Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 04

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The Sunday after the crazy Friday and Saturday was a pretty quiet day. When I woke I unwrapped my balls from Amrita’s panties. Gave them a big sniff, and hid them with the other three pairs of panties I collected.

I spent the day studying and watching some football playoffs. I briefly saw Amrita as she was about to leave to go back to her own school, and her boyfriend. She gave me a discreet wink as she turned to leave. Natasha didn’t seem to suspect a thing. I found out later she was kept distracted by fucking my friend Chris.

I didn’t see Catherine until after dinner when she showed up at my room. She was wearing her the white cotton pantyhose; the pantyhose I sniffed the other night and dreamt about the previous night. Over top of the pantyhose she was wearing a burgundy, wool mini skirt and a yellow blouse. She looked conservatively pretty. Her red hair flowed down over her shoulders, and her green eyes had an extra sparkle that evening.

Catherine walked right into my room and before I could say anything she put her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me. I was taken off guard. I did not expect her to be so forward. Her lips pressed softly yet forceful against mine, actually causing me to step back a bit, but I quickly gained my composure and started to return her kiss. The heat from our kiss flowed through our bodies as we stood melting into each other. My blood flowed quickly, and I was fully aroused due to the unexpected aggressiveness from Catherine. I started to give her strong open-mouthed kisses down her neck.

“Oh Mike.” She voiced as she tilted her head, my mouth followed the curves of her neck. I stopped to gently nibble on her ear and she let out a faint moan. Our lips met again and our tongues began to duel in each other’s warm mouths.

I then lifted Catherine up and gently laid her down on my bed. As I gently kissed her cheek she said; “Mike, we are going to have to take things slow. I know you’re not used to that, but I can’t let this go to fast.”

“I know Catherine, if you feel uncomfortable, just say so.” With that she reached up behind my head and started to kiss me again. I was a little surprised and I raised my hand to the buttons of her blouse. That’s when her hand came to mine to stop me.

“We had better stop.” She said, with a quick peck on my wanting lips. “I should go back up to my own room, but I really want this to work out between us.”

“I do as well.” I told her hoping this wasn’t going to be a mistake. I wondered how long she wanted to take things slow. Catherine and I got along really well. Was it going to be a mistake to start dating a friend, or it could be something very special? Did I want something “special”?

It was getting late after Catherine left, and I had an early class, but I had trouble sleeping. I just experienced the best weekend of my life. Starting by fucking Valerie, and then Amrita twice, and I had some flirtations with Catherine mixed in between. Despite this I still felt restless after being left hard by Catherine.

I reached under my mattress and felt the smooth, silk panties Valerie left for me. Only a couple of nights earlier Valerie was grinding on my throbbing cock wearing only these panties. The wetness of her vagina was seeping through them and rubbing against my thickness. She looked magnificent with her blond, wavy, hair flowing over her beautiful face. Her blue eyes peering through her half open eye lids and her panting through her full pouty lips. She was a gorgeous sight grinding into me. Her perfect 34C breasts jiggling on her chest defying gravity. Her breasts felt incredible. So firm on her 18 year old frame. Her nipples her always so hard.

I was able to feel the lips of her vagina almost wrap around my cock through her smooth silk panties. The head of my cock starting pressing against her clit. She loved the feel of my cock as she grinded harder and faster against me. Her juices were flowing right into her panties getting them wetter and I could feel her juices through them. I was more and more excited. My cock throbbed hard and my head was pulsing against her silk panties. I came hard filling Valery’s panties with warm load of cum.

I laid back in my bed feeling happy Valerie gave me her panties and wiped my cock off with them. I rolled over and fell into a deep sleep.

Catherine and I became a “couple”. It was a very different from my other relationships. To me it seemed much more like an early high school relationship. A lot of holding hands on campus, a lot of cuddling, and some extremely passionate make-out sessions that left me hard and not relieved. Nearly every night Catherine would bring her homework to my room, we would study together for a while, followed by a lot of passionate kissing.

I knew Catherine was a virgin but I didn’t realize how inexperienced she actually was until she told me about her previous boyfriend, Patrick. They dated for more than 2 years before breaking up during the first semester at University. She illegal bahis told me how it was a comfortable and nice relationship. She wanted it to progress more than just kissing, but she had to initiate everything. She found it very strange, because with her two previous boyfriends, she had to push away their over aggression.

She eventually came to the belief that Patrick is gay. The two high school students would kiss, and make out a lot but it never led to anything more. The furthest she ever went was having her breasts felt up over her shirt and rubbing a boy’s penis from the outside of his jeans. She told me she regularly would rub Patrick’s penis but he never would try to touch her.

This was a sharp contrast to my relationships. I lost my virginity at a party with a girl who was an acquaintance of mine. We would regularly have sex if we bumped into each other at parties. I hadn’t slept with a lot of girls, but after that it seemed like my relationships were more focused on sex instead of just being together. I was with one virgin, but it was very clear to me that she wanted to loose her virginity early on in the relationship. This did not seem the case with Catherine.

Catherine was definitely saving herself for that special guy. I read the forwardness she showed when she came to my room that Sunday night incorrectly. I thought she was saying to me that she was almost ready to loose her virginity, but really she was telling me she wanted us to be boyfriend and girlfriend. When she removed her clothes in front of me a couple nights earlier she also wasn’t saying she was ready; she was just drunk and trying to get me to stay with her. This relationship turned into a lot of frustrating nights alone, pent up with a hard on.

This led to me using the panties I had as a masturbation aid. Valerie’s silk smooth panties were my favorite. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring myself to putting them in the laundry after master bating with them. With the amount of time Catherine was spending in my room I was also getting concerned about her finding them. After cumming in Valerie’s smooth silk panties and cumming in Amrita’s lacy panties I threw them out. The only ones I kept were Catherine’s cotton white panties. After Catherine left my room at night, leaving me frustrated, I would pull out her cotton panties and stroke my cock with them. They always felt so good wrapped around my throbbing head. They always brought me the relief I needed but I was careful not to cum in them.

One Friday Catherine and I decided to go out with just the two of us. We went to a nice dinner and then watched a play on campus. Afterward we typically ended up back in my room.

Catherine was lying down on my bed and once again I was on top. Our kisses quickly grew from light and slow to heavy and fast. Catherine could feel me growing with excitement and I felt her legs spread as my thickness grinded against her. Her loose mini skirt started to bunch up to her hips. She was wearing her white cotton pantyhose I loved so much. My pants and boxers were safely separating my thick, hard cock from her pantyhose.

We had been in this position before but today I felt her legs rise up and wrap around my legs opening herself up to me. I slowly reached for her blouse and started to unbutton it. With her white blouse fully opened, Catherine instinctively arched her back allowing me access to her bra strap. I quickly reached around and unhooked her bra. “Ohhh Mike.” Catherine moaned while leaning forward allowing her blouse and bra to drop beside the bed.

I immediately cupped her virgin b-cup breasts. Never before had any man touched them. Then I lightly teased her pink and now hard nipples with my fingertips. This made her buck her hips harder into my throbbing cock. She could feel my hardness rubbing her and exciting her vagina through our clothes. I leaned down slowly kissing over her naked chest. Kissing around her breasts, then I lightly flicked her sensitive nipple with my tongue.

“Oh…that feels good.” Catherine panted and she wrapped her legs tighter around me. I moved up kissing her neck, then lightly on her earlobe as I gently pinched her nipples between my fingers. “Ohhhhh,” She continued; “I want to touch you.”

Catherine previously had told me she had never seen a fully erect penis, except in movies, and she had never touched one except over clothes, but tonight her hands went directly to my belt. I helped her undo my belt and her hands then opened my button and slowly she undid my zipper. She hesitated slightly, I thought she was about to stop but then she quickly yanked down my pants. Not wasting another second she reached into my boxers. I felt her trembling fingers reach around and slide over my long shafts. We continued to kiss as she wrapped her fingers down my shaft pushing the palm of her hand against the head of my cock. I continued to rub her breasts and tease her nipples as she started to lightly pull on me.

“I want to see it.” Catherine stated as she pulled illegal bahis siteleri her head away. We then rolled over on our sides, facing each other as Catherine looked down at my pulsing cock in her hand. She actually giggled for a second when she looked down but I wasn’t offended by this. It was just some nervousness being let out. Fascinated she ran her hand up and down my shaft very slowly. “I can see and feel your pre-cum. Does this feel good?” She asked as she continued to look down and stroke me.

“Yes.” I told her as her hand found its way to my balls. “You’ve made me get so hard.”

She licked her lips and for a moment I thought she was about to go down on me but instead she rolled over on her back again pulling me close to her with her legs wrapped around me.

“And you made me get so wet.” She said kissing me and thrusting her hips against me. Her white cotton pantyhose were now rubbing hard against my bare cock. I could feel my cock rubbing against her clitoris through her pantyhose. I had to slow myself down and I reached down into her panties.

“Just on the outside.” Catherine panted and I started to pull my hand away. “No, I meant the outside of my vagina.” She stated as she grabbed my hand to keep it from coming out of her panties.

I moved my hand back inside her panties and pantyhose and felt her the wetness of her small bush. I slid my middle finger over her slit letting it get moist with her virgin juices. I then slid it up, over her clit and started to very lightly rub her clit.

“Ohhh..Ohhh. Just lightly…” Catherine moaned as I continued to flicker her clit with my finger. “Yes like that.” I continued to gently rub her as she moaned and grabbed down to hold my cock. To get easier access to her I brought her legs together to pull her panties and pantyhose part way down her thighs. I slid to her side while she stayed on her back.

I continued to flick her clit and with my other hand I gently massaged above her clit. Still kissing her and she was still holding my cock in one hand. She then rolled over on her side pressing her bare ass against my cock. I continued to rub her and her breathing got heavier and heavier. Her wetness now enveloped her entire bush. I could now feel it right around my finger as I continued to flick her. I lightly bit on her ear from behind.

“Ohhh ohh.” Catherine moaned harder. “Ohhh ohhhh…….it’s happening….OHHH OHHHHH UUUGGGG!” She called out as her body shook and convulsed at the feel of my finger. She orgasmed hard. Shaking, not being able to take any more she pulled my hand away, but pressed her bare ass harder against my throbbing cock as she shook with pleasure.

A huge smile lit up her face and she rolled over and kissed my lips. I now felt her wetness pressed against my cock. She allowed my cock to rub up and press against her wet bush. She smiled but said, “I better pull these up.” And she pulled her panties and pantyhose back up to cover her virginity. “That felt really good – it’s true – it is better when someone else does it.” She said smiling and then kissed me again.

“I’m glad you let yourself enjoy it.” I told her and I rolled her onto her back and positioned myself back between her legs. We started kissing again and my cock started grinding against her pantyhose again. Still being sensitive to touch, Catherine once again started moaning. Feeling my thickness grinding against her she allowed me to continue to rub her. Her cotton pantyhose were feeling so good against the head of my cock. Her vagina oozing on her panties from the other side.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhaaaa,” Catherine called, “I can’t take anymore. Oooohhhh.” I moved back from her as she continued to breath heavy and regain her composure.

I was on my knees naked between her spread open legs she pulled her foot up and pressed it against my cock in an attempt to keep me any from her. Her foot was covered by her pantyhose. “Mike I need to rest for a minute.” She said panting, but I was enjoying the feel of her foot resting on my cock.

She laid back, catching her breath as she continued to slightly shake. Her toes curled over the tip of my cock. I felt her foot stretching the skin of my cock, and rough underside of her pantyhose pressing against me.

Catherine looked up at me and said; “Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to kick you away.” She said as she pulled her foot off.

“No.” I said; “Keep it there.”

“Really?” She smiled, and then started to rub my cock with her foot. Her pantyhose covered toes curled over my cocks head. “You like this?”

“Yes – please keep rubbing me.” I managed to get out. Her pantyhose felt so nice. Her skirt was still bunched up over her waist. Seeing her wetness showing through her pantyhose over her vagina was turning me on even more. Her pale, naked breasts with still hard pink nipples were showing off above her skirt. Her legs, covered by her white pantyhose were know stretch out to my throbbing cock.

“Oh yes.. that feels so good.” I was canlı bahis siteleri on the verge of cumming.

“Oh Michael – come here.” Catherine smiled and pulled me into her, wrapping her legs around my waist once again. She pulled me tight to herself and kissed me. I felt her, my cock rubbing up against her vagina covered by her pantyhose. I couldn’t take anymore. My throbbing hard cock started to pulse as I spurted out my cum.

“OH MY – WHAT…OH” Catherine shouted as I shot a warm load of cum on her tummy above her pantyhose. My cock pulsed and throbbed as I continued to shoot another load against her. I was pressed hard on her and still convulsed more. My cock oozed out every drop of cum my balls had been holding up for the past while. Spraying on her tummy and into her bunched up skirt and of course on her pantyhose covering her tiny bush.

I collapsed on top of Catherine. She seemed pretty shocked by what just happened. “Oh, it’s all over me and my skirt.” Catherine stated, “I didn’t expect that.”

“I’m sorry, you had me so turned on. I’m really glad you were able to orgasm.” I told her.

“Well then, it’s good you did too. I’m just surprised it happened that way.” She told me; “I thought I was going to rub you to return the favor, but I guess I didn’t have to.”

We laid on my bed a little while longer in what turned into an awkward silence. I wanted to tell her about my fascination with her pantyhose, but I didn’t think she’d be receptive to that. She seemed very surprised by me cumming on her. Soon we got up and cleaned ourselves.

That night I was hoping she’d spend the night in my room but instead she went back to her own bed. We had been now going out with each other for nearly a month and I thought things were very much progressing naturally, but she seemed a little confused by our actions.

The next day was Saturday and I planned on going out with some friends for a guy’s night out and Catherine was going to hang out with her friends. I was looking forward to it because it had been a while since I hung out with just the guys. Catherine and I spent time together during the day, but any time things started becoming intimate she’d cut it off. I really thought she just needed a day to reflect.

That night went without incident. They guys teased me a bit about dating a virgin and how long will it be before I pop her. I discovered Chris was having lots of sex with Natasha and Jeff seemed to be alternating between and striking out with two different girls. Chris also told me that Amrita was coming back to visit which made me a little nervous. He kept asking if anything happened between Amrita and I, which I denied and I was thankful Jeff didn’t verify Chris’s suspicion.

We all drank a lot of beer and I ended going to bed early. Soon after I ended up in bed I was surprised to hear the door knock. “I want to see you.” Catherine stated as I opened the door. “I came home early because I couldn’t stop thinking how you made me cum last night. My friends kept asking how things were going and when we’re going to have sex. I’m not ready but I want to have more fun.”

I had been in bed so I was only wearing my boxers, but I didn’t need any more clothes. Catherine was wearing just a miniskirt and t-shirt. Unfortunately no pantyhose but she had a nice pair of pink cotton panties on.

She walked right in after me opening the door and started kissing me. That action wasn’t too unusual. She did that often but this time I was nearly naked and her hand went right on my cock and she started rubbing me as she pressed herself against my bare chest. “This time, you can lie down.”

I sat down on the edge of my bed and she sat right on my lap straddling me. We passionately kissed. Heavy open mouth kisses allowing our tongues to tangle with each other. I was instantly turned on by her. My cock grew hard, throbbing and protruding from my boxers. She grinded against me with her mini-skirt now bunch up above her pink panties. She pressed her panties down hard against my cock getting herself as excited as I was.

She leaned back pulling her shirt off her body revealing her small firm pale breasts and her pointy hard pink nipples. I leaned in to kiss and suck on a nipple. “Oh Mike.” She panted. I swirled my tongue around on of her hard nipples as Catherine’s breathing began to rise. She arched her back letting out a shriek of pleasure as I bit lightly on her virgin nipples. “Oh you feel good.” She said as she stood up, then leaned over and pulled down my boxers freeing my hard throbbing penis. She then stood up and let her skirt drop to the floor.

The 5 foot 4 slender virgin, with her long wavy red hair, big green eyes and 32 B breasts stood in front of me, completely naked except for her pink cotton panties. I was now completely naked with my fully erect 8 inch cock being the focus of her eyes.

“Lie back.” Directed Catherine. Once again she straddled me but this time pushed me right back on my bed. Our naked bodies were rubbed against each other. Our pores opened allowing our sweat to rub and glisten on our bodies. She spread herself completely over me pressing her lips into mine. Her naked breasts slid over my chest and her panties pressed against the head of my cock.

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