A Visit to Tinseltown Pt. 01

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This is the story of a week-long visit by my very sexy friend and lover, Carmella. They are numbered for convenience, but can be enjoyed in almost any order. -Emmerson

I met Carmella during a trip to Dallas. We were both guests of our friends who Carmella described as, “hedonists in every way.” They proved it by including us in an evening of four-way sexual debauchery. (Read “Meryl brilliant white against the slight olive complexion.

She ran to me, almost leaping to hug me around the neck and wrap her legs around my hips. Our kiss was born from passion denied for months. She bumped her hips against my crotch. “Oh, my god. Hard. Just as I hoped.”

She climbed down, but we remained intertwined as we waited for her suit case. The luggage took sufficient time to allow for several more kisses, and her verbal confirmation that my dick was leaking pre-cum into my underwear. Just as she started begging me to go take them off and bring them to her, her bag arrived. We wasted no time in grabbing it and making our way toward the parking garage. With our elbows linked, she was a bit surprised when I turned from the “general parking” signs and escorted her to the livery loading area. She was more surprised when we walked to a long, black limousine where the driver was waiting to open the door for her. As she scooted across the vast passenger compartment, I thanked the driver, discretely handing him a hundred-dollar bill and reminded him to keep the dark partition closed.

As we started out of the airport, I opened the compartment on the back of the drivers’ seat, revealing a full bar. The champagne was already open and on ice, so I quickly filled two flutes. Carm’s eyes sparkled.

I held my glass up for a toast. “To your week in Tinseltown. May it be filled be with new friends and new experiences.”

She grinned, “And lots and lots of sex.”

We toasted and drank. Carm sipped hers slowly. I held up the large bottle, “It’s paid for. No reason to be stingy.” She emptied the glass and held it out for more. I chuckled and refilled her glass before putting my empty in the cup holder.

“I don’t want to rush you, and I’m certainly not one to remind a lady of past indiscretions,” I leaned in to kiss her champagne-tinged lips. She took another drink as my fingers traced her nipples through her almanbahis shirt. She arched toward me with a soft sigh.

“What… um… what indiscretions would that be?”

I gently lifted the hem of her t-shirt, revealing her flat stomach. My hand slipped under, filling my fingers with one perfect breast. “As I recall, certain promises were made when we last saw each other.”

“Promises?” she smiled as she lifted the shirt over her head. Her olive skin shone in the gray light through the tinted side windows. I had seen her small tan nipples in person once before, and several times via video call, but at this moment, they seemed magnetic, pulling me toward them.

I kissed one nipple softly. Then the other. She moaned “Oh, yes, baby. They’ve missed you.” I sucked it gently, enjoying the feeling of the areola puffing in response. When she arched her back, I moved to the other, sharing the same gentle attention.

“When I say promises, I mean things you said we would do,” I unsnapped her jeans and eased the zipper down, “‘You know. For real.’ I think you said.”

She lifted her butt from the car seat, wiggling to help me work the jeans over her hips. She was wearing thin white cotton panties with tiny purple flowers sprinkled across them. I smiled as I slid my fingers over the fabric. Her hips rocked at my touch.

“For real? Oh,” she hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband, slowly lowering her panties. “You mean the promise to let you taste me.”

“Yes,” my fingers traced her perfect landing strip. Down, and back up.

“Kiss my genitalia.”

“Yes,” I spread four fingers wide across her mons.

“Suck my lower lips.”

“Yes,” the four fingers slid down, massaging her thick, pink lips on all sides.

“Lick my pussy.”

“Yes,” two fingers curled inside.

Carm grabbed my hand and shoved the fingers deep into herself. She bucked her hips up to fuck my fingers.

“To drink my cum as it spurts from my cunt, lonely and hungry after so long,” she wrapped her fingers around all four of mine, forcing them into her soaked pussy. “To feel my thighs shudder around your head, as the orgasm I’ve so desperately missed finally shudders through me.”

“Fuck yes.”

Her other hand grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face into her hot wet center.

“FUCK almanbahis giriş YES!” she screamed as my tongue lashed deep into her cunt. Her flavor was tart and pungent. The smell went straight to my cock, which filled with hot blood.

“YES, baby. This is what I’ve waited for. Your sweet tongue in my pussy. Your thick, wet tongue fucking me. Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD!”

My mouth sealed around her clit, sucking it hard, letting my tongue drag her clit against the flat front of my teeth. I licked it long and slow for several minutes as my fingers crept inside her. Her hips were twitching toward me, pushing my fingers deeper each time.

Carmella grabbed her tits, squeezing the around the nipples. “Oh, you amazing man. I’m so hot. So wet. SO FUCKING CLOSE.”

My fingers started pounding her cunt and I sucked hard on her clit. Her cries were unintelligible, getting louder and more shrill with each thrust. My fingers curled forward, finding the soft spot at the top of her vagina.

“FUCK ME GOD!” Her body spasmed and hot fluid poured from deep in her cunt. As promised, I began to lick and suck and drink her wonderful cum, savoring its bitterness and bathing in its slick heat.

“God, Carm.” lick “This is what I wanted.” suck “So special. You and me.” slurp “Sharing the drink of lovers since the beginning of time.”

Her back finally relaxed. I slid an arm under her butt to keep her from sliding off the seat. Shifting my arm to the bend of her knee, I scooped her up as I turned and sat on the seat myself. With her curled up on my knees, I reached for her glass.

“More champagne, my dear?”

“Mmm. Thank you.” She finished the glass. “That was incredible.”

I made a show of looking at the label on the bottle. “Not a bad cellar, no.”

She slapped me gently. “Are we almost there?”

I peered through the tinted window. “This time of day on a weekday in Los Angeles, at least another half hour.”

“Good.” She reached between us, wrapping her fingers around my still-hard cock. “Because I think there is still one thing to do.”

Working herself from my embrace, Carm straddled my legs, her perfect pussy nestled against my shaft. “This will be remembered,” she lifted herself up, the opening to her pussy poised over the tip of my almanbahis yeni giriş cock, “as my first fuck, in California.”

With that mini-ceremony, she dropped her weight onto my lap. My cock slammed into her depths.


I don’t know if it was she or me that cried out, but there was no time to decide and she lifted up again and dropped again. Her arms around my neck, she pulled her tits against my chest. I grabbed her ass. “Oh, fuck, Carm, you sexy woman.”

I lifted her butt and let her drop again. This time my hips jutted up to meet her. She cried out in ecstasy. “Faster. Fuck me, baby. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

Our hips slammed together, over and over, skin smacking and sweat smearing as we climbed the steep ladder to orgasm together. Our voices joined in loud nonsense. I gripped her ass tighter as it got more slippery. She grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss, furious and full of desire.

When she pulled away, I saw her face; puffy, red, sweaty, her hair over her eyes and stuck to her forehead.

“God Carm, you are beautiful!”

“I’m close, baby. Don’t. Stop. Fucking. MEEEEEEEE!”

Her back arched and I bit down on her swollen nipple. Her words morphed into a scream of hungry lust, satisfied at last.

The gripping of her cunt on my cock and the sensation of her fluid flowing over my lap triggered my orgasm. “CARM!” I shoved inside her, shooting load after load of cum into her flexing vagina.

“Oh my god, baby. Oh, yes.”

She lowered her head to my shoulder. Our mingled sweat slick between our chests. We breathed in unison, shallow gasps of blessed relief. I stroked her hair, kissing her ear. A deep, almost-forgotten emotion rose in my chest.


She lifted her head, looked deep into my eyes. She blinked twice, then quickly looked around. “Where’s the champagne?”

I pointed and she climbed off me. I had to admire her pussy, swollen and red, peeking from beneath her ass cheeks as she crawled toward the bottle. She quickly refilled both glasses and held hers up. I raised mine to match.

“Oh the stars at night,” she began singing in tribute to the hedonistic friends who introduced us, “are big and bright.”

I joined in laughing as we clinked our glasses four quick times. “Deep in the heart of Texas!”

Whether it was the gods of music or just good timing, we were interrupted by a tap on the partition. I lowered it an inch. “Yes?”

“We’ll be there in ten minutes, sir.”

“Thank you.”

I gave Carm a deep smile and a long kiss, before we started gathering our clothes.

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