A Satiny Halloween Pt. 01

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Chris and Janet were sitting on the couch in her living room. They were so close that Janet was almost on his lap. It was because they had just been interrupted because Janet’s mom came home. They hadn’t been doing anything except kissing so they were fully dressed but Janet was trying to look cool and Chris was distracted and trying to hide a bulge in his pants.

Mrs. Sampson came in all smiles. “Hi, kids. I hope you had a nice day at school. Watching anything interesting?”

Chris liked Mrs. Sampson. He wished she didn’t always call them kids because he was 18 now. But she was good to him and had him over for dinner a lot with her and her daughter. She didn’t seem to know they were messing around before but he thought she wouldn’t mind if they were. It wasn’t like he was sleeping with her daughter, just kissing and things like that.

Janet said something about the TV and dinner and then they were talking about Halloween which was the next day. Chris was so busy thinking and staring at Mrs. Sampson who he secretly thought was attractive that he didn’t realize they were talking to him. “What? Yeah sure, of course.”

Janet laughed. “Hey daydreamer, you have no idea what we talked about do you? I told my mom we’d go to her stupid Halloween party with her tomorrow if we don’t have to drive two hours back and she said we could all stay at Uncle Jim’s lake house if your family’s cool with it.”

Chris hadn’t heard anything but he said “Yeah, that’s what I meant. I’m sure my mom’s cool with it so I’m in. I probably got a costume somewhere like maybe a lumberjack. I’ll bring an axe.”

Janet laughed again. “Lumberjacks are big and husky. Not you at all. I think you’re nice and cute and adorable and all mine but you’re not much bigger than me. You’re the same size as Mom and not exactly rough and tumble. I like you’re cuteness but we something softer for you.”

Chris said, “yeah, whatever. You’ve got so many ideas. What are you two going to be? You’ve got no costume either and I don’t hear any ideas.”

Mrs. Sampson interrupted. “Come on let’s eat. I’m sure we can think of something. In fact, since you two are going to be my guests and driving me around tomorrow and Saturday too I’ll come up with just the right costumes for all of us. We’ll change before the party at Uncle Jim’s and drive over to the Smith’s place. We have the place to ourselves so plenty of room for all of us to get ready there. I don’t want to drive a hundred miles dressed all up as a clown or whatever I get.”

Janet rolled her eyes as they walked into the kitchen to eat. “Geez mom. Not a clown okay? This isn’t a kids party right? How about something sexier? Don’t look at me like that. I don’t mean slutty outfits. I’m sure it isn’t that kind of party either. Knowing the Smith’s we’ll be lucky if there are drinks. I just mean let’s not be totally boring and childish. Let’s get creative.”

They all ate and went home. Chris went to sleep with pictures in his head of both Janet and her mom in slutty outfits. In his mind they both went as lingerie models and kept changing their panties and stockings and anything else he could think of. It wasn’t realistic but it made for a great wet dream.

The next day after school he went to Janet’s house with a change of clothes in his backpack and a toothbrush. His Mom was fine with a nice chaperoned party and a night to herself. Janet’s Mom was waiting with the car loaded. She laughed about his backpack and got them driving as quick as they could.

She wouldn’t tell him what she decided but told him not to worry. They drove a long way and talked on the way. Janet tried to get her mom to talk about costumes but she wouldn’t say. As they got closer, she said “I thought it would be nice if we went together and were part of a matched set. But I also didn’t want you two to be kids and me an adult in some way so for the u we are all equals. Just three adults, three people who are all the same. No adult costume or anything like that. I thought it would be good if any one of us could wear the other costumes. That makes us all feel equal. In fact, let’s think that way the whole weekend. We are just three good friends having fun.”

That made a lot of sense to everyone and it made Chris happy. They were all over 18 and it was important to him. Three equal partners made a lot of sense.

Janet was still curious. “That’s fine, Mom, but we’re going to dress as something stupid like three pigs or some cartoon character, are we?”

Mrs. Sampson was ready. “First of all, for the rest of the weekend you both have to call me Linda. No moms or anything like that. We are just Linda, Janet, and Chris. Second, no we’re not going trick or treating. We’re going to an adult party. The Smiths are not exactly wild so we won’t be out there but I think this will be creative for everyone especially Chris.”

Chris looked up not exactly sure what that meant but they were pulling into the driveway for the lake house. Chris bursa escort was expecting a small rustic cottage in the woods but it was more like a small mansion or at least a big house. It turned out to have four bedrooms, balconies, and the best of everything.

As he helped make a couple trips and bring in all the boxes and suitcases Mrs. Sampson brought, she could tell he was surprised. “My Uncle Jim made a lot of money and built this even though he has no kids and is single. He isn’t in the state very much so he is always happy to have us use it. It’s big even for the three of us but it’ll be fun.”

Janet was in the kitchen unloading a lot of food and things. Mrs. Sampson brought food but nothing to drink. “Don’t worry, the house has lots of water and Uncle Jim’s wine cellar has a lot in it.”

“Now, the party’s in a couple hours so we have time. By the way, I don’t want to tell anyone we’re staying over. I don’t tell people about the house much. And if we need a good excuse to leave we can pretend we have to drive back. I think it will be a fun party but you never know. You two won’t know anyone at all unless you remember the Smiths very well. I don’t think either one of you have seen them in ten years. I only really know Mrs. Smith from when we worked together and Mr. Smith works with me but he’s in another department so I never see him. On the other hand, it’s a costume party where no one knows us well and we can be free. They don’t know either of you are coming so that’s even more fun.”

Janet said, “yeah, blah blah blah. I’ll call you Linda and no one will know we’re related. Who or what are we going to be?”

Mrs. Sampson said, “well this is the fun part. I had a lot of ideas maybe too many. I couldn’t decide and I ended up with one set of things but probably not for this kind of party so I dropped it. But then I thought we should all be the same thing but it was hard to think of the right thing. We could be a baseball or football team but there’s only three of us and the costumes were weak anyway. Or maybe like a band or a rap group with big chains and stuff but someone might ask us to rap and I’m not doing that. I was in this store talking to someone about stuff and going through a lot of things and I found a crown and a really nice satin gown and I started thinking queen. Then I said why not do it for all three of us and it just clicked. I think it’s perfect. Elegant and grown up and it can be sexy but not too sexy for the party if we do it right. What do you think?”

Janet thought about it and said, “Yeah okay at least it’s not cartoons. So we’re like a royal family with two queens and one king or do we all have different titles?”

Mrs. Sampson laughed and looked funny at Chris. “Sort of but see I was thinking about all of us doing it together and the same thing and I got really into the equality and I was telling my friend in the shop that and we both sort of decided that the coolest thing and the best thing was all the equality, you know? I mean I’m not your mom this weekend and you guys aren’t a couple. We’re just three equal friends. All the same. So we all go as the same thing and we’re the three queens. What do you say?”

Janet laughed and looked at Chris who was panicked and confused. “I don’t know what you mean. How can we be three queens. I’m not going to be anything or do anything or this sounds weird, Mrs. Sampson.”

She went over and sat on the coffee table right in front of him and took his hands. “It’s okay. And call me Linda. Just relax. This isn’t weird. It’s a costume thing. People do it all the time. You aren’t going to become something. You’ll just dress as something. It’ll be cool. There’s a long history of people dressing in costumes and not limiting themselves to just narrow rules. It’s very cool and I’ve thought of everything and we’ll be the same. No one will know which of us is which. Also, remember, no one here even knows you. A couple people met you when you were like eight.”

The whole time she talked she was talking softly and holding his hands and gently rubbing one in a calming way. Janet wasn’t sure what to think but it sounded cool and modern and not boring at all. Mrs. Sampson kept talking to Chris. “you already shave your legs for swimming so they are smooth. I mean we could have one hairy leg queen but we don’t need to. Just think how fun it will be and how cool it will be to fool people and of course we’re both there the whole time.”

Chris felt a lot of pressure and he was a little shy anyway so he wasn’t really up for protesting. “Okay, I guess it’s actually funny but maybe I won’t tell people who I am unless they recognize me.”

Mrs. Sampson was so happy she jumped and leaned in and gave him a giant hug. “You’re the best Chris. This is going to be the best Halloween ever for all of us. Now I have a box of stuff for each of us. It’ll be faster for me because I’ve gotten it put together before so I can help anyone with problems. Now, Chris carry that to Janet’s bursa escort bayan room along with these other boxes and of course your backpack. She likes the top of the stairs and then left because of the balcony off the side, right honey?”

Janet was happy but didn’t need her mom telling her what to do. As they walked in the room, she pushed her own suitcase to one corner and flopped on the bed and said “It’s okay, Mom. Sorry, I mean Linda. It’s okay Linda, I’m pretty sure I can figure out what goes where with the costume. I’m doing a quick bath in the whirlpool and then I bet I’m ready before you both.”

Linda just pointed out a few things in the box and then she and Chris walked. Linda was talking the whole time partly to distract him. They passed the stairs again and then a study and then a room that she had him put her box in. Then they went to the other end to his room. She started unloading the box.

“It was easier because Janet knew all your sizes for everything.”

Chris was surprised that she kept taking one thing after another out. It seemed like a complicated costume. He figured one big dress over his regular clothes but it seemed like a lot more.

Linda turned and said “Sweetheart, I’m so proud of you for being adventurous. This will be incredible. And please don’t be worried about feeling strange. It’s just a sort of acting. And with the wig and everything you’ll look different.” She help up a long blonde wig.

Chris’s head was spinning but he realized the wig made sense. His hair was short for swimming and he’d look stupid as a queen without it. He watched as she laid out a long satin gown fit for a queen and realized she had gone all out. The gown and the wig and even a black lace mask. He was actually glad about the mask.

Linda was talking again. “We’re going for realism here you know. You have a nice slim build that makes this easier. Underneath the dress, we have to all wear things that make it sit well. And since we’re doing so I got the nicest things. You know, this is a kind slip, a little puffy. They are called petticoats but don’t let that make you nervous. It’s just a layer underneath that people can’t see when you have the costume on.”

Linda talked a lot and talked fast. She thought this was a great idea but she sensed Chris was nervous. She also knew from getting to know him that he was cooperative and would do what he was told. She was gently pushing him and counted on his obedience.

“Chris, I’m sure you understand that we all have to look exactly the same. We have to wear the same things and look like a threesome. This will be fun for you because you’ll see a side of things that you don’t usually see. Our dresses are longer but they stop high enough that we will all need to wear stockings. I’m sure you realize they are just like really thin socks. So take this stocking and bunch it up and then we’ll slide it up your leg. First you have to take your pants off. Here let me help. There we go. Now toes in and start sliding it up.”

Chris didn’t know what to think. He started to complain and couldn’t. Mrs. Sampson kept telling him how normal it was and she and Janet seemed excited. They probably didn’t know, he guessed, that he had a fetish for lingerie and was always trying to peek at it. This was a lot further than looking at it but it helped him decide to go along. Plus, he had a little crush on Mrs. Sampson and he found her intimidating so he naturally obeyed.

Linda kept talking and dressing Chris like he was her doll. The stockings were just the right size. Her friend at the store knew just what to do and she was glad Chris wasn’t big. He was skinny and small built so that helped a lot. “Now, Chris, honey, the stockings will need something to help them stay up and see how pretty this garter belt is. It’s not a little one. It’ll go way up on your waist and all that fabric will help you remember you’re wearing it. Let me fasten it and smooth it. See it goes most of the way up to your chest. We won’t fasten anything yet though. We need to keep room so you can remove what you’re wearing and put the matching panties on. Now, I got these lovely satin ones. I feel bad that you don’t get to wear satin as a guy usually but I’m sure you like it and the way it feels. So this is a special experience. And I bought these for you. I think they might be a little tight around back but just nicely snug and the front has a little extra room for what you need extra room for. My friend at the shop told me these are designed just for that. She thought it would help in case you need the space right there. Now I know you’re head is spinning just because it’s such a complicated costume but the best costumes are that way. I have to run and check on Janet so you can have a little privacy to take those off and put on these nice ones. I’ll be right back.”

Chris didn’t even speak but Linda was so convincing and made everything seem so normal that he started to think it was reasonable and escort bursa so he changed and put on the panties. He was enjoying the feeling of the nylon on his legs already and trying hard not to think about it. The satin felt even better and made him think of a few times he had masturbated with a pair of panties in his hand. He was getting hard but trying to control it. He wasn’t sure what to do next so he just waited obediently for Linda to return.

Linda hurried down the hall. This was going very well. Chris was responding better than she hoped. Her strategy to talk so much he was almost in a trance seemed to be working. She was pretty sure Janet would be okay but controlling her daughter had never been a problem. She slipped into her daughter’s room who was still in the whirlpool but had opened a bottle of wine. “Hi honey, did you look at your costume? I didn’t know you were going to start drinking now.”

“Relax, mom. I mean Linda. One glass of wine. You know I’m legal with the law at 18 now. I saw the costume. It looks fancy. I’m surprised you were so imaginative. The three of us the same is really out there. I think it’s cool. I don’t know how Chris’ll look but he didn’t freak out so he must be willing to give it a shot.”

“No, I talked to him honey and explained the costume. I just explained it’s like a play where people play any kind of character. He looked nervous at first but I think he got over that. We’ll go and have a good time and he’ll see it’s just a more elaborate costume, nothing else. Anyway, I think you’ll be fine. I got you some nice details with the dress. I think you’ll like it. Your undies are blue and mine are red but otherwise I think we’re the same. No one at the party will even guess at all. I think that’s the most fun. OK, don’t bathe much longer, I’ll go finish me and check on Chris.” With that she practically ran back down the hall.

She burst in the room and smiled. “Oh, Chris, darling, that looks so pretty on you. This is going to be so much fun won’t it? Let me just help with a few things.” She knelt down and had him stand. “See these are garters. I need to thread them through here so they are under your panties. It makes it easier if you have to take your panties down.” As she talked he felt her hands on his thighs and his skin threading the garters through.

She glanced at the bulge getting firmer and smiled. “Now look carefully and you’ll see how to fasten a garter. See, just like this. Now you do the other one and I’ll reach behind you and take care of the back ones.”

She was trying hard to stay very matter of fact and keep him calm so she pushed on. She quickly grabbed the bra off the bed even though she accidentally bumped his bulge as she stood up. She was smiling as she threaded his arms into the arms holes and then held him against her as she reached around to fasten the hooks behind him. “Let me just fasten this. We need it for realism and I need to just hook it. Sorry, I’m having trouble. Ah there we go. Now, these are nice full cups but you need help so I have a couple pair of my own panties for each cup that we’ll use to stuff the cups and make sure they’re full. See, they’re just panties that I usually wear.”

She was holding each up before squishing it into the bra cup. She was pleased at the look on his face and how his eyes got bigger. But she got him dressed and then slipped a petticoat on him. “It’s like a slip. I’m sure you’ve seen your mommy’s slips. Some young men even play with them. This is like that but fancier and helps hold the bottom of the dress in shape. Now let me help put the dress over you.”

It took a few minutes to finish dressing him and she smiled and told him to sit down. She kneeled. “Let me just help with shoes. Too much of your leg shows to wear something casual. And actually your legs look really nice like this too. I’m jealous. But I got heels. I know your size from Janet and my friend knew a special shoe for situations like this. But they are black pretty stilettos. Let me slide them on. Oh perfect. Now I know what you’re thinking. You need help walking or practice so walk with me to my bedroom. Come.”

She took him by the hand and had him walking in the hall and then into the bedroom. “No, no like this. See how I use the toes. There.” She watched him practice and he was actually pretty natural in a few minutes. “Keep walking while I change.”

She had most of her underwear already on but sat on the bed ignoring him as she did her own stockings. He kept walking and didn’t stare but he was pretty hard already. Her stockings were not black but were a very dark red, almost black. Her petticoat was also a dark red and Chris openly stared as she slipped her dress on. She had black heels that matched his. She smiled at him as she slipped on a blonde wig and tucked her hair underneath. “Oh, sweetheart, I forgot your wig. Now, here. Just like me. Perfect. We could be twins! Let’s go find our third.”

She pulled him down the hall and knocked on Janet’s door. “Can we come in? Are you decent? We’re coming anyway.”

Janet was already dressed and staring at the wig. She had done her makeup darker around the eyes and a deep red lipstick. Chris thought she looked incredible.

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