As You Are Ch. 01

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He meets the man of his dreams

Club HEAT was packed tonight. A sexy loud beat played in the background and people drank and moved to its magnetic rhythm. Everyone was chatting and dancing up a storm. One particularly good looking couple in the middle of the dance floor had my attention. They were already covered in sweat but kept moving.

I watched with envy as the guy pulled his girl close and they both moved sensually as one. I gave a smile as the young lady turned to him and they shared a sweet kiss. They were so in love you could see it in the way they held each other’s gaze. I stared for longer than necessary and quickly turned away in embarrassment. If only I had what they have.

“Hey Shaun, come and join us.” My friend Olive called out from the dance floor with a smile on her face. Her boyfriend Matt nodded in agreement but I shook my head and shyly declined and went back to nursing my beer. They both went on dancing and I couldn’t help but watch them again. Olive turned her back to Matt and ground on him as he ran his hands on the sides of her body.

Matt was six feet tall, hard short brown hair and green eyes. He had lean muscles and a toned swimmers body. I sometimes found myself drooling while I watched him. Olive and I both stood at 5 feet 9 and she had blue sparkling eyes and long chocolate hair. She was beautiful and had the body of a goddess.

People often thought she was a model but she always brushed it off with a thanks but deep down I knew that bitch enjoyed every comment. They were both sexy as sin, and were perfect for each other.

I had short sandy blond hair and grey eyes. I was also lean and did a bit of exercise now and then. I was proud of my body and kept in shape. Olive always told me I was sexy as hell and that if Matt wasn’t around and I was straight she would have fucked my brains out already. That always got a laugh out of me and I smiled at the memory and watched them dance some more.

My attention was on them again and I have to say they were burning the place down with their sexy moves.I stared open mouthed as she turned her head to his and they shared another passionate kiss. Leave it to her to put on a show! It was Friday and my friends and I had decided to go out and have a night out. It was supposed to be fun. But like usual I was always the odd one out.

You see I’ve always been shy and a loner. It was odd that I had friends like Olive and Matt.

They were both different from me and we looked like an odd trio. I was boring and quiet and they were fun and outgoing. We all met in college four years ago and have been inseparable ever since. We even stayed and worked in the same city.

Matt worked as an IT tech in a large company while Olive and I work in the same legal department. She was a secretary and I was a junior bookkeeper. Today was my birthday and I was turning 24. I was happy my friends were celebrating with me but they were having more fun than me as usual. I know I should be with them on the dance floor but fear kept me glued to my seat.

My shyness has always been a problem in my relationships. I wanted to stay indoors while my boyfriends wanted to go out and hang out with other people. I couldn’t blame them really. I was odd and boring. And now I was also very lonely. I needed someone in my life but I was too afraid to go looking.

As I sat there wallowing in self-pity my friends came back to the table and we chatted for a bit.

Olive decided to get more drinks at the bar and left Matt and I to talk alone.

“You sure you’re ok Shaun?” He asked.

“You seem pre-occupied.” I could the concern on his face.

“I’m fine Matt. I was just thinking.” I replied and looked at him. He had a raised eyebrow which indicated he was waiting for an answer. I sighed and went on.

“You and Olive are so happy. I just… I feel like sometimes I’m imposing on you guys.”

“We love you Shaun, and we don’t mind spending time with you. You think too much.” he responded with a chuckle.

“I’m just lonely. I wish I had someone like how you have Olive you know? Maybe I wouldn’t feel this way.” I gave a sad smile.

“Everything has its own timing, dude. The right guy will come.” he replied with a smile on his face. I was about to say something when Olive came back with our drinks.

“Drink up, guys, and let loose. It’s a celebration and were doing it Olive style.” She hollered and we erupted in laughter. We talked and laughed for a while until Olive dragged me off to the dance floor. I felt stupid and clumsy at first because I didn’t know how to act. I knew how to dance but I hated doing it with so many people around.

Olive gave me a shot of tequila and raised it to my lips. I gulped it down in one go. It burned and I coughed much to the delight of my friends.

After a while I loosened up and began moving to the music. Çankaya Escort I was getting drunk pretty quickly. We moved to the music and drank more tequila. A while later Olive whispered in my ear.

“You have an admirer from afar sexy”. She nodded her head towards this mystery man without being too obvious. Curious, I stole a look and gave a gasp. At a table opposite ours, a group of five guys sat talking and laughing and one of them kept turning to look at me. God he was gorgeous. He seemed tall compared to me, probably about six foot two.

He had short jet black hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and full luscious lips.

He looked muscular and sexy in his grey shirt and dark jeans. He had a sexy smirk on his face as his eyes moved up and down my body in a lustful and predatory way. I shivered. When our eyes met he smiled and I lost my breath. He knew I liked what I saw.

Damn him! Just then Unconditionally by Katy Perry started playing. I decided then to wipe the smile off his face and make him drool. I may have been shy but I had a wild streak hidden inside me.

Now I wanted him to do more than look, I wanted him yearning for me. I pulled Olive impossibly close to me and we started moving erotically to the beat.

I felt Matt’s body against mine and I knew they both understood what I was doing. These two were huge freaks. Their hands moved all over my body as if they were starving for a piece of me and I bit and licked my lips seductively all the while gazing at my admirer. By now the smirk was gone and he looked like a man dying of hunger.

The look was sinful and dangerous and it turned me on.He got up from his seat and headed our way. He was getting lustful and sexy glances from girls and some of the guys but he ignored them. He had a determined look in his eyes, and the fact that I had something to do with that made me flush.

It was suddenly extremely hot.

I noticed that Olive and Matt had both moved away from me. They kept dancing with each other, glancing over to see what was happening. When my admirer got to me he wrapped his warm hands around my waist and gently pulled me flush against his hot body.

He smelled fucking good I wanted to taste him just to get to that scent. His eyes were clouded and glazed… I melted in them.

“I gotta say, that was quite a show you and your friends were putting on there. Any more of that, and the whole floor would have burst in flames.” His voice was deep and sexy. I got hard.

“If I had known you were staring from the beginning, I would have put on the show a long time ago, and maybe I would have made it even hotter than it was.” I replied with a purr and watched as his eyes burned with lust.

“Any hotter than that and I would have dragged you off the floor and fucked the living daylights out of you in the next room.” That got my attention and I moaned as visuals of him pinning me to the wall and pounding hard into me came flooding in my mind. I got even harder. I ached. Fuck, what was going on with me?

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. He gave a knowing smile and pushed his hardness into mine and we both groaned. This was getting hot and heavy so fast I thought. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He chuckled and smiled broadly at me.

“I don’t fuck guys I’ve just met.” I said with a whisper.

“Neither do I.” He replied and captured my lips with his. I moaned as our lips touched. He poked his tongue against my lips and I opened my mouth to grant him entry. He gently brushed his tongue against mine. God he was good at this.

He tasted like alcohol and something sweeter I just wanted to delve deeper into his mouth. The kiss was passionate and hot. It made my toes curl. Our tongues fought for dominance and I wanted to devour and consume him. By now we were both rubbing against each other, groaning and panting, but we didn’t care if anyone was watching.

I was so close to coming I felt like throwing caution to the wind and letting him take me to the next room and have his way with me. I regrettably pulled away from him ending the kiss. We looked at each other as we tried to catch our breath. I ran my shaky fingers through my hair and gave up when I realized how nervous I was. He looked so hot that I felt like kissing him again.

“That was even better than I imagined.” He finally said.

“Yeah” I replied and gave him a shy smile and blushed. He laughed softly and pulled me to him again.

“By the way, sexy pants, my name is Michael.”

“Nice to meet you Michael.” I replied and ignored his expecting look. After a few seconds he realized I wasn’t going to give him my name.

“You know, it would be really nice if you also gave me your name and number.”

“I will if we meet again, Michael.” I replied and moved away Keçiören Escort from his arms and made my way to my friends.

I couldn’t believe I just left him standing there without giving him a backward glance. I didn’t know why I walked away like that. Olive and Matt had knowing smiles on their faces; it made them look like idiots. I knew they were going to give me a grilling.

“Wow Shaun, if I had known that tequila did that to you I would have given it to you ages ago. That was hot!” Olive said in disbelief. I blushed and groaned.

“Guys please don’t go there. I’m just as surprised as you are”. I was still shaking from it all. Matt snickered and spoke.

“You didn’t look surprised when he pushed his tongue down your throat, or when you humped against each other. You two looked ready to have sex right there and we wanted to watch.” I blushed crimson.

They both laughed and I forced them to leave the club with me before I burst into flames with embarrassment. They tried to get me to leave with Michael, but I declined, even after they commented about how disappointed he looked. That night I tossed and turned as images of him kept running through my mind. I could still feel his lips on my own, and his warm hands and breath on my body I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I just had to get off. I usually slept naked, so I pulled the sheet from my body and grabbed my seven inch cock. I was hard and leaking already and I used the pre come to get myself slick and wet and started to stroke myself. God, it felt so good I was panting. I wasn’t going to last long. In my mind Michael was on top of me and we were kissing passionately. He trailed kisses down my neck and sucked as our hard cocks rubbed against each other.

He played with my nipples and sucked each into his mouth and I arched my back from the bed as the sensations went straight to my cock. I watched his low descend until he was face to face with my leaking member. He palmed it in his hand and licked the head with his tongue. I moaned when his mouth closed on my cock and he sucked the base.

I ran my fingers through his hair as I thrust against him. By now my hand was a blur as I as I imagined him taking more of him in my mouth.

“Oh yeah Michael swallow cock.” I cried out as I sweat broke out of my skin and I started panting.

I grabbed Michael’s head more forcefully as I shoved my cock down his throat. I fucked his mouth and groaned as the head of my cock rubbed against his throat. His eyes snapped open and settled on me. I screamed as warm jets of semen shot from my dick to my hand and chest. My orgasm was so intense I saw stars.

My whole body ached to have him here with me in that moment. I had a feeling that meeting Michael tonight affected me more than I wanted to admit. He screamed hot, powerful, wild sex, but I also wanted him to scream commitment too. I wasn’t into one night stands. I suddenly felt stupid for leaving him the way I did. And I regretted it. I was such an idiot. I wasn’t looking for a one night stand but even if I did he would make the top of the list.

“I’m such an idiot.” I screamed into my pillow with disgust. I probably blew the one chance I had with him. The voice in my head told me it was better this way. I had too much baggage and bringing a guy in the scene would be too much pressure…my mind was filled with Michael until I fell asleep…Olive and I met up for lunch on Monday and we chatted for a bit.

I knew Michael was going to come up eventually and I groaned when she finally mentioned his name.

“Come on Shaun, it’s been two days since the scene at HEAT and every time I ask you about Michael you ignore me.” I sighed and rolled my eyes at her and had another bite of my sandwich. She narrowed her eyes at me and continued.

“What got into you that night? You went all slutty on the guy and managed to shock the hell out of Matt and me at the same time. I nearly had a heart attack. I looked up at her and cringed when I saw the mischievous smile on her face and I laughed. She was right after all.

“Alcohol Olive, you know I can never hold it down.” I lied. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Of course she knew I was lying. She knew me better than I knew myself. She was trying to make me squirm until I confessed. And it worked.

“Ok, he was hot, and it felt great to be noticed like that.” I finally admitted it with a blush. She squealed in delight.

“I would act slutty too if a hunk like that took a liking to me. It was incredibly hot how he got up from his chair and came straight at you. He had eyes only for you Shaun. You should have seen the sexy glances both the guys and girls gave him. They wanted to devour him, but it was like no one else existed. Talk about lust at first sight.

” What Olive said took me by surprise. Come Etimesgut Escort to think of it, she was right. I did remember the effect he had on the dance floor.Damn! I should have given him my name and number. Or better yet, taken him home and had mad, crazy, passionate sex with him. My pants were getting tighter and I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down.

Who was I kidding anyway? A guy like that probably had men and women fighting for a chance to leave with him. I didn’t stand a chance. I had so many issues and he would just regret ever meeting me. I sighed. I didn’t want my mind to go there.

“Care to share.” Olive asked with a small smile. I looked at her and blushed some more. She knew what I was thinking and was getting worried.

“No, I’m fine.” I replied and took drank my juice.

“Maybe we should go back to HEAT and see if we can bump into him again.” She suggested. It felt like a good idea but I didn’t want to seem desperate.

“I’ll look desperate. There is no way I’m going back there.”

“Oh come on, what would it hurt? You might end up having fun.” This girl never gave up.

“Fun and I don’t go together. Even I don’t have hope.”

“Then come out with me and Matt. I’m sure he won’t mind.” I looked at her and shook my head.

“I’ll feel like the third wheel Olive. Besides it’s supposed a candle lit romantic dinner for two. That man is putting an effort and you’re going to ruin it. Just go and enjoy yourselves, I’ll be fine.” She still looked unsure.

“I promise I’ll be ok Olive.” I assured her with a smile. She started to smile too and we both laughed.

“Ok, you win Shaun. I will go to dinner with Matt, on one condition.” I knew it was coming. I sighed.

“Ok, I will agree to anything.” I surrendered.

“you are going back to HEAT with us this weekend.” She was good I have to say.

“I will go with you.” I agreed. She gave me her beautiful smile and her whole face lit up.

“Deal.” We shook on it and laughed like idiots.

About a week later Michael had begun to fade from my mind. I was so busy at work I didn’t even have time to go out. I was starting to think that I really needed a break. One day while I was busy finishing up a report for a client, I got a call from my boss Mr. Thorne.

He wanted me to come to his office immediately. When I got there I knocked and entered. Olive was already in her chair and writing notes. Mr. Thorne was sitting in his chair dictating a letter.

“You wanted to see me sir.”

“Yes sit down Mr. Wildman.” I sat down next to Olive and she gave me a small smile and went back to her work at hand. He gave me an envelope to deliver to an important client that afternoon. Our messenger, Tom, didn’t make it today and I was the only one he trusted to make this delivery. It had the initials C.M. Slator on it, and gave an address on a piece of paper.

I groaned inwardly when I realized my destination was club HEAT. Of all the places he had to send me there. I felt shame and regret for how I left things with Michael that night and the feeling was still there. I told him that I would deliver it after work and he gave me permission to leave an hour early. I passed by Olive’s desk to say bye and she promised to call later.

She had a date with Matt so I gave her a wink and told her to have fun as I ran off. Lucky for me there wasn’t any real traffic and it took me less than fifteen minutes to get to the club. When I got out of my car I could hear loud music playing and people were already flocking inside. I showed the envelope the bouncer and he let me in.

He instructed me to turn left when I get inside and walk up the stairs and knock on the first door on my left. I had never been to this side of the club before and it was beautifully tiled and painted in grey. When I turned left I saw one door. It had MANAGER written over it and I knocked and waited. There other two doors on my right and they were both open.

“Come in.” A muffled voice called out and I opened the door. The office was bigger than I thought. There was a large desk on the left corner of the room with a mini refrigerator next to it and a dark wooden cabinet stood beside it. A man stood there with his back to me and was busy browsing the files inside.

Two huge and long leather couches took most of the space in the middle of the room. The other side of the wall had a large TV and entertainment system and a mini bar. I was really impressed. I finally turned and looked at the man who still had his back to me.

“Mr. Slator, I was asked by Mr. Thorne to bring this to you. He said it was important.” I said and held up the envelope to him. The man turned with a file in his hand and closed the door to his cabinet and took the envelope from me.

“Thank you I was expecting this.” He had said without looking at me. I kept staring at him but it was because I recognized him. Even after two weeks, he was still as gorgeous as I remembered him. My heart started beating fast and I found it hard to breath. He wore black pants and a dark grey shirt. The top two buttons were unbuttoned to reveal a smooth toned chest, my mouth started watering.

“Michael?” I finally said in disbelief.

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