A Leatherman on the Prowl Pt. 03

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This story celebrates the joy of sex as it is experienced by a bisexual leatherman and his friends. The protagonist is a pansexual version of a Tom of Finland hero, a man who likes to wear boots and leather breeches when he fucks. In Part One he has been hanging out with the leatherboys, resulting in some very satisfying orgasms. In Part Two he tried his luck with the ladies, but he ended up getting off on the straight guys that fuck them. In Part Three he finds a buddy with whom he can face his pansexual future. The aim of this tale is to make you cum hard, and hopefully to tempt some of you bisexual and heterosexual men to try on some leather. Remember, this is a sexual fantasy, I am not promoting violence or disrespectful behaviour towards women, gay men or anyone else. Enjoy!


By the time I had finished tidying up myself in the men’s room, it was 2 am. The late shift would soon arrive. Nobody left the bar at this point. We all waited for the arrival of these leathered night heroes, those tireless motorcops that after working hard maintaining law and order would be in bad need for sexual relief. I figure it must have something to do with the leather uniforms that makes the cops at this station such horny fuckers. Most of these guys, while dutifully doing their work, would have been fantasizing about sex. Impatiently, they would have been looking forward to 2 am, when their shift ended and they could finally make their way here. At long last, they would be able to insert their aching poles into a welcoming cunt or whatever cavity was available, and fill it up with fresh cop cum.

I positioned myself strategically in the front bar and watched the first groups come in, mainly younger cops with plenty of sexual energy to spare. Initially sticking together, their horniness made them soon turn away from their palls and check out the sluts that had been watching them since they walked in. Then, one after the other disappeared into a private cabin with a chick or two, a cuckolding couple or whatever they were into. I wished there were camera’s in these cabins, so we could all enjoy the hard fucking that went on there.

For me, it really was time to call it a day. I was spent, I was longing for my bed, and even though the arrival of the night shift had brought a new surge of energy with it, I was not able to prop myself up. It was then, when I was lingering, that the Perfect Leather Fucker walked in. My hart skipped a beat and then switched over to beating twice as fast as normal. Damn it. This guy! I had seen him before, and he had spoiled a few of my nights out by making me realize that he was the Perfect Fucker and I could never be like him. Nor would I ever have him, he was far too heterosexual and intimidating. I knew I should have left the bar then and there, I would have spared myself a lot of grief. However, I was mesmerized by his perfect looks, so I stayed and watched him.

There he was, the perfect leather-clad super-masculine blatantly heterosexual fucking cop-god. This was the man I would have liked to be, sexier than any fucker I had ever laid eyes on. He was a Nordic type, slightly taller than me, 6’3” or 6’4″ perhaps, same build more or less, grey-blue eyes, short blond hair, and so fucking handsome. His angular features, his masculine clean-shaven jawbones, his strong-willed gaze, his bright smile, it all seemed to come straight out of a Tom of Finland storybook. What really did me in, was that he wore a leather SS-style uniform with tall riding boots. O.M.G.!

The leathercop looked around the bar, a benign smile on his face, enough to make anybody go weak in the knees. Whoever had watched this guy before, knew that he was selecting his prey. He was the predator, the one who picked. Everybody else was passive. It was pointless to try and make yourself available to this guy, it wasn’t up to you; even the sluttiest barsluts knew that. If this guy picked you, you were just lucky. His eyes paused on the skinhead’s girlfriend, sitting by herself on a bar stool at the other end of the bar. The skinhead must have left, annoyed perhaps that his fuckmate was stolen from him. Everybody’s eyes were on the punk girl, as it was clear that the leather cop-god had made his choice. She complied, of course she did. Nobody resisted this man. He was god!

The cop-hunter finished his drink. He beckoned the girl, with a black-leathered finger, as if she was a schoolgirl. She slowly approached him, hypnotized by this leather-clad cop-god, caught in his fixating gaze, watched by everybody else. When she stood in front of him, she trembled, naked, vulnerable, such a contrast ayvalık escort with this intimidating man in his black leather uniform. He inspected her as a prisoner during roll call, then indicated that she must turn around. She complied. Ignoring the onlookers, he unzipped his fly and pulled his mighty cock out, already erect. He calmly stroked it but furthermore remained passive, sovereign, powerful, almighty like a god.

She knew instinctively what this cop-fucker was after. Also, she had observed him with other women. He was the one in control but the women had to do the work. Without turning around she slowly moved closer to him. Blindly, she reached out for his breeches, his crotch, then his cock. Shuffling further back, she cautiously positioned herself on his hard-on. She offered him the choice, cunt or ass; it went straight up her cunt. We all watched in awe. A beautiful naked woman impaling herself on a leathercop’s boner. Simple, beautiful. She was well aware of the attention she was getting from the bar crowd but she was proud to be this cop-fucker’s chosen one, even if it was only for once. Without squirming too much she brought herself to a series of quiet climaxes. He peaked too, controlled, without movement, still sovereign. He looked us all in the eyes, while his sperm gushed into her womb. We were all outshined. Indeed, O.M.G., and fuck him!

I so much wanted to be this man, I wanted to be her as well, him, her. Impossible! I could never reach that level of perfection. After watching this leather cop-god, how was I to continue? I felt everything I had enjoyed that evening had been nullified by his performance. I felt shaken, humiliated, depressed and at the same time incredibly turned on by this man. I found it impossible to go home after this. What could be more depressing then to lie in bed and jerk off to the image of this superior man, and then, after ejaculating, having to face oneself?

Defeated, I withdrew into the in between darkroom. This was a narrow space connecting the two bars that comprise the Recreation Area. It’s a darkroom where men of various sexual orientations are able to meet in almost total anonymity. Only a single faint red light allowes a glimpse of a figure or a face. I knew my way around, and absentmindedly joined a group of leathermen doing various things with each other. Horny men, no doubt, but I couldn’t be less interested. I couldn’t be bothered to take my dick out. I just stood there, staring into the void, shaken, confused, fucked up by this guy.

Then there was a hand on my shoulder. I stepped aside, thinking someone wanted to get past, or take my place in the group. No problem, I wasn’t participating in their game. The hand remained on my shoulder. I turned around. It was him.

I freaked out. “Jesus, man! What the fuck do you want?!”

“You. I want you. I’ve been trying to hunt you down for more than a year. I really want you. Please don’t say no.”

“No way, man, fuck off! You’re making fun of me!” Frustration, jealousy, anger, disbelief, hope; my head was spinning.

“I’m not making fun of you. I want you to be my fuck buddy. You and I are going to fuck the whole world. Together we will be amazing.”

Because of the darkness I didn’t see very much, but I could tell we were creating quite a scene in the backroom. The men standing around had stopped making out with each other and were listening in.

My head kept spinning, I wavered and tarried: “What the fuck are you saying, man…!”

“I’m telling you that you and I are going to be amazing. Do you realize it was me earlier on, kissing you in the jerk-off circle in the back bar?”

“Wha-at? That couldn’t be you…! You were at work!”

“I was. But I sneaked out for half an hour. I know, I’m a bad boy. But I knew I would find you there. I was desperate to see you. Seeing you at your best, being the unrestrained sexual animal that you are. Not like the star-struck wimp that was watching me in the bar ten minutes ago.”

His words hit me in the face but struck the right note. My wall of skepticism crumbled. He handed me a set of keys which I took from him without grasping the implications. Some of the guys around us did, and they found themselves caught up in a romance straight out of a pulp novella. But some had recognized us – our height gave us away – and were excited by the joining of these two supermen.

“I’m in the married couples quarter. I’m not married but I have a small apartment there. My place is yours from now on. You can come and go whenever you like.”

I couldn’t see his face but the escort ayvalık serious tone of his voice told me that he was sincere. Was this really happening? He offered his lips for a kiss. I accepted. When he deep-kissed me, I knew it was true. It was him, the expert-kisser who had taken me to new heights of sexual lust, just a couple of hours ago. Unbelievable but true! I was overwhelmed.

I must have passed out then, because when I opened my eyes, he had stopped kissing and seemed worried, and so were some of the surrounding people.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m totally alright. I’m… happy!”

“I want you.”

“I want you too!”

“Great. Then let’s go for it now. I’ve got someone waiting for us.”

“The girl? I’m not sure I can live up to your expectations right now. I’m a bit shaken…”

“Don’t worry, you’re a horny bastard, and you’re going to be even better. First, I want you to kneel down and receive these men’s cum on your Muir cap.”


“Do as I say.”

It was clear who was in charge here. I knelt down on the filthy floor. He talked to the guys standing around, basically instructing them to jerk off and spray their man-juices over me.

“Aim for his cap.”

And they did. Jet after jet of cum splattered on my Muir cap. Due to the poor lighting it was all done with a certain degree of approximation. A few badly aimed spurts landed on the collar and shoulder of my leather shirt, or further afield. My friend inspected my cap. There was plenty on it. He thanked the guys.

“Let’s go. We’re ready.”

He took me by the hand and I followed him, my new mate, my leather-buddy, my fuck-buddy; I still found it hard to grasp. It was a bit comical the way we moved through the busy bar, holding hands, me trying to balance the cumload on my head. I felt some of it trickling down my neck but when I moved my head in an attempt to stop that, the main puddle almost tipped over the front edge. Anyway, we reached our destination with most of my precious load still in place. The punky skinhead girl was waiting for us. Had she been instructed to do so? Or was she the one who had sent him out to fetch me, even to bring me back carrying this load of cum?

He introduced me to her. She said hello and gave me a fleeting smile. Her smile widened when she saw the cumload on my cap. “Slowly bow your head”, she instructed me. Her eyes were fixed on the cumload sliding towards the edge of the cap. She put her lips around the rim and slurped up a large portion of the man-seed. From the corner of my eye I saw that she shared it with my new mate. They were passionately kissing and snowballing. My heart beat faster. My buddy! I wanted to participate in anything that he was involved in. So I joined them and for the next couple of minutes our cum-covered lips and tongues were engaged in sexy exploration. Relishing that cum-kissing marathon, I found it increasingly difficult to hold my head still. Cum dripped over the edge, where luckily our hungry tongues would be ready to catch it. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever done. And this was only the beginning!

With no more snowballs to roll, my friend said to her: “We want to cum in you. It’ll be the first time we do it together.”

She just smiled, as if to say: “Sure. Why ask?”

He said: “I’d like to take the back door this time.”

“Sure.” She actually said it this time, shifting her position on the bar stool, letting my mate enter from behind. As I understood, the plan was for me to use the front door. Her pussy was hot, wet and welcoming. I pushed the head of my cock as far in as it would go. There, at the entrance of the uterus, my glands pushed against the hard cock of my buddy. Our cocks met for the first time, almost touching, riding up against each other, separated only by thin female membranes. We barely moved; there was no need to. It was just wonderful, our two cocks together, buried in her ass and cunt, making love to each other, to her, to each other. He came again, his eyes closed. I cried when it was my turn. She smiled at both of us and licked the tears from my face. Then we kissed again.

I was exhausted . I could not think of anything else but to lie in bed and close my eyes. But they were not letting me off the hook so soon. My buddy smacked my face, which sort of woke me up. He smiled at me, I grinned back at him. Next thing, he ordered me to eat out her pussy. I did what he wanted. I stooped down but I had to support myself with my hands on the floor; I was so tired, I was afraid to collapse. I must have looked like ayvalık escort bayan a doggie, on all fours, lapping at her pussy. It took forever though for my cum to seep out. The girl used her fingers to probe her cuntlips apart, masturbating her clit. It helped. As she had one orgasm after the other, my creampie made its way out, carried on waves of cuntjuice. I just had to stick in my head, tout my lips and slurp it up. Tired as I was, I was filled with joy and my excitement about the situation grew once again. I had eaten my own creampie from a girl’s pussy before, but never at the command of another man, a man who wanted to be my partner!

I felt incapable of getting up by myself after this. The girl joined me on the floor and we kissed. If she had hoped I hadn’t swallowed my own seed, she had to be disappointed. However, she found a smear on my face and some leftovers on my lips, and she was happy with the remains. My mate, my new sex buddy, was towering above us in his leather SS uniform. We looked up and saw him stroking his nine inches of man-meat. The girl placed her hands on my hips, I placed my hands on hers, thus supporting each other, smiling at each other, our tongues interlocked, we slowly rose up to meet the robust cock of the man we adored.

He was moaning and breathing heavily while beating off. Neither of us wanted to thwart his frenzied jerking – we both knew not to interfere with a man masturbating. So we waited patiently, watching closely his mighty organ, close to orgasm. Again, this was a first for me. Here he was, my mate’s cock, the tool he was going to use along mine. My heart swelled. I felt so proud to be this guy’s fuck-buddy. I stuck out my tongue to catch a drop of pre-cum sliding down his cock-head. The girl saw it too and had the same idea. Our tongues met, we smiled at each other and shared the pre-cum. Suddenly he came, violently, magnificently, ejaculating beautiful creamy virile sperm.

The first spurt was aimed at me, but was so powerful that it shot over my head and landed on a bar stool. The next spurts landed on my face. It shocked me that he treated me like this, like some old cumslut, but how could I have turned away from this man? I had just met him and already I was doing things in plain public that I had done at rare occasions before, but only in the darkest places where anonymity was guaranteed. He gave me a few seconds to think about this, and turned to the girl. In no time she looked like a banner advertisement for a bukkake website. Then he turned back to me, and gave me what remained in his balls, which was more than I ever saw anyone pump out. My face was entirely plastered, it must have been a sight, I’m glad there are no pictures of it. I don’t know what went on in my head. Excitement? Humiliation? High-spiritedness? I also didn’t know what to do with myself? Wipe it off? Eat it? Share it?

From out of nowhere a towel was thrown at us. It landed on me. Thank god, I couldn’t have dealt with eating that much cum. I cleaned my face, my neck and my leather shirt and tie (what I could spot), and embarrassed by my lack of courtesy, I handed the dirty towel to the girl. She laughed, she didn’t mind. I think she enjoyed wiping her face with that cum-soaked rag, sniffing up the smell of the seed from one man, that had covered the face of another. She was about to drop the towel on the floor but I took it from her.

“I want to take that home.” Nobody seemed to think that was weird.

“I’ll see you guys around?” she asked, hopeful.

“I think we will,” my friend said, stuffing his cock back into his breeches. “We’re an item now and you were the priest who blessed us.”

“I know,” she smiled, “it was amazing to be part of it.”

The tree of us just stood there, smiling at each other, until we started to feel awkward. She said goodbye and left.

“You wanna come over to my place?” I asked.

“No, you need your sleep and I would keep you awake.”

“You sure would!” I was relieved that I was able to sleep in my own bed, recover, reflect in my own familiar environment.

“You’ve got the key,” he said, “I’d love you to come over to my place after your shift. I’ll be gone, so you’ll be on your own. Look around. Nothing is out-of-bounds for you. You’ll see a lot of things that you like. Leather, toys, porn, I want everything I own to be yours. Wear my uniforms, use my toys, spray your cum around. I’ll be thinking of you all the time.”

I wanted to say so many things but words were failing. I imagined myself in his leather uniform. “I love to see your leathers, your toys, everything…,” I managed to bring out. I was overwhelmed and worried that I would pass out again. What kind of guy would that make me?

He noticed. “You need to sleep. I’ll be in touch. What’s your number?”

I gave him my number. Then one last kiss. Off I went.

Home… Sleep… Happy…!


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