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I answered the knock at the back door and let in our next-door neighbour’s 18-year-old daughter. She was still in her college uniform, a white blouse and short navy blue skirt. She immediately went over to my wife who was standing at the sink washing salad. My wife was wearing a simple short white dress and cork sandals with 4-inch heels. Her long slim arms and legs were bare.

The girl knelt on the floor behind my wife and lifted her dress to expose her bare buttocks. My wife hasn’t worn underwear since before we met – in fact she never wears more than the minimum of clothing consistent with being legal or warm enough. At home she often goes naked for days on end. She planted her feet apart and pushed her pert little arse backwards. The girl grabbed her buttocks and spread them, then buried her face in my wife’s arse crack. My wife gave a little moan and I knew that the girl had pushed her tongue into my wife’s anus.

Now if there’s one thing that really gets my wife excited it’s having her arse fucked with a long strong tongue. It sends her into a sort of erotic trance – she doesn’t actually have an orgasm, but gets very close. The girl tongued my wife’s arse eagerly, pulling her buttocks wide apart güvenilir bahis so she could force her mouth further inwards. I knelt next to them so that I could see the pink tongue darting in and out, and could watch my wife’s shaven cunt between her sinewy thighs as her pussy lips swelled and darkened and opened. Drops of liquid dripped from them, a mixture of her own juices and the girl’s saliva.

My wife was purring with bliss. I lifted the dress off her so that she was naked. Her nipples were big and rigid on her small pointed tits. I took my own clothes off and let my 9-inch cock spring out fully rigid.

The girl was still working on my wife’s arsehole as if she was trying to get her whole head inside. Every so often she would pull away for breath and examine the now-dilated anus, dark and glistening, then plunge back in. Her whole face was pink and wet and her lips were swollen.

When my cock started to ache too much, I pushed the girl away and stood behind my wife, and fed my cock into her wide-open anus. The girl’s saliva had lubricated it well and I could slide right in to my wife’s hot tightness until my balls slapped against her cunt. I heard the girl give a gasp, as if she did not believe türkçe bahis that my wife could take such a length and thickness of cock. I started to pump, giving her the full length on each stroke, and my wife just grunted with pleasure each time I hit bottom.

I was so aroused that it was not long before I felt the cum rising in me. I pulled out so that only my cockhead was held in my wife’s sphincter, and let go an aching series of powerful jets of cum. My wife squeezed my cock gently as she felt her innards fill up with warm semen. When I was spent I pulled out carefully and saw that my wife’s anus was still dilated to the diameter of my cock.

I nodded to the girl and she bent forward and applied her mouth to my wife’s arse, spearing her tongue deep into the dark tunnel. My cum gushed out into the girl’s mouth as my wife clenched her inner muscles. She swallowed hungrily as more semen squirted out, then licked the remnants from inside my wife’s sphincter. She seemed determined to continue tonguing my wife’s hole, until finally I pulled her off.

My wife stood up and stretched, grinning broadly.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ she asked, and the girl nodded, with a worshipping expression. My wife reached güvenilir bahis siteleri down and lifted the girl’s skirt, to reveal her small white panties. The whole crotch area was almost transparent with wetness, outlining her young pussy and slit clearly.

‘I think you better go home and masturbate, don’t you?’ The girl nodded and stood up, smoothed her skirt and went to the door.

‘See you tomorrow, eh?’ my wife said.

‘She’s a little slut, isn’t she?’ I said when the door had closed. My wife reminded me that she had not yet had an orgasm.

‘You want to squirt?’ I said, and she nodded and perched in a corner on the worktop, her sandals hooked onto the edge so that her long thighs were wide. Her sinews pointed at her wet gaping cunt. I knelt before her and started to lick and suck. I slid two fingers into her hot pussy and found the pad of firm rough tissue on the front wall of her cavity. I massaged it while chewing on her long rubbery clitoris. Quite soon she began to moan and tense. Her cunt muscles gripped my fingers. I sat back and continued to rub her G-spot, and she convulsed and a thin jet of hot liquid hit me in the face. It was followed by two more as her cunt spasmed around my fingers and her whole body arched.

When her orgasm had run its course I helped her down, weak and trembling. She licked my wet face.

‘Thanks. I might be up for some more anal in a bit … if you want.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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