Breasts of a Mad Bunch

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Tina was wearing a gold bikini adorned with dollar signs, and dancing to Abba’s Money, Money, Money. She removed her top, pushed her right breast up to her chin and licked the nipple, and Harry removed a bill from his wallet without looking at it and held it up. Tina bent down, and clamped her tits around the banknote, brushing those magnificent mountains against his fingers before bouncing away again. Money, money, money, thought Harry. He’d only ever had two problems; tits, and money. He’d thought that, in a pinch, he could live without the money. Unfortunately, his fiancee, Yumiko, had plenty of money, but tiny tits.

Harry sighed as he watched Tina’s boobs bouncing and swinging. He’d been a regular at Curved Space for years; he’d painted portraits of many of the girls, and had helped design the club’s logo and web page and even some costumes for theme shows. It had been a welcome break from the tedium of working as a commercial artist, a job he would gladly have quit long ago but for his family’s financial problems.

He wasn’t marrying Yumiko just for her money, or even for her contacts – wealthy friends who might buy his paintings, friends in the movie industry who might get him work as an art director or set designer. She loved him, was interested in his work, enjoyed the same movies and music and food as he did, even rooted for the Minnesota Twins. She was attractive, too, if you liked skinny Japanese girls; her legs were long and lovely, her face beautiful, her ass nice and small, her pussy sweet and tight. And they had great sex; she sucked cock better than any woman Harry had ever known, and he loved to lie back with his eyes shut, feeling her lick pre-cum from the eye of his cock, then kiss her way down his length to his balls, which she would gently suck into her talented mouth before returning her attention to his cock and deep-throating him like the world’s most gifted porn star. The only problem was that Harry felt guilty fantasizing that he was actually in bed with a blonde with boobs big as basketballs. The same when they fucked, which worked best when he took her from behind without being distracted by her flat chest. He watched Tina wrap her fantastic funbags around the corner-post of the stage while accountants inserted greenbacks into her already stuffed garters, and sighed again.

“Hi, stranger,” a voice purred in his ear. “Want a dance?”

He turned, and saw Brittany, another of his favourite house girls. They’d dated a few times, when his money problems were still bearable. “V.I.P. room’s empty,” she suggested.

He looked in his wallet, saw that he had just enough cash. Putting lap-dances on his Visa card was a no-no while the bills went to Yumiko. “Sure.”

“Great. So, when’s the wedding? Next month, isn’t it?”

“Do we have to talk about it?”

“No. Coming here for your bachelor party?”

“Don’t I wish! I’d never get away with it.”

Brittany nodded, and removed her dress as he sat down, revealing a pair of large but firm breasts, aureoles the size of quarters, and little pink nipples which she made larger and harder by pulling on them gently, then running her pierced tongue around them. She straddled him, then braced her hands on his shoulders and lowered herself onto his lap, her breasts swaying in his face like overfilled balloons, the nipples thrusting out enough to put his eyes at risk. Knowing what Harry liked, poker oyna she cupped her boobs and squeezed them, tweaking her nipples as they poked out between her fingers. Then she stepped back, turned around, bent over to give him a good look at her shapely ass, spanked herself lightly on one cheek, and pulled her g-string awry, giving him a brief glimpse of her pretty little butthole. Then she stepped back again, rubbed her ass over his crotch until she felt his cock stiffen and rise between her warm cheeks, then grabbed his hands and held them to her beautiful boobs. He heard her breath catch in her throat as her nipple burrowed into his palm, and he massaged her mammaries gently, enjoying their weight and their silky smoothness. Brittany let him fondle her for a few seconds, then did another half-turn so that her boobs enveloped his face. She slid her nipples across his lips, then down his chest, kissed him on the cheek, and dropped to her knees before him with her heavy tits gently brushing the tent in his trousers until the song was over.

“Do you know what I think you need?” Brittany said softly, as she stood again. “Some sort of therapy, to get you over this breast obsession you have.”

“What do you mean?” Harry had forgotten that Brittany was a psych major; she’d been trying to write her thesis for five years now. “Hypnosis? Shock treatment?”

“Something like shock treatment. I think you need to just overdose on breasts, and then go cold turkey.”

“Overdose? How?”

“Lots of different women, all with big tits, and lots of boob sex. No pussy, no fellatio, nothing like that, just… I don’t know, but I think it might get you over this Pavlovian reflex or fixation or mental block or whatever it is.”

“Do you think that’ll really work?” asked Harry, dubiously.

“It’ll be expensive to arrange, but it would be worth a try. A noble experiment. I might even be able to write it up for my thesis,” she concluded, smiling. “Let me think about it.”

* * *

Think about it? Harry spent a week barely able to think of anything else. Concentrating on his work – backgrounds for a photo-shoot for the latest fashions from Aretino’s, modelled by women as flat chested as boys – was almost impossible. Yumiko had gone away on some hush-hush business trip, leaving Harry with only his own modest income and a large collection of videos and magazines that he knew he’d have to get rid of before he and Yumiko moved into their new condo. He passed his spare time trying to memorize his favorite images of Angela White, Gianna Michaels, Siri, Miosotis and other big-boobed porn stars. Despite distractions, he did a good enough job on the backgrounds that the fashion house offered to make an original for Yumiko for a fraction of its usual cost. This was still far beyond Harry’s budget, but he thanked them politely, and went on with his work.

On Saturday morning, he was nursing a hangover from an office cocktail party, when his boss rang. “Harry, you know that painting you have up in the bar?”

Harry, lying in a bed draped with back issues of D-Cup, tried to remember it. “Uh…”

“One of our clients wants to know if you’re willing to sell. I said you might consider twenty thousand. He’s still interested. You might want to call him before he sobers up.”

Harry considered this numbly. Twenty thou was small change compared to his sister’s hospital bills, or canlı poker oyna the cost of the wedding, but it would buy him one last bash as a bachelor, maybe even pay for Brittany’s therapy session, and leave him enough to hire a U-Store-It unit for his porn and buy Yumiko that designer original… “Thanks! Thanks a million! What’s the number?”

* * *

Brittany had decorated the V I P room for the occasion, covering the walls with centrefolds and photos of every big boobed feature dancer who’d ever performed at the club. Two TVs showed clips ranging from R-rated footage of Kitten Natividad dancing to Christy Canyon’s best tit-fucking scenes. “The rules are simple,” said Brittany, as the women behind her – house dancers, feature dancers, and a nineteen-year-old co-ed of Brittany’s – removed their tops to show sixteen of the most sensational tits Harry had ever seen in the flesh. “Boob sex only. Don’t touch any of us below the navel, no matter how tempted you are, and we won’t touch you with anything but our tits. We’re going to keep our pants on so you won’t be distracted by our pussies or asses. Break these rules and the session is over, no refund – do not pass Go, do not collect $200 – and you won’t be welcome back here or in any club where any of us work. Agreed?” Harry nodded. “Okay. Strip off and sit down.” Harry obeyed, glad to get out of his pants before his erection tore something, and the first three girls in line strutted over to him, the redheaded co-ed rubbing some sort of cream onto her boobs as she walked.

The other two, the magnificently stacked blonde feature dancer and a naturally voluptuous black porno star, positioned themselves on either side of him, grabbed his hands, and held them to their tits, while the gorgeous young redhead dropped to her knees before him and sandwiched his rock-hard cock between her big soft well-lubed boobs. He saw Tina step up behind Brittany and begin fondling her tits. The blonde whose breasts he was exploring, Emma, crooned, “Brittany says you like blondes,” and pushed his head into her spectacular cleavage. For a moment, all he could see was creamy tit and pink aureole. He felt Alexandria’s nipple stiffening between the fingers of his left hand, and after a minute enjoying Emma’s silicon valley, he turned his head and began licking her big brown jugs. Her aureoles were as large and dark as Oreo cookies, and the nipple she pushed into his mouth like a huge chocolate chip. “Who says blondes have more fun?” she asked, as Harry sucked as much of her boob into his mouth as he could. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tina holding one of Brittany’s boobs up so they could both lick it at once. Dusky Cheshire and pretty platinum-blonde Petra, who did a lesbian act at the peep-show around the corner, were on the floor sucking each other’s breasts, and the two remaining women, Lisa and Jamie, came up and grabbed Harry’s hands. The sensation of warm slick tit-flesh around his cock was making his balls boil, and when he looked down to see Lori look up at him, the sight of his rod emerging from those heavenly globes was enough to send him over the edge. He came all over her boobs and neck, and when she stepped back, Emma and Jamie eased her onto the floor so they could lick her clean.

Tina took Lori’s place between Harry’s legs, and soon had him fully hard again. Alexandria was rubbing her clit through her bikini pants while Harry internet casino sucked her boobs, and she moaned as she came. Brittany took the hand that had been feeling Jamie, and when Harry turned around to smile at her, Lisa grabbed his ears and swung her silk-smooth milk-white boobs into his face, almost knocking him out. He sucked her tits, then Brittany’s, then Jamie’s, and then came again between Tina’s marvellous mams. Tina stood, and pushed Lisa’s face into her musky cleavage, while Alexandria wrapped her jugs around Harry’s limp cock. His third orgasm, a long time later, gave her a pearl necklace that would have barely been visible against paler skin, and when Petra took her turn between his thighs, his prick felt as soft and raw as a sausage. By the time he’d come on her all-natural boobs and platinum hair, he’d sucked and fondled the beautiful breasts of so many women that he could no longer tell dark from light, natural from artificial, Jamie’s modest mouthfuls from Emma’s amazing armloads. Almost as soon as his fourth orgasm hit, everything faded into an ecstatic blackness.

When he opened his eyes again, most of the women had gone, except for Brittany and Lori. He looked down at his numb limp cock as though astonished to see it. “Did it work?” asked Brittany.

“I don’t know. If it didn’t, will I have to do it again?”

She grinned. “No, I think that’d prove you were incurable. We’d better get this place cleaned up; we open in a few hours. Shall I call you a cab?”

* * *

Harry looked at his collection with almost no interest; after that therapy session, even the raunchiest pictorials and video boobfests didn’t seem to arouse him. He sighed as he packed the tapes and magazines into cartons, wondering if there was a charity that would accept them. He was about to seal the last box when the phone rang. It was Yumiko, back from her trip, asking him to come over. He grabbed the box with her Aretino original in it, and went straight over.

She was sitting on the bed wearing a bathrobe when he arrived. “I have a surprise for you,” he said, handing her the box.

“Thank you,” she said, beaming. “I have a surprise for you, too,” and she pulled the bathrobe open, showing her new boobs. The implants gave her a thirty-six inch bust, if Harry was any judge – not enormous, but fuckable. His jaw dropped, and Yumiko giggled.

“I know you wouldn’t have asked me to do this,” she said, “but I was pretty sure you wouldn’t mind. Do you like them? What’s in the box?”

Harry blinked, and then clapped a head to his forehead. “Oh, god. It’s an Arentino original – but it’ll never fit you now. And yes, I like them, but -” Christ, how was he going to tell her about the therapy?

“It doesn’t matter.” She stood up, and the bathrobe fell to the bed, so that he could see all of her; the mirror behind her even gave him a great view of her lovely ass. His cock seemed to twitch slightly. She reached out for his hands, kissed them, then pressed one to her breasts and the other to her pussy. He felt her nipples and clit become erect, and suddenly, his cock also began to stiffen. The sight and feel and sweet smell of horny beautiful woman, and a few seconds later the taste and the sounds as well, soon overcame any temporary effect of Brittany’s therapeutic titfest.

“Harry,” she crooned an hour later, as he sucked on her nipples, his cock inside her as far as it would go, his hands cupping her ass, “I need to go shopping for some clothes before we can go anywhere; I don’t have anything that fits any more.”

“Fuck the clothes,” he growled. “You look perfect just the way you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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