Beaching It Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

All persons in this story are at least 18 years of age.

I decided to take the day off from work and go to the beach, just because the weather demanded it. A Thursday before a long weekend isn’t exactly the opportune time to miss work as a high school English teacher, but I’m still young and I felt I had to do it. It wasn’t even really a hard decision ,to be honest, because in southern California sometimes the weather is so beautiful there’s nothing you can do about it. Besides, I’d rationalized to myself, I needed some quality alone time anyway, and there won’t be much of a chance of running into a students or co-workers at the kind of beach I had in mind. I’d always had that fear, which had kept me from my favorite beach, the local nude beach, outside of a few days I managed to escape randomly during the course of the school year. My boyfriend would never have come with me on these trips, so traveling over an hour to the next possible nude beach became my regular little secret, my little escape when I could. I had been going almost every weekend for a few months since discovering it, and loved the freedom of it so much that I’d already skipped school twice since spring started to come. It’s a pretty secluded beach, with a tough path to rough in order to find the nude section. I’d learned outside of weekends, and especially in the morning, almost nobody ever showed up there. So I usually would just hang out for a few hours, enjoying the air and the sea, reading and swimming for a few hours in the morning until others would show and I could socialize a bit. But that morning things really got interesting.

I arrived very early and found myself quite alone, only a few distant figures and stragglers far enough away to consider them not even at the same beach. I swam hoping someone would come by. To be honest, I kind of wanted to drive a very specific horny old man crazy, as I had a few times there already, but I might have settled for just anyone. You see, I have a body that I like to show off, there’s no question about that, and I while really enjoy the shit out of nudity for its own sake, I’m also a pretty big exhibitionist. After a little while I thankfully saw a lone figure jogging along towards me, and I decided to time my exit from the water to match his passing by, just to have a little fun. I hoped he would stop soon after and sneak some closer looks for awhile.

As I came out of the water I watched the approaching figure strip off his running shorts and head my way towards the water, though at a safe distance to keep me thinking he wasn’t a creep coming to spy on my body. I’d seen this trick plenty of times, and I don’t usually mind that too much. In fact, when nobody else is around I kind of welcome it, especially the creeps who can’t help but jacking off as they watch. Like my favorite old perv. But that’s a different story. I also really love to watch a guy, especially a young guy, when he’s naked at the beach trying to act tough and nonchalant, but so riled up he knows he needs to jerk it. When they cave, I really just love it. I get stared at a lot, and love to see if some of the guys catch wood before they have to get into the water or a tent to deal with it.

I decided to cut a little diagonal so as to pass right next to this one. I tried to act nonchalant, of course, like I was just wandering about the area, totally unconcerned about our nakedness. When we got a little closer sex hikayeleri I could tell that his body was really hot and muscular, but like a runner not a wrestler. His penis was smaller, limp maybe as long as my little pinky, but fairly wide it appeared. He didn’t have a lot of hair, which for whatever reason turns me on and somehow his balls had stayed low for his whole run, and they were pretty big. I stared a little longer at it, to make sure he would catch my eye and when I drifted up passed his chest to his face we had the same reaction.

“Oh shit.” I gasped recognizing his face immediately.

“Philip Tusk”? I said, trying to play it cool. Philip should have been sitting in my senior classroom right now, an hour and a half drive away. I remembered that he had turned 18 a few months before, so I relaxed just a bit.

“Uh. High Miss Krause” he stuttered, his eyes flying up and down my body. We had both paused in our tracks, but determined to be the bigger of us (not too hard mind you) I kept on approaching him, keeping eye contact to try and keep it civil, trying and teach him manners, or at least prove that I had some.

“It’s good to see you, but what are you doing here Phil. You’ve got school today.”

“Well, he motioned towards the waves. I felt like coming to the beach instead. My cousins are in town, and my whole family is down a few miles at the regular beach.”


“Not nude”

“Oh yeah, that. No big deal, right” I winked and laughed. “I just couldn’t keep away from the beach today either. It’s so beautiful.”

“Yeah you are” he slipped, “I mean, yeah it is.”

“Is your first time at a beach like this”? I asked, loving his slip, but feeling terrified of the situation. My stomach had gone into knots, and I desperately tried to catch his eyes in mine, to try and keep him from looking me up and down so much. He seemed to have no control over them.

“No. But it’s my first time seeing anyone I know. I sneak here sometimes. I started when I turned 18 a few months back.”

“That’s cool.” I let my eyes drift from his for the first time since we started talking, giving up on keeping his locked to mine, and I simply didn’t expect what I saw. He had gotten rock fucking solid during that one minute little talk and his legs were shaking. I loved the look of his hard cock, which had gained in size considerably, the veins pulsing, begging for attention. When I met his eyes again his face had gone beat red and it looked like he might cry.

“Sorry” he stammered.

“It’s no big deal Phil. You’re young it happens. Actually, when I come here it happens a lot, to tons of guys.” We both laughed and I took a step forward, to try and relax him. He looked terrified.

“I’m really sorry, please don’t tell. I didn’t expect to see anyone, especially not you. I can’t control it.” He said again, and his voice cracked even more. I reached out and touched his shoulder, to steady him a bit, noticing that he now couldn’t keep his eyes from my red happy trail down below. It’s like he had a laser beam shooting there. I was happy I’d left enough, just a little bit, to prove I’m a natural red. Oh I though, the curtains match the drapes Phil. But he was now closing in on being dangerously rude or at least close to creating a terribly awkward situation for the rest of the year.

“Phil. Don’t stair, it’s just a body.” I had total control over porno hikayeleri his mind, I could tell, but not eyes. I used my teacher voice.

“You’re so perfect.” Is all he managed back, and I blushed a tad.

“We just have to be adult about this, Phil. It’s no big deal.” I scanned the beach to make sure we were still the only two around. Almost nobody shows up before 10, regularly, which is why I always come so early. I felt free to be a little devious with him, shaking my breasts a bit as I talked, knowing nobody I couldn’t see could tell what was going on.

“Okay. You’re right, we’re adults.” he said, hardly audible. He looked more and more like he might faint.

“We can hang here a bit together, swim. Our little secret, but we really have to be adults.” My voice shocked me with how much authority it had since I slipped into teacher mode.

“Shake on it.”


Then something happened I really hadn’t expected. It appeared that during his moments of shakiness, I had moved very close to him, in order to try and calm him down, so when I went to shake his hand my hand bumped into, and naturally wound up wrapped around, something else.

“Oh shit” we both said, and I felt his warm hardness radiating and pulsing. And I didn’t let go. I looked down at the situation instead, seeing that my little hand had engulfed all but maybe an inch of him and his head.

“Shake on it… get it? You’ve got a great cock Phil” I repeated, my voice now sultry and lowered. I squeezed gently and looked back at his eyes. They had to have grown a foot wide, and all he could do was whimper. I moved my hand up and down maybe twelve times, trying to be slow and sensual, seductive. But he didn’t stand a chance and I felt the pulse grow and his throat choke up in ways I had become very familiar with over the course of my handjob loving life. I had never administered a handjob to anyone but a boyfriend of mine though, never a stranger (or a student!), and when I saw the familiar signs I almost lost it myself. I felt it jump, leap actually, and all of a sudden I could feel his warm cum splattering my stomach. He hadn’t lasted ten seconds.

“Oh my god, no” he whispered, and to try and to keep from staring at his embarrassed face I did something else that shocked me. I dropped to my knees and took his hard little cock in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could, almost violently, to take whatever was left. He tasted good, and he came for what seemed like an eternity. Some had gotten on my face when I dropped, but the rest of it I swallowed whole, choking just a bit, which he seemed to enjoy. When he had finally stopped, and before I had even let him out of my mouth, he collapsed onto the ground backwards, surprising me. I didn’t let loose of my jaw grip though, and kept sucking him, but more gently, as he lay in the sand.

“Oh My god, Miss Krause.” I let him out of my mouth for a second worked him with my hand.

“Don’t worry Philip, there’s nobody around and won’t be for a while.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t last longer, I’m so embarrassed.” he kind of laughed.

“Don’t be. You’ll be ready to go again in no time, and that’s good.” He just groaned and I was right, after no more than a minute of slow silent sucking his little guy started growing rapidly.

“Let’s move back to your towel by those rocks.” And when we got there we moved into the exact same position. seks hikayeleri He hadn’t made any eye contact with me, instead spending the walk staring at my breasts, which isn’t something I’m totally used to because they are 32 A. He appeared to be a small tit man.

“Our little secret, right Phil.” I said while I stroked him, ready to give him the head of his life.

“Uh-huh” he gasped and slid him back into my mouth, getting his head onto the back of my throat. I grabbed his balls with my right hand and caressed them lightly, my other hand braced on his inner thigh. After maybe a minute, when he had grown fully hard again, I brushed my hand near his ass and felt him tense. I felt so powerful all of a sudden, and returned to his crevice, sliding apart his cheeks with my index finger, heading slowly towards his asshole.

“No” he muttered. I didn’t react, just kept sucking him and pushing forward with my finger. Soon I felt my finger touching his little hole. I twirled for a second, and heard him gasp. He wasn’t so sure he wanted me stop anymore and I knew it. I shoved in nice and slow, but before I had even made it half an inch he exploded into my mouth. I would have laughed if his second load hadn’t been even bigger than his first. I did everything in my power to take it all in, but it was too much so I tried to pull out and jerk the rest. My lips made it as far back as his cock head when I felt this hands grip my skull and push me back down. His force surprised me and he thrust at the same time, shoving his little spurting dick so deep into my throat I gagged violently, my finger slipping out of his asshole. I found no remorse from him for those few seconds, turning them into an eternity, and he just kept shoving my face down and his crotch up. I was crying profusely as he continued to cum a gallon in my mouth, and I gagged while managing to keep swallowing the load. Suddenly I felt him grab my shoulders and force me over onto my back. I looked up and only saw a blur of his thin bush as he began pounding my face with a force so great I couldn’t react in anyway but total and utter shock. His balls slapped my chin and throat like a whip and his hard spurting cock slammed the back of my throat repeatedly, burying the back of my head in the sand and towel. He fucked my face like this for only a little while, but long enough to finish unloading in me, the cum sliding down my throat and as I choked, back up my nose. The last little bit of it of it he jerked onto my face, jabbing my cheek with his little stiffy and smearing it. I was beyond surprised when he suddenly pulled away and rolled onto his back like before. Now my head rest on the side of his thigh.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” He yelled as I rolled onto my stomach and coughed a bit, spitting and almost puking. His cum ran out of my nose and dripped to the ground.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay”?

“You’ve never done that before”? I asked.

“I’ve never been touched on my dick before Miss Krause, let alone done that. I’m so sorry, I just lost it.” I was speechless, but forgiving him already. He’d only had experience while watching porn, and I was happy to be his first little porn star. I wiped some of his cum on my little tits and smiled.

“It’s okay Phil” I could see he had begun to cry.

“Really it’s okay. Some guys just like girls to swallow, and like to be in control. That’s fine, you just have to warn me. Now you know. Don’t surprise me like that ever again.”

We both heard the word.

“Again?” he asked. I smiled, cum all over my face, down my throat and up my nose. I still felt I could regain control of this boy.