A Long Time Coming

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My name is Linda. I’m blond, with green eyes, 5′-8″, 34d breasts, and a gym enhanced stomach, ass and thighs.

My husband is Matt. Also blond, with blue eyes, 6′-0″, and very fit.

My brand new, freshly minted girlfriend is Kayla.

We own homes on the grounds of the nudist resort where we live.


The little sign above the front door of our home reads, “Welcome from Matt and Linda.” Hopefully, we’ll soon be adding Kayla’s name to our sign. Kayla and I have been neighbors and best friends for many years, but recently, our friendship has been kicked up a notch as I have finally given in to my bi-sexual urges.

Do you know what one of the best parts of living in a nudist community is? When someone knocks on the door, there is an almost 100% chance that whoever is on the other side is naked. It’s even better when it’s your girlfriend knocking. Who doesn’t like seeing their girlfriend walk through the front door naked? Kayla promised there would be no more door knocking after I gave her a key last night. But because Kayla has been polite and always knocked before being let in, old habits die hard.

I held the door open for her as she moved right into my arms for a hug and a sensuous kiss. I let go and stepped back a bit so that I could take in Kayla’s stunning looks; Black hair, brown eyes, 5′-4″, firm 32dd tits, with a small waist, butt and thighs.

“There’s no need for you to ever knock, sweetie. We’d really love it if you would treat our home as your home, and walk right in like you own the place, any time, day or night.”

She said, “I know Linda, but it will probably be a day or two before I get used to it.”

There is anticipation now, that at any time, I could turn around and she’ll be there, ready to be in my arms for a sensuous kiss. She is a knee buckling kisser, and I like to take advantage whenever the chance arises, which is pretty often, actually.

I particularly like it because I get the full benefit of her firm breasts pressing into my 34d’s as we melt into our naked hug, and then onto enjoy our sexy kisses. My mother taught me to hug people like you mean it, or don’t hug them at all. Meaning, you can’t like everyone you meet, so if there is someone you’re not fond of, don’t hug them. But if you do like them, they get a full body hug, naked or not. Not a sexy hug, just firm. Some people are taken aback by this show of intimacy when they first meet me, but nearly everyone comes to appreciate it.

Kayla melted into my arms from the first time we hugged six years ago, but I didn’t find out she was bi, a fact she had kept secret, until about a year ago. Then all the touching made sense.

Actually, it wasn’t until I mentioned to her one day that nobody except Matt touches my naked body as much as she does. Kayla suddenly had a deer-in-the-headlights look on her face that lasted a few seconds, then changed to one of resignation, her head hung low. She raised her eyes to look at my face.

“As a matter of fact, I’m bi, Linda, and I’ve been hiding that because I was afraid you wouldn’t want to be my friend if you knew how attracted to you I am.”

“Seriously, Kayla?” It was my turn to look shocked.

“Since you never seemed to mind, and have never said anything, I’ve just kept on touching you whenever I can. It’s just normal now. I touch your body, then I go home and masturbate, thinking about touching your tits and ass,” she said, with an embarrassed look on her face.

I was kind of shocked, but at the same time it was somehow flattering. I figured that no harm was being done and we are truly best friends, so there was no way I was going to get mad over it.

She told me that she had this fantasy about fucking me since our first hug. Neither of us said anything for a bit, as I processed this new info.

After awhile I said, “You’re my best friend, and I love you, but I’m straight, and I’m just not into girls, except as friends.”

Her face took on a look of disappointment that made my heart hurt.

I thought about it some more and then asked her, “Can you just be my friend?”

She said, “I love you too and I understand, but I’m bi, and can’t help the feelings I have, they just happen to go beyond simple friendship.”

I could see there were tears in her eyes now as she asked, “I know you don’t feel the same for me, can we just continue on with our friendship exactly as it is now? Can I still touch you the same as always and pretend it’s innocent, so I can go home and think about you giving me the orgasms? I’ve been doing that for 6 years, I can keep doing it.”

Frankly, no one else noticed her touching me, no one had ever even mentioned it.

I told her, “yes, sweetie, we’re still best friends and nothing has changed.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes and I reached out and drew her in for a long hug. Her head tilted back, she looked in my eyes then kissed me lightly on the lips.

She said, “Please don’t feel weird about touching me bahis firmaları now. Touch me all you want.”

I told her, “Nothing is going to change, except now I know how much you’re enjoying it, and I’ll be happy that my touch makes you happy. I’ll probably even touch you more now because I know you like it.”

She kissed me again, but harder this time, and I kissed her back. Truthfully, I touched her body pretty often too. Helping each other with sunscreen, both back and front, is not unusual among naturist people, particularly women. After that day, I did start to touch her more often.

Sometimes we held hands when we walk down the street, but now, we always do. Or I’d put my hand on the small of her back when we’re walking. Or just in normal conversation, I touch her arms or hands while we talk. A nipple tweak, or a butt smack when we’re being silly. I just like making her happy. With the revelation of her bi-sexuality, and that she fancied fucking my brains out, she has brought up the subject frequently since there is no longer any fear for her as she continually tried to wear me down. I always resisted, but honestly it got harder and harder to say no. I was enjoying touching her and being touched by her, and knowing it was about more than friendship. It was flattering that my best friend, a hot naked girl, was interested in me sexually, but I was afraid that a girl-girl affair might have a negative impact on the great relationship I have with my husband, who I’ll love forever. That doesn’t even take into account his awesome cock that I worship.


About a year has gone by since that day, and I’ve come to realize that what I feel for Kayla does go beyond simple friendship. I dearly love her and her affectionate ways. As friends, we are closer than ever, and as lovers, just being near her makes my pussy weep!

As girls do, we love talking about sex and our sex lives. She’s always told me that I had enough horny for two lovers. I just didn’t believe it until recently. I am so happy that I finally decided to be what she’s always known I was.

Since the other evening, when we shared our new relationship with Matt for the first time, I have had my mind on only one thing. I badly needed to have my pussy and ass rocked by Kayla. I wanted her to fuck me so bad. I could hardly wait to feel her on top of me, her hips thrusting her dildo deep into my begging pussy! Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long.

Although I’m anxious for Matt to be involved in what I hope becomes a three person love affair, I want my first experiences with female-female sex and toy play to be just Kayla and I. With him being on a trip for a week, and Kayla’s work cycle ending today, we will have the opportunity for her to show me how girl-girl sex works.

When Kayla came over last night, I expected for her to be tired from work, but she was surprisingly upbeat. I was anxious for our evening to start, so I pulled her down on the bed and kissed her deeply for several minutes. I reach up and squeezed her breast gently and I could feel the nipple rise up to meet my palm. I love that she’s a responsive lover. I can always tell if what I’m doing is something she enjoys. Matt is the same.

She said, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m not ready to settle down for the evening. Can we go down to the Conversation Pool and unwind in the hot water for a bit, maybe an orgasm or two if we can sneak them in, and then over to the restaurant and have dinner?”

That was an excellent idea so we grabbed towels to sit on, and our see-through Sarongs to wrap around our waists, which is restaurant policy for the dining area.

Sometimes, that time of the evening, there are a lot of people hanging out at the Conversation Pool because its a cool place for naked people to be social. We are all about hanging out naked together. Tonight, however, there were only three other people there, and we knew all of them. The resorts day pass visitors had left earlier because of the rain.

We hung our stuff on the little railing and climbed down into the spa. I hugged everyone and we claimed our seats and slid down in the hot water to soak for awhile. The only bad part about the public pools and spas at the resort is that they have to use so much chlorine. So I end up smelling like chlorine until I can get up to the showers and get it off me. I hate chlorine.

But I do enjoy public showering.

The other three people got up and left after awhile, leaving Kayla and I all alone in the spa. Kayla jumped out after they left and turned on the jets and got back in. With the jets going, you can’t see what’s going on under water. Specifically, if anyone came in, they couldn’t see Kayla playing with my pussy, but, with no one there to see it anyway, it didn’t matter, and I got the first orgasm. Her’s was next.

She climbed on my lap and straddled my legs. I put an arm around her and reached under her arm so I could reach both of her hot breasts. Her nipples were at full attention kaçak iddaa and I rolled and squeezed them. I slid my free hand down her belly until my fingers reached the jewelry that pierced her clit hood. I twirled that for a few moments as she wiggled sexily on my lap. I rubbed and squeezed her sweet little clitty until her legs shook and I heard her gasp and I knew I had been successful. She laid back against me, still on my lap, and I buried my face in her neck, which I kissed and nuzzled. We laid there a bit longer as I squeezed and fondled her breasts. Soon, we went up to the shower room to get rid of the disgusting chlorine.

There was no one there! 5 stalls that are frequently shared by more than one customer at a time were completely empty and there was no need to share.

So of course, doubling up in the last stall is exactly what we did.

Hanging up our towels and stepping in, the steamy water lavished over us while we took turns being each other’s personal bather. As we layered on soapy handfuls, we pressed our bodies together to move the soap around. We often bathe each other at home, but it’s much more sensual in a public place. Her huge nipples were fully hardened and I couldn’t keep my hands off them for very long. I love bathing people, and I love being bathed. There is almost nothing better than being bathed by someone that loves you, when all that’s needed is to raise your arms, spread your legs, and have every nook and cranny of your body lovingly cleaned and probed by someone else. It’s total heaven. Best part of this is that there are two people who love me enough that are willing to bathe me any time I want.

There are 5 large infrared drying lamps in the ceiling of the shower room, so drying off is handled by those, so tonight we were saving our dry towels to sit on in the restaurant. No one likes sitting with a bare butt on a wet towel. We brushed our hair, put on our Sarongs, and headed over to the restaurant.

We walked in and noticed there was hardly anyone there also, only a few diners and 5 or 6 naked people at the bar. When Terry, the hostess, saw us come in, she smiled really big, opened her arms for her hugs and kissed our cheeks. Two of the people we saw at the bar are our friends, Sal and his wife Suzie. They are seasonal people and own a home here, and another where they spend the winter, at a resort in Arizona. We haven’t seen them in months and were overjoyed at the sight of them sitting there. They were both naked, so we took off our Sarongs and put them on a chair and hugged them both a couple of times. These are good friends, and so we told them that Kayla and I are girlfriends now. Sal bought us drinks to celebrate! They asked about our husbands. We told them that they are great and they are supportive of this.

Sal patted both of our asses and said, “Good for you girls. Its wonderful to find extra happiness in this world.”

We both leaned over and kissed his cheeks and did the same with Suzie. We were very happy to see them and caught them up on all the gossip we could think of while we drank our drinks. Terry called us over, so we told Sal and Suzie thank you, and good night, and hugged and kissed them again. Terry told us since there were so few diners tonight, Sarongs weren’t required.

“Terry, get naked with us. Throw your Sarong on a chair and sit with us while we eat,” I invited.

“I can’t honey, company dress code says the Hostess must be topless with a Sarong. Since I’m the manager, I have to set a good example, no matter how badly I want to get naked.”

The bar is anything goes, and everyone, including the bartender, Britney, was naked.

We stepped down into the dining area and picked the table that was right next to Terry’s hostess station so we could chat with her while we had dinner. She is a great person, and we always enjoy her company.

We both had a Caesar Salad and some really good pasta. One of the things I miss the most after deciding to be a 24/7 nudist is that I have to sacrifice all the good restaurants that I love. The food here is good enough, though, so dining naked is what I choose. Kayla and Matt both enjoy restaurants when they’re out there in the textile world, and most of the time they bring me stuff, so I’m not totally deprived.

Sal and Suzie were gone by the time we left, so we kissed and hugged Terry, then each other, grabbed our stuff and started on our way home.

Walking home was fun as we put our arms around each other and kissed about 50 times on our little walk. When we got to our gate at the sidewalk in front of the house, I kissed Kayla again and again with both hands on her ass and asked her if this reminded her of anything.

She said, “Of course I remember our first kiss, I’ll always remember it.”

“You were so disappointed because I turned you down,” I said.

She shot back, “But you kissed me back! I knew right in that moment you were going to be my little whore someday. And look, here we are. Today is that kaçak bahis day. I know we’ve already done some stuff and given each other more orgasms than I can count, but today we will be consummating our relationship. After today, I will consider us a bi-sexual couple. I am yours, you are mine. How does that sound to you?”

I took her face in my hands and looked her in the eyes and told her, “I love you so very much” and she started to cry, and I was kissing her tears, and her face and her lips. We were both crying and kissing, standing out on the sidewalk in front of the house.

“Let’s go inside and let me kiss you all over,” I suggested.

We went into the house and shut the door and just held each other for a few seconds before I brushed her hair back and started kissing her neck, making my way up to her ear. I was running my nails up and down her arms while I was nibbling on her earlobe which gave her goosebumps and started her nipples to grow.

I led her into the bedroom and we sat on the edge of the bed and ran my nails over her tits and nipples which were fully hard. I sucked them both and she was rubbing my slit, trying to get my clit to come out and play. I reached down between her legs and lightly ran a nail over her clit that was peeking out, looking for a tongue.

She said, “That’s not fair. I always have to coax your girl out, but mine is always right there ready to go.”

Truthfully, I have always wished that my slit was not drawn tight like it is, hiding everything, and that I had pussy lips and a clit that were outside for the world to see.

“She is always ready to go, isn’t she,” I said. “What are we going to do about that?”

She got up and stood between my legs, took a finger and slid it across her clit and down into her pussy. She was looking in my eyes but I was looking at her finger working in and out. She finally pulled it out and touched it to my lips and I immediately took it in my mouth and swished my tongue all over it so I could taste her pussy.

She pulled it out and pushed me back on the bed by my shoulders.

“Nothing more for now,” Kayla said, “This is my night, and I have a plan. Lay back on the bed, you little whore.”

“Am I your little whore?” I asked, as I reached down between my legs and pulled my slit open with two fingers and pulled my hood back to reveal my clit.

I took my other hand and held out my middle finger which she took into her mouth. I pulled it back and began sliding it back and forth on my clit and pushing it into my pussy. First one finger in and out. I’m getting wet now, then two fingers, slowly, in and out.

“You certainly are my little whore, and I’m going to fuck you real good,” she said.

I’m very wet and my fingers are going faster now, in, out, in, out. She is pinching her swollen nipples and squeezing her titties, hard.

I asked, “Does that mean you’re going to pay me, if I’m a whore?”

She replied, “Your payment will be in orgasms, and if you’re a good little whore, I might even let you fuck me, too. Is that a fair deal”

I replied, “Oh yes! fuck me real good, baby. I’m a good little whore. Fuck me now. I will show you just how good but I need you to put your hard cock in me soon, because I’m ready to bust. I’ve wanted you to fuck me since the moment I decided to be your girl.”

She went over to the dresser and grabbed her bag. She reached in and pulled out a strap-on harness. I’m getting excited now.

“Where is our buddy,” she asked.

I rolled over on the bed and crawled to my night table on my hands and knees, my pussy and ass up in the air. I yanked open the drawer and pulled out one of the new dildos she bought, called Bandit, and another new one, the strapless Realdoe. I held them both out to her so she could decide.

“Which one are you going to fuck me with, baby?”

She took one look at the Realdo with that big knob that goes up your pussy to rock your g-spot while you’re rocking the other pussy or asshole with the lifelike cock. She looked at the harness in her hands and tossed it on the floor.

“I want the new one,” she said. “But you’re going to have to help put that thing inside. It’s pretty big.”

I dropped to my knees on the floor, while she’s laying on her back on the bed, squeezing and playing with her tits, getting warmed up to take the big knob into her cunt. I took the dildo end and put it in my mouth like I was blowing it to juice it up then began running it up her pussy and over her clit. I pulled on her jewelry to expose her sexy clit and tapped the dildo head on it like Matt does when he pulls his cock out of me and bangs it on my clit. She is moaning softly and I can taste her on the toy as I put it in my mouth again and push it in and out. She likes that too and pulls up her tit to suck her nipple into her mouth. Soon she’ll be sucking on the other one, too. I love the way she tastes and go down on her, lapping at her pussy and clit, and sticking the cock into her pussy then into my mouth. She’s getting wet and I’m tonguing her hole and rubbing my clit with the dildo. When she seemed to be very wet, I turned the dildo around and stuck the bulb end into my mouth, to lube it up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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