Crosswinds Pt. 02 – Dark Currents Ch. 09


***Author’s Note: Series contains graphic imagery of incest***

“Community of Sisterhood. Shared customs,” Dr. Bykov’s commanding voice boomed in the tiny classroom. The room’s six students, scattered in their assigned couples, sat in attentive silence. “All demographics have shared cultural experiences. One of our most significant-is futanari puberty.”

A comingled groan of discomfort floated around the room. It remained unclear whether the girls objected to the confounded memories of their transition or the thought of potentially discussing this odious subject with their peers.

“Don’t worry, ladies.” Dr. Bykov laughed. “This isn’t a support group where we talk about our feelings. But the collective groaning I just heard denotes a shared experience. Please raise your hand if, between the ages of 12 and 16, you instigated multiple fights or other violent outbursts. Raise your hand and keep it raised.”

Olivia Sabella was the first to raise her hand-seemingly with an air of pride. She glared at her partner, the raven-haired Sunny Skye. Sunny blushed before raising her hand. Mallory’s hand raised as she sat alongside Diana, who was still out of breath from running late across campus. Diana’s blotched, sweaty hand joined her partners.

Ashley and Maddi looked at each other knowingly. They were both reluctant to admit their past violence, especially compared to their current mild demeanors. But they raised them all the same.

“Well done, ladies.” Dr. Bykov grinned. She raised her right hand in prideful solidarity. “Now, please lower your hand if outside of that 4-year window, you suddenly ceased starting so many fights.” She scanned the room, knowingly as the hands fell. The Chancellor pulled her hand behind her back. “That hellish window where the futanari is hurled into adulthood. There is nothing like it.”

The girls were collectively unsure if they should be taking notes. They sat in silent discomfort. Dr. Bykov went on. “But it prepares us for the litany of challenges futanari face. Who among you still have uncontrollable erections and leakage?” As Dominika raised her hand, Ashley, Olivia, and Sunny joined her. “Now who among you have episodes of hyperspermia also referred to as being ‘in heat’?” Diana joined the hands still in the air. “All of these things mean something. You will find very few who will say the following aloud, but futanari are bred to breed. We are experts in reproduction.”

Maddi made a cautious glance back at Diana. Her little sister’s green eyes shifted around the room before winking at Maddi.

“Even if you choose not to have children,” Dr. Bykov paced back and forth as she continued. “Or if you find yourself sterile-like myself. The challenges in your life prepare you to teach and mentor the next generation of futanari. We are on the verge of conquering the world with our sisterhood. We have arrived.”

“That was invigorating,” Ashley commented as she and Maddi worked down the hall together after class. Then she lowered her voice to criticize, “But I’m not sure if that was a lecture or a propaganda speech.” She shook her head. “Hearing the Chancellor speak makes me confident-almost superior.”

“Yeah,” Maddi finally said. “I feel so good it makes me feel bad.” She looked up, and Ashley had picked up her pace, fast enough for her curls to bounce as she walked. “Where are you going all of a sudden?”

“I need to see someone,” Ashley called out, her walk evolving to a jog. “See you tomorrow morning for studying?”

“Yeah!” sex hikayeleri Maddi called, giving up trying to keep up. “See you then. I guess,” She huffed. Maddi turned abruptly, startled to see Diana holding her hips. “Hey,” She walked past her sister, who quickly followed. “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” Diana mused. “Your legs in a few hours. I found a secluded glen that’ll keep us private.”

“You’re going to fuck me in the woods?!?” Maddi quipped under her breath. “Why don’t we just go back to your apartment?”

Diana shook her head. “We can’t fuck in front of Mallory at your place, and we can’t fuck in front of Mary at my place. You’re just gonna have to be my little woodland nymph.”

“If only I was a nymph,” Maddi almost laughed. “Remember how into Greek Mythology, we were as kids?”

Diana grinned. “You wanted to be Athena, and I wanted to be Aphrodite. It’s crazy when you think about it.”

“What?” Maddi stopped.

“I’ve turned out more like Zeus.” Diana scrunched her nose. She grew lost in her internal thoughts for longer than a moment. By the time she focused, Maddi had stood waiting with bated breath for her next words. “Sorry, I was just thinking of how happy we used to be together. I’ll see you tonight, Mads.”

Maddi shivered. “You called me Mads when you were coming inside me the other day. You haven’t called me that in years.”

Diana smiled. “Meet me in front of our special restaurant? 7pm?”

Ashley stood outside of Dean of Students Dr. Umi Saito’s office. She knocked politely even when she desired to pound. Ashley took a cautious step back as the door opened, looking down the hall of the administration building to ensure the area was empty.

“Ashley!” Dr. Saito’s voice was hushed and scolding. “What are you doing here? Your internship is over.”

“I know,” Ashley mewed. “I brought you something.” She squeezed the wrinkled green ball between her fingers. “My sweater.” She smiled.

Umi shuffled in her child-size shoes and sighed. She pushed her fallen glasses back up her short, stubby nose, trying her best to front a professional air. “Ms. Washington, I made a vow to educate and protect my students. Having you take the FUTA-X supplements was one thing, but what we did afterward.” She shuddered with delightful agony. “I violated you. I can’t do it again.”

“You can,” Ashley’s confidence endured. “You maybe shouldn’t, but you definitely can.” Then she dropped the sweater and stepped away with nervous caution, “Especially if I let you violate me: two consenting adults and all.”

“Ashley.” Umi gasped. She watched her student sway down the hall. The butterflies in her stomach went wild as she drank in Ashley’s body. Wearing just the uniformed white shirt and grey skirt did much to accentuate the young futa’s curves. Ashley knew that much and swished her backside with a seductive rhythm she was certain Umi would appreciate. Exasperated, Umi, at last, knelt to retrieve the discarded sweater. She shivered. It was still warm.

“God help me,” Umi whispered. She made sure the hall was completely empty before burying her face in the sweater. On the verge of hyperventilating, Umi retreated back into her office, locking the door behind her.

Ashley skipped across the campus lawn. She couldn’t stop smiling even if she tried. Invigorated… emboldened… the girl didn’t hear her name being called until the third time. She came to an awkward stop, turning to see one of her curvy, pretty blonde porno hikayeleri classmates walking towards her with arms folding, grinning.

“You’re Ashley Washington?” The voice confirmed. “You’re partners with my sister in Futanari Studies class. Diana Masters.” She extended her hand.

“I know, Diana.” Ashley accepted Diana’s soft palm. “Did you need something?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes,” Diana confessed moping. “I need a math tutor. Can you help me?”

Ashley’s eyes shifted in contemplation. “I might be able to help. I’m a Post-Secondary Education major, after all.”

“That’s a relief.” Diana shuffled to a nearby tree and sighed. She leaned on the dark, massive trunk and cocked her feet against the bark. “I wish they paired us, freshmen, together. These seniors are intimidating.

“Tell me about it,” Ashley rolled her eyes. “But I think Maddi respects me.” She nodded after giving it more thought. “And I like her.”

Diana’s eyes narrowed as she chuckled. “Who doesn’t like Maddi?” She shook her head in disbelief. “But anyway, I’d love to study together get to know you better.” Diana pushed off the tree to come close enough to stroke the smoothness of Ashley’s arm. “And maybe I can find a way to repay you,”

“Thanks, but it’s not necessary,” Ashley insisted with monotone. “And I’m seeing someone.”

“I see,” Diana flashed a coy, seductive smile. She grazed Ashley’s skin again, from her forearm down to her hand. Locking fingers, Diana gazed into Ashley’s deep mahogany eyes. “But I won’t tell if you won’t.”

“I said I’m seeing someone,” Ashley snapped. She snatched her hand free and stared Diana down. Her plump lips straightened. “Are we done here?”

Diana rubbed at her wrenched wrist and replied mournfully. “I’m terribly sorry, Ashley. I meant no disrespect.”

“There’s plenty of girls around here that don’t take the sex rules seriously.” Ashley went on, and she maintained her distance from Diana. “You should go bother one of them,”

“It appears you’ve seen right through me,” Diana looked away. “Of course you would-you’re one of the smartest girls on campus. So tell me this, Ashley.” She looked up with a piercing look of purpose. “If you’re the smartest girl on campus, who’s the sluttiest?”

Ashley hesitated, but only for a moment. This was her opportunity to get rid of Diana. She pointed to the Peppermint Dorm House in silence.

The covered wooded opening was everything Maddi could hope for; a soft, flat area of 5 square meters. Big enough to lay down, but small enough to remain vigilant to eavesdroppers.

But Maddi struggled to get comfortable. Her narrow hips and ass kept settling in the loose dirt underneath the tree. This is where they choose to fuck. Diana kept her word; Maddi’s naked legs dangled over her sister’s shoulders as the blonde lunged forward. After minimal foreplay, Diana’s cock slipped in and out, thanks for Maddi’s excited wetness. Her pussy spasmed and flexed as it dripped its sweet juices over Diana’s pulse shaft.

Diana grunted. She pinned Maddi down by the wrists as she loomed over, slamming her entire girth in long impactful thrusts. Diana made care to gaze into Maddi’s timid pools of blue. She drank in her sister’s vulnerability. Her cock throbbed on the verge of a quick climax.

“W-what?” Maddi asked as her voice quaked. Diana didn’t cease fucking her, and Maddi’s creamy grapefruits bounced rhythmically.

“C-can I kiss you?” Diana squeaked. “Please?” seks hikayeleri

Maddi gasped. A terrible excitement flooded her chest. Without another thought, she nodded, and Diana pushed her full weight atop Maddi. Their lips pressed together for a moment before Diana’s tongue slipped inside. The sisters moaned. As their wet, sloppy French kisses raged, a rivulet of saliva dribbled down Maddi’s chin. They kissed. She pumped. Maddi quivered. Diana stiffened. Her toes dug into the moist soil as her twitching cock kissed the mouth of Maddi’s womb.

Diana moaned into Maddi’s mouth as she came. 5, 6, 7 pumps of cum began to seep into the ground. Maddi’s uterus was delightfully overflowing. She kissed Diana back harder as the warmth filled her.

“So deep,” Diana whispered. She pushed herself deeper as she felt her cock wilt. “Godspeed, my little swimmers.” The spent futa paused to kiss Maddi’s cheek. “Find my dear sister’s beautiful egg and make us something beautiful.” When Diana’s cock withdrew, a subtle torrent of errant cream followed.

Her hands broke free, and Maddi flailed to grab her discarded shirt. She stuffed it between her and her sister, eventually wrapping it around her cock. Just in time-Maddi arched her back as her shameful ejaculate spewed and soiled her clothing.

As their orgasms subsided, they continued to share quiet kisses-soft, sensual, and sinful. Diana peeled her filmy skin from Maddi’s. She sat up, clutching her pink, blotched chest as she heaved. “That was fucking hot, Mads.”

Maddi nodded, arms limp at her side. “Why’d you want to kiss me?”

“You just looked so kissable,” Diana whispered. “I love you, Maddi.” Then she slapped Maddi’s bony hip playfully. “Up! Up!” She commanded. “Legs up in the air. You’re wasting my effort.”

“If I must,” Maddi groaned. She erected both legs, putting most of the effort on her stomach. “Ugh,” Her voice strained as her abs burned. “But I think it’s working.”

Diana swung around to check Maddi’s slit. “Yup. You’ve stopped leaking. Just give it a few minutes. I have a treat for you while we wait.” She back to search inside her bag. “Don’t worry, it’s not a knife this time.” Diana smiled, brandishing a silver hairbrush with a shiny metal handle. “One of my favorite parts of the day is staring at your long black hair from the back of Futa Studies class.” She positioned herself behind Maddi’s propped head to run the bristled through her prostrate sister’s silky hair.

Maddi’s eyes closed as she shivered. She writhed in pleasure as tiny euphoric jolts zapped down in her spine. As the dead and dry follicles popped and snapped off, Maddi finally opened her eyes smiled. Diana kept her in a mother’s caress, with one hand brushing while the other stroked Maddi’s face.

“You can pull your legs down,” Diana cooed. Maddi complied as she continued to be held. “It’s always been just you and me. Against the world.”

“I know,” Maddi said.

“How’s your guilt level?” Diana poked.

Maddi sighed. “It’s whatever.” She relaxed her eyes again.

“A step in the right direction.” Diana grinned. “You better start thinking about baby names. Any ideas?”

“Eden.” Maddi opened her eyes again and responded with confidence. “If she’s a futanari, I definitely want to name her Eden.”

“Wow.” Diana’s eyes widened and flashed the same color as the vibrant green summer leaves. “That’s actually a beautiful name. And it’s fitting. Here we are conceiving her in the Garden of Eden. But where did you come up with the name?”

Maddi stopped smiling. As the realization of what she said sobered her, she took a cleansing breath and shook her head. “No particular place.” She lied. “I just think it sounds pretty.” Her voice wavered on the verge of tears.