Brashey Family Story Ch. 03

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NOTE: This story develops gradually…


Miles was still gasping for breath, regaining his self-possession, and with the release of the intense sexual frustration he was suddenly acutely aware of his somewhat embarrassing position: tied spread-eagle to their bed, nude and helpless with his wife Amy lying atop him, his warm cum trapped between their bellies. The ringing telephone had jarred them enough that he’d lost his self-control before either were ready, and now Amy was lying atop him talking on the phone as if nothing unusual was happening.

Which it wasn’t, he reflected with a little grin, not really. He and Amy had been playing these games since before they were married, it was just that this particular situation had never before arisen.

“No, no, you’re not calling at a bad time, Lee,” Amy was saying into the phone, though she exchanged rueful glances with her husband as she did. It had taken his wife several moments to ‘shift gears’ from ‘teasing sexy slut’ to ‘middle sister’, and apparently the confusion had come through to Amy.

‘I’ll bet Amy would freak out if she could see what was going on here,’ Miles thought in a mixture of embarrassment and amusement. ‘She’s always so prim and proper, and here her little sister has me all tied up!’

In spite of the fact that he’d just came a few moments before, the weight of his nude wife on his body, the feel of her soft breasts against his chest, the warmth of her skin touching his, even the slight humiliation of having sprayed cum on their bodies, it was started to excite him again. But his momentary excitement was checked by the sudden change he heard in his wife’s tone.

“Really? Oh Sis I’m so sorry,” Amy was saying, “are you sure?”

Amy’s eyes had gone distant, any hint of sexual excitement gone from her mannerisms.

‘Uh-oh,’ Miles thought, ‘has there been an accident or something? She looks like she just got really bad news!’

“Oh Lee, I’m so sorry to hear that, I never knew you and Gary were having so many problems…he WHAT?! Three times?!!”

As Miles listened to half the conversation, he tried to piece together what was going on, from the sound of it there hadn’t been a death in the family, but it certainly didn’t sound good. As the discussion went on, he had a sudden hunch that his sister-in-law was getting a divorce. It was the only thing that seemed to fit the half the discussion he could hear.

The conversation went on for over an hour, and when Amy finally hung up, her husband saw tears in his wife’s eyes.


“Lee and Gary are breaking up,” Amy told him. “Apparently the creep cheated on her three times!”

‘That she knows about,’ Miles thought to himself, but he didn’t say it aloud. He’d never cared for Gary Norris, his sister-in-law’s husband. He paused to wonder what term applied to the spouse of your sibling-in-law, then dismissed that with an irritated mental shrug. Not important.

What was important was that Miles wasn’t surprised at all that his sister-in-law was finally breaking up with Norris, he’d actually thought it would happen years earlier. He’d always liked his wife’s older sister, she was pretty and vivacious and smart, and he’d never quite seen why she had married a man like Norris. Miles was a private security officer, not a guard but a professional responsible for security for a branch of a corporation, part of his job required sizing people up.

From the day he’d first met Norris, his gut instinct had been ‘bad news’. He didn’t know anything about him to justify that reaction, just a professional’s hunch, something about his mannerism, the way he seemed to watch everyone and everything without ever fully interacting. Miles had watched him with his sister-in-law and he was certain Norris was a controlling bastard, Lee often seemed like a puppet on a string when the two were together…and they were rarely seen apart. Miles thought back and realized that in recent years he’d seen his sister-in-law only a handful of times, rarely with her spouse more than a few feet away.

Husband and wife talked for quite a while, and decided that it would be a good idea to go pay a visit on Sarah and Leanne soon, under the circumstances. Miles had some vacation time coming, so it was no problem to go, and he was looking forward to seeing his in-laws. Though the stereotype was that mothers-in-law and sons-in-law weren’t supposed to get along, he’d actually always liked Sarah.

“Aren’t you going to untie me?” Miles asked his wife, as they settled down to sleep.

“Why would I?” she inquired, a smile appearing on her pretty face for the first time in hours, since she’d taken the call from Leanne.

“Uh…” Miles replied, caught off-guard by the question.

“You’re not uncomfortable, are you?”

“Well, no, but-“

He wasn’t. Amy had tied him with ropes that had some slack in them, he was spread-eagled but quite comfortable, he could even shift position Ankara escort a little bit. He suddenly suspected that his wife had been planning this all evening.

“Good, I don’t want you to suffer, baby!”

“But I-“

“Shhh!” Amy said as she snuggled close to her husband, not bothering to clean the drying cum off their bellies. “No more talking, slave!”

Miles shivered, there was something about hearing Amy call him ‘slave’ that always had that effect, even if he didn’t want it to happen.

He thought about snapping his fingers. He knew Amy would release him immediately if he did…but she looked so comfortable, lying against him with her head on his chest, arm around him, eyes closed…and the submissive part of him was reveling in his predicament. He kept putting off making her let him go…and he was still tied to the bedposts when both husband and wife fell asleep.


“So what’s on your agenda for today, Honey?” Sarah asked her daughter. It was a Saturday morning, and both women were free for the day.

“Besides being horny as a hoot owl?” the younger woman laughed, as mother and daughter faced each other over the breakfast table. The warm morning sunshine poured in through the back patio doors, giving a wonderful view of the lake.

“Lee!” Sarah said, trying at least sound scandalized. Though it might seem to be locking the door after the horses escaped, Sarah couldn’t shake a sense that she should be restoring a few boundaries with Leanne.

“I can’t help it, Mom,” the 31 year old said, ignoring her mother’s pretended discomfort. Ever since the one time they’d set aside their inhibitions, she’d been unable to bring herself to pretend that she was shy with Sarah, at least verbally. “Barbara said I shouldn’t have any sex until the divorce goes through, and I can see why, but just the fact that I’m not supposed to do it makes me want it!”

Sarah smiled softly. “Also known as the chocolate ice cream effect.”

“Eh?” Leanne said, as she took a bite of scrambled eggs.

“Chocolate ice cream,” Sarah explained, “normally I eat it maybe once a month, and don’t miss it the rest of the time, but the moment I decide to cut back or go on a diet, it’s all I can think about.”

“Yeah, I know that feeling,” Leanne replied between bites of eggs. “With me it’s barbecue-flavor potato chips. The moment I go on a diet I can just feel them calling me!”

“Like you need to watch what you eat,” Sarah laughed. She was a little envious of her daughter on that score, actually, Leanne had inherited her father’s metabolism, and could eat anything she wanted for the most part without gaining weight. “Since when do you diet?”

Leanne paused, looked down, and then grimaced. “Actually, Gary used to tell me he thought I was-“

“Say no more,” Sarah replied through grinding teeth. “He thought you were too fat?”

“Or too skinny,” Leanne nodded. “He was always subtly on my case about my looks, I was always getting a little too fat or a little too skinny, or getting too much sun or too little, he’d tell me he was worried about me, and I’d believe him. I was an idiot!”

“So help me,” Sarah muttered, “I’d like to stuff your husband into a cannon and fire him into a concrete wall! I’ve never really hated anyone in my life like I’m starting to hate Gary!”

Leanne giggled. “I know, it’d kind of fun to watch!”

Then she suddenly sobered, and added, “Very flattering, too. Gary had me convinced that he was the only person who cared for me, the real me, with my ‘perverted’ fantasies and my ‘weight problems’ and my ‘artistic pretensions’ and the rest. He had me convinced that if you and Daddy and Amy and Kyle knew the real me none of you’d ever want to speak to me again! It’s so…I don’t know, a relief, a joy, to find out otherwise! Knowing that you care enough about me to get mad at him…it’s like a balm on a burn, or cold water on a hot day!”

Sarah looked at her daughter with moist eyes. They had just gotten up from the breakfast table as Leanne said this last, and Sarah took three strides over to her daughter and grabbed her and held her close. The maternal hug went on for several moments, and Leanne basked in it, there were tears on her face too.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, little girl,” Sarah whispered in her daughter’s ear. “Never forget that, never listen to anyone or anything who tells you otherwise, man or woman, young or old, never! I could never turn you away, not the way Gary had you thinking, nothing and no one mean more to me than you do! Knowing what that…that…MONSTER had you thinking, it just makes me want to hold you like this for the rest of my life, keep you right beside me forever so you can never doubt my love for you again!”

“Mom…” the crying younger woman said. “Thank you. I know I must seem like a regular weeping willow these days, but-“

“Shhh…” Sarah said, holding her close.

After a moment the two stepped back, both of them sniffling Ankara escort bayan a little.

“Mom,” Leanne said, “what we did, a couple of weeks ago…I’m not sorry at all, but I can live without ever doing it again…not that I’m saying we won’t. When that divorce decree comes through, I intend to do whatever I feel like, and if you’re willing I wouldn’t mind trying that again.”

Sarah blushed, part of her still felt she should be trying to dissuade Leanne, that she had some duty to insist it could never be repeated…but she didn’t really want that, and she knew it. Part of her badly wanted to do it again, a part of her she’d never imagined existed until two weeks before. The very idea that she’d had sex with Leanne still shocked her…but the memory excited her every night when she replayed it, bringing her to more orgasms than she’d had in ages.

“But I don’t think I could live without your hugs, now that I’ve got them again,” Leanne said. “Whatever happens, Mom, I don’t ever want to let anything come between us again! I’ve missed you so much, and I didn’t even realize it because I didn’t realize Gary had separated us so much!”

“You’re not going to have to, Baby!” Sarah assured her. “Heaven help anyone that tries to come between you and me again!”

“You’ve got that right,” Leanne replied with tearful determination.

For a moment the two women looked at each other, four hands together, and then Leanne said, “You asked what I had in mind for today?”

“Yeah, what’s on the agenda?”

“Daddy is back in town,” Leanne said, “and I think it’s time I paid a call.”

“You’re sure he’s back, Honey?” Sarah said as they carried their dishes to the sink.

“Yep,” Leanne replied. Sarah ran a sinkful of hot water and suds, and washed their breakfast dishes as Leanne dried them. It brought back many a memory of earlier years in the little house where she’d raised the kids, though Leanne was far readier to pitch in and help with the dishes now than she had been at 10! “I saw him last night, as I drove past his apartment building.”

“You didn’t speak to him?” Sarah asked as she scrubbed the bacon grease off the pan.

“I didn’t have time, Mom,” Leanne replied. “I was in traffic and he was walking in the front door, and I was past him before I had time to so much as honk my horn. So I thought I’d go by there today and surprise him.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Sarah asked.

“Well…I guess I wouldn’t mind, at that, Mom. Moral support and all that, for when I have to tell Daddy how stupid I’ve been.”

Sarah sighed. “Hon, he won’t be mad at you, I promise.”

“I sure hope you’re right,” the younger woman replied, sounding uncertain in spite of her mother’s reassurances, leaving her mother to curse Gary Norris yet again, though she did so silently. The two women chatted about everyday things as they went out to Sarah’s car, Leanne trying visibly to hide her own nervousness.

As they drove across the city toward the expensive apartment house where Phillip Brashey lived, Sarah thought back over the years since she’d first met that annoying, lovable man, when they were only fourteen years old. They’d been freshmen in high school, and they’d hit it off right away, Phillip and she had been inseparable within a month of their meeting. It hadn’t been exactly love at first sight, but it had been darned close.

By the time she was sixteen, they’d managed to do what both of them had vowed never to do, she was pregnant and had been forced to have her baby while still in high school. She was hardly the only girl in their class to have that happen, but unlike some of the other guys involved, Phillip Brashey had not exercised the amazing supernatural power of dematerialization that some of his fellows had displayed, instead he’d remained with Sarah when Leanne was born and they’d gotten married as soon as they graduated.

They hadn’t been made of money, of course. Both attended college and worked as they did, Sarah’s parents contributing babysitting for little Leanne, and then little Amy, and finally little Kyle. Sarah had studied finance and accounting, Phillip mechanical engineering, and by dint of incredible amounts of hard work and luck, both had successfully completed college and gone on to successful careers in spite of their earlier errors.

‘Maybe that was why we ended up divorcing,’ Sarah mused, ‘we were fine as long as we were fighting together, struggling together, but when we started to ‘arrive’ we didn’t know how to handle that.’

The divorce had come just as both had really begun to achieve some success, and to her dismay looking back Sarah still could not quite put her finger on any single thing that had started it. It just seemed to gradually come out of nowhere. Bit by bit their arguments grew more heated and longer, their good times shorter and less satisfying, they picked at each other, they bickered, they chewed away at the glue that had bound them together since their teens…and it had finally Escort Ankara snapped.

The divorce had started out ‘civil’ and degenerated to the point that they were at open war with each other, their three kids caught up between, and it had all gone on for over a year. Sarah sighed, knowing that the scars in their kids were not yet healed ten years later. Luckily, after it was over, she and Phillip had managed to find something of their former good will as friends, they even had dinner together often. Not that there weren’t still some sore points left between the two of them.

One such sore point was resting in a reserved spot in the parking lot of the apartment house where Phillip now lived. It was a sleek convertible, a ‘classic car’ that had been a gift from Sarah’s own, now deceased, father to her on her 23rd birthday. It was red, fast, and handled like a dream, and Sarah had loved it…and somehow Phillip’s lawyer had convinced the judge to award it to him in the divorce! She still wasn’t sure how that had happened, and she still resented it, too.

As the two blondes walked past the car, their heels clicking on the pavement, Sarah paused to look hungrily at what had once been her car. It was still in excellent condition, she had to admit that her ex-husband had taken very good care of it. Still, as far as she was concerned it was rightfully her car, and she resented the fact that Phillip had it.

“Come on, Mom,” Leanne said with a grin, “drool over Daddy’s convertible later!”

Sarah glared at Leanne, but followed her toward the lobby of the apartment building, cast a last few longing looks back at her red convertible. Someday, somehow, some way, she vowed for the millionth time, she was going to get that car back!

Phillip’s luxury apartment was on the 20th floor, with a glorious view across the city. Sarah had been there a few times, and she had to admit that Phillip had really decorated the place tastefully, it was a far cry from the tiny house they’d lived in together through most of the years before their divorce, where they’d raised Leanne and Amy and where Kyle had spent the first half of his life. After the divorce, Kyle had ended up living with Phillip, so he’d spent the second half of his childhood in this very apartment building, along with the last few years of his middle sister’s youth.

Sarah had agreed that Phillip should have custody of Kyle and Amy for personal reasons, it was never a lack of love but rather the suspicion that they were better off with him just then. She still wasn’t sure she’d made the right choice, but one thing she’d never doubted was her ex-husband’s love for their kids. These days, with Kyle in the Army and Leanne and Amy grown and gone (until very recently in the former case), Sarah knew Phillip lived alone. She and her ex-husband were on good terms, and sometimes had dinner and went to a movie together, but she was sure there were other women in his life. She didn’t know any of them, but she wasn’t so foolish as to doubt they were there.

When they reached his apartment, the door was unlocked, and Sarah and Leanne went inside. The maid was just finishing up the cleaning, which was why the door had been opened, but she recognized Sarah and Sarah and Leanne sat down to wait for Phillip to return from wherever he’d gone. Leanne had a quick look around her father’s apartment, almost as impressed by his place as she had been by her mother’s, and then they sat on the balcony overlooking the city, and Sarah was enjoying the view and the company when they heard Phillip’s voice in the hallway…and someone else’s.

The other voice was female, laughing and smiling, and Sarah and Leanne exchanged looks.

“Uh…maybe we should have called first?” Leanne said uncertainly.

“Could be,” Sarah admitted. The two women stepped inside the apartment from the balcony, and Sarah said, “Tell you what, we’ll go outside and meet them as they come around the corner, it’ll be less awkward that way, if this is what it sounds like.”

“Good idea, let me just get my purse, I left it in the bedroom.”

Leanne disappeared into the bedroom, and a moment later Sarah realized that they were out of time, she could hear her ex-husband’s voice as he rounded the corner outside the door, and the voice of a woman with him, and it definitely sounded like they were more than casual acquaintances!

She ducked into the bedroom, seeing her daughter picking up her purse, and on an impulse that she would later question the sanity of, she pulled Leanne into the closet with her. Later it would seem like something out of a sitcom, but at the time it was the only impulse in her head, and Leanne was looking in surprise at her mother.

“Mom,” she whispered, “what on Earth-?!”

“Shhh!” Sarah whispered in the shadow of the big clothes closet, finger to her lips. “We’ll wait till they go to the kitchen and then we’ll slip out. Your Dad’s on a date and this probably isn’t a good time!”

It wasn’t a very smart plan, Sarah would later admit to herself, the smart thing to do would have been to show themselves, apologize for their timing, and explain that they’d come for a family visit. But somehow the circumstances seemed to banish rational thought!

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