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This story is somewhat false with some truths thrown in and is for your reading enjoyment!

My niece was separated from her father when she was a very little girl through a divorce. She never really got along with mother over the years of her growing up. She ran away from home several times and ended up living here on a couple of occasions. She had a hard time with following rules and eventually ran away from our home. By the time she was 15 years old she had gone to work and had her own apartment. Funny thing was that every time she needed something or just needed to talk our phone would ring and there would be Cindy.

Cindy grew up to be a beautiful girl. Tall, slim and always had a smile and big hug for me, Uncle Pete. She was an accomplished artist and at age 24 she decided to go back to school and pursue this field. She was accepted at very prestigious art school. Only the very best gets accepted here.

As time went on Cindy decided that it was time to find her father, whom she had not seen in some 22 years. Through the internet and with help of a friend she found him back in the old town where she was born. The only problem was he lived 3 days away and she had no way of getting there. That is where Uncle Pete comes in again.

I’m retired now and had time on my hands so Cindy asked if I would be interested in helping to track down her dad. Of course I said I would. The day we were to leave had arrived and with excited but cautious anticipation we set off on our journey.

We talked about everything from the weather, to wine and sex. We were both very open about everything, besides who was going to hear us. As it turned out both loved the same smooth jazz sound so that was not even a problem. We laughed and talked until night began to fall. Knowing Cindy didn’t have lot money I took upon myself to make her expenses was as low as possible. We checked into our motel for our first night.

Now Cindy has a great body, she came out the bathroom after changing in here pj’s. I wore just a pair of jogging shorts and ‘T’ shirt. She came around her bed and gave me one of her big hugs and gentle kiss on lips and said goodnight.

The next morning we were off again. Cindy was dressed in her usual tank top with a red bra underneath it to hold those pretty breasts of hers. Cindy is not large in that department but what she had were perfect. She likes to lean forward when she talks to you so I was enjoying the view and so was my dick. After awhile Cindy looked into my eyes and asked if I was enjoying the view to which I honestly izmir escort replied “very much so”. With giggle and peck on the cheek she sat back and continued to talk my ear off.

As night time grew again on the horizon we made plans to stop and get some dinner and place to stay the night. Cindy suggested we go see a movie before we turned in. After dinner we headed for the theater around the corner from our motel. The movie was ok but having Cindy leaning close by was even better. She gentle took my hand and held it then whispered it was like being on a date. She gently leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then rested her head on my shoulder. When the movie ended we walked hand in hand back to motel together.

Once in our room we got ready for bed. I was lying on my bed watching a little TV while Cindy had a shower and got ready for bed. She came back in the room with one towel around her and another one wrapped around her hair. She looked great dressed in only a towel.

“Your turn Uncle Pete.” As she walked by drying her hair

I remarked that I liked her outfit and she gave me a slap as I walked by for my shower. When I came out Cindy was lying on my bed still in her towel. I asked if she was going to wear that to bed.

“I think I just might” replied Cindy.

With that I sat on the edge of the bed a tried to watch the TV but was too distracted with view of my niece lying there with just a towel on.

“Uncle Pete could you rub my back for me? I think I have kink from all the driving we did today.”

“Sure honey” As I started to rub her back she threw the towel of on the floor!

Now I was looking at the greatest backside of all time. I suggested that it might be a good idea to cover her butt, but Cindy just said it would get in the way. Something else was getting my way right now. As I started to massage her shoulders and down the center of her back, Cindy just laid there and purred like a kitten.

As reach the small of back she said “Right there.”

I turn a little bit to get an easier grip on her back and got a better view of her ass and those bald pussy lips.

The lips were starting to become wet. She was really enjoying this back rub. As moved lower, Cindy asked if I would mind doing her legs too. Of course what was I going to say? I turned and got fully on the bed and continue the massage. Now everything was in full view. As worked my way up her legs I gently rubbed against her now very wet pussy lips. Cindy was now moaning in low purring sound. alsancak escort I didn’t move my hand away but instead continue to slowly rub up down her lips. Cindy began to rock her butt back towards me and she had now buried her face in the pillow she had under her. I gently leaned forward and started to lick her wet lips. This sent her flying!

She rose up on her knees and pushed back into my face as my tongue entered her. My fingers were busy with her clit and Cindy was about to blow. She shook and trembled as her orgasm over took her. By this time I was ready to blow too. My cock was frothing and the front of my jogging shorts was wet with pre-cum.

As Cindy settled down after her orgasm I continued to lick her from her little rosebud asshole to pussy lips.

“Enough Uncle Pete! I need a rest.” Cindy moaned.

With that she turned over to lie on her back. Her cute titties rose and fell as breathing started to return to normal. She reached up and pulled me to her as her lips met mine. This was not a niece and uncle kiss. It was full open mouth and tongue kiss. Cindy ran her hand down my front and into my shorts grabbing hold of my throbbing cock.

“Better be careful. It might go off if you keep that up.” I said.

She kissed me once more and slowly kissed her way down to take off my shorts. Cindy then lay between my legs and proceeded to slowly stroke and lick my cock. Her tongue was hot and wet and I knew I was not going to last long. Cindy knew that to as my cock was throbbing in her hand. She just popped it in her mouth and started sucking for all it was worth. I erupted in less than a minute and my cum poured down her throat. Cindy never stopped suck or swallowing until I was dry.

Cindy made sure that I was done and then crawled back up and laid down next to me. We fell asleep on top of the covers, snuggled together.

Around 2:00 am I felt something warm on my cock. As I opened my eyes I found Cindy lazily sucking on my cock again.

I looked into her eyes and said “Come, get on and let’s go for ride”.

She slowly crawled up and inserted my cock into the tightest pussy I have ever felt. Cindy slowly pushed down until there was nothing left to go in. She proceeded ride me to another orgasm. I lasted much longer this time and enjoyed every minute of it.

We took off the next morning after fucking our brains out in shower and we were now behind our schedule by four hours. It didn’t matter much to us as her father had no idea we were coming. We stop buca escort a couple times to sight see and have a quick blowjob and Cindy loved getting her pussy licked on the hood of car in a rest stop. Lucky for us no one saw us.

We finally arrived at our destination late that night. After diner and showering together Cindy decided to call her dad and let him know he still had a daughter. She talked to him for about an hour. When she finally hung she looked at me and jumped me on the bed. As she was not wearing anything but a towel it didn’t take long to get naked. I slow rubbed her back and her great butt for awhile. When I couldn’t take it anymore I just went down on her. Since this is her favorite it didn’t take long her to cum again.

I rolled her over on stomach and had her get up on her knees.

“Uncle Pete you devil you like to fuck me anyway you can don’t you?”

“Oh yeah and tonight we are going try something new sweetie”

I then entered her from behind, sliding deep into pussy. As I slowly pumped from behind, using my thumb I started to play with her little rosebud. Rubbing it at first then entering slowly to first knuckle. Her head jerk up and she turn her face to me with a grin.

“Going to try some backdoor Uncle Pete? I have never had anything in that hole so you had better be gentle back there.”

I continued to push my thumb in and out a little to get her use to it. I then pulled out and inserted a finger and worked it around. The second and the third finger followed. Cindy was moaning and shaking her butt to new feeling.

I had been slowly fucking her from behind and she was really wet. I pulled out her pussy with ‘pop’ and started to insert my throbbing cock into her anal passage.

“Go slow and let me get use to it.” Cindy moaned.

That I did. After what seemed like an hour I was buried balls deep in her ass. I start to fuck her ass with long slow strokes until she started to slam back into me on each down stroke. I played with her clit until she took over and I just grabbed two handfuls of ass cheeks and held on.

After about ten minutes my balls started tighten up and I was ready to blow a load deep in Cindy’s ass.

“Uncle Pete is going to cum in your ass sweetie”

Cindy had been rubbing her clit and was ready to cum too.

“Oh yeah come in my ass. I’m cumming too Uncle Pete!!”

With that I let go with one of most powerful cum’s I have ever had. Cindy was screaming loud enough to wake the dead.

I laid across Cindy’s back and both of us came down from her first ass fuck. It was off to shower again. After another slow blowjob and pussy licking to was off to bed. God I love this gal.

Well Cindy met with her dad and they have become good friends again. If dad only knew that Uncle Pete had tasted his daughter charms or maybe he does……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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