Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 03

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The pinks and purples of the sunset filled the sky and the naked fisherman finished tending his fire, spreading the coals and pulling his cooking grate over them. He threw on the steaks and catfish then walked to his truck to grab his camera and snapped a couple pictures of the breathtaking sky. Jake and Bill had arrived a few minutes prior and they sat around the fire drinking beer and talking while their dinner sizzled in front of them. Gus joined the circle and opened a beer. “So Bill, what’s life like for you when you’re not bent over the tailgate of my truck?” Gus cracked. Bill, caught off guard by the comment, blushed and responded.

“Well, Gus, I have a good life to tell you the truth. I have a wonderful family, a nice job, a house I own outright, and some great friends like Jake here. I’m an accountant, and I pretty much keep my head down, make money to make sure my family wants for nothing, get to the gym, do yard work, and haul my kids around. Until today, I was fairly certain what each day would bring. No big surprises in my life, I’m pretty structured that way. Never in a million years would I have given in to the primal desire you’ve pulled out of me. I’ve always been curious what it would be like to be with another man. There have been a few men at the gym who have stroked their cocks in the shower, or followed me into the sauna before, and while I’ve gotten a little aroused, I’ve never acted on it.”

Gus appreciated Bill’s candor, and wasn’t out to make him feel any guilt or remorse, “I definitely understand responding to primal desires, Bill, those desires are part of what has drawn me into my naked fishing adventures. There’s a wonderful feeling walking out into nature into the unexpected completely exposed and up for it. I’ve had more than a handful of exciting encounters just from stepping out in nature naked.”

“Only with men?” Jake asked.

“Mostly with men, but not only. I’ve had a few encounters with married couples that were exciting in their own right. I do identify as a gay man though, if that’s what you are asking.” Gus replied.

“I’m not gay,” Bill said, out of machismo habit.

“I know,” Gus replied, chuckling “and I’m not out to ‘turn’ anyone gay either. I just follow my instincts. From the time I saw you mesmerized by my nakedness this morning, I could tell you were conflicted. But, if you hadn’t walked down here this afternoon, I wouldn’t have come looking for you. Even though I could tell you were built like a brick shithouse and was curious what you were packing in those jeans. Last thing I need is to be bloodied up by some insecure straight men. You did call me a ‘fucking faggot’ after canlı bahis şirketleri all.”

“Sorry bout that, Gus. Just habit,” Bill replied.

“No worries, Bill. You and Jake have made my week, and I haven’t even stuck my tongue in your ass for the the third time yet.”

Gus stood up and walked to the fire, he positioned himself directly in front of Bill and bent over at the waste to flip the steaks and move the fish off heat to the edge of the grate. As he bent over Bill’s dick perked up, and he was enamored by Gus’ plump hairy ass just feet in front of him. He stood up, and just as Gus had done to him this afternoon, plunged his face into Gus’ ass, catching him off guard and almost knocking him into the fire. Gus gasped, caught his balance, and used his left hand to hold the back of Bill’s head and squeeze his face between his ass cheeks. Gus could feel Bill’s defined jawline in each of his furry cheeks, and the dimple on Bill’s chin tickled his ball hair. Bill probed for a minute or so, and then got up and returned to his chair, “Well you put it right in front of me on a platter, Gus, I don’t know what you were expecting me to do,” Bill laughed. “Good instincts, Bill,” Gus replied, “Now are you planning on freeing that monster you’re choking in your jeans?” Bill unzipped his jeans, and let his thick meat breathe.

Jake had put on his fishing uniform while Bill was rimming Gus, and sat smiling slowly stroking himself. The steaks were done, and so was the fish, Gus pulled it off the fire and served a plate to both of his guests, thanking them for sharing their steak with him. The three men scarfed down the food, sitting naked around the fire. Getting some energy back they’d expended pleasuring each other throughout the day was nice, but a food coma was closing in.

Gus finished eating first and got up and went to his truck, he pulled a second camping mat and blanket out of his backseat. He laid the camping mat in the bed next to the other he’d used earlier for siesta and spread the blanket over both of them. Jake and Bill looked on with smiles.

“When you boys are done eating, come join me up here in the truck, the starts are starting to come out, and I’d figure we could lay back and look at them while we let our food settle.”

Jake finished next, and hopped up into the back of the truck and laid down next to Gus, allowing his hand to rest on Gus hairy quad. He squeezed Gus’ leg and looked up into the sky. There was no light pollution here and they could see thousands of stars. Bill joined shortly after and laid on the the other side of Gus, nestling his head into Gus’ armpit. The three gazed into the sky and before canlı kaçak iddaa long Gus and Jake were both snoring. Bill sat up and looked down at his naked friends, snoring next to him, finally, fully at peace in his own head about all that had happened today..

He started to softly fondle, Gus’ cock and then dropped his head to take him into his mouth. Gus perfect dick started getting hard, and soon stood at full attention as his snoring continued. Bill wiped the pre-cum from his throbbing dick and mixed it with his spit, and slipped his index and middle finger into his own ass, remembering how Gus had opened him up earlier. He straddled Gus, accidentally kicking Jake slightly in the leg. Jake opened his eyes to see his buddy slowly lower his beefy ass onto Gus’ erect dick. Jake was instantly hard. He sat up and leaned forward, and put his head down behind Bill’s ass. Jake used his tongue to lick Gus’ dick below Bill’s ass, adding extra lube for Bill and pleasure for Gus. Jake worked his tongue from Gus’ balls, up the base of his shaft, up Bill’s ass crack and back again. The pure pleasure Gus’ body was feeling woke him, and he opened his eyes slowly to see this thick muscular new friend riding his cock. Pure bliss. He felt Jake’s tongue on his balls, and then his taint, he spread his legs and pushed up into Bill giving Jake more access – this was a new adventure for sure.

Bill picked up the pace and Gus began thrusting his hips to meet his ride in sync. Jake’s tongue wet Gus’ asshole enough for him to slide a couple fingers into Gus, and he joined their motion. Both Gus and Jake had already gotten off twice today, but Bill’s blue balls from their earlier triangle weren’t going to let him last. Gus was hitting his prostate in a consistent rhythm that made his whole body shiver. Bill started to moan. Gus pushed forcefully up into him and Bill exploded. Unleashing five thick globs of cum. The first shot over Gus’ head and splattered onto the back window of the truck, streaking as gravity tugged it down. The next four found soft landing in Gus’ natural sweater. Spent, Bill collapsed onto Gus, sweating, breathing hard, and shivering as Gus dick popped out of his ass.

Bill rolled off to Gus’ right in a heap, and Jake grabbed Gus’ cock. He was ready to take a ride on the naked fisherman, too. Jake collected Bill’s cum from Gus’ pelt and used it to lube his asshole and coat Gus pretty dick. Jake climbed on and took it all the way, bottoming himself out on Gus and paused to relax. Bill smiled watching the man sex continue next to him, and started to tweak Gus’ nipple with his fingers. Gus and Jake worked up to a good pace before Jake’s leg cramped canlı kaçak bahis on him and he had to hop off, grasping his hamstring to ease the tightness. The three men broke into laughter at the cramp, and once again lay on their backs next to each other, Bill in the middle this time. Jake and Gus were both still pulsing hard, and Gus took Jake’s cock in his right hand and Gus’ in his left, remembering how Gus had stroked them earlier. He worked their cocks with speed and consistency and both men quickly erupted. Bill aimed their dicks toward him, and before he knew it, rivers of cum were running down his belly and off his sides, one of Jake’s spurts even made it to Bill’s dimpled chin, he stuck out is tongue and licked the glob up.

“To the river!” Gus commanded, and the three men waded in under the stars and cleaned themselves off, freely assisting one another and touching wherever they pleased.

“So, guys, this morning when we first saw each other, did you have any idea what was in store for you today?”

“My ass sure didn’t,” Jake chuckled. “Mine either,” Bill laughed. “That prized lure of yours really knows how to find the right spots.”

Gus smiled at both of the men and pointed to his soft cock, “This little thing?”

The men exited the river, and readied to return to their respective tents. It was only 9pm but they were all spent. Jake told Gus they’d likely be headed out first thing in the morning, to make it to the spot where they’d left a truck by tomorrow night, and thanked Gus for the adventure, running his hand through Gus’ chest hair and kissing him on the mouth. Bill embraced Gus and kissed him deeply, one last time, knowing that this would likely be the first and last day he ever did anything this gay in his life. They smiled at each other and said goodnight.

Gus woke again before sunrise, and headed out for a day of fishing. He looked downriver and Bill and Jake were already gone. He waved and smiled at a couple of gaped-mouth kayak and canoe pilots throughout the day, and pulled in 12 more smallies. It was his best fishing day of the year so far, and his smile was ear to ear. As siesta time approached Gus made his way up from the river, packed up camp, and put his supplies in the back seat of his truck, his mind full of the wonderment of his latest excursion. He slipped on his jeans and boots, pulled a t-shirt over his fur, and took one last look at the river before hopping in his truck to head back to the real world to earn his next adventure.

About half an hour into the drive home, Gus’ phone got back into service range and started vibrating with messages, emails, and notifications. He looked down and noticed a new message from Jake, and a new friend request from Bill. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw the thick string of dried cum Bill had lofted onto his window. Again, he grinned. The real world was just around the corner.

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