A Time To Remember

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She remembers that one summer’s night in 1974 when she is 21. She awakes from a dream and sees her twin brother standing there in the dark, looking at her. They have always been close but now something tells her that she wants to be closer. Without a word she slips her night-shirt off over her head and sits there waiting for him. The moon shines down through the screen of the open window. Warm air still flows in through it, warm and humid.

Her brother comes to the bed. She sees in the reflected glow from her own pale skin that he already has an erection beneath his corduroys. He slips out of his shirt then skins down his pants. He puts one knee on the bed and then joins her. They hug warmly, as always, but this time everything is different. Her bare boobs are against his bare chest. They kiss, but not cheek to cheek. His mouth covers hers, smothers her reaching lips. She pushes her tongue out into his mouth and feels his own warm, wet greeting. For long, breathless moments they french-kiss. Her hand drops from his strong shoulder and brushes his erection. The feel of it is instantly exciting. She has never felt this part of him, has never seen it. She has never thought of it until this very moment, and now, with this new urge building up inside her, she lowers her mouth from his kiss, her lips slipping downward and downward until they finally find the bulging spongy head of his cock. She cannot find a reason to wait and instantly slides it all the way into her mouth, and even though it is longer than she had ever dreamed, she is able to take more than half of it down her throat. She pulls up and lets her lips trail wetly along its delicate surface. She feels its total hardness just beneath that thin skin. When her lips feel the bulging head just behind them, she pushes her head all the way down again, and this time her heightened excitement makes her yawn. But by yawning, the back of her throat opens wide. She pushes down and now takes the entire length of her twin’s cock into her. She remains like this, bend over, mouth and throat full of her own brother’s erection, and then feels his hands brushing down her back, reaching for and then caressing her ass. She shivers. It is like a buzzing whirling snake has shot up her spine. She tries to gasp but her throat is too full of hard meat to allow air to pass. She pulls back slightly and breathes, then pushes all the way down again.

She feels this is the most intimate she could possibly be with her own twin brother; having his dick in her mouth. It is the ultimate kiss, but then fingers gently pull up on her jaw and chin, making her rise. She now sits cross-legged facing her brother. She eyes his erection again, marveling at how it throbs and jumps up and down with his heart beat, but then he leans forward, pushes her gently on her back and pushes her legs wide open. The next moment he is eating her out. She gasps, bites the back of her hand. Tears come to fill her eyes and start to roll down from the corners of her eyes. She has never experienced anything like this and wonders if this is somehow why she has remained a virgin all through school. She knows now that if anyone, she is glad to be giving herself to her own twin. They have always been closer than any of their friends or even friends with siblings.

And now this. The ultimate thing that two people can do, especially for brother and sister.

She comes and the orgasm blows her mind. She cannot think straight for almost a full minute. It feels as though her pussy has clenched like a fist and then exploded like dynamite. The shockwaves continue to bounce around inside her like echoes off mountain walls. She comes again and then feels two long, thick fingers being pushed inside her. The fingers are so much bigger than her own and she knows that they will explore her further than she could ever explore herself.

Though she has been quite the explorer!

The fingers penetrate her. They lift up, fingertips against the inner wall of her cunt, just behind her pelvic bone. She gasps and clamps a hand over her face, then remembers that their parents are in France this week. They are adults and alone and her brother is making her a true woman.

–Just as she intends to make him a man. Turning, she curls her body toward his lap. She sees his beautiful hard-on and finally gets it back into her mouth. Her brother lays the opposite way and for nearly half an hour the twins excite and arouse and pleasure each other with just their mouths and nothing more. But then she is overwhelmed by what her twin’s tongue does to her. She lays back, letting his organ go from her trembling, moaning lips. In moments she is beyond the point where she can think. She covers her face with both hands, her body undulating and twisting uncontrollably. Orgasms flash through her over and over again but then start to slow and become subdued. She opens her eyes and sees her brother’s glorious erection still there where she left it and turns to it, swallows it and begins to mouth it back and forth.

And now it is her brother’s turn to lay there. He gasps and squirms. His feet point up at güvenilir bahis the ceiling, every muscle in his legs taut and hard. Finally he catches his breath, holds it, and then grunts.

She feels the first splash of her bother’s release hit the back of her mouth. She moans, gasps through her nose in excitement. She swallows, but increases the speed and depth of her sucking. More cum gushes, spurts. She takes it calmly now, swallowing every drop but continues to move her head back and forth along its still rigid length. His body is shuddering, his breath short and shaky, but then his climax fades. She continues sucking, using her tight lips to squeeze and coax out all that remains, and finally pulls back and lets the still thick shaft to slip from her lips. She breathes deeply and happily, runs her fingers through her tousled locks and licks her lips. She swallows several times more, remnants of semen remaining her mouth, but also saliva which is only now slowing. She cannot but smile contentedly at her brother, who now opens his eyes and raises his head.

He smiles back at her. Her face seems to glow, to beam, and he is captivated by her expression, her appearance. He lets his eyes roam from her beautiful face, down to her shoulders, her full breasts, narrow waist and shapely hips. He smiles as he gazes as her crotch, her thighs. He wants to taste her again, to simply bury his head between her luscious legs and never come up for air. He licks his lips, inhales, and tastes and smells his sister’s sex; her juices still saturating his face. The thought of her, so naked and so eager, laying back and spreading her legs wide for him makes his cock stir once more. He reaches down and touches it and it lifts up from his thigh, a thick, warm trail of semen connecting his thigh to its head. He notices her eyes going there, going right where his hand is, where is shaft is, and when she looks up again, he cannot resist her. Sitting up, he goes to her, lays against her side and covers her happy face with kisses. His hand automatically goes to her breasts and she arches herself to give him what he wants.

To be touched like this, to have her nipples licked, kissed, sucked, to have a warm tongue slide up her smooth, sensitive underarm, and then swipe across her neck, is what she has always wanted, but to have her own twin brother be the one doing it is more than she could have ever dreamed. It was perfect; the perfect match, the perfect partner. She could not imagine anyone else touching her, doing these things to her.

He begins to move down her body, kissing between her full bosoms, and now further. She knows he will eat her out again and she wants that – more than anything. She lifts her leg, the one not partially covered by her brother’s bulk, lifts it, bends it at the knee. Her leg muscles all seem to stretch and flex at the same time. Her foot points, her toes clench together. She wants him, wants him to do whatever he wants to do to her; she lays her leg to the side, spreading herself more, and now he is poking his tongue into her navel, making her gasp and sigh. Shivers race up and down through her insides. Her belly pulls inward, trying to escape the probing tongue, then pushes out, wanting more. She loses track of her raised leg and as it droops, her foot grazes the massive erection now jutting off her brother’s crotch, but instead of lifting her foot apologetically, she presses down on it, using the ball of her foot and her toes, presses it sideways against her own thigh. Somehow, the feeling of having this huge, rigid thing sandwiched between the bottom of her foot and her own inner thigh is immensely thrill to her. She presses more firmly, and then begins to turn her foot back and forth, making the looser outer skin of her brother’s organ slip and slide over the thick, firm core.

Her brother stops what he is doing to enjoy the feelings that have suddenly, unexpectedly been given him. He glances down at where his twin is massaging him, and cannot help but smile; her foot is so shapely, so delicate compared to the rigid, veiny thing he has. Even the difference in coloration is so stark – her pale while thigh and foot, his massive, reddish boner. He revels in the feeling for a moment more, then turns his head and resumes his slow journey down her abdomen. With the slow rise in excitement he knows he can endure this new and wonderful thing long enough to reach his sister’s sex again. He runs his tongue downward from her moist navel, down the delicate, heaving curve of her abdomen. The soft curls of her crotch caress his chin. He stops, inhales. The scent of her sex fills his lungs, his senses. His organ swells against the soft sole of her rubbing foot. He holds off for another moment, and then can stand it no longer.

When her brother’s tongue dips down through her wet curls and then further down the cleft between her swollen labia, her body seems to explode. Her hips lift off the bed. Her gasp echoes in the sudden silence because she cannot yet exhale. Her body shudders and then her bottom bounces down on the bed again. She has forgotten the wonderful hard thing against türkçe bahis the bottom of her foot, the way it seemed to squirm and grow like some strange monster against her inner thigh. Now she twists slightly, grabs both knees and pulls them right up against her breasts, spreading herself as wide as possible. The tongue carves upward through her slit and touches the underside of her clit. She jerks again, making a soft gagging sound as air rushes out the back of her mouth. She holds her breath again, not wanting anything else to escape, not even so much as a shiver. She wants to hold it all in – forever.

Then the horrid thing happens. Her abdomen contracts, it seems to flutter, and as it does, her bladder relaxes. She feels the hot stream course downward, outward and tries to clamp it off, to tighten her control muscles. But it is too late. Her brother, now licking her anxiously makes a wet sound as the piss strikes his lips unexpectedly. He gasps, pulls his mouth back from her and in that moment, that agonizing moment, she knows that everything is ruined.

But then there is a hushed and excited “Oh god – sissy!” and for a moment she doesn’t know if her brother is referring to what has just gushed out of her or if he is calling her what he normally does. She has stopped her water, but then she feels her brother’s mouth press down against her swollenness, forming a gasket around the place where she has just now released, and then she feels his tongue push down into her slit once more. She comes, violently, unexpectedly. She feels the lips pursing inward, starting to draw on her wet flesh. Her clit rises harder than before and the tongue seems to relish this – licking it feverishly up and down, and side to side. She comes again and her bladder loosens once more. The orgasm makes her think of other things, the ocean, the warmth of the water, the feeling of currents and eddies slipping around her body, between her legs. She hears her brother gasp through his nose, feels his lips close in around the place where she is letting go, then hears him gulping, as if he were chugging wine from a bottle.

And to him it is the same. He drinks her, feeling the privilege of indulging in an exotic, rare vintage. The taste is surprising, so different from his own, which he has many times tasted during his own explorations. It is sweeter somehow, and as he swallows the first mouthful, he smiles against the lifting, pushing crotch of his beautiful twin, not letting the ring of his lips lose contact with her. Breathing through his nose, he feels the air mix with the remnant of the liquid he has just drunk and tastes it more accurately, more precisely. Wanting more suddenly, he smears his mouth up and down against his sister’s still squirting hole, moving his tongue into the stream to feel it, enjoy it. The pressure is so strong and yet, the jet is remarkably uneven, excited almost. It strengthens when she climaxes and weakens when she shivers.

He swallows more, and then the perfect crotch, the most incredible womanly opening is being pulled back from him. He looks up and finds his sister’s face right there before him. She has pulled back and turned over to face him. Her eyes smile, but her lips are already pressing to his. He feels her tongue pressing between his lips and resists for a moment until he realizes that she wants what still fills his mouth. Pushing firmly against her lips with his, he opens his mouth and relaxes. Warmth flows out and into her mouth and he feels and hears her swallowing. The thought of it entices and thrills him no end and in moments they are kissing so passionately, he feels he might just spurt on the bed in his excitement.

She drinks her own urine straight from her own brother’s lips and the very idea of it fills her with passion of a level that is almost frightening. She feels she could lose control at any moment and turn completely into an animal, and then realizes that she is that. A hungry animal, sucking the wet lips of her brother now, sucking them, making her tongue dart out to taste and then swallowing the remnants. Her breathing is loud in her own ears; it reminds her of the times she goes for a run in the evenings, panting, heart racing, her skin glossy with perspiration. But now she wants more. She needs more. She has tasted her own urine; now she needs to taste another’s. Pulling back, she quickly kneels and turns her brother over onto his back. She stares at the beautiful erection that springs into view. Her lips part absently, her tongue-tip rubs the back of her teeth. Her body seem to all clench inside, from her toes to her eyebrows, and then she lunges forward over him, not caring that as she straddles him and hungrily takes his cock in her mouth she has exposed her own sex to his upturned face. She feels his hands reach up to grab her ass and pull her down to him, but she is more concerned with the thing in her mouth. She has tasted the other fluid that it produces, but now wants the other. She rings her lips tightly around it, pushes down all the way, then pulls up, but knows it will probably not be for him as it was for her. She stops, raises her bottom güvenilir bahis siteleri off her brother’s face and smiles upside-down at him. He looks disappointed for a moment.

His sister’s request is simple but it takes him a moment to realize what she has just asked for. He nods, watches the underside of her chin move down like a pale V to hide his boner, feels the heat of her mouth all around his organ and then tenses his abdominals to check on the fullness of his bladder. There is something there for sure, but the sensation of her warm mouth around him makes him feel other things. His cock stiffens. He takes a breath and tries to focus on doing the opposite of what his body seems to want to do. His pelvis rises and falls and the feeling of fucking his sister’s beautiful mouth is almost enough to make him not want to stop!

Then he realizes that the simple act of laying flat on his back is against him. He has not peed laying down for years. He brings his knees up, closes his thighs and gently pries his sister’s head away from his erection. She is the one who now looks disappointedly back at him. But before she can speak, he slides out from under her, glancing at the beautiful place between her thighs, then steps off the bed. He smiles at her, reaches his hand out and takes her. He guides her down on her knees before him and he looks down at her.

It is like looking into his own face, only one that is as beautiful as his is handsome. He straightens his back and spreads his feet a little wider, lowering his crotch and his erection until it juts right before her eyes. But he must stand to do this, to fulfill her request. He reaches down and holds his dick, just as he always does, but has to close his eyes; his sister’s beauty is almost too much for him to bear; her face, her eyes, her shoulders and chest. His eyes dart lower, down the trim belly to the softly-haired V of her crotch, but then close completely. He takes a breath, concentrates, tries to imagine himself standing in the bathroom, and finally a short spurt of pee comes out of him. He is almost too erect, too stiff to urinate comfortably, but hearing the delighted squeal from his sister inspires him. He relaxes, wills himself to open and relax, and then the stream starts. He hears sputtering and a gurgling sound, a gasp and a happy giggle, but still keeps his eyes closed. He can well imagine what he would see – his adorably feminine twin sister, holding her mouth open as piss fills it – and it would give his cock such a thrill the stream might be cut off. He breathes slowly in and out, but then feels lips suddenly encircle the head of his prong and opens his eyes.

The sight is more than he had imagined, and for a moment he cannot continue. His cock stirs to full thickness and length within his sister’s sucking mouth and for a moment he can do nothing but stare.

The flavor she tastes is unlike what she has previously experienced, but she finds she cannot get enough of it. She has swallowed two mouthfuls and wants more. It is warm, hot almost, like hot tea, but knowing from which teabag this liquid comes fills her with more than thirst. She opens her eyes, blinking the wetness from her lids, and looks up at her brother. He stands there tall and proud and handsome and for a moment her feeling of love and affection toward him overtakes her. She pushes forward on his cock, taking its full length into her mouth and partway down her throat. She holds him like this, enveloping him, protecting, cradling him, until she needs to take a breath and pulls back slightly. Breathing through her nose, she smells all that covers her face, tastes afresh what has been given into her mouth and feels a shiver of almost unendurable excitement go through her entire body. She wishes to do more, to go further, to somehow exceed what she has already done because she loves him so dearly; like no other in the entire world. Her mind frantically searches for a way to please this beautiful man more than she already has and her thoughts return again and again to the one thing – the only thing – which would connect them like no other. With her eyes focused into her brother’s, she pulls gently back from his organ, letting her lips linger on the head of it, then leans backward and lays flat on the carpeted floor.

He watches his sister laying back and has another moment of disbelief as to how stunningly beautiful she is. There is no part of her not worthy of a long and careful look, and none that do not fill him with instant desire. He watches as she lays back in complete submission to him, submission and acceptance and request, brings her knees up and spreads them wide. He eyes the place he has explored at such great length with his lips and tongue, and knows that those parts of him are not what are being asked for. She reaches up and out to him with both hands, and he finally sinks to his knees before her and leans over on one hand. Reaching down with the other he takes hold of his cock and gently guides it down against her swollen sex. The head touches her first, smearing through her damp curls. She lifts up to him, but he rubs his head up and down through her slick crevice, enjoying how slippery she is, how wet. He has tasted that juice and wants to again, but then the head of his prong slips into the dimple of her cunt and he pushes down and forward.

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