Baker’s Boy

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The prison baker was a convicted serial rapist and gay serial rapist and he’d been locked up a long time, I found out that like grandpa he was an old hand and knew how to get what he wanted and when he heard that I was available to drain balls, get fucked and suck he decided he’d get me when he delivered the daily bread to the quarters.

Every day he rode a three wheel bike along the road from the camp to the quarters and delivered what had been ordered by each household. Everyone was used to his presence about the place and as the baker he was a trusty and as long as the baking was done and delivered he was usually allowed a good degree of freedom.

Once I’d been fucked a few times at the wood shed and grandpas fucking of me at the change sheds it became obvious from sly comments, looks and if safe quick gropes that I was known as a free bit of cunt!

I was out getting the wood for the fires chopped one morning on a weekend, early as my brother had football later, my team had been knocked out and I didn’t want to go so I had to do all the chores and started with the wood early so I could take off later and see if I could catch our randy neighbour naked and rooting at the waterfall.

As I chopped and collected the firewood just outside the yard the baker came down the back track on his bike. This was unusual as he usually used the front road but here he was coming towards me. He called out,

“Hey, boy.”

I stopped, it was very unusual to be addressed by a prisoner and I stopped waiting for him to pull up which he did. As usual he was surrounded by the smell of the bakery, dressed in his kitchen uniform, white trousers, white t-shirt and apron. He had blonde hair and I’d always noticed his big hands, muscular arms and tattoos.

Pulling up he said he’d come along the back track as ‘that black mongrel’ a neighbours dog was out and chased him on the bike. He asked if I could help him deliver the bread by running it through the rear gates to each of the 10 houses while he waited on the bike. I said I had to put the wood inside which he agreed and told me,

“Hurry up then. Get it done so you can help me.”

His easy authority had me obeying and hurrying to put the wood inside, I’d already lit the fires and just needed to stack the ready store of wood. I dropped the wood and headed back outside, my mother asked what I was doing and I explained the bakers problem which seemed to accept saying I was a good boy for helping.

Out the back the baker was still sitting on his bike waiting, he smiled when I came through the gate.

“Oh good let’s start up number 10, that tribe need a shitload of bread.” I walked alongside his bike with the bread box on the front. It was a large box between two wheels in front of the handle bars. Number 10 was the old single men’s quarters about 100m from the rest of the houses, slightly isolated. Part way along the back road to the baker suggested I,

“Jump up on the box, enjoy a ride.”

I jumped up so I was facing forward sitting just in front of where he held the handle bars and steered us. He began to chat as we slowly rode along, saying how I seemed a bit different from the other kids, usually seemed güvenilir bahis to be by myself, running in the forest, hanging around the football field, the wood yard, garden or mechanic shop. I began to surmise he’d heard of my activities as I’d been used in all those places.

“Oh, you’ve seen me about then. Have you been watching me?” I asked.

He coughed a bit,

“I’ve watched you a bit. I like the jogging outfit, those tight shorts and singlet you wear.”

I was currently wearing jeans, shoes and a t-shirt and hadn’t prepared as I expected to do that once the family went to football and I’d planned on cleaning up and letting the dogs inside for some fucking. I’d planned on being a botch in every room in the house, I hadn’t done that before and the thought excited me, I was going to lie on my parents bed and get fucked and suck a dog.

The thought that the baker, who I knew was a gay rapist as I’d heard the officers talking about him. How they’d just have cut his balls off.

We were approaching number 10 and he stopped letting me drop down to the ground. He opened the box I’d been sitting on and pulled out 4 hot loaves, put them in the breadbox by the door and pick up the order form. I quickly trotted across to the verandah, up the steps and did as requested.

I returned to the baker who indicated for me to jump back on the bike as he read the order then he wheeled about and we started the delivery to each of the other 9 houses. We finished with the Supers house where I had to dodge his nightly dog and then the baker thanked me.

“You’ve been a great help, I’ve enjoyed your company sitting up here. Would you like a couple of cream buns?”

He’d won prizes as a baker and we all loved his goods.

“Yes please.”

He smiled as he looked at me,

“Ok. Come with me they’re back in the bake house. Well pop down there and I’ll get some hot cream buns.” He tapped the box,

“Jump back up here and let’s get those hot cream buns.”

I jumped back onto the box in front of him and thought I felt him just touch my ass but when I looked he was steering the bike towards the camp gates. As usual they were open and he rode through, no one really took notice as it was a low security place and I was well known about the place. We arrived at the bake house and he steered the bike around to the small shed where it was parked when not in use. There was a door near it where he stepped through into the rear of the bake house, I followed. Inside it was warm and quiet as the other staff had gone to breakfast and the bakers to their cells to rest as they’d started really early and wouldn’t begin tomorrow’s dough until later.

The baker headed around to the store, a separate room where the racks of bread for the prison were stored. I followed and stopped at the door, he called in inside,

“Come in boy. Let’s see what you like and I’ll give it to you.”

I stepped through the door which he’d stepped behind so that as I entered he pushed it shut, stepped across in front of it and barred the way. I felt something was up, butterfly’s exploded in my guts and I stammered,

“Umm what’s happening?”

“I told you. We’re going to see türkçe bahis what you like and I’m going to GVE IT TO YOU.”

The emphasis brought all the innuendo to my mind and I realised I was once again going to get fucked.


“That’s right you tart, I’m going to use this on you.” He said as he grabbed his groin beneath his apron. I looked down and he raised the apron to reveal his naked erection hanging out his fly. It was long and wet and he was pointing at me.

“I’ve heard about you. You let everyone fuck your face and arse and now I’m going to.”

I was still mesmerised by cock and his was quite impressive, I was thinking how he must have had it out all the time on the bike just a short distance from my ass as we rode along and it looked really hard and in need of relief.

“Strip slut. We’ve got a couple of hours before the kitchen team turn up and I’m going to use you.”

I was excited, once again I was going to ‘get it’ a prisoners cock in my throat and ass, a rapists cock in me! Without instruction I pulled my t-short over my head and placed it on a rack, I slipped my shoes off then undid my trousers and shucked out of them. I was wearing jocks and he whistled as I turned and bent forward to move my shoes. He stepped close and began to stroke my ass before slipping his hands inside them and massaged my cheeks. I was young and hairless, smooth and soft. He liked it,

“Oo so young and soft. I’m going to fuck this hole until my balls are dry boy.”

I stayed bent forward as he groped me and as his fingers found my hole I wriggled a bit to ease his entry to my tight hole.

“Naked boy. Over the sacks of flour boy.”

I dropped my jocks and stepped across to the flour sacks lying across them and spreading my legs. I’d been getting fucked for a few weeks and knew what was expected, easy compliance and willingness to accept the cocks forced in to me.

He stepped up between my legs and I felt him rubbing his cock against my hole, it was dry and I asked him to,

“Great me please sir.”

He stepped away and returned with grease, butter in this case and smeared it across my ass. I heard him wanking with the butter, looked back and watched him getting his cock ready. It was at least 7″ long sticking out of his trousers and it excited me seeing him approaching completely focussed on my hole.

“Brace yourself boy I’m fucking.”

He rammed himself straight into my guts until his pubes hit my ass crack. I grunted as he entered and moaned as he went full depth. He groaned and grabbed my hips and began to fuck me straight away. After years of quickies in prison he’d got used to ploughing awards hard and fast and shooting quickly. Today was no different and as I lay beneath his hips he fucked for his pleasure. He only took a couple of minutes but he groaned quietly and long as I felt his cock pulsing across my prostate as he orgasmed deeply.

He pulled out and stepped back looking down at my naked prostrate body.

“Not bad boy. If you ‘help me’ I’ll make sure you get fucked regularly.”

I was now turned on and wanted more cock.

“I get fucked regularly.”

He stepped forward.

“You’ll get güvenilir bahis siteleri fucked when I want to fuck you little slut.” And he slapped my ass.

I upped but he was on me and his cock was hard again and he rammed it into me and began fucking again. The force excited him and he liked to rape, to just fuck the bitch he had under him.

He growled in my ear saying what a fucking slut I was, a cunt for crim cock, a hole to be used.

I grunted as he started to mash my prostate, my ‘sweet spot’ and I started to cum, he knew it and it drove him to fuck me harder, more fiercely, deeper and faster, just slamming into me trying to make me scream. I squealed and moaned in delight and he fucked on mouth longer this time until he agin pumped his load into me. This time he pulled me off the sacks onto the floor and stuffed his used cock into my mouth so I could clean him up. He dropped his trousers and lay back on the sacks spreading his legs.

“Get over here boy and start licking my arse, suck my balls and swallow my cock.”

I did as ordered and was soon orally pleasing him. His cock rose again and he grabbed my head and began to face-fuck me so I gagged and coughed as he pounded my throat. He fucked away until he called out that he was cumming and then I tasted his thick juice.

He pushed me away and lay back exhausted from three orgasms in about half an hour. My cock was still erect and my hole itchy with need.

But I sat on the floor waiting for him to decide what to do.

He rested a while then sat up and looked at me. He had me get up on the sacks on my hands and knees, my arse high, he stepped behind me and parted my cheeks the. I got properly rimmed and eaten out. I really moaned in delight and pushed my hole out to get his tongue further in to me. Only dogs had licked me out and this was a delight to have a man eating my young ass. He kept pulling me apart as I got more and more excited then he told me to wank off. I grabbed my cock and began to furiously pull it as he suddenly shoved fingers into my hole. I grunted but kept pulling, he found my prostate and pressed into it which made my arse cum and I really wanted to blow. I was dripping a lot of precum and nearly there when he rammed his hand into my ass. I’d been fisted for the first time and I came, in pain, excitement and shock I writhed on his wrist and screamed as I emptied my balls while a gay prisoner fist raped me.

“When I said I’d fuck you regularly I meant, I’d, FUCK, YOU.”

He ripped his fist out and punched it back in with each word and I collapsed and accepted my use as a punchfuck toy.

My semen was smeared on the sacks, his semen was smeared around my ass and wrist. He pulled it out and held it to my face,

“Lick it clean slut.”

I licked his hand and wrist clean as my ass contracted and I tried to get it to shrink back to a controlled hole.

When he was happy he stepped away and got dressed leaving me naked on the sacks. He picked up some buns, and smiling at me took his cock and began to wank onto them. He did this until he ejaculated onto them.

“Here’s your cream buns slut. Enjoy eating them.”

I rose up and pulled my clothes on and took my cream buns. I thanked him as he opened the door for me.

“Every weekend I’ll be along the back road, I expect you ready. You’ll help me and I’ll pay you with cream buns, for the family!”

My weekends got a good start.

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