s fantasy I think to myself. Look at her, the boots, the small waist, the gorgeous breasts, a face that stops men in their tracks. Just being with her is worth this I feel. Can’t imagine walking away from an opportunity like this. Already have had a beautiful girl suck my cock, swallowing my cum, have had another pretty girl showing herself off to me, flirting with me, playing with me. I know, some of it is pretty weird but isn’t it worth it???

“Yes Mistress you are worth anything I have to do to please you. I really want to be with you and try and make you happy. I will try hard to be a good slave for you,” I tell her, not believing I’m referred to myself as a slave, but seriously wanting this and hoping she will give me an opportunity to be with her.

“You will learn how special I can be slave. I will take you places you only dreamed of, maybe you never even dreamed about them but I know what is best for you. I now own you and you will serve me as long as I desire it,” she tells me, her eyes burning into me. “It is so nice you will do ANYTHING to please me,” she says emphasizing the work anything. “You want to please me sexually don’t you slave? Please me orally and fuck whenever I want it,” she asks.

“Yes Mistress, it would be such a honor to be able to please you in any manner you desire,” I tell her meaning every word of it.

“I am very well off financially slave. It has enabled me to visit some doctors and other specialists that have helped me become the complete Mistress that I have always desired to become,” she tells me. “I have learned much about self control and controlling others, until now, most people learn that its best if they do as I say even though it might be very hard for them.”

I watch as she reaches down and starts removing the leather thong. She has just a little pubic hair, it looks soft and is so curly. Then I see it. Unbelievable. I see a small cock hanging between her legs. What the fuck, I think.

“Yes slave, it is a cock. I have learned to control it to where it can become so small that it even makes your little cock seem big,” she tells me, her smile letting me know she likes how stunned I am. “Or slave, I can make it become so hard that a woman can’t imagine how they are going to get it in their mouth or up their cunt.”

“Mistress, I’m sorry but I told you I’m not gay and as hot as you look even with that, I can’t do this. Please let me go,” I plead with her. “I promise I won’t bother you anymore or tell anyone. I promise.”

“It’s too late for that slave, I told you that you belong to me now as long as I want to keep you and that is what is going to happen,” she says seriously. “Now its time to continue you punishment,” she says walking behind me.