Delivery Man Diaries Ch. 01

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The story your about to read is a true story, It’s about ME. A young, black delivery man from Brooklyn, NYC who works in Manhattan. I live a double life. On one side I’m know on the party scene as a big promoter who only dates models and cheerleader types. But I have this obsession for Mature BBW or Thick women. I can’t help it. As a delivery man, I’ve had my fair share of mature women. The stories I will share are true except for a few name changes. I hope you guys enjoy because I have more to cum!

Her name was Jade. Everyday I walked into her office, she’d sit there and stare at me from behind the desk with those big green eyes. Good morning I said as I gave her the package and required her signature. The beauty of my job as a delivery man was that I met a lot of beautiful women. Buildings apart, and worlds away. Some white, some black, some Spanish and some Asian my favorites were the thick older women like Jade. Jade was a sexy 37 year old BBW, White, married bahis firmaları Blond with a small waist and a Huge ass. Her tits were about a Triple D. From a previous conversation Jade reminded me that we had a lunch date the next day. I smiled and told her to call me later on tonight.So what are we going to have for lunch she asked as we stepped on the elevator. I said whatever you want to eat Jade. In the back of my mind, I’m saying I’d like to stick my cock in your fat pussy for lunch,I smiled as the thought ran across my mind.

So we got outside, we decided upon a small sandwich store across the street from her building. As we finished our order Jade said I’d like to have that to go, I shot her a look like “go where”? She said let’s eat in your delivery truck, but she said it with a little slick smile, I complied. I opened the back of the truck, she hopped in first then I followed. Locked the truck. She sat her huge ass on one of the boxes.

She looked at kaçak iddaa me and said did you really think I wanted to come back here just to eat, she looked at me and said come fuck my brains out. We immediately began kissing as we kissed her hands were hungrily releasing my belt, she pulled my fat black dick out and began stroking it, I had my tongue down her throat, her pussy was on fire.

She got on her knees and gave me the greatest blow job of my life. I shot a mean load down her throat, this bitch was a fucking freak, she drinks cum like its her morning coffee. I commanded her to get on all fours. She complied. I began to lick her asshole, I stuck my tongue deep in that huge ass of hers. Boy did she go off. She began squirming and moaning.

Telling me that she needs to be fucked like the whore she is and that she’s a slave for my black dick. She couldn’t take it anymore. She begged to be fucked. I reached for my magnum in my pocket, she says what the hell are kaçak bahis you doing? Fuck me raw, I want u to cum in my fat pussy, I looked at her and said bitch I protect my dick at all times, she begged and pleaded. Her final plea was, I’m a 37 year old bbw from long island who’s been with one man for 20 years, he doesn’t fuck me, I’m clean…for some reason I believed her. Before she could finish, my dick was assaulting her fat pussy. She screamed like a banshee. “Fuck my big white ass” “fuck me with your big black dick” I fucked her, pulled her hair, slapped her ass. “Fuck my big white ass” “fuck me with ur big black dick” I fucked her, pulled her hair, slapped her ass…she began to cum on my dick, as she came she squealed and screamed. She begged for me to fill her fat white pussy with black cum.

“Fill me with your hot black seed” her wish was my command. I bust a fat ass nut in her pussy.We began to get cleaned up and get dressed .As we got dressed she stared at my dick and said dear god, what have I done? Why the fuck did you wait so long to fuck me? We both laughed. She said let me get back to my office. Call me later,

I might need some of that dick in my asshole later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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