Coming to the Teacher

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Showing my body off really turns me on. My gym/health teacher in school also really turns me on. How can I put those together?

I walk into Mr. Stevens’ office after school has let out. My body is already aroused, I hope my pussy isn’t too wet yet, but I know it’s going to be soon enough anyway. I’ve devised a plan. He’s a health teacher, and my body is part of health, isn’t it? So if I have questions about my body, he is the perfect person to come to. It’s only natural.

I’m 18. 5’2, I hate being so short, but only 110 pounds, so much of which seems to be in my bra. 32C and very perky. I might as well show it while I can, right? Mr. Stevens is basically your average late 30s teacher, but I’m into that. VERY into that. I can’t say why. I could listen to him talk about eating salad and running to stay fit all day.

So anyway, I walk into his office, flushed.

“Hi Sarah, nice surprise to see you here today.”

He has no idea what’s about to happen to him.

“What can I do for you?”

I have a perfect shy act all ready for him.

“Well, you see.. Mr. Stevens, you’re my teacher and I trust you..”

“What is it, Sarah?” He seems genuinely concerned.

“It’s embarrassing, but I have some questions.. about my body..”

“Oh! You can ask me anything. I’ll do my best to answer the questions you have and I assure you it’ll all stay just between us.”

“Well, um.. I don’t know if I can ask now, I thought I could, but it’s too embarrassing. I’m sorry for wasting your time!” I’m ready to run out, hoping, knowing he’ll pull me back in.

“Don’t do that, Sarah! You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Tell me what you’re thinking, I want to help you.”

“And you promise it’ll stay between us?”


“Okay, well.. it’s my breasts.” Mr. Stevens looks shocked for a second but quickly rearranges his facial expression to try to appear neutral. He coughs a little and shifts in his seat.

“Your breasts?”

“Yeah, Mr. Stevens. I’m just worried that maybe one is a little bigger than the other and how weird is that?”

“I see, well, that’s perfectly natural, actually. Most women’s breasts are a bit different in size or position from each other.” He’s trying to stay calm. His hand has moved to his lap, and I can feel my nipples getting hard.

“Really? I didn’t know that. What do you think about mine? Do they look okay?” I run my hands over my shirt, down my breasts, to smooth it out so he gets a better view.

“Sarah, I’m not sure this is an appropriate question..” I can tell he’s getting more flustered.

“Why? It’s just between us, isn’t it? I just want to know what a man thinks about my breasts.”

“It is just between us.. I will say that they don’t look uneven or different from each other at all, actually.”

“That’s because of my bra! If you saw me without a bra, you could totally tell.” I was feeling a mix of thrill and anxiety, hoping he’ll go this route with me.

“Oh, well, even so…” He’s at a loss for words. I think I’ve got him.

“Could I show you?” He visibly jolts in his seat.

“Sarah, I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Please, it’s just so you can tell me if they are normal or not. I really need this assurance.

You’re my teacher, I have no one else to go to. I won’t tell anyone.” I’m begging to show him my tits. He has to let me.

“I want to help you..”

“Then just let me show you, just tell me if they look okay. Can we lock the door at all?”

“Yeah, of course. Let me shut off the main lights so no one realizes I’m here, either.” Sudden change in his willingness, I see. He turns off the lights, and when he gets back to his desk, he turns on a smaller light that just illuminates his desk. “Why don’t you come over here,” indicating I stand at the front of his desk, in front of him sitting in his chair. “just so the light hits you better.”

“Thank you so much for doing this for me.. I’m a little nervous, though..”

“It’s okay, Sarah. Don’t be nervous, just let me see, I’ll tell you what I think.”

I slowly lift my shirt off in front of him. I AM nervous at this point. aksaray escort I’ve never actually shown my body off like this, I just fantasize about it all the time. I’m standing in my bra, and I hear him breathing slightly harder. One hand is in his lap, the other gripping the side of his chair. I reach back and unhook my bra, letting it drop to the ground. I keep my tits covered with my hands, though, not believing this is really happening.

“Let me see.” He sounds so much more forceful now, not like the hesitation he was feeling before. I drop my hands to my side and look away.

“Oh, Sarah” he practically moans.

“Are they okay?” I peek over at him, he’s sitting back now, the hand in his lap sort of holding his cock.

“They’re perfect.. your breasts are amazing.. you really have nothing to worry about at all.”

“You think so?” I reach up and start to touch myself.

“I’ve never seen such perfect breasts before, actually…” he seems to be in a trance.

“Thanks.” I laugh a little, I’m still nervous.

“Can I ask you some questions now? As your health teacher.” I’m taken aback.

“Yes, of course.”

“Are they sensitive? Does it feel good to stimulate them?”

“Yeah I love that. I mean, I’ve only done it to myself, so far, but I really like it.”

“You’re a virgin?” He seems surprised.


“Well, you have nothing to worry about when you venture into the world of sex. May I help you test to see if they are sensitive to another’s touch?” I can’t believe he’s asking me this. I wanted this to happen, but I never thought it really would.

“Um, yes.. I’d really like that.” I step a little closer to him, and he leans in. His hands reach up and cup my tits. “Do they feel okay? Firm enough?”

“So perfect” he mumbles, like he doesn’t even remember the situation. He starts squeezing and rubbing his fingers over my nipples. I not-so-accidentally let out a small moan. This brings him back to reality. “So I take that as it feels good?”

“Really good! Better than I would’ve imagined.” He continues playing with my tits as I stand there in front of him. “Mr. Stevens?”

“Hmm?” I can’t believe how much he’s liking this.

“I have another question…”

“Oh, go ahead.” He doesn’t take his hands off my tits, but he looks up at my face again. My heart is pounding. Can he feel it?

“This is even more embarrassing, I mean.. it’s just…”

“Sarah, you know you can trust me.”

“I know, I do. It’s just I’m nervous about how my pussy looks.” I look away, embarrassed but turned on by using that word in front of him. He quietly grunts and shifts in his seat.

“Do you want to show me, Sarah?”

“I do.. I want to know if you think it’s nice or not, but that’s so embarrassing, and I know totally inappropriate.”

“It’s okay, Sarah.” His voice is soothing, He’s lightly caressing my breasts now. “Show me.” He’s on the edge of his chair and I start to move my hands towards the button of my jeans. His eyes are locked on my hands.

“No one has ever seen me like this before!”

“I’m glad you came to me with these questions, you know I’m always here to help you.” He’s practically panting.

“I know, thank you Mr. Stevens.” My pants come down. I bend over to pull them off my feet, along with my shoes and socks, and my face ends up hovering over his cock, still covered by his hand. I hear his breathing quicken as I stand up in just my panties.

“Sarah, why don’t you sit up on my desk and put your feet up here,” indicating the sides of his chairs. He moves his book, and I hop up. I spread my legs and put up my legs around him, pussy still covered in my panties. He moans.

“You haven’t even seen it yet!” I like teasing him.

“I can see you’re wet..” It’s true, I’m soaking. I’ve never been this turned on in my life. I reach for the waist of my panties, ready to take them off. “Let me help you…”

“Okay,” I kind of giggle. I’m breathless. This teacher I’ve been fantasizing about all year is about to see my wet pussy. I lean back and place my hands behind me, lift my ass for him, and he pulls anal yapan escort my panties down my legs. I close my legs at the knees.

“Don’t. Let me see.” He pushes my legs apart and runs his hands down my thighs a bit, holding my legs open for him. My pussy is on fire.

“Ohhh, Sarah, fuck,” his hands are digging into my thighs. I can see his cock straining against his pants.

“Do you like it?” I had a shy, nervous act in the beginning, but now I’m really feeling it. I hope he likes it.

“You’re incredible.. your whole body.. your pussy is perfect.. I can’t believe how wet you are,” he’s lost, staring at my pussy, gripping my thighs.

“Well.. having you see me like this is turning me on a little..” He grunts.

“Do you masturbate?” I’m surprised he suddenly became coherent enough to ask.


“How often? Do you rub your clit or finger yourself?”

“Mr. Stevens..” I’m just pretending to be surprised.

“Ahh, Sarah, I’m sorry. You look amazing, I just want to make sure everything feels good for you, too, like your breasts.. as your teacher..” I’m getting wetter by the minute.

“I know.. I’m just embarrassed..”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone masturbates, I masturbate.”

“You do?”

“Of course.”

“Well, I mean.. yeah, I like to rub my clit..” his hands are rubbing up and down my thighs now. I’m dying. “I finger myself sometimes, too.. I’m really tight, I think. Too tight maybe.” Pleeease take the hint, please.

“Oh Sarah.. you do look tight..” he runs his hands up and puts his thumbs on either side of my puffy outer lips, spreading me slightly. He’s almost bursting out of his pants. “Could I…?” I’m not sure what he has in mind exactly, but I nod and moan as I feel his finger slide up and down my slit. “I can’t get over how perfect your pussy is.. nice, juicy outer lips, small pink inner lips.. so wet..” His thumb reaches my clit and I gasp. “Feel good?”

“Yes, Mr. Stevens.. ” I moan as he rubs my clit. “Thank you for helping me today..”

“I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t.” His other thumb starts to tease the entrance to my pussy.

“Could you tell me if I’m too tight or not? Please?” I need his finger in my pussy. I need it. My hips are starting to rock in response to his finger on my clit.

“Sarah.. I want to help you, I hope you know your body is amazing and you have nothing to be worried about.. but I’m your teacher. I’m not sure we should be going this far.”

“Please, Mr. Stevens. Please! I just need to know that it’ll feel good when I have a cock in me.” He takes his finger off my clit and spreads my pussy with his left hand, still teasing the entrance with his thumb.

“I can’t believe you are sitting in front of me like this, this turned on,” he says, almost to himself.

“You’re turned on, too, aren’t you? I can see.. ” It’s the first time I’ve mentioned his cock, even though I’ve had my eyes on it this whole time. He coughs, startled.

“This is about you, about your body. Don’t worry about mine.”

“But it would help me to know if I’m making you hard. If I am, it’s more proof that you like my body..”

“Fuck, Sarah. I love your body.”

“Let me see how much. Please.” His hands are still on my pussy but he reluctantly pulls them away towards his crotch. We make eye contact, but then I look down to his hands undoing his pants. He lifts up and pulls down his pants and boxers in one move. His cock is big, bigger than I realized, and totally hard.

“Look at what you’re doing to me,” he almost whispers. I moan. He scoots back towards me and puts his hands back on my throbbing pussy, rubbing my clit again.

“Please, Mr. Stevens. Tell me how mu pussy feels.” He gives in. He spreads my pussy and slides his middle finger right into my pussy, as deep as he can.

“Sarah.. fuck..” I moan as he slides it in and out of me, slowly.

“Do you think it would feel good around your cock, Mr. Stevens?” I manage to ask. I keep trying to reinforce his name, remind him he’s my teacher. It turns me on so much.

“Jesus Christ.. yes.. Sarah, yes.. you atakent escort are so tight and warm and wet..”

“Too tight?”

“Not at all,” he groans. He slips a second finger in me, I feel him stretching me. I lay back on the desk. This is all I’ve wanted since I saw him at the beginning of the year. He’s pushing them in and out a little faster now, I’m moaning and rocking my hips. “You like this a lot, don’t you?” he asks. I manage to gasp a yes.

He thrusts his fingers in me and stops moving them. I moan in frustration and rock my hips even more but then he uses his other hand to keep me still. I feel him rubbing inside my pussy, then I feel him put his finger back on my clit. The orgasm is building inside me. I look up and we make eye contact.

“Has anyone else ever made you come before?” he asks.

“No.. please.. I need to come, Mr. Stevens..” I’m desperate.

But then he pulls his fingers out. I moan in protest. He stands up. I see his cock standing over me. “You asked if your pussy could make my cock feel good. Do you want to find out?” He’s starting to rub the head of his cock against my clit. My pussy is aching to be filled by him.

“Yes, please..” He has his cock pushed up against the entrance of my pussy, teasing me again. “I can’t take this, please fuck me, Mr. Stevens.” He slides his cock up and down my pussy again instead, teasing my clit.

“Sarah.. fuck, I don’t know. I’m your teacher. We’ve gone too far already. You came to me to help you figure some stuff about your body out, but I shouldn’t have let it go this far.” He’s still rubbing against me. I can’t believe he’d go this far and back away. His dick is throbbing, my pussy is begging him in. “I don’t want to take advantage of my position.” I almost laugh. I’m the one who manipulated him into this to begin with.

“Please, I need your cock in me. I need it.” He puts the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy again. He’s starting to push in a bit but still hesitates.

“Tell me again.”

“Fuck me, Mr. Stevens. I need your cock deep in me.” And with that he pushes in. We both moan. It’s tight, I know it’s tight. I can feel him stretching me, and he’s moving slow. I’m so turned on that it doesn’t hurt at all, it feels so good. He leans over me, hands on either side of my body. I reach up and pull him closer to me and our lips meet for the first time. My entire body is on fire. He moves his mouth down to my neck and breasts. He’s fucking me a bit harder now.

“Fuck, Sarah.. how could you ever question your body.. your pussy.. I’ve never felt anything this good.” He pushes deep inside me and stays still a minute. We make eye contact and I clamp down on his dick. He slowly pulls it out of me and moans. “How can you know how to do that? Fuck.” He pulls totally out of me.

“No, don’t stop!” I whimper. He pushes into me again, harder this time. We are both lost in how good this feels. I look up at him and make eye contact again. “You’re gonna make me come, Mr. Stevens.”

“Come on my dick, Sarah. Come for me.” He’s pounding me, hitting all the right spots with every stroke in.

“I’m..” is all I manage to say. I’m coming, so hard. I’m moaning, grabbing at him. I feel it in my toes. This is nothing like the orgasms I give myself. I am barely aware of my surroundings, I can hardly hear his own moans. As it starts to subside, he starts fucking me even harder.

“I want your cum now,” I say. He moans. I look right at him. “In my mouth.” With that he pulls out and backs up. He’s breathing so hard and saying my name, fuck, the only words he can say at this point. I get down on my knees in front of him and waste no time taking him in my mouth. I take him as deep as I can, gagging a little, and start bobbing up and down. He grabs my hair, and it’s so hot. He moans he’s about to come, and I moan in response. In no time, I feel the hot spurts of cum hit the back of my throat and tongue. He slowly withdraws from my mouth, and I swallow all his cum. He rubs his cock against my lips and sits back in his chair, sweating and panting.

I climb onto his lap and start kissing his face, unsure if he wants my mouth after he just came in it, but he grabs my face and pulls me in for a full kiss.

It’s gotten dark since I first came into his office. We’re both spent, and he’s rubbing up and down my body.

“Can I come back to you if I have other questions?” I ask innocently.

“Please do,” is all he manages to say.

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