Divine Dessert

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We had a marvelous tryst. We were exhausted and decided we would do it again the next night. It was a date!

Most of the day I was getting things done that were needed then somewhere from the back of my mind images from the night before played in my mind. I was distracted with thought of caressing, teasing and finally the climax. Before I knew it I felt like I should be on the menu at Wendy’s because I was feeling very hot and juicy. I could hardly contain my desires. When would he be home from work? What was taking him so long? I needed him now!

Finally he walked through the door. I had no desire for dinner. All I could think about was dessert. Something warm, sweet and sensuous.

I waited (impatiently) for him to finish his dinner. We put the children to bed. I prepared for bed by brushing my teeth thoroughly and running a brush through my hair.

I grabbed the body oil and proceeded to the bedroom. He was laying across the bed, clearly still wearing too many clothes. I coaxed him out of his shirt and pants with the offer of a back massage. My plan was perfect. With a little oil on my hands I kneaded his muscles working topkapı escort across his shoulders and strong powerful arms, then down his back and slipping off his boxers, I worked down his glutes. On I continued down his thighs paying special attention to the area between his upper thighs. Finally I finished his calves all the way to his toes. As he rolled over I again rubbed him down with oil feeling his skin warm under the touch of mine. I rubbed his chest teasing his nipples with my tongue. I continued to rub and caress him again paying special attention to the area between his thighs. The perineum was soft. As I tickled him gently with my finger nails along the perineum and around his testis and up his penis, I caressed the head of his penis with my tongue. It is so soft and as I teased him I could feel his member become erect, hard, long and hot. Now that is what I call standing at attention. How delicious.

As I continued to tease him with my tongue I also teased with my backside. Before I knew it he too was caressing me with his tongue. It is an amazing sensation. I am becoming hotter and juicier türbanlı escort as he explored my labia and clitoris with his tongue. Lick, thrusting, sucking, nibbling and then licking and thrusting.

Yes…yes…yes… oh my I need you inside me NOW! Deep, hard and hot. Suddenly, there he is just as I requested. I love the way it feels when he penetrates me. I love the long stroke. I lift my legs so he can get in deep.

As he thrusts he licks, sucks and nips at my nipples taking special care with each one. When he does that it makes his thrusting seem more intense, he feels HUGE inside me. Now he wants me to be on top. How I love this position. In my mind I am singing “back in the saddle again”! My, is he deep and in this position his movement hits me in the perfect spot. He loves this position because he can see my face when he makes me climax. Some small accomplishment to make me lose control of my inhibitions.

When I climax it makes him very hot and aggressive. As he is rocking, I am rocking and gyrating. He is caressing my breast especially my nipples and then I am no longer in control tüyap escort of my body. My muscles are contracting on their own and I can only moan, “I am cumming…I am cumming”! As my muscle start to relax I ask him if he would like to come in from behind. His smile gets very big. For him this is a particularly delicious position. It seems to caress HIM in just the perfect spot. He positions himself behind me and slowly enters me…oh boy, does he feel fine. He starts to thrust faster and faster causing my breasts to swing back and fourth, side to side. Faster and harder and with a great moan he explodes inside me. As he slows down I can feel his whole body shudder with ecstasy. After a few moments we both fall sideways, him still inside me.

We relax and take a short cat nap. I start to feel tingly again. I tell him I want him, no, I need him again. Again, he is hot because of my desire for him. I tell him I want him at the side of the bed with him standing up. I position myself at the side of the bed, as I spread my legs wide he looks at me with fire in his eyes. Suddenly he falls to his knees and starts to explore me again with his tongue. I am DELIGHTED! He seems to be delighted too. He makes me feel as if I were his favorite flavor of Ice cream. As he continues, I find I am already cumming…AGAIN! He thrusts his penis inside of me and we start all over again.

At midnight we do it all again. It is all so Divine…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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