Big Booty Betsy Pt. 01

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Adorable Teen

I knocked on the door, waiting for the family that I would soon be nannying for to open it. I had recently interviewed with the parents and would be meeting their sweet 3-year-old today along with seeing where I would be living. They were a nice attractive couple with slightly time-consuming careers looking for a little extra time to themselves. Adding a nanny to their lives would also take some of the pressure off when it came to the day to day with their child. Alex, the mother ran her own boutique and James worked for a large technology company in the area and often worked from home.

I had just recently graduated college at 22 with an arts degree and I was looking for a job to tide me over while I found a way to use my degree appropriately. The door swung open and I smiled at the gorgeous woman in front of me. She was about average height with an active physique and average sized, perky breasts. Her thick abundant blonde hair hung halfway down her back and her large expressive blue eyes met mine with a sparkle. She smiled back, reaching her hand out toward me, “Betsy! We’re so glad you’re here.”

I grasped her hand in return, “Hi Alex, thanks for this wonderful opportunity, I’m excited to meet Charlie.”

She pulled me into the entryway of the house, squeezing my shoulders as she did so. James, her husband was descending the stairway of the house with their blonde haired chubby cheeked daughter in his arms. Her cheeks were rosy, and she was rubbing her eyes as if she had just been woken up from a nap. James was wearing a worn pair of jeans, a rumpled plaid shirt, and his feet were bare. His sandy hair was a bit messy like he had been running his fingers through it and he had shadow of a beard across his cheeks. They made an adorable pair, but I made sure to focus most of my attention on Charlie as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Hi James. It’s nice to see you again. And hello, Charlie, it’s very nice to meet you,” I said genuinely.

“Can you say hi to Betsy?” James asked as he gently scratched Charlie’s belly with his index finger. She waved weakly at me as she contemplated whether I was worth the attention. “Why don’t you show Betsy around the house, Charlie?”

He set her on the ground and Charlie reached her small hand up to me, her blue eyes serious as they looked up at me. I couldn’t turn it down, readily grabbing her hand as I had just done with her mother. I smiled at James as she dragged me from the entryway to the sitting room right next to it, pointing out the important things in the room. As she dragged me around the downstairs areas of the house, she slowly got more excited, showing me her favorite things in each room. Alex followed both Charlie and I through each room and when we reached the kitchen, James was there, putting a snack together for Charlie.

“Hey Alex, do you want to show Betsy where she’ll be staying?” he asked as he picked up a jar of peanut butter to go with the apple he had cut up.

“Oh! Of course. Charlie, sweetie, why don’t you stay here with daddy so you can have a quick snack.” She picked Charlie up, setting her in a chair at the kitchen table. As she grabbed a piece of apple, I followed Alex out of the kitchen, toward the laundry room at the back of the house. She opened a door just before the back door, leading me into a fully furnished decent sized room with a private bathroom.

“Well, here we are!” she said, gesturing around the room. “You can rearrange if you want and decorate however you’d like. Charlie’s room is upstairs along with ours. If we’re not home at night for some reason, we do have a guest room you can stay in that’s closer to her room and we have baby monitors throughout the house as well. She’s a fairly heavy sleeper so there aren’t usually too many issues.”

After seeing where I would be living and spending more time with Charlie that afternoon, I left fully prepared to be back in a few days to move in. It felt odd that I would be working for such a beautiful couple, especially since I was so thick. I had wide hips, a fat ass, and I was quite busty. Often times I had a hard time finding shirts that covered all of my soft pillowy breasts. I knew I was pretty with silky dark hair, green eyes and pale clear complexion. And I did yoga regularly, but they were so clearly athletic, I was surprised how comfortable I was spending time with the couple. I was more down with eating snacks on the couch than I was being overly active.

Over the next few weeks, I realized that while they were active, it was more of a way for them to get out of the house and give them a break from their work routines. I was so clearly opposite of them, but I soon came to feel right at home living with them.


I could see them on the couch, standing just out of sight in the hallway. Alex had her head thrown back, eyes closed and moaning as she rode James’ dick. She was completely naked while his white t-shirt was shoved up to his chest and his grey sweatpants almanbahis were down around his ankles. His hands held her hips pushing her back and forth as she undulated on top of him. His smooth firm, slightly ridged stomach was practically glowing in the early morning light shining in through the window.

Fuck, his dick looked thick and Alex was riding it like a champ. He was shiny from her pussy juices and I could see her movements getting more erratic. She slapped her hands down on his chest as she ground down on him. Clearly getting close as she moaned loudly.

I was wearing my oversized college hoodie and not much else. I had thrown a load of laundry in the washer late last night and had gotten up early to move it over to the dryer. Hearing noises out in the house, I had followed the sound to find James and Alex having sex on the couch in the family room. I could feel my bare thick thighs starting to get slick as I watched James gently fuck his wife through her orgasm.

“Thank you for the quickie, baby,” Alex said as she gently kissed him on the mouth and snuggled into his chest. “I needed that before work. Would you like me to finish you off?”

James slapped her on the ass playfully. “No. I think Betsy will be up soon and I wouldn’t want to shock her with a lude scene. You on your knees, your sweet lips wrapped around my cock…”

“James!” she giggled, “You know I wouldn’t do that!”

“A man can dream, babe.” James gave a quick deep thrust, making Alex squeal a little. She pushed up off his chest, slowly raising her glistening pussy off his still hard cock.

“I’m going to hit the shower before work. If you’d like to join, you know where to find me.” As she stood up, I quietly and quickly made my way back down the hall and toward the laundry room, hearing James answer her in muffled tones.

So as not to alert them to my presence I didn’t close the laundry room door all the way. I rushed over to the washer, moving the laundry to the dryer, intent on getting back to my room before they noticed. I bent over the top of the dryer, hitting the start button. Taking a moment though, I stayed there, sliding my hand down to my soaked pussy. I dipped my fingers between my lips, moaning as they slid past my clit. The thought of James’ cock in Alex’s pussy was slowly turning into a vision of him fucking me bent over the dryer.

“Fuck. Betsy, I’m sorry-” I heard James say behind me, standing in the open doorway.

“Jesus! Oh my god. James!” I rushed to cover myself, but he was already gone when I turned around. The way I had been bent over, he likely had a clear view of my fingers burying themselves in my glistening pussy, as well as my bare ass.

“Shit.” I muttered to myself. I rushed back to my bedroom to find a pair of panties and shorts. I needed to find James so I could try to talk my way out of this situation. Once I was back in my room, I couldn’t find any panties but found a pair of short black sleep shorts to throw on before I went back out to find James before he could talk to Alex. I walked into the kitchen to find Charlie sitting on a stool at the counter. Alex must have gotten her out of bed before she got in the shower. James was standing next to the toaster and it looked like eggs were started in a pan on the stove.

“James…” I really wanted to address this, but James raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling and shook his head discretely. I wandered over to Charlie, kissing her on the top of the head and ruffling her blonde curls. “Good morning, Charlie. How did you sleep?”

She babbled something at me about teddy bears and one of her dreams as James finished making her breakfast. I honestly couldn’t understand most of the things she was saying, but I listened intently all the same, giving appropriate mumbles when necessary. I kept eyeing James while he cooked, trying to come up with a way to approach the subject when Charlie wasn’t in the same room.

I wouldn’t get an opportunity to talk to him about it until later in the day when Charlie was down for her nap. James ended up holed up in his office through much of the afternoon making me anxious and a little jumpy. To pass the time I chose to clean up the explosion of toys in the family room from Charlie and I’s play session that morning. As I was digging a few pieces out of the couch, James said from behind me, “Looks like you have a thing for being bent over.”

I jumped and twirled around to find him standing a couple feet away with a mischievous grin. I rested my hand over my racing heart, taking a deep breath, my white button-down shirt straining across my generous chest. I had switched to that and a pair of snug black leggings after breakfast to better play with Charlie. We spent a lot of time on the floor with building blocks, finger painting, and even playing with dolls. I’m sure while bent over my panties were clearly visible through my leggings, giving James the perfect view of the shape of my ass. I must admit my pussy was almanbahis giriş starting to grow warm at the thought of teasing him with it.

I smiled at him, turning back to the couch to keep picking of toys, making sure to bend a little slower while reaching for a doll that was partially stuffed in the couch. I heard a soft clearing of his throat from behind.

“Did you need something, sir?” I asked teasingly over my shoulder. My pussy was tingling at this point. I felt his hand rest gently on my lower back, giving me a start as I hadn’t heard him come even closer to me.

“Oh no, Betsy. I just figured I’d lighten the mood. I didn’t want it to be too awkward between us after this morning.”

I straightened up, realizing how close he was to me. I lifted my eyes to his, noticing the striking blue color before lowering my lashes a bit. I made sure my gaze lingered for a couple seconds on his lips. I didn’t want to be overtly obvious, but a little flirting couldn’t hurt. Right?

“I’m really sorry about that actually. I didn’t realize anyone was awake so early this morning. I’ll make sure to keep that in the privacy of my room in the future.” I couldn’t stop the warmth that filled my cheeks, thinking about this morning. James’ cock buried in his wife’s slippery cunt and then me bending over the dryer, fingers sliding inside myself. If I could have ridden my vibrator to orgasm this morning, I would have been able to keep a cooler head in the moment. But when I felt his thumb slide across my chin, pulling my full bottom lip down away from my teeth, I wanted to moan. I imagined his glistening cock head resting there while my tongue flicked out to lick just the tip.

“That would be wise.” He paused a moment. “You’re a little dirty.”

“Huh?” My brain was in a horny haze as I lifted my lashes to gaze into his eyes. I’m sure that my nipples were hard at this point, pressing through my light coverage lacy bra and linen shirt.

“You’ve got some dirt on your chin.” He clarified with a grin. “You must have been really getting into playtime with Charlie today.”

“I-I do like playtime… It’s when I get to be the most active. Sometimes I need a shower afterward because of how vigorous it gets.” I glanced down, confirming that my nipples were at attention, also noticing the bulge in James’ pants. It wasn’t a tent, but I could tell just how thick his length was.

“Well you better get to it before Charlie wakes from her nap!” James smacked my ass as he put distance between us. He grabbed the baby monitor on the side table, holding it up. “I’ll take this with me to my office, so you have some uninterrupted time.”

I was a bit shocked that he had openly smacked my ass, but he was gone before I could even say anything. I’m sure he was just teasing. I wanted to believe that he was as interested in me sliding his cock between my ass cheeks as I was, but I didn’t want to push too much. It may just be his way of spicing things up while his wife wasn’t there. I wasn’t sure he would cross that line and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to either. I mean, he was married and my employer. I needed the job.

Then again, I was fairly certain my panties were soaked through. I needed a shower. A very cold one.

As the days went on and James began to work more from home, the flirting got more intense and often a little predatory. It was never when Alex was in the same room and most definitely not around Charlie. Sometimes it was a dirty joke and others it was James passing a little too closely behind me. His hips pressing into my curvy ass or his hand brushing my breast while he reached past me in the kitchen to grab something.

I allowed it and loved every minute of it, even though when it happened it made my heart jump into my throat. As it continued, I found myself pressing back against him or sliding my hand down his thigh while laughing like we had some inside joke. The joke being that I would love to swallow his cock whole and let him fill my dripping wet pussy to the brim with his cum. I never said anything but found myself riding my vibrator at least two times a day to calm my more aggressive urges.

When Alex was home, I felt awful as they were such a loving couple. The lonely woman in me was desperate for the attention that James doused Alex in. When they were kissing or snuggling each other a part of me died a little inside. My brain started to go into overdrive, and I had to tamp down my jealousy in those moments.

One night while James and Alex were out for date night, I chose to use the guest room upstairs, just in case they got too wild while they were out. You never knew if they were going to grab a hotel room or if they were going to come home. But to make sure I didn’t miss anything with Charlie I chose to sleep in closer proximity to her just in case.

I was startled awake by voices outside the door but decided to lay in relative silence as they murmured on the other side of the door.

“It looks like almanbahis yeni giriş Betsy is sleeping up here tonight,” Alex said drunkenly, “I think we should be okay though. Come on handsome, come fuck me to sleep.” There were a few slurred words as she spoke indicating her state of mind at the time. James said something to her about going to get ready for bed while he just checked in on me and Alex agreed. I could hear her steps as she padded down the hall toward their room.

The slow creak of the door alerted me to James’ presence in the room. I had fallen asleep with my pants off and only my soft tank top on. My discarded clothes had ended up draped over the chair in the corner of the room, my ass unintentionally outside of the blankets as I got hot while sleeping. The blankets were tucked between my legs, my ass not even covered by my black lace thong. James was able to see every crease and crevice as the door cracked to allow light in the pitch-black room. I chose to feign sleep as I heard his soft foot falls. As he approached the bed I groaned and rolled to my stomach, lifting my left leg closer to my chest to expose more of my juicy pussy. I wanted to tease him with my body.

“Betsy?” He softly murmured as he approached the bed. I stayed silent, questioning my actions every second that past. I didn’t hear him move but felt his hand slide down my thick smooth left thigh. God, he was literally groping me in my sleep. It slid back up, sliding to the inside of my thigh, incredibly close to my pussy, gripping the soft part of my inner thigh. His lips rested against my ear, whispering, “You’re so fucking thick, baby. I love your ass.”

His hand slid up to my ass cheek, gripping it and spreading my ass wide open, exposing even more of my thong. I refused to act like I was awake, trying to slow my breathing. James’ finger stroked the length of my thong down the crease of my ass, sliding down to my wet, barely covered pussy. It was incredibly hard not to grind down on his hand as he pushed my panties between the thick lips of my cunt. His tongue licked the lobe of my ear, dragging it into his mouth to nibble on it.

“I’m going to eat this fucking beautiful ass before I go fuck my wife. I hope you think about your pussy juice coating my tongue as I shove it in Alex’s mouth and slide my big cock in her wet cunt.” I knew he knew I was awake, but I continued to act like I was asleep. It was a game. If I continued to pretend, it meant that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. He bit into my shoulder, continuing to grope my ass, filling his hands with my cheeks spreading my ass wide open. “You better cum on my tongue, or I’m going to punish these pretty cheeks as soon as I can get ahold of them again.”

The length of his finger was between my pussy lips, pressing into my clit with circular motions. I felt his warm breath passing down my back and over my ass. I knew it was coming, but still, when he pulled my thong away from my body out to the side and slid his tongue from clit to asshole, I shivered. “You like that little girl? You want me to eat this big fucking ass?”

His tongue stroked out, circling my asshole, teasing me. James made sure to continue giving my pussy attention, his thumb stuffed between my lips and pressing into my clit. He was ramping my orgasm up quickly. I’m sure it was so that he could get back to Alex without any suspicion.

The teasing didn’t last long as he used both hands to give my soaked pussy all the attention. His thumb continued to stroke quick circles around my clit and then after swirling my wetness around my pussy, he thrust two fingers deep inside. At the same time, he thrust his tongue into my ass. I couldn’t help myself; I slapped my hand down on my ass cheek, pulling it further open for him while he tongue fucked my virgin asshole. I was quickly approaching orgasm, not able to keep myself from grinding down on his fingers, turning my face into the pillow as I moaned softly, all pretense of sleep gone. I gave a tiny squeal as my pussy clenched down on his fingers, gushing across his hand. I panted heavily through my orgasm, my stomach muscles shivering and my pussy refusing to let go of his fingers. He was bathing my asshole in saliva, stroking his fingers in and out slowly as I came down from the best orgasm I’d ever had.

“Good girl.” James bit into my ass cheek, spread my pussy lips one last time, licking up some of my juices before pulling away and making his way out of the room. I felt bereft as he left. I wanted him to crawl in the bed behind me and slide his cock inside my empty pussy. But I knew that was unlikely as Alex was just down the hall.

“Hey babe,” I heard him murmur as he quietly closed the door. Alex must have made her way back down the hallway.

“I heard a noise and thought someone was hurt,” Alex said quietly.

“Oh, it’s okay. I just startled Betsy a bit but she’s okay. I wanted to let her know that she could head downstairs and sleep in her own bed if she wants.”

“You’re so kind babe. And hard for me already! You ready to stuff my tiny pussy with all that meat?” Alex was definitely drunk, likely not even noticing that James still smelled like my pussy as he had just buried his face in my ass.

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