Bisexuality 101a

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I always had bisexual tendencies growing up, but never acted on them until my second semester at a large southwestern university in 1981. The first semester I became good friends with my roommate Kelly. We hit all the dorm and frat parties on campus. I think we were so successful with the ladies because of Kel. He stood 6 foot 2 inches and was lean with lots of muscle from being on his high school football and baseball teams. Plus he had a great personality and smile to boot and amazing sensitivity. I considered him almost like a big brother.

It wasn’t until one night in late February, we were getting ready to go to a dorm party, that we both found something more. I could hear the shower on in the bathroom when I got back to our room, so I put on my shorts, cracked a book and waited my turn to use the shower. All of a sudden there was a peel of thunder, and I heard the rain start pounding the window. On the TV the weatherman said this was going to be a soaker good till at least the morning.

I opened the door to yell in to Kel and he was coming out of the shower. I think I stood there with my mouth wide open for what felt like hours, but was only a few awkward seconds. Kel was dripping wet, this was the first time I ever saw his penis. It was larger than any other I had ever seen in the locker-room of school or the gym where I workout. Fully facing me, totally nude, he gave me a funny/ amused look then asked if anything was wrong. I must’ve stammered out that the party was going to be cancelled because of the storm and that I was sorry for barging in on him. I closed the door and sat back on the couch picking up my book, but couldn’t stop thinking about Kels huge penis. It excited me but I think I was so afraid that my member was only semi-erect. I worried that Kelly would think I was gay or something.

After a couple of minutes he came out with a small towel wrapped around his waist, it highlighted his big cock, and said the bathroom was all mine. I went in and shut the door. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri When I dropped my shorts my now raging hard on was finally free so I turned on the shower and stepped in to the steamy hot water and closed the shower door behind me. I started soaping my cock, thinking of Kelly’s huge dick. I was facing the wall of the shower. I felt a rush of cool air and then the shower door opened. Kelly, stark naked, stood there with the towel, twirled into a rats tail as he opened the shower door and whipped my ass. Now he was embarrassed and stammered an apology as he saw my almost totally erect cock in front of me. He turned and went out the door, but I saw that his cock was getting bigger and purple as he left.

I thought to myself can he feel the same way that I do. I toweled dry and wrapped it around my waist and found Kel on the couch, sitting there with a towel on and tenting quite a bit. He spoke first, after an awkward pause, and asked if we could talk. I told him sure. He asked me not to be upset and that our friendship was most important to him. I reassured him he could talk to me. He told me that he had been having feelings about me since we met and when he saw me in the shower. I stopped him, feeling elated that he had the same feelings I’d been having, and told him so.

He looked up at me with a melting grin and said he had suspected. He walked over to me put his big arms around my shoulders and hugged me. This was the first time Id ever been this close to any guy, and it felt awkwardly good. He then bent his face toward mine and we kissed, unsure at first. Then more bolder as our tongues met. I felt my penis getting hard as I felt the new sensation of a male tongue in my mouth and Kelly’s rapidly hardening cock against my hairy chest as his smooth low hanging balls brushed my belly, he was a BIG guy. I reached behind his magnificently muscular ass and dropped his towel to the floor, never breaking our tongue lock. I felt blood pulsing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to both my big head and my little head as all these new sensations exploded around and inside me.

We broke our kiss and Kel had me stand by the couch as he sat in front of me. Nervously, he removed my towel freeing my erect dick which almost hit him in the nose as he did that. I felt his big hot hands on my butt cheeks as he stared at my cock. I could see that his monstrous member was now at its full glory. It was everything and more that I ever fantasized about. My hands were massaging his naked shoulders. He then started feeling my chest and belly, but I felt his breath on my cock and found that it made me even hornier. With one tentative finger, he reached out and touched the tip of my cock which feeling that, fully blossomed to its full mushroom shape. It felt so incredible to be touched that way by a man as good looking as Kel. So much different than when my girlfriends had done it, not better or worse, just pleasantly different. With just one finger he traced the outline of my shaft and with his other hand touched my balls. I reacted by dripping some pre-cum. I ran my hands through Kelly’s thick curly brown hair as his head approached my cock. He rubbed it on his face he then pulled my face to his and we kissed. He went back to my cock and touched the tip of his tongue to my slit, slick with pre-cum, then engulfed the whole glans. He came back up to my face and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I could taste the sweet salty liquid on his lips, and it almost made me come. He quickly went back to work and soon engulfed my entire cock down to my balls. After feeling his tight lips pistoning up and down a few times. I told him I was bout to explode. Kelly took my cock out of his mouth and jacked my slick shaft til I blew an enormous load all over his face. I took a small drop on my finger and fed it to him, then he did the same. I remember thinking how good it tasted. I then proceed güvenilir bahis şirketleri to clean his face with my tongue and share it with him in a deep kiss.

I then had him stand in front of me as my hands explored his smooth chest and stomach tracing the musculature of his six-pack with my tongue. This felt so good to be pleasuring my best bud. I looked, still a little nervously at his engorged manhood and silky smooth balls. This was all so new. I reached my index finger to the tip of his cock and could feel the heat of his erection. I noticed it didn’t mushroom as much as mine did, but was deeply purple-red. As cliché as it sounds it felt almost electric as I contacted the soft skin. I followed down the mighty shaft and played with the various folds and veins, finally trying to cup his huge balls in my hand. I nervously inhaled the beautiful heady musk of his balls then touched my tongue to one of his testicles. That elicited a moan from him. I then grabbed his shaft with one hand and then the other and there was still about an inch of cock remaining.

Trembling, I then wrapped my lips around his cockhead and started jacking the huge shaft in my two hands. Kelly’s hands started massaging my ass-cheeks as I sucked his monster. I tried engulfing more cock but could only get about half in my mouth as I continued pumping his engorging shaft. Kel was parting my ass and gently massaging my hole with his beefy finger. That felt weird but fantastic at the same time. After pistoning for a couple of minutes I felt his balls tense up and the meat in my mouth engorged almost to fill my entire mouth. He said he was going to shoot his load, but I kept my mouth in place and my hands working. With one hand I cupped his tensed up balls and he shot load upon load of cum into my waiting mouth. I removed him from my mouth and he continued cumming all over my face and chest before he subsided. I licked up and down that monster and made sure it was clean as a whistle.

A whistle I blew a lot more over the next 4 years. With his finger he scooped up some of his jism and fed it to me until I was clean. We then French kissed and fell asleep in each others arms. We carried on for our entire 4 years at the university.

To this day, I remember everything about that night, and it still makes me hard.

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