An X-Mas Party To Remember Ch. 2

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So where was I? Oh yeah heading back to the room upstairs with my new caramel queen. The anticipation of this affair was incredible but it was nothing compared to the excitement that was actually having her although there is only so much one can do in a hot tub. I let my girl lead the way reaching forward to hold her perfectly shaped hips as we headed to our room. I just loved the way her ass looked and watching it day after day in the office it was no let down once I was in it. We found our way to the elevator and she began nibbling on my neck and ear as she could hardly contain herself, it seems that she was just as anxious to continue this night as I was. That’s a good sign I thought because I was planning to put the whip appeal down on this one here. As soon as the door was opened Irene jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist as I stood there supporting her weight. We kissed furiously as our tongues explored the hot wetness of each others mouths and sought to taste the others taste.

I laid her down on the bed and threw off my robe as I laid on top of her and pulled her robe off as well. We laid there kissing for what seemed like forever as the feel of her big juicy lips had me cock rock hard wanting to feel them elsewhere. She must have sensed this too because she whispered in my ear that she was excellent at what she could do with that mouth of hers. She slowly worked her way down my neck nibbling and kissing the whole way until she reached my chest and began licking and biting my nipples as she reached down and grabbed my dick with her hand and moaning at the same time. I began to reach down and touch her breasts and she pushed me away saying ¡§just relax daddy I’ve been wanting this for a long time let me do what I do best¡¨. With that she found her hand slowly stroking my length up and down while she licked my balls pleasantly surprised that I had them shaved clean. She ran her lips up and down my rock hard shaft while working her tongue along the big vein just driving me crazy. Damn I thought, she was right she is incredible and she hasn’t even put me in her mouth yet. She began humming and moaning driving me nuts as I reached down and grabbed her by the braids and pulled her head back telling her that she was a nasty girl. ¡§No, she replied there’s nothing girlie about me, I’m a nasty bitch, baby¡K.your nasty bitch.¡¨ poker oyna God damn I thought, this bitch knows exactly how I like it.

With that thought in mind she placed the tip of my dick into her mouth and began working it like a lollypop licking around and around. The sight of her head making all those nasty motions drove me to the edge of excitement and just when I thought it couldn’t get better she plunged her head down my entire shaft and took in her throat, I couldn’t help letting up a little yelp, like a crying baby. Hearing that just made her giggle, even with my dick in her mouth. Even I had to smile as I was getting the best head of my life from this queen. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer till I reached orgasm and sure enough I let a yell, more manly this time ƒº and blasted off my load in her mouth and she responded by speeding up her pace on my dick milking it for everything I had in it. When she looked up at me with that confident grin and gorgeous smile I knew I was gonna have to pull out all my bags of tricks on this baby tonight.

She slivered up my body like an erotic snake never letting go of my dick the whole time and I rolled her over onto her back and stood up from the bed I had to stand there for a minute to get a good look at the woman I had before me. Her light cocoa brown skin seemed to glow in the moonlight from the window and her smile shined like the sun rising over the ocean on a summer morning. Her long legs spread out to her side and seemed to reach from one side of the king sized bed to the other. I stepped away from her and searched for my tie that I had worn to the party that evening and came back with my 100% silk neck tie and tickled her body wit the tip of it and listened to the sound of her soft giggling and breathing. I reached up and held her arm back and wrapped the tie around her wrist using my best boy scout knot but careful not to cut off her circulation and I secured it to the bedrail and found her other arm and tied it to the other end. I reached over to the counter and found a piece of ice left over from the champagne from earlier and placed it in my mouth as I looked into my baby girl’s eyes. Neither of us had to say a word we were beyond verbal communication to a point where we knew exactly how to share our thoughts without words. I worked my way from her chin down leaving canlı poker oyna a cold wet trail behind on her hot flesh. I traced my mouth around her nipples and felt her body tense up and her arms try to come down to touch me and I looked up at her just letting her know that I was in charge now. I came down across her belly and her firm abs to her creamy thighs and spread them apart and raised them up with both of my hands exposing the center of her womaness. I had to stop in my tracks and admire her stuff, this was the first look at it I had all night. I love pussy and everything about it the look, the smell the taste, the heat, everything and Irene’s did not let me down.

She was shaved completely bald which just exposed her fat puffy lips, bigger than the one’s on her mouth I stuck my nose in her to smell what I was about to eat up. With that motion I was able to spread her lips apart a little exposing the sweetest caramel and honey scent I had ever imagined. Nothing about this woman had disappointed me yet. I pulled my head back and began kissing her all around her pussy being careful not to quite touch it yet. I knew that half the excitement was the build up. I kissed and licked my way around the perimeter of her pussy, occasionally brushing my tongue across a corner of her just for a tease. She was moaning loudly and not holding back as she began rotating her hips and grinding into my face with passion. I decided that it was time let her know what this Puerto Rican lover was all about, so I touched her lips and pulled them apart exposing her inner pinkness and popping out a beautiful red clit. I also noticed the trail of juices dripping right out of her into the crack of her ass. Now you know I couldn’t let that go to waste so spread her ass cheeks a little bit and extended my long wide tongue to the area between her pussy and asshole and began licking her juices back up. As sweet as she tasted I wasn’t gonna let a single drop go to waste. I ran my tongue straight up to her love hole and placed it between her big fat lips and began stroking it up and down and sucking on each lip. We reached a good rhythm as she moved her hips like we were dancing salsa, now that’s how I like to get down. I finally found her clit which was now hard and swollen with blood from the teasing I was giving her. I found it with my tongue and began internet casino working around it in circles nice and slow getting off on her moans of ecstasy. I inserted my index finger into her and began winding it up and slowing stroking it in and out till I found her g-spot and then I attacked. I picked up my pace and soon enough I found her tensing up and beginning to reach the point of orgasm and I stopped abruptly and pulled away from her. She screamed as if I had hit her. Why did you stop she yelled out. I simply asked her what she wanted and she replied, ¡§eat my pussy you nasty motherfucker, please, please don’t stop¡¨ I told her that I liked it when she begged and she told me she would do what ever I wanted as long as I didn’t stop. She was nearly frantic it seemed as if she was gonna cry. So being the gentleman that I am I proceeded to give her what she needed. I picked up right where I left off and worked her hard within a minute of action she was bucking in the throes of a complete and total release of everything she had inside. That right there is almost as good as busting my own nut, I get off so much by seeing my woman cum hard like that.

She asked to be untied and I complied and as soon as I released her she was grabbing my face and kissing me hard and tasting the sweet taste of herself on my mouth. She licked my lips and grabbed my cock telling me that she had to have it in her right now and she turned around and bent over. The sight of that ass up in the air in front of me was too much to bear, I had my eyes of that piece of ass there for months. Now I was gonna feel what it was like to hit it from the back like that. I had to put my face down there one time and just give her another kiss right on her hot pussy then I rubbed my shaft up and down the length of her till I found my hole and slowly slipped it in her. We worked up the perfect rhythm again as it seemed like we were meant to be like this. I brought her to orgasm again and again as I stroked this way, smacking her on her booty the way she told me too and pulling on her braids again, till I finally felt it was time for me to cum and I began slamming it hard in her and she took it all like a champ and told me how much she liked it. As I felt my load building up I pulled out of her and blasted my load all over her gorgeous round ass and rubbed it in her cocoa brown skin.

Collapsing onto the bed, I was spent and my baby girl curled up into a ball with her head on my chest and fell asleep. No doubt I was dreaming about her and repeating what we did tonight over and over in my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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