All Good Things Must Come to an End

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I met Shary in a singles’ chat room, although we were both married. Neither of us tried to hide the fact that we were married, and we actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out why our respective spouses had lost interest in us. It was especially confusing about Shary, who looked just amazing and, as often as possible, loved aggressively using her body to please. She was maybe 5-5, 126 pounds, with medium length dark hair. She was a few years younger than me, probably about 40, but she looks much younger. She has a gorgeous chest, with each boob about the size of a large grapefruit, and nearly as firm. Her skin is nicely tanned all over, and really smooth and touchable. She was pretty, too, with soft facial features that framed her ever-present smile.

I especially like the way her taut stomach slopes gently down from her belly button, with her petite mound rising proudly from the flatness to highlight her eager slit. Even though we only knew each other for a few months, she had changed her “look” several times. At first she had a relatively large patch of hair, nicely cropped, but covering most of her mound. Later she shaped it into a heart, and then later made it into a small landing strip just above her clit. Finally, she shaved it smooth, which is the way she is tonight, and this is by far my favorite look and feel.

After we first met, we chatted on-line for a few weeks, and the chats got increasingly erotic as our trust built. Our fantasies got more and more involved and erotic, and eventually we started video chatting (with sound). The video chats let us talk, and play with the cameras. She would dress up in little (and I mean LITTLE) outfits, and then do a really sexy striptease for me. While she performed for me, I’d keep my camera tightly focused on my penis. In that way, she immediately saw the enlarging effects her dance was having on me. After a few minutes of watching her, my hand would inevitably wander down to my dick, and start a light massage. After a minute or two, I’d dribble some lubricant on to me, spread it around, and move to a tighter, more determined stroke.

She loved to watch me slowly jerk off, and her dancing got much hotter and erotic as soon as my hand started jacking. Soon, she would finally expose her clit, get fully naked, and sit down. She’d spread her legs wide, focus her camera on her pussy, and bring her little green vibe friend in for fun. We’d get really quite at this point, and just focus on watching each other get off. As soon as I would hear her starting to moan, I’d quicken my jacking pace, and cum about a minute later. As soon as she saw the streams of cum flying out of my cock, she would start moaning continuously, and the vibe would be thrust hard against her clit. Within just a few seconds, I could hear her muffled screams of ecstasy, and see her pussy lips trembling as they shook with joy.

After a month or so of the video-jacking, we finally took the plunge and agreed met in person. It was a really hard step for us to take, and it was the first time either of us had done something like this. The first time we met we were both so nervous that we had a pretty quite dinner, and only shook hands before heading our separate ways. Despite meeting at a hotel, we never even so much as sat on the bed. But, our second meeting was very different, to say the least!! I set up our second evening at a different local suite hotel, and just planned to get dinner with room service. I thought having a separate sitting room would be a less intimidating place to talk, and if we felt comfortable enough, we could move into the bedroom.

She arrived before me, since I was running a little late from work. I called when I got to the hotel’s parking lot to let her know I was only a couple minutes away. When I unlocked the door, the sight of her hit me like a sledgehammer, crushing all the air out of me. She was completely naked, her hands were handcuffed together behind her back, and she was on her knees just inside the door. I let out a soft “oh my god,” not believing something this incredible could be happening to me. Lust and desire overwhelmed me as I stepped closer to her, with each step I was ramming open the steel teeth of my zipper to release my hardening member. As I approached, she hungrily lunged into me, as if she was starving and desperate to eat. Even before it was fully erect, I felt her lips surrounding my head and my shaft plunging deep into her mouth. He tongue flicked around my rim, and with each thrust she gave a sensuous grunt as my tip pushed into her throat.

On the surface it looked like she was performing a simple act of submission as she knelt restrained in front of me, wildly and noisily sucking me off. But it was much more than that. As she pleasured me, her eyes let me know she was in charge: she would decide how much pleasure I got; she would decide kadıköy escort when I could cum; and she would control where I deposited my load. As my lust surged, I desperately wanted to increase her pace and depth, but my attempts were met with a couple seconds of the gentle scraping of her teeth against my member. It was a not-too-subtle message that my ecstasy would proceed according to her plans, not mine.

This was the most amazing hands-free blowjob I ever had, and she steadily brought me to the brink and then let me finish in her mouth. When I was completely drained, she let a lot of my cum dribble out of her mouth, but still swallowed quite a bit. I undid her hands, and she stood up, giving me a deep, cum-coated kiss. I took back control, laid her on the bed, and over the next hour returned the oral favor, which ended in my first time ever getting a multiple-orgasmic reaction. Later that night we had some pretty great man-on-top sex, and then we went our separate ways, completely and fully satisfied sexually. We met two or three times a week after that, and every encounter just got better, grimier, louder and more erotic. Everything was open for exploration, and several times we surprised each other with a new toy we wanted to try out, or a fun new use of an old toy.

But tonight was going to be a difficult night for us. When we started our affair, we agreed that we did not want this to go on to long, and did not want to develop any significant feelings for each other. So, we decided to limit the length of our affair by agreeing to never see each other again after we had hit our agreed-upon limit. Since our relationship was going to be just about sex, we agreed to limit me to a set number of orgasms, and after my last one, that would be it. After considerable discussion and compromising, we agree that she could give me 126 orgasms, one for each pound of her weight. Every orgasm would be counted equally, no matter how she did it. After the last one, no more contact.

So here I was with my tally sheet. Over the past 5 months she made me cum by blowjob 36 times; by handjob 8 times; by doggie style 22 times, by Shary-dominated sex 25 times; by me dominated sex 30 times; and by anal once (neither of us liked that at all!!) That’s 124 orgasms, just 2 shy of our limit, and we’re probably going to hit the final number tonight or at least the following night. In fact, almost all of our prior evenings together had at least 3 separate climaxes for me, and often times more. If she stayed the whole night, we’d typically get to 6 or 7, counting the next morning’s sex. In fact, I know we did the overnight thing 8 times, because the only time she gave me handjobs was first thing in the morning to get rid my morning wood.

Our last (and final) all-nighter was just a couple days ago, and I’m still a little worn out from it. We got together and I got a blowjob before dinner. She got a rough missionary pounding right after dinner, later she rode me on the couch while we both watched Wimbolton on the DVR (watching Fedderer gets her really hot!); and a second blowjob while watching the Late Show. The next morning I woke up to her jacking off my morning erection, and then off to the shower for some standing sex. Finally, just before leaving for the office, I bent her over the kitchen counter (fully clothed!!) and gave her a good-morning pounding. I had seven orgasms in 15 hours, and she had at least 10, since she went multi on the couch (3) and in the shower (2).

So the key to tonight will to get as much sucking and fucking as possible into each orgasm!

“So how do you want to finish our last two encounters?” I ask.

“I’d like our last one to be you with you standing while I’m laying at the edge of the bed,” she said very matter of factually. “I want to remember the way it feels when you pound me like that and finally explode deep inside me. How about you figure out how you finish number 125. Even though I bet I can guess where this is going!!”

“Well.” I stammer, “You’re right. I’m pretty consistent when given a choice. You know how much I love to cum in your mouth!! You can use it as an appetizer before we order in some food!”

With that I close the bedroom door, stare into Shary’s eyes, and walk to stand closely in front of her. She is wearing a simple cotton blouse and medium-length skirt. I reach around her and let my hands drift up and down her back, and around her shoulders. Even through the thick cotton material, her skin feels warn and sensual. I pull her close to me, letting our chests press tightly together. We hold the embrace for a long time, and then slowly release. We share a deep kiss, and I let my fingers explore the beautiful detail in her face. I begin unbuttoning her blouse starting with the top button, and as each opens, the blouse opens to show more of her gracefully kartal escort formed breasts. As I undo the bottom button, my hands run into hers, as she fiddles with my snap and zipper. As I pull the blouse off her shoulders, I feel my pants fall to my feet. As I kick them away, she raises her arms to let me lift the blouse from her.

We trade positions, as I unsnap her skirt, she unbuttons my shirt. Both are quickly thrown to the floor as our desire builds.

“I have a couple toys I need to get. Be right back,” I said. I quickly walk to the other room to get my bag, and take out the toys. By the time I return, Shary’s already removed her bra, and her perfect breasts bounce seductively as she steps out of her little pink panties. Just as that first time I saw Shary naked, the sight of her ready body makes me breathless with anticipation. It’s so much more than just wanting to slide into her and satisfy myself. I want to consume her. I want her to ache to have me take her, and have her body writhe in need. I want her to beg for me and then scream out my name as we become one.

There is a long padded bench at the end of the bed, which I pull away from the bed a couple feet, and motion for her to lie flat down it. The bench is maybe two feet off the floor and about 18 inches wide. When she’s lying down, her knees bend at the end of the bench, and her feet rest flat on the floor. At the other end, her head is close to the edge, but fully supported by the bench. I get a pillow off the bed, and put it under her head so she can get a better view of what I’ll be doing to her. A pull up a small desk chair, and set it in front of her knees. I set my toys on the bed, put my hands on her knees, and gently spread her legs apart.

I sit down on the chair, pull it forward a little bit, and put my hands around her hips. I slide her toward me a little, but her moist skin resists as it sticks to the leather-like padding. When she is perfectly positioned for pleasure, I look up to see her eyes wide with anticipation, and her stomach rises and fall with her heavy, excited breathing. I have feasted on her pussy many times before, and each time I learn more about her body, and how to bring out its fullest passion. This, the last time she will feed me her desire, will also be her best. And she knows and wants it.

I stop for a moment, and let the sensuality of the moment sink in. Shary is beautiful as she anxiously waits to be pleasured, he eyes intense and widely-open. Her mouth is slightly open, and her tongue licks her lips in anticipation. The air dances with the aroma of lust as my eyes focus on the aching mound in front of me. I take my full palm and place it lightly on her pussy, gently making a small circle motion. Shary gives a small moan and repeatedly utters “oh yeah” as I press harder and harder into her into her. I pull back slightly, and let my fingers softly brush between her lips. Several drops of her moisture rest at her opening, and as I work my fingers, the warm slipperiness is spread across her shaved and glistening mound.

With a little coaxing, her lips open to expose her beautiful pink sweetness. I slide her inner lips between my thumb and middle finger, and carefully knead them. As her hips begin to move in response to my rubbing, I let my forefinger slide between the lips. She lets out a deep and long “ohhhhh” as my single finger moves into her. I have never felt her this wet before, and her excess liquid forms a small pool next to a recessed button on the bench.

With my other hand I pick the dildo from the bed, and roll its large tip in the waiting pool of her lubricant, trying to collect as much as possible around its enlarged rim. As I lift it up, some of the thick sensual liquid clings to it, while some falls away in thick slippery threads, landing on her already glistening mound. The dildo is made of brightly colored glass, about 7 inches long, but with a hugely exaggerated head. As Shary’s hips continue to rise and fall, I lay the dildo long-ways across her inner lips, and press it tightly against her. As her hips move, her lips are forced up and down the long shaft, but it does not enter her. Her slippery liquid coats the dildo, making it easily glide across her. Her pace quickens, and her hips loudly pull away from the bench and slap back down at the end of each thrust. With each upward thrust she gives off a soft anticipatory moan, and then squeaks about a desperate “noooo” as she realizes that the bulb is not insider her yet. With each thrust her need for penetration grows, and her hands begin trying to move the length of the dildo into her.

Her writhing arouses me and I feel the pleasurable tickle of my precum flowing from me. I look down to see it rising on the tip of my penis, and then grow until it falls away in a long, slippery thread. I can take maltepe escort this teasing no more, so let the tip of the dildo fall into her. The strength of Shary’s desire pulls the dido away from my hand as it is drawn into her, as if suctioned by an unseen vacuum cleaner. I shudder as I remember how good it feels to be sucked into her like this. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait.” I say as she continues to pound here pussy into the dildo. At the bottom of each thrust, the rim of the dildo slides from her, and loudly ‘slurps’ as the head pulls free. The wooden bench rocks back and forth under the force of Shary’s thrusts, its creaking getting louder and louder as her tension builds.

Shary’s need for release is now desperate and inevitable. I reach for her small green vibe, and with my other hand place it just above her clit. I drop my head to her pussy, and let my mouth surround her hood, and I begin rhythmically lashing my tongue up and down its side. I move the vibe against my tongue, and the vibes mechanical pulses add to the promise of my tongue.

Shary is barely conscious, and is now able to feel nothing but the rising storm in her pussy. Her moans are nearly inhuman, coming from the depths of her animal lust. The thrusts, the moans, the slurping, the vibe, all combine to fill the room with the sound of her impending pleasure. Suddenly, her thrusts stop, and she opens her mouth as if screaming, but no sound escapes. For an eternity we lay there. No noise, no motion. Her face begins to contort, as if in pain, and I feel a small vibration from my hand resting near her clit. Her arms and legs begin to tremble, and soon her entire body is shaking. She cries a desperate “oh god!”, and her shoulders fly off the bed. Her whole body is overcome by spasms, as shock after shock hit her body. The initial large shocks are replaced by a torrent of smaller and faster waves. She cums for at least a couple minutes, and finally collapses in satisfaction.

After a few minutes, Shary comes out of her orgasmic fog. I reach down, embrace her, and give her a long hug. I look deep into her eyes, and even though I try to hide it, she can see the lust still burning in me. Without saying a word, she stands up from the bench, moves to the edge of the bed and lays on her stomach with her feet on the floor. She spreads her legs, and puts a pillow under midsection, making an even easier angle to her pussy. “Have at it,” she says matter of factly. “Just pull out in time so the last 30 seconds are in my mouth!!”

My dick is so hard that it extends like a thick tree branch from my groin. Its head is shiny from all my precum, and it throbs in time to my heart beat. As I move closer to her, I can feel the heat radiating from her completely-satisfied pussy. Without needing my hands, I set the tip of my member at the edge of her opening and let it rest for a couple seconds. Her lips are open and spread widely, and her deep pinkness is almost the same color as my engorged head. Her wetness flows onto me, and I can wait no more. With a single long thrust I slowly plunge into her, impaling my member in her. I moan loudly as my rim pushes its way through her inner lips and starts moving deep into her. Her tightness grips my cock from all sides, until I feel my head stop at the bottom.

The slowness of my first thrust is quickly replaced by faster, more determined strokes. Her warmth and slipperiness inflame and invite my lust, and I let my cock glide in and out of her in a determined, rhythmic and frenzied way. There is no romance or even passion now. This is pure fucking. My cock needs to empty itself, and there’s nothing that I or Shary can do to stop it. I want to make this feeling last longer, to delay the pleasure and prolong the fantasy. But I can’t control my hips. My cock controls the speed and depth of the thrusts, and I am just along for the ride.

I feel the cum gathering in my balls, and the tension rises to a point where there is no turning back.. “I’m close!!” I yell as I pull out of her, my dick flailing about in shock as it searches for a place to cum. Shary leaps off the bed and drops to her knees. She grabs my thrashing cock with her hand, and devourers it with her mouth. She furiously sucks me, driving me deep into her mouth and throat, and then pulling out as he cheeks suction against my cock. Within only a few seconds my first spasm splashes into her throat. She pulls back slightly from the blast, and I see a small drops of my cum drip from her nose. Her thrusting has stopped, but her mouth stays on my dick, taking in every stream as I continue my orgasmic frenzy. When my balls finally empty, she sits back, looks me in the eye, and lifts her chin. I see her Adam’s-apple bob up and down a couple times, and she opens her mouth to show me it’s empty. She stands and gives me a deep cummy kiss, and we let my flavor slowly drift away.

“OK, that’s 125 orgasms. But, I’m just exhausted. Let’s bang out the last one next week” I suggest.

She gives my dick a soft and quick kiss, grabs her bag, and heads to the bathroom to change. “Tomorrow we do one last fucking. I am really going to miss your cock!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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