Couples Only: Glory Hole Night Ch. 02

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(Hi All. Thanks for your feedback and voting part one of this series! You don’t have to read part one to quickly grasp what is going on with the two male roommates. This story contains mmf action.)

A few weeks have passed since the “Couples Only” party and I, Dave, have been settling into my part-time persona as Dawn quite well. I have been enjoying it, really. My sex life has picked up dramatically and my only regret is the opportunity did not present itself earlier. I have been keeping myself in shape by running, lifting, and watching my diet. Both sets of clothes fit me exceptionally well and I can connect easier with people; a real “coming out” party if only to myself. I like my duality.

I was thinking about sports and smoothly transitioning to what I should wear during “special” occasions and how to speak like a woman, how to move, and how to tease. I was still wearing my 9-5 clothes and casually talking to my roommate Joe about this and that while opening a bottle of wine. We have been spending a lot of time together, weight lifting and keeping in shape and, well, other things. Our conversations are generally cordial and we are relaxed being with each other.

Pouring us glasses of wine, the doorbell rang and Joe sweetly answered the door for me. Eve came bustling through door, thoroughly exasperated.

“Guys, I have not seen you in way too long after the party! How did it go? Dave, did you pass for a female? Joe, did you get laid? Come on. Tell me!” Her questions were as fast and fluid as her motions.

She quickly closed the gap between the door and the middle of the living room. Her shoulder length auburn hair was flowing behind her and I was able to once again see her c-cups bounce demurely in her pink t-shirt as she moved quickly into the apartment. I really enjoyed eyeing her tight thighs hugging the designer jeans and the cute running sneakers she enjoys wearing. I am sure Joe enjoyed the view from behind, knowing intimately his desire for nicely shaped rumps. She came to a full stop as she saw me with two glasses of wine.

I closed the gap between us and easily slipped a goblet into her palm. I handed the other to Joe and sauntered back to the kitchen to retrieve one for myself. I then realized my movements and quickly attempted to get back into my “male” character.

“What are you doing?” Eve asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I replied in my normal voice and manner, looking at her as I pulled another glass from the cabinet.

She seemed to do a double take and then contemplated before speaking again.

“What is going on with you two? You don’t, I mean, I don’t know what is going on. You guys don’t argue as much and, well, it just seems weird. What happened at that party? You two have changed since then.” She was looking at each of us, trying to gain some insight.

My roomie and I gave her no indication, one way or another, and did our best to hold ourselves without comment. I sat on the couch and Joe sat on the recliner, so Eve sat opposite me on the couch and looked us over conspicuously.

“You all are different. What is with the wine?” She said, sipping the merlot and eyeing us suspiciously. “Don’t get me wrong. This is really good wine but really? Wine? Where is the beer?”

I was enjoying her discomfort and trying to figure out what perfume she was wearing. I looked over to Joe who also was not giving her anything to chomp on and pin on us.

I spoke first. “Eve, relax. This is just a phase. We are trying different wines and even different liquors. Tonight,” I said, raising my glass, “I was in the mood for Merlot.”

“Bullshit.” She said playfully. “Something’s up and I plan to find out.” She raised her glass to my pseudo-toast.

“Good luck.” Joe quipped while raising his glass to the toast.

“Aha! I knew something was going on. Tell me.” She eyed us both like she was a sleuth, leaning forward to show a bit of cleavage.

When we did not react to her exclamation, she grew more frustrated. “It is not as if you two blew each other!”

Joe sputtered into his drink and I am sure my eyes grew wide.

“You did?” Her eyes darted excitedly to each of us. “OH MY GOD! Details! Give me details!”

Joe stood up, shaking. “No way! Forget it, Eve. Let’s not discuss this any longer. Let’s talk about something else.”

I remained calm, “Eve, there is no way we are going to tell you what happened. You already know too much so I, we, would appreciate if you did not bring this up again or tell anyone.”

Eve was already on her feet and held Joe’s hand, “Come on, guys. We have been friends for a long time and I promise I won’t tell anyone. It will be our secret.”

“Eve, this is not your basic secret.” I said easily while crossing my legs. “You would know too much and be too tempted not to tell anyone.”

Eve was exasperated, “There has to be a way for me to find out what happened.” She locked her other arm around Joe’s waist, looking deeply into his eyes.

I could tell Joe was getting excited, looking downward poker oyna at the sexy redhead. “Um, um,” Was all he could utter.

“Quid pro Quo.” I quickly chimed.

Eve looked at me suspiciously. “What do you mean?”

“Well, we are about to tell you something that is extremely important to us. If it got out, we would be wrecked and you know that. However, if there is something we have on you then we would feel more assured it will be our, and only our, little secret.”

She took a defensive posture. “Well, I am not going to suck you guys off, if that is what you mean.”

Joe perked up at those words and was beginning to be more comfortable.

“No, that is not we will ask of you but how about something, like, maybe, how about we tell you while you are wearing, say, maybe, just your bra and panties?” I asked, hopefully.

Joe was quick to add, “Yeah. That would work.”

Eve seemed thunderstruck. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I think it is fair. Come on, we are all adults here and there is no way we want any of this to leave the apartment.” I continued my reasoning on her.

“I need a drink.” She said with exasperation.

Joe and I watched her lean her lithe body lean over the table and grab her wine, gulping it down with one swallow.

“That was good. Give me another. Let me think about this.” She was calming down.

“I have to do nothing else, right? You are going to tell me everything, right, and all I have to do is sit here?” She suspiciously eyed each of us.

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” We both said with wide smiles on our faces.

“I can’t believe I am doing this.” She said, while standing up and removing her shirt.

Eve watched us not missing a movement as she removed her sneakers, socks and eventually her pants. She stood with her hands on her hips, flipping her hair into place with a shake of her head. She looked hot as hell and we all knew it.

“Happy now?” She asked defiantly.

Joe was staring at her, openly ogling her shapely body, craning his head this way and that way, walking around her as if to memorize her form for future masturbation sessions.

“You are a wet dream, Eve.” I whistled. “And where do you do your shopping? That pink pussy cat on your white panties is a gorgeous touch. Of course, the pink frills on the white bra are also a nice addition to the standard bras I have.”

“Bras, as in you have many bras?” Eve asked dumbfounded. “What the fuck have you guys been doing these last few weeks?”

“Well,” I said to her with a smile while handing her a full glass of wine, “a whole bunch of things have been keeping us occupied-sexually.”

She drank about half the glass and plopped down on the couch. A few drops of wine splashed on chest and she slowly, very slowly, wiped it up with her middle finger, sucking on it. Eve knew she was teasing us and we were eating it up like starved pups. Our eyes focused on every motion of her hips, breasts, fingers, and her lips.

“Okay.” She finally said. “You guys have had your thrill and now I want details. Tell me everything. Leave nothing out.”

I set my empty glass down on the coffee table. “Joe can tell you while I shower and get more comfortable. You can ask me whatever you like when he showers after me.” She nodded and I went to the bathroom.

Joe sat opposite from her on the recliner and began the tale, never letting his eyes move an inch from her.

Well, you know how horny I am all the time and looking for pussy. So, I remember you telling me about a bar I have not gone to before so I decided to check it out. I see this knockout broad sitting alone at the bar. She looked to be in her thirties. I quickly sat next to her and ordered my beer. I was about to put the moves on her when she started talking to me! I thought she was a hooker but I did notice the wedding ring. I figured I struck out but when she saw me looking at the ring she told me not to worry. She introduced herself as Anne and she liked to enjoy herself to the fullest extent possible. Anne then led us to a booth with poor lighting after we received fresh drinks from the bartender.

We were talking for a few minutes, her hand on my thigh, and I see this big guy enter the bar and sit next to her, giving her a long kiss. Anne introduced him as her husband, Jay, and we shook hands. Jay then proceeded to tell me she is wild and kinky and they throw great parties. My cock is getting fucking hard. Anne moved her hand to feel my erection through my jeans and she started to grope it while her husband and I were talking.

I am sure they knew why I was speechless so they continued to talk while I was lost in pleasure. Here is this sexy, buxom woman feeling me up while her husband watched. Anne was telling me that maybe, just maybe, I could get invited to one of their parties but there was a slight catch. She said that everyone who attends is bisexual and there is an initiation. I told her I did not swing both ways but thanks anyway. She then put my hand on her breast and asked me if a canlı poker oyna titty-fuck was worth me giving one little blow job.

She was telling me to suck her husband’s cock and my reward would be her! As she was talking, I was pawing her monstrous breasts and I started to actually think about doing it! Plus, me going to the parties she says she throws, was a great bonus.

I had one hand buried in her cleavage as she was slowly masturbating me. The only thing I could utter was if I needed to swallow.

Can you believe it, Eve? I was going to suck a dick just to get laid! Anne told me I did not have to swallow since her hubby liked to snowball.

My head was spinning. Here, this sexy woman was telling me her husband liked to drink his own cum. I then looked at both of them and asked if my only options were to swallow or kiss him? They laughed at my joke by adding, ‘well you could have it in your ass instead.’ Her jiggling breasts dislodged my hand but her grip on me tightened seductively.

My rock hard cock answered for me and I asked where we should begin my initiation. We quickly left the bar and entered Jay’s van. The windows were tinted so no one could see inside. I could not believe how comfortable it looked. There was a very small leather couch on each side and the floor was plush carpet-something out of the seventies.

Anne wasted no time getting comfortable as Jay eased into the other couch. Anne was undoing the buttons on her blouse as Jay beckoned me over to him. I watched Anne’s huge breasts freed from the confines of her bra when I dropped to my knees in front of Jay. She had her skirt above her hips when Jay stood long enough to pull his pants down.

As much as I wanted to watch Anne masturbate I knew I had to take care of her husband first. Jay was semi-lying down, probably to give Anne a great view of the action. His cock was growing and I could tell it would be larger than mine. I kept thinking about Anne’s big tits as I leaned over and held his cock in my hand. I was thinking of her as I felt his balls in one hand as the head of dick slipped past my lips. Hearing her coo excited me as his shaft started sliding between my lips. I could feel him harden and taking his dick in my mouth became more and more challenging. Anne’s chants of ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ spurred me on as my head moved back and forth on Jay’s cock.

He was really hard and big. I was barely able to wrap one hand around his shaft, stuff as much of his cock in my mouth, and there was still more left. His balls felt like they held a lot of cum and I was worried I would end up swallowing some of it. Anne’s moans reminded me of the true prize so I started jerking the dick and started sucking it faster and faster.

He held my head in his hands and started pushing his hips up to match my motions. He started to groan as his actions became more driven. Anne was now chanting, ‘suck it, suck it, suck, get that cum’ over and over. Jay was now fucking my face and I could only hold onto his thighs as my mouth was invaded again and again and again.

He froze and I felt a deluge of cum filling my mouth. I backed my head up so only the tip of his cock was in my mouth as he unloaded. I had difficulty breathing and accidentally swallowed some of sperm. My mouth was still full of it though, when he finally finished.

I had my mouth closed when I looked up at Jay expectantly. I did not like the taste of a man’s cum but did not hate it, either. He slowly calmed down from his orgasm and was finally able to hold my shoulders and pull me in for the cum-filled kiss that apparently turns him on. I panicked when our lips met but I opened my lips so his cream could enter his mouth. I was hoping I could dump the contents into him quickly and I was scared as his tongue entered my personal space. The probe searched longer than I thought was necessary but I gave in to the intrusion to hurry this part of the initiation.

Anne crawled over to us and kissed Jay and then me. She licked up some cum that had dripped onto my chin, cheek, and neck. While her lips were buried in my neck, I was finally aware enough to caress those gorgeous globes and massage her nipples. She moaned and raised her head so I had free range at her chest. I wasted no time lifting those delicious d-cups to my lips and sucking each breast while savoring each moment. I eased away from her awesome tits and kissed her; our mouths probing each other with our tongues.

Anne motioned me to rise as she started undoing my pants. When I was off my knees, she pulled the pants down and enveloped my cock between her lips. The blow job was awesome! She definitely knew what she was doing. Looking down at this woman as her head moved back and forth, I was vaguely aware of Jay as he moved in the tight confinement of the van and knelt behind his wife to apply lotion to her ample mounds. Anne held my cock and looked up at me with a sexy smile.

‘Are you ready for that titty-fuck I promised, honey?’ She smiled while stroking my dick.

I barely had time to groan internet casino a yes when I felt her slippery tits surround my very hard cock. Jay was holding her breasts together as my cock appeared then disappeared between the flesh canyons once, twice, many times. Anne was massaging my balls with one hand and feeling my ass cheeks with the other as I slowly tit-fucked her.

Jay leaned over and licked my cock slit each time it appeared between her tits. I pushed between her heavenly gloves then felt a man lick on my dick. I pushed again and again and he would lick and sometimes sucked the tip of my dick. Every time I pushed forward I felt a swipe his tongue or a suck between his lips or his breath on the tip my cock. I stared excitedly into Anne’s eyes and her massive tits as my cock appeared then disappeared between her globes. All the time she was caressing me, grabbing this or that body part, and generally pleasing me in one form or another. And all the while her husband would suck, lick, or grab a feel of my cock head.

My back hurt as I leaned over watching and feeling these incredibly sexy actions happening to me. My cock could not be harder as I fucked between those beautiful tits and feeling lips surrounding my dick. Anne spread my ass cheeks apart; sometimes slowly and other times real rough. She massaged my balls and then squeezed and spread my ass wide so she could slither a finger in between. I held onto her shoulders as my orgasm began.

The sensations were incredible. I came during an up-stroke and watched my sperm shoot just above the cleavage. The second spurt was captured by her husband’s mouth. The rest of my cum oozed onto her chest. Jay grabbed and jerked my cock as I coated one breast then the other. I felt two pairs of hands as my cock softened and the last of my sperm was spent on her neck and cheek.

I collapsed and watched the two embrace and kiss. He reached around her and fingered her pussy as she leaned back stroked his now hard cock. He laid back on the couch as she mounted him and they rode each other to simultaneous orgasms. I loved watched her ass jiggle and her body writhe as they came again and again.

“Oh fuck!” Anne finally said while sliding off his body. “I just love watching Jay have gay sex and then fuck me hard!” She said while slipping away from him and resting on the floor of the van.

“I hope you liked it. You were fun.” She said while getting comfortable on the floor.

“Are you kidding?” I asked. “That was fucking awesome!”

“Good. Because I am sure my hubby would agree you definitely passed the initiation!” Anne excitedly exclaimed.

I saw Jay smiling stupidly as he was regaining his composure and getting dressed. “Oh, yeah. He is good.”

Anne smiled at me, “Well, now that you know what we enjoy, all you have to do is bring a date to our next party.”

“I have to bring a date? I don’t have a girlfriend.” I sputtered.

Anne was really smiling now, “It doesn’t have to be a girlfriend, silly. Don’t you have a special type of friend to invite?”

“What do you mean, like a gay guy?” I asked her.

“We don’t prefer gay guys-they don’t eat pussy!” Anne quipped. “If you don’t have a girlfriend, per se`, what about a male friend that might, just maybe, like to act and dress like a girl?”

I tried to reason with her, “I have a roommate but there is no way he would dress like a girl!”

“Well then, just bring a girl,” Jay suggested.

“But I don’t know one that would attend the party!” I pleaded.

“You either bring a girl or a transvestite or no party.” Anne said animatedly, shaking her assets. “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

I was shaking as I put my pants on.

Anne was quick to tease, turning this way and that. “Don’t you want to push your thick, beautiful cock between my ass cheeks or fuck this hot cunt?”

I stared at her hungrily. “I will find a way! I promise. I will find a way!” I was too excited to turn her down.

“Good.” Anne responded. “Meet me in the bar in one week, same time. If, and I do mean IF, you have someone, then I will give you the date, time, and place. Remember,” she warned. “We only invite the FUN ones back to other parties. Jay or I have let couples leave the party early if they are not willing to PLAY.” She wore an evil smile as she spoke.

I shook hands with Jay and kissed and groped Anne one more time before I left their vehicle. Visions of Anne’s tits, cunt and ass spurred me on as to how I was going to accomplish this challenge. I thought of you, Eve, and then quickly dismissed it. I thought of my past girlfriends, my gay friends, and people I know but none would meet Anne’s criteria. I stepped out of the van with the perfect answer to how I would be able to fuck Anne: Dave.

Dave would get me out of this mess. He would help me score with Anne. He has put up with my plans and would somehow consent to this one. I figured I would not have to give him the details and hope he just goes with the flow. He is thin, good build, he might be able to pass as a woman. I will talk with Eve, I thought. I will let her know what is going on and she will help me. I chuckled when I thought of you, Eve, maybe going to the party as my date. Sigh. I knew that was not going to happen so I figured Dave was my last shot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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