Adventures of Carly , Dana

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Hi my name is Carly, I am a junior in college and I am a full blown lesbian. Not the kind that goes out of the way to tell every single person I see that I am lesbian, but if you put a perfectly wet pussy in front of me, I won’t hesitate to give it a good licking <3 Here’s a little about myself: as I said before I am a junior in college, I have jet black hair that comes down to the middle of my back [which loves to be pulled by the way *cough cough* [ow! Don’t spank me!], I have what I’ve been told is a “rocking hot bod, babe.” I go to the gym everyday, not to mention I play soccer so my entire body is pretty well toned. But my two best assets are by far my tits (36D) and my ass. The only way I can explain my ass is like this; have you ever seen the music video for Nicki Minaj’s-Anaconda? Well those girls don’t have shit compared to my ass haha. I’m getting a little off track. Back to the story! I have not had a roommate in my dorm ever since my first roommate left in my freshman year. Reason being that I trained to sneak peaks at her while she slept. And go figure, she figured out I was lesbian. So! A few weeks after my junior year started, I got a new roommate :). Her name is Dana [and I am currently sitting on her lap as I write this, which means her hands are on my exposed titties lol] she is a junior just like me, just a year younger than me, same hair style, but HOLY.FUCKING.SHIT her body is like Kate Upton with real tits an ass to die for WITH the toned body of a not so muscly body builder! Mmmmmmmmm just thinking about it makes my pussy wet! Getting off track again, sorry!!! Anywho, this story is how I seduced my roommate Dana….kind of, enjoy 🙂 <3 It started as an average day, I woke up, got on my computer and watched my favorite porn movie (tension-Holly Michaels) and I came oh…..I don’t know…..five times? Kinda lost track. Anywhooooo, I then got dressed in my itty bitty yoga booty shorts as well as a sports bra that was a tad too small for the girls, before heading off to the gym for my daily routine with my phone and headphones on. Coming back an hour later to my dorm room, I found the door wide open. “Is someone there?” I asked nervously as I took off my headphones and cautiously walked towards the door. I peeked my head around the corner to see this…GODDESS bending over the spare bed I use for “sexy times” putting sheets and other stuff on it. I say stuff because I couldn’t really tell what she was putting on it, I was a little more focused on the ass peaking out from under that skirt, encasing a red t-back thong. She just stayed there doing whatever it was that she was doing as I continued to gawk at this girl. I had no idea what to say, so I did what any other lesbian human being in my situation would do: I ran to the dorm showers, turned on the hot water, stripper naked, and fucked myself silly. Not two minutes later, my orgasm hit like a fucking freight train. I let out a moan that would give the pope himself a stiffy. Realizing I was still in the shower, all alone, I pulled my fingers from my pussy and brought them to my mouth before licking them clean. I stayed in the shower for a few minutes washing off the sweat from my workout, before looking down at my cleavage and seeing my hard nipples. “Down girls!” I said, scolding my tits with a little giggle, giving them a playful squeeze. After shutting the water off, I sighed realizing I can’t put on the same clothes I had used to work out. “Well I guess she is going to see me naked on the first day. Hope she likes what she sees” I say to myself as I step out of the shower and dry off. Once I build up enough courage, I step out of the bathroom and walk into güvenilir bahis my still wide open dorm room naked as the day I was born, holding my sweat soaked clothes in one hand.

What happened next will be burned into my brain forever! [Dana is teasing my tits now, she knows exactly what I’m talking about]

She turned around and saw me standing in the doorway. Her cheeks turned a dark pink as she looked over my ENTIRE body.

I gave a fake cough bringing her attention up “my eyes are up here.” I said with a tiny laugh.

Her cheeks darkened and I couldn’t help but bite my lip lustfully. She was in the tightest tank top you’ll ever see, and to top it off; she wasn’t wearing a bra!

“Don’t be shy, my name is Carly” I smiled and waved to her.

“I..I’m Dana” she said shakily.

“I guess we are roommates then?” I asked genuinely curious.

She nodded and I immediately went over and hugged her, not bothering that I was completely and utterly naked. “Well you better get used to seeing me naked. I am naked in the dorm almost all the time. I wouldn’t mind if you joined in the fun too!” I laughed

Dana was clearly uncomfortable (or at least for different reasons that what I thought) and she let out a shaky breath before pushing me away slightly “Carly, I have to tell you something if we are going to be roommates.” She said, fidgeting nervously.

I looked up at her gorgeous blue eyes and cocked my head to the side slightly “you’re not a druggy are you?” I asked half serious.

She shook her head “n…no, I’m…..lesbian…”

I gave a huge sigh and embraced her again, laying my head on her shoulder “thank GODDDDD! I am too!”

This time, she hugged me back and pulled me against her a bit harder than I thought two strangers should (she didn’t have to know that I was a submissive little slut and that she just made me wetter beyond belief).

She gripped me tighter and I gave a soft moan feeling her tits being pressed tightly against mine. It was then it finally hit me; she is just a big of a slut as I am! [Ow Dana! Don’t hit me!]

“Do you mind helping me unpack?” Dana asked sweetly.

My knees buckled hearing her voice. I think she knew I am a very submissive girl. “Of course I can. You know what? You look tired, I’ll unpack and you go shower and relax.” I said with a twinge of lust in my voice.

She hugger me again and kissed me forehead (now it was my turn to blush) “you are so sweet! Thank you so much kitten!”

I tensed up nodded dumbly and told her where the showers were before watching her ass as she skipped off towards them. “Did she just call me kitten?” I asked myself.

After the shock of the situation fell away, I shook my head lifted up her suitcase and out it on my bad. I unzipped it and flipped the lid open. What I saw shocked me (and turned me on) more than anything in my entire life.

There was no doubt in my mind that she is always the dominant one in any relationship. I found handcuffs, a ball gag, assorted vibrators and dildos, as well as some other interesting things. After putting those at the bottom of one of her clothes drawers, I walked back to her suit case to find her underwear…… One bra and a fuck ton of different colored and styles of thongs.

I heavily resisted the urge to bring them to my nose to maybe get her pussy scent. Instead I used them to cover her sex toys.

Everything else was pretty uneventful, lots of shirts, pants, etc. After I finished unpacking her things, I later down on my bed massaging my aching tits.

Of course right as I brought my hands to my tits, Dana burst through the door in nothing but the skimpy red thing she was wearing under her skirt.

I gasped and gawked at her tits before getting caught türkçe bahis and she smirked. “Well today has been a long day, I think I’m going to crash.” She said before slipping into bed and falling asleep almost immediately.

I couldn’t understand why she was so tired until I looked at the clock which read 11:30 PM. So just as she did, I slipped into my bed, shut the lights off and fell asleep.

Have you ever woken up from a dream a dream and wonder if your are still dreaming? Yeah that is exactly what happened to me.

I sat up grumbling because I was woken up. I look at my clock and see its 5:00 AM “Damnit Dana! Why did you wa…..” My jaw dropped when I turned to face her.

She was on her yoga mat in the downward dog position, still only wearing her itty bitty thong instantly making my pussy wet.

I reached down under the covers and began slowly rubbing my clit as I watched her.

Dana looked at me from between her legs (she is very flexible) “huh? Did you say something Carly?”

I quickly shook my head and dipped a couple of fingers inside my pussy. Before I could moan, I bit down on the blanket as she went back to her extremely erotic yoga. Jesus am I seducing this girl or is this girl seducing me?

A few minutes later I was hit with the most pleasurable orgasm in the universe. I was sure I was going to be needing to do some laundry tonight, but I’d worry about that later.

She let out a satisfied sigh and hopped up, causing her amazingly perky melons to bounce on her chest as she stared at me. “You ok? You look a bit flustered.” She said with a giggle.

All I could do was nod and try to cover myself as well as my “little” cum puddle as best as I could with only my blanket.

“Well I have a class this morning nice and early, but in free afterwards if you want to go grab a cup of coffee?” She smiled and looked into my eyes as she peeled her thong down her oh so yummy legs.

Wait…..did she just ask me out? I did my best to maintain eye contact, but I could help it! I had to see her pussy!

I took a quick peak and gasped into the blanket. She’s hairless!!!!!!!! And as wet as I am!!!!!!

Dana giggled, catching me staring before tossing the soaked thong on her bed and walking over to he little dorm closet to get dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a hoody.

It took me a minute to realize she wasn’t wearing underwear or a shirt and immediately I blurted out “no underwear?!”

“Well no, I actually like being naked. Doesn’t look like you mind either. I’ll see you later” she said with a smirk before waving and walking to class.

Go figure, I was at a loss for words. But I had a good reason, I was staring directly at the thong she had worn all night. Do I dare?

I hopped off my bed buck naked and walked over to her bed. I picked up the tiny piece of cloth and immediately get hit with the aroma of sex.

My knees buckle again and I can’t help but bring the panties to my face and inhale her lovely scent.

Unknowingly, my hand finds its way down between my legs again and begins to slowly pump two fingers in and out of my pussy.

I have to know how these feel!

Clouded by lust, I quickly pull my fingers out of my pussy and slip on the little red thong, mixing out pussy juices.

I gasp feeling her juices against my pussy and I bite my lip as I begin rubbing my clit over the thong, bringing me to some very VERY pleasurable orgasms.

It was then I looked at the clock and my face turned immediately pale “oh fuck I’m late!!!”

Forgetting about the soaked panties, I slip on a pair of skinny jeans, a bra, and a tank top before running off to class.

Throughout class, I could not concentrate at all. I kept squeezing my thighs güvenilir bahis siteleri together, making myself cum over and over into Dana’s panties.

“That little slut has me in the palm of her hand…..” I mumble to myself.

After class, I start walking to the dorm when I see a familiar looking goddess sitting in front of the quad.

“Hey there kitten, I thought you blew me off.” Dana said with a smile, uncrossing her legs.

I blush “you just met me and are calling me kitten, why?”

“Because you look like a kitten when you’re around me. You get all shy and somewhat reserved, but I know the real you.” She says with a smirk.

I look down at my feet and blush even deeper “wanna tell me what you think of the real me?”

She shook her head and took my hand before dragging me off to god knows where “nope, you’ll find out soon though.”

All I could do was nod obediently as I was carelessly dragged to the nearest Starbucks on campus.

Once we got there, I was yet again mesmerized by her ass in those fucking jeans. It was then I realized that Dana had been trying to get my attention for my order.

I stammered for a moment as the girl behind the counter (who obviously knew Dana) attempted to control her giggling at catching me staring.

“She’ll just have what I’m having pretty please.” Dana said with a hint of an assertive tone, which sent a tingle down my spine.

She then led me to the back of the shop, where no students were before turning to me and grinning “you know you don’t have to sneak peeks right? Stare all you want, it’s very flattering. You also seem very attracted to my ass, so here…” Dana pushed me back onto a chair, before turning her back to me, before sitting on my lap.

“How’s that?” She asked with a giggle.

I wrapped my arms around her waist instinctively as she began to teasingly rub her ass against my already sensitive pussy. I press my face into her back and let out a soft moan.

“Mmmmm that’s what I thought kitten.” She said before stopping abruptly right as the barista came over with our drinks.

Dana handed me one of the drinks and we both sat there drinking and talking for about half an hour before she (to my disappointment) hopped off my lap “ready to go?” She asked with a smile.

I nodded and followed her back to the dorm room.

Once inside, she locked the door as quietly as possible so that I wouldn’t hear before stripping completely naked “So Carly, where did you put my sex toys?”

My body froze and I shuddered before point to the drawer that contained all of her sex toys as well as her extremely skimpy underwear.

She walked over and pulled out a set of handcuffs “hands on the bed, and bend over.” She said demandingly.

I blushed deeply and instinctively I did exactly as she said.

Dana came up behind me and brushed her tits all up my back before cuffing my hands to the bed.

“H hey!” I protested.

“Hush or I’ll gag you with my panties, but I’m sure you’d like that wouldn’t you?” She asked teasingly.

I nod as she ripped the front of my shirt open exposing my bra “awe you’re wearing a bra?” She then proceeded to cup my tits through the bra before sliding her hands down my sides to my waist.

“Part two.” She said with a smirk before teasingly unbuttoning my jeans and sliding her way down my body until she was eye level with my ass.

I bit my lip and squirmed as I felt my jeans being pulled down to my knees.

“You’re wearing my cum soaked panties you little slut?! I bet you licked them didn’t you, you perverted panty sniffer?!”

I nodded embarrassingly.

It was then that I felt a sharp smack on my ass “use words slut, and I am your mistress understood?” She demanded.

“Yes mistress!” I replied as she hooked her thumbs in the sides of the panties.

“This is going to be a fun year.” She said with a smirk.

Then I felt the panties being slowly pulled down…..

Part 2?

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