Church Lady Ch. 03

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Nancy’s second pregnancy with me was not going as smoothly as her first one, and she seemed to have morning sickness more often this time around. I was, of course, patient with her-she was having my baby, after all-but she felt bad about it, and the way it affected her ability to engage in what was still, three months into it, our active love life. She was still a regular visitor to my home, even if we didn’t always have the sex we used to. One day, in a fit of frustration, she suggested she send one of her choir mates over to take care of me.

She had just arrived at my house, and we embraced in a long hug. “Nancy, hon,” I said, as I held her, “you don’t have to send anyone over. I know there will be times like this. I expect it.” I looked at her, almost even with her eyes, since she’s about 5’8″. There was a sadness in them, even as they sparkled. I kissed her gently. “I have come to love you very much in the last year and some. It’s not all about the sex, as good as that is.”

Nancy let out a short laugh. “You’re sweet, and I love you too.” Her head melted into my shoulder. “But I feel bad we can’t, um, play, like we used to. I feel like I’m letting you down.”

“Not at all. I love having you here, even if we only just cuddle. I love holding you. Besides, you’re having my baby-again!! How could I be disappointed??”

Nancy looked up and kissed me. “But I feel like I’m not meeting your needs, and you take such good care of me. I should make it up to you.”

I kissed Nancy. “No need.” I kissed her again. “I’ll be OK. We’ll get through this. We did it the first time. You’ll be OK, too.”

Nancy smiled. “I need to sit for a few moments.” We moved to the sofa, and sat, Nancy to my right. I got her something to drink, and we talked a little while about how she was doing. Despite her discomfort, the pregnancy was going well, and the baby was developing as it should.

After a while, Nancy must have been feeling a little better, since she was slowly rubbing my cock through my jeans. It didn’t take long, and I was quite hard. “That’s how you got into this mess,” I teased her.

“Not this way,” she said, tugging at my belt, then undoing the button and unzipping me. The head of my cock was sticking up, and she ran her fingers over it, and the couple of inches of my shaft that was sticking out. She was able to get most of her hand into my pants, which felt good as she gave me a couple of strokes. She pulled it out, and patted my ass. “Lift up.”

I lifted my ass off the sofa, sliding my jeans down to mid thigh, my dick flopping onto my belly. Nancy gave me a smile, and started stroking my cock. “No one ever got pregnant from a hand job,” she said, smiling. I had to agree there. For the next ten minutes, she worked my cock up and down. Every few strokes she’d break the steady build up to my inevitable conclusion, going down to fondle my heavy balls.

“I love your balls. They’re always so heavy, so full of cum,” she said, gently squeezing them. My cock pulsed as she massaged them, then went back to stroking. My cock was swelling in anticipation of the coming explosion brought on by Nancy’s gentle but firm touch. It was not lost on her. “I love watching your cock grow,” she said, giving me a kiss. “I love the feel of it in my hand.” She was now watching herself draw her hand up and down on me. I was reaching the end of the road. Her voice got quiet. “And when I can’t feel you inside me, I love watching you…” She slowly stroked up, teasing the sensitive spot under the head. That was all for me, and I started to spew. “….cum.”

A big smile spread over Nancy’s face as she watched me shoot rope after white, sticky rope, cum splashing onto her hand, her wrist, my legs, a little on the sofa. “Now, that’s what I came for!!” She smiled big and kissed me. We broke the kiss, and she licked my cum off her hands and my thighs, finally going down on me, taking my cock in her mouth and cleaning up all the stray dribbles that had slid down the shaft, ending by sitting up and licking her lips.

“I feel a lot better now.” She kissed me. “But I still think you need to get laid. So I thought, you know how some women can’t get pregnant, and have someone carry their baby, a surrogate mom?? Maybe I can find you a surrogate wife to take my place when I’m not up to our usual lovemaking.” If only I’d had a real wife like Nancy.

The next week, Nancy came over with the friend she mentioned. I watched as a tall brunette with a pretty face and nice shape got out of the passenger side of her van carrying a Subway bag. She was wearing a button down denim dress. I recognized her as Paula, from church. We didn’t know each other well, but enough to say hello and chat after the service. I wondered how much she knew about Nancy and me.

They came to the door, and I greeted them. Nancy gave me a hug and a short kiss, which I noticed did not seem to faze Paula. Nancy spoke first. “Tom, you know Paula from the choir??” Not really a question, istanbul escort but sort of.

“Yes, we’ve chatted occasionally.” I was going to give Paula a handshake, but she instead leaned to me and gave me a long, warm hug. I laughed. “Well, I guess we know each other better now.” I said, causing the girls to laugh. Nancy had picked up Subway for all of us, and we sat at my dining room table, talking about church folks and issues for the most part. It was quite pleasant, and I found that Paula and I got along quite well. The girls spent about 90 minutes with me, then had to leave to do some things around town. I saw Nancy later in the week, shopping together, ending with her giving me a blow job in the back of her van.

The next Tuesday, I got a call from Paula. “Nancy’s got to pass for lunch today, but do you mind if I come over?? I’ll pick up lunch.”

“Absolutely. I’d love to have you come by. We had such a good time last week.” I texted her my address, and she was on her way. I noticed the previous week how well Paula filled out her dress. She wasn’t overly large up top, I’d guess a C cup, and had a nice shape that filled out her dress in a way that was very appealing. She often wore dresses or skirts when I saw her in church, and I wondered how she’d look out of one.

Paula arrived about 30 minutes later. She was wearing a light gray tank dress that came just short of her knees. It was not especially low cut, but I could see that if she were to lean over, I’d get a glimpse of the charms I had imagined.

When she got to my house, I went out to the driveway to meet her. She got out of her car, handing me the bag from Subway, hugged me, then gave me a short kiss. Nancy must have told her something, I thought.

We went into the kitchen, and I set about getting some plates and condiments. Paula asked if there was something she could do to help. I told her to reach down into one of the lower cabinets to get a napkin holder. When she leaned forward, I had a clear view down her dress. All the way down, right to her sandals. As her dress fell away from her body, I could see her gently swinging tits, belly, and what looked to be a thick patch of dark hair between her thighs. This was way better than I expected, but then, the reality often is. She didn’t catch on that I was looking, and we went on to have a pleasant lunch, though it was at times a little awkward, each of us knowing why she was there.

When we finished, Paula asked to use the bathroom, and I pointed her to it while I cleared up the wrappers and the couple of utensils we used. When I was done, she had finished and come out to the living room and was sitting on the sofa. She had just kicked off her sandals, and I had a clear view up her dress, though I don’t think she was intentionally flashing me. What I saw was impressive, a thick, dark haired bush, which was hiding just a hint of labia. She looked up at me, still not realizing what I was seeing.

“Time for dessert??” Paula asked.

“I think so. I’m now wishing I had picked up some cheesecake.”

Paula stood and smiled. “I think you’ll like this better,” she said, taking the hem of her dress and pulling it up and over her head. She tossed her dress on the arm of the sofa, put her hands on her hips, her left hip cocked to the side. She was wearing nothing but a pair of earrings and a gold wedding band.

I went quickly to her, and we kissed hard. She undid my belt and the snap on my shorts, then unzipped them. They dropped to the floor, revealing my rapidly hardening cock, which she began to stroke. Paula sank into the sofa, pulling me with her. I started to kneel in front of her, wanting to bury my face in her 70’s porn star pubes-from the waist down, she looked like Christy Canyon; from the waist up wasn’t too bad either-but she kept pulling me up. I took the hint, and moved up so I was hovering above her.

“Put it in me,” Paula said quietly, drawing my cock to her dark thicket. I looked down to see the hair had parted, and her open labia were awaiting my entry. I put the head of my dick at her opening, teased her clit with the head a couple of times, making her jump, and pushed in, drawing a sigh as she felt the head spread her, then shoved deep. I pushed in steadily til I felt her cervix poking at my head. I stayed still a minute to let her get used to my cock filling her, then started to thrust, a steady pistoning in and out of her, my balls slapping her ass. I could feel the thick curls around her lips mashing into the hair around my cock as I banged into her.

We kissed as Paula picked up the pace of her own thrusting from under me, making our contact more forceful. She started to whimper as the pounding on her clit steadily moved toward orgasm. I felt her thighs wrap around me, and then the flood of juice as she came, letting out a yelp as she peaked. I stopped for a few minutes as she recovered, then pulled away. I stood her up, having her lean forward, her arms supporting escort bayan her on the arm of the sofa as I turned her away from me.

I got in behind her, put my dick to her opening, now nicely framed amid the thick hair, and pushed in. I made sure to press the head along the front of her pussy, and slapped into her so that my balls would bang against her clit. Once I settled in, I started to bang her hard from behind. She’d already cum once, so she was primed. I hoped the steady swing of my balls on her clit would send her over the top.

I was right about Paula being primed. She came in less than three minutes, thrashing about me as I held my dick deep. Finally, she relaxed, falling away from me onto the sofa. She rolled over, now back in her original position, left leg up on the seat, right foot on the floor, only now her labia were wide open and red, her marvelous bush all wet and matted.

Paula looked up at me, exhaustion on her face. I could see her eyes watching my bobbing cock, fully engorged, sticking straight out. She reached for it, stroking as she pulled me to her. “No wonder Nancy let you get her pregnant twice.” Her eyes met mine.

“I can do the same for you,” I said, fully expecting Paula to take me up on the offer.

Paula smiled, and gave me a softer look, as if her heart was melting. “I’d love that, but I’m afraid that ship has sailed. I just turned 52; the clock has run out.” She kissed me. “It’s a nice idea, though. It would be funny for Nancy and me both to be pregnant with your baby at the same time,” she said with a laugh.

I moved in above her, my cock taking its place, ready to enter her wet pussy. She looked up at me as she put the head at her opening. “But I’ll take a big load of your baby making sperm anyway.”

“It’s OK to cum inside you??” I always ask a married woman if I can cum in her, since they sometimes find themselves in a position where sloppy seconds later, at home, could be a problem.

“Yes. I want to feel what Nancy feels when you cum in her.” I must have had a puzzled look. “She’s told me about you, and how you make her feel.”

“I guess you two don’t have many secrets.” I thought a moment. “But then, you girls all talk to each other.”

“Well, not all of us. There are three or four of us who are in the choir who take on the, um, mission field. Besides, I can always tell when you and Nancy have been together. She just glows, and she glows anytime you’re around. I had to pry it out of her the first time, but now I can always tell.”

“What did she tell you??” I asked, wondering how far this secret had gone.

“After you had your first time at Wal Mart, I saw her that evening. She was distracted all night, but in a good way. I said to her, ‘you look like you just got laid.’ You should have seen her blush-she got ten shades of red. She took me aside-we were at choir practice-and told me about how you met, and how she stood in the aisle in Wal Mart and took off her panties while you watched, then met you in the parking lot.”

“I see….”

“It was hot. Ever since then, I’ve wanted a taste of what she’s getting. Now that she’s pregnant, and can’t do everything she wants with you, I offered some, um, help.”

“So here you are.”

“So here I am. And you’re getting bigger, and I think you’re going to cum soon.” Paula reached down to fondle my balls as I slowly stroked in and out of her. “Man these things are big.”

“That’s because I’m going to cum for you like I do for Nancy. Or maybe I’ll pull out and shoot all over that luxurious bush.”

Paula’s hips bucked at the idea. “Oh, yeah, I love watching when my husband shoots his cum all over it, the way it hangs up in my hair.”

That thought was enough to start me on the inevitable surge to orgasm. I looked down at Paula. “Maybe I’ll do both.” I couldn’t hold back any more, and my cock started to pulse. Paula felt it, and locked her feet over my calves. I let go a long burst of semen into her wanting pussy, then another, and one more, pulling out as I was still shooting, cum spewing from my cock as the head slipped from her labia. I positioned it over her pubes, holding it as I shot another three or four good ropes of cum onto her dark curls, finally tailing off as the rest emerged from the head, dropping onto her labia and the tops of her thighs.

Paula looked at the mess I had made of her, cum splashed all over her bush, belly, and thighs, and dripping from her slowly closing, but still wide labia. “Damn…DAMN!!” she said as she dipped two fingers into her pussy. “How do you cum so much for an old guy?? No wonder you got Nancy pregnant!!” She laughed.

“I’m lucky to have a partner who inspires me,” I told her, looking into her blue eyes. I was still hard, and eased my spent cock back into her now sloppy cunt, pushing in til I felt my balls on her ass, and the hair around my cock meshing with her bush. I could feel the wetness of my sperm as we came into contact. Paula escort istanbul groaned as she felt the head spread her, slurping in the cum that was flooding her. I flexed my cock, and ground my pubic bone into her clit. Suddenly, her hips bucked, and she let out a long moan as she had a delayed hit on a powerful orgasm. She reached up and kissed me hard, then trailed off to short kisses as she recovered her composure.

I finally pulled out, sitting between her thighs. I took her hand, pulling her up to a sitting position. I looked at the white streaks and blobs of cum all over her, enjoying the sight of this pretty, church going woman now covered in my sperm.

“So, there are several of you taking part in this ‘mission’??”

Paula smiled. “Yeah, though Nancy’s pretty much yours at this point. She started to come see you as an act of fellowship, then found out she really liked you, so decided she wanted to do more. She had no idea that was started out as caring for a widowed man would turn out this way. I have taken care of a few guys in similar situations, though not to the extent Nancy has with you. Then there’s Stacey, you probably know her, and Claire, who’s the skinny blonde with the frosted hair in her 50’s.”

“I know Stacey, and Claire, though not well. Enough to say ‘hi’ on Sunday morning.”

“They’re not as involved as Nancy and I, and Claire has a thing for younger guys. One of the college kids had a bad break up with his girlfriend, and she made him forget all about her.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I can see her doing that. She’s built like a racehorse, I bet she gave that kid a good ride.”

Paula laughed. “Yeah, she did. She still checks on him once in a while.” She gave me a knowing smile. Suddenly, she got a worried look on her face. “Oh, hell!!”

“You OK??” I asked.

“I just remembered, my husband and I are going out tonight. It’s his birthday tomorrow, but he has to work late, so we’re celebrating tonight.”

I looked down at Paula’s dripping twat, and the cum all over her bush. “I’ll bet cream pie isn’t on the menu,” I teased her. “But maybe if you put a candle in there…”

Paula laughed at the idea. “Yeah, I’ll just tell him it’s special icing.” She made a face at me, now more serious. “But no, cream pie is not on the menu,” she said, her eyes opening wide. “And I’m a mess.” She looked down, seeing her cum spattered pubes, and my sperm still leaking from her slightly parted labia.

“Here, let me help you clean up,” I said, kneeling in front of her. Paula gave me a look that said, ‘what are you doing??!!’ as I leaned toward her used pussy. She watched intently as I got settled in, taking my tongue and licking around her upper thighs, drawing a sigh. I put my hands on her legs, then licked right up the middle, getting a good dose of the aroma of spent semen and pussy as I gathered some of each on my tongue, licking around her outer lips. Paula moaned as I just grazed her clit, her hips shaking from my tongue on her sensitive, just fucked labia. I went in again, dipping deep for a good tongueful of our mixed juices, now licking up around her labia, this time swirling my tongue over her clit. Paula moaned louder, and I felt her fingers grab my hair.

I was now committed to sending Paula home with as little chance for problems as possible, though in honesty, I had wanted to go down on her once I saw her pussy peeking out from under her dress. I dove in deep, licking my spent cum out of her gaping twat and over her clit. Two minutes later, she screamed, her hips thrusting into me so hard I thought she’d knock a tooth loose. As she peaked, I started moving up, kissing through her thick pubes and up her belly. I reached her face and kissed her. She met me heartily, out tongues tangling as we shared a passionate, lustful kiss. “Mmmm….MMMMM!!!” Paula moaned. “Wow, you taste good.” She smiled. “I taste good!!”

My cock had regained some stiffness, and I put it to her spread labia, pushing in. Paula recoiled at the intrusion, not expecting it.

“Oh, God….” she said in a shaky voice. The head reached her cervix, and she instinctively pulled her legs around me. She looked up. “You’re not going to cum in me again, are you??”

I smiled. “No, though I doubt it will get that far. I don’t recover nearly as fast as I used to, and I’d be surprised if I can keep this going for a second round.” I looked down at Paula, taking in the sight of her pretty face, blue eyes sparkling, dark hair all a mess. “But sometimes I get a second wind when I’m really turned on, and you’re doing it. I’ll let you know if and when I get close.”

I surprised myself by staying hard, but sometimes extreme stimulation will allow amazing things to happen. I balled her hard, my nuts smacking against her cum slicked ass, then we changed so she was riding me. It was nice playing with her swaying tits as her dark pubes mashed into mine.

After a while, we changed so she was riding me reverse, and I made her cum hard from the head of my cock pushing against her G spot. By now, I was getting close to a second release. I had Paula lie back on the sofa, and climbed on top of her, resting my dick between her shapely tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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