Elizabeth’s Confession Pt. 04

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I left the hotel around 5:30 am, having serviced with cunt & mouth three of the night boys. All paid me 100 euros. In financial terms, my first night as a whore had been excellent. My meeting with my very estranged husband less so. Why was I married to the only straight man who didn’t want to fuck me? Still onwards as they say… On the down side I had not felt remotely satisfied except when been DPed at the pub. This was not good. Also, I must insist on men showering first. Their cocks stink of piss. Very nasty! I languished in a cab back to Aisling’s with my cunt clearly showing to the driver who wasn’t remotely interested.000 I just smoked instead. He pointed at the sign saying no smoking and I just shrugged and opened the windows. Would Sophia be home? Would Aisling be awake? Who gave a toss, not me?

I went into the house and found them both in the lounge, Aisling smoking a cigar! That was a new one on me. I was given a whiskey before I sat down. “Well?” Aisling asked.

“I sucked or fucked six guys, none of which was George. He had a hissy fit and left the room. He didn’t even touch me. It was all a little tedious, no big cocks and certainly no cunt. I’m full of spunk though…” I let that hang, “So I’m off to the shower!” I stood up, Aisling shook her head. “Sit down Niece, we have unfinished business, your cunt and I.”

My eyes were wide open now. “Yes Aunty, Is this ok Sophia?” She nodded.

“Why do you think we are still awake? She’s waiting for a slut to eat!”

I smiled and lay back on the couch, my seventy odd year-old aunt threw a cushion on the floor and dived in. I was in heaven. She blew smoke from her cigar straight up my snatch. That was new, then she carefully licked as much cum out of me as she could, sharing it both with Sophia and I, in deep French kisses. I thought I was a slut. After she made me cum for the second time, she carefully inserted her fingers, twisting them to allow greater access, then she curled her thumb up and began to fist me mercilessly. It was wonderful! She then took her other hand and wiping some cum from my cunt lubed my arse, sticking first one and then two fingers in my tight rear. She looked at Sophia, “This is too tight for a proper slut. It needs much more stretching to take a decent cock or dildo cold.” Aisling took on last luxurious pull on the cigar, offered me one, I took it, it made my hack, it was so strong as I drew the smoke into my empty lungs. I gave the stub back to her and she pushed it between her fingers into my cunt. Nasty! It burned my opening a little.

I was gasping for air, Cumming almost continuously and minus Aisling’s face it is all preserved on video, in HD, by Sophia. By this time, it was fully light outside. Aisling stopped fisting my cunt and looked at us both smiling and said “Tea, anyone?” It was like the slut with the cigar had been and gone.

We had breakfast and then all retired for a long sleep. When we woke it was to farewells. We need to drive across Ireland for the ferry back to England. I Promised to keep Aisling informed of my developing slutdom. Her parting words were “Men are all sissys! They think they are in control. They aren’t Teach George a lesson in sluttiness, girl! Above all fuck as many people as you can and have fun. Like I have”.

IT was a quiet day’s drive back to Dublin. We were both exhausted. (Sophia had been involved in an MMF threesome while I was out and was thoroughly used up. I know I cleaned her out twice, and she had a shower, before we left.) We drove on to the ferry and quietly had a meal, before going out on deck to smoke.

“Well Elizabeth, I think training is over. We part now as friends, or you can continue to complete submissive slutdom. This is the only choice. I shall not ask again, and you will be my complete submissive to abuse as I see fit. You will be shared with men & women, filmed, and marked as I see fit. Is this clear?”

I drew on my latest cigarette & looked out to sea from the ferry, thinking of my life. George was soon to be gone, would the children, most of all Milly still speak to me? In a small faltering voice, I looked toward Sophia and asked “Mistress, will I be much changed? I am already a slut.”

She laughed, “Slut you have much to learn. Yes, you will be changed. You shall be collared, tattooed, pierced and stretched. Your clothes, when you are allowed them will be minimal, but you will always wear high heels above 6”. You will be changed for your appointment with George at Christmas. I shall accompany you as your owner. I shall fully display you to your family. I will take great pleasure in my slut being made to satisfy her Mistress, and any one else that I think will enjoy you in front of your family, in full slut dress. You will be totally humiliated, I hope. If not, I have failed as a Mistress. I want to see your husband’s face as you are shown as a three-hole slut in public for all to see. Begging for release and asking to be paid to perform. I look forward to having you at kocaeli escort a family gathering displayed and willing to show what a slut you are, with no exceptions. Do you understand?”

“When do I start? Mistress Sophia.”

“Take off your coat, and drop the straps on your dress, now.”

I took off my coat, putting it on the seat behind me & peeled the spaghetti straps from my mini dress off my shoulders, my D cups coming into full view, ink, rings and nipples stretched from being turned on & the cold wind blowing. Several people, both men and women walked passed but said nothing, ahh the British! Eventually a woman stopped looked me up & down, (I was just standing on the Ship’s deck, with a cigarette, waiting for Sophia to tell me what was next.) She spoke “Are you alright love?”

Sophia answered for me, “She’s fine, she is taking the next step to being my submissive slut. As you see she has some mods, not enough, but a beginning. She is learning that she is of no consequence. Do you like her?

The woman, forty-ish with a terrible brown bob, loafers and ironed designer jeans with a simple button-down shirt, nodded. Looking at Sophia she said, “Yes she has hot breasts. Can I touch them?”

Sophia again smiled, “Don’t just touch, give the ring a good pull she screams adorably. Would you like to fuck her?”

“Now? Where?”

“I have a cabin & a strap-on waiting.” I was not asked, just told to follow, still showing my tits to anyone who looked. My cunt was soaked, already. I followed the Sophia and the brunette along the passageway to our small cabin. When I arrived, the etiquette was being discussed.

“She will take a strap on or your fist in either hole & she will eat you out until you tell her to stop. If you want to strike her do! If you give me your phone I shall film, you taking her.”

The woman laughed & beckoned to me. “Undress me slut, make me want to not hurt you.” I unzipped her jacket & then systematically unbuttoned & folded every piece of clothing, she reached in & kissed me, recoiling slightly from my tongue stud. “I don’t know what to do, it’s my first time with a woman.” she said to Sophia.

“No, but the slut does, it’s not her first time, today!”

I kissed her slipping b cup breasts, until she started to moan, then with her still standing, smaller than I was, even without heels, I began to kiss her belly, lingering in her navel, then feeling her need growing, I put her hand on my nipple ring and moved down to her untrimmed pussy, finding my way through the hair, it was starting to go grey and sprawled all over her groin. I felt her knees weaken and turned her so that she was able to sit on the bunk. I found her entrance & began to lap at her copious juice from between her legs. I could tell that this was new and exciting for her. She began to breathe faster, groaning into the air. I bit her labia, lightly and she screamed, “My God, that’s good!” She put her legs around my neck, pulling my head into me and screamed, “Yes!!” Even from between her legs it sounded like Meg Ryan, in ‘When Harry Met Sally’. I luxuriated in the wonderful sweet fluid lapping at it until I felt my hair pulled back.”

“You’ve enjoyed enough pussy, slut. Let the woman fuck you.” Sophia was dangling a fat double sided strap on from her fingers. She helped the woman, still no name, fasten it to her and insert it into her wet willing snatch. Again, denying me pleasure, then Sophia made me deep throat it, to lube it up. I was proud that I didn’t gag as she pushed my head on to it. “Lay over the bed slut and part your legs.” I did as bid, it stretched the suspenders to my slightly torn and damp fishnets. Then I felt my Mistress help position the stranger at my cunt’s entrance. She inexpertly pushed, and with no further ado I screamed as I was impaled on the biggest cock, even fake cock I had taken for a while. Certainly, bigger than any of the six from the previous night Bigger than Aisling’s fist too… She began to ram me with the dildo, it was wonderful & she thought so too. It got her off again, but sadly, not me, and then it was not pulled out but unstrapped from her. I was sweating, and my cunt was dripping down my legs, but It was not my place to expect satisfaction I facing the wall saw nothing. I heard the shower run, and then the woman got dressed. She thanked Sophia & kissed my cheek. I was given the toy to clean. Sophia watching, so I didn’t take pleasure from it.

“That was wonderful slut. Maybe there can be a next time?”

“If there is it will be charged, my slut is now paying her way. You are lucky to experience her last free fuck!” Sophia gave the woman her phone back. “If you want to share the film do. She is called Slut_Elizabeth69. Tell your friends what a hot cunt she is! Now good bye.”

With that the woman left and Sophia idly started to fuck me with the dildo stuck in my cunt. “Ahh Elizabeth you have done well. Now get dressed, I want a cigarette.” I pulled my dress on over my head. “Hmm, wait slut.” kocaeli escort bayan She looked me up & down, then tore the dress at the front of my cleavage, about 30cm down towards my middle. My inked boobs were now shown on both sides and the tension from the scraps barely contained them. “Come, slut.”

We went upstairs to the deck, thankfully no one was behind me on the stairs to see my dripping cunt, and both had a couple of smokes, neither of us spoke. I was scared and exhilarated, in a way I hadn’t been since the first Sunday, oh two months ago. What was happening to me?

After a while she looked at me and just uttered “Stay!” Then she turned and left, her flared skirt billowing in the Irish Sea breeze. I felt like a border collie! I assume I was supposed to. Everyone on deck was gawking at the plump middle-aged woman, in a torn dress, no thicker than a nightie, my tits on show, fishnets with suspenders showing below her hem and 6″ heels, shivering in the autumn winds. Her thick make-up smeared and her hair blowing freely. I lit another cigarette and held my head up. I was a slut and proud of it. So, I didn’t fit the expectations of dull English life. Good!

Eventually Sophia returned. She didn’t speak, she beckoned me with her index finger to follow her. What else was there to do? We went astern in the ship into a small meeting room. In it there was music playing and about a dozen men, beers in hand. I was ushered into the middle, where there were cheers. I started to sway to the RnB music. I knew where to start. I gyrated around them, sizing them up. A mixed bunch. No doubt not as big as Mistress’s dildos. Slowly I let my dress drop to the floor, stepping out of it to wolf whistles, Smiling inwardly at the positive response to my slut’s middle-aged body. I touched myself on both tits and cunt, pulling my rings while I danced, then fingering myself with three and later four fingers in my cunt. I bent over and fingered my arse too. God I was close to getting off. Notes in both pounds and Euros were being thrown at me.

I looked at Sophia, a glance was enough to stop my fun! Then, to the nearest guy. He started to open his fly, I nodded and lost in my own haze I kneeled and began to suck his cock. It was unremarkable. Hairy, smelly and average in every way. I made him cum, stopped, let go, then opened my mouth to show my tongue coated in cum. I whisked it around my mouth, pushed my finger in picking up some & smearing it on my tits, trying to look coy. I then swallowed to a huge cheer. He tossed more money on the floor. Carefully, I licked around his cock to clean him, then helped him dress. Repeat till finished. I was wrong there were fourteen of them. Not one made me gag with their tackle. One did at least kiss me while his cum was in my mouth. That was fun, sharing cum. But the rest, oh so passive. Still, there was enough money for the ferry and the fuel home. Afterward I pulled my dress on and returned to deck even more slutty, now I smelled bad too. I put fresh lippy on though! Other than a little harmless flashing there was no time for more adventures, as we returned to Liverpool and the SUV. I was still half dressed as we pulled off the ferry, pulling up my skirt, waist high, to flash at lorry drivers. With my wet and needy cunt.

We stopped part way home at a drive through burger joint and I of course gave the server a blow job, with door open. Sophia and I has nattered like any other middle-aged ladies on the motorway home, until we were near her place. When she rang Chrissey, the tattoo artist who worked upstairs. “No, I want to start tonight.” Was the last comment, and that sounded ominous? I gulped and fished a cigarette from the pack on the dash. I drew heavily and held the smoke until I started to choke. C’est la vie.

When we returned to Sophia’s shop, I was told to leave the bags and go indoors, immediately. I found a less than thrilled Chrissey. Sophia waltzed into the room with Scotch and glasses. “Now Chrissey, I have a target. My slut must be fully inked by Christmas. I am taking her to her husband’s for the holiday and want a complete slut. It must be unmistakeable. I want you to start tonight, with eyeliner, and lips. I want a complete whore look! She needs a neck tattoo, to link to her tits too.”

I gasped, looking from Mistress to Chrissey and back. This would be the end for Elizabeth the lawyer’s clerk and wannabe slut-wife. I would be out as a full-time sex-worker, submissive plaything. There would be no doubts. Did I want this, God Yes!! I went upstairs to the studio, shaking but excited my wetness running down my thigh, under my skirt.

I sat down in the chair where there had been so much pleasure in October and waited. Chrissey tied my hands and feet to stop me moving. She then without warning slapped my left breast so hard I winced. Laughing, she said, “Well it’s a bit more than a butterfly now, slut?”

I nodded & watched her ink the gun with jet black ink. I know there is cosmetic eye tattooing izmit escort that fades eventually, this was hard core full black ink. She wiped my eyelids with a cleansing cloth and began to fully cover my eyelids and some of the skin between the lid and brow, then still holding my lid closed, she ran the gun along the underside of my eye too. It was agony. It took an age, or so it seemed. When she stopped I braced and opened my eyes. I had permanent black eyeliner all-round my eyes. My lids were completely inked. My face forever changed. I could no longer feign innocence. I looked a slut. It was honest, I was!

Chrissey smiled then produced piercing needles. I gasped as I was prodded twice once in the centre of my upper- lip and directly below. Chrissey fitted two matching curved barbells that touched when I closed my mouth. “These are what Sophia asked for. A vertical Labret and above a Jestrum. I shall stretch them when they have healed. Tomorrow, when I get hold of a friend you will have collagen injected into your lips and then I’ll tattoo them bright red. Now sleep.” She pointed to a sofa and let me out of the chair. I nodded and lay down. Soon I slept.

I was a prostitute! Posh mother of three, who fucks for cash!! Pimped and modified, to her satisfaction by my Mistress.

I was woken by Chrissey with tea and cigarettes, my head was ok considering.

She looked me up and down. “Well Elizabeth, you will be here while I ink your neck, your ankles, hmm and back. After all every tramp needs her stamp. Oh, and your cunt and arse hole too. Fun?” I smiled weakly, not feeling at all slutty. Just in nicotine withdrawal and sore from last night’s ink. “Then, there’ll be one more special tattoo. I’ll save that ’till the last. Keep you on the edge of anticipation.”

After breakfast and several more fags Chrissey began again, keeping me in the chair and attacking different parts of my body to ensure she could work for the longest amount of time. Even on my lower legs I loved the feeling of the gun and started to squirm. “No orgasms, slut.” was all I was told. Thankfully there were breaks for tea and cigarettes, more for Chrissey than me. I was not allowed to look at a mirror until all was complete.

Around mid-morning, we had a visitor, a doctor, who smiled at my wiling predicament, had me sign consent forms and then injected my sore lips. (No, not those, the ones on my face!) with collagen. It would make my lips fuller and more rounded, hopefully more explicitly sexual too.

As ever, there were lots of pictures taken too, as the huge tattoo being put on the front of my neck took shape.

The last act of that day, on which I hadn’t even seen my Mistress was the inking of my lips. They were to be fully scarlet. I would look like Marilyn Monroe on heat! This was not as painful as it may have been, perhaps it’s because the pain was relative, and I get off on the feeling of the gun injecting my skin. I could tell from how a cigarette felt in my mouth that my lips were bigger, fuller and fully pouting. How slutty.

Again, the days became predictable, I was a virtual prisoner as Chrissey had her wicked way with me, oh I wish! There was no mercy, I was tattooed comprehensively. Mostly they were flower variants but interspersed with other items. If I was to not show ink now it would be turtle neck sweaters and jeans. I lost count of the days. I slept, showered, smoked and was tattooed. One afternoon after a sandwich Chrissey picked up my hand and began to apply a complex Mandala stencil to the back of my left hand, stretching along my fingers, through where my rings would be. This looked hyper slutty, with my drilled false nails and chains.

After a week or so Sophia came to see me. Even though I was only upstairs from the shop. She had me stand up & show her the new work. We kissed deep and passionately, my cunt was running wild, as Sophia rammed three fingers in. Heaven! “I want to see the next tattoo applied, it is wicked. Your sphincter will be coloured as target, you know like an old archery board…Tomorrow we shall go out you shall have your hair cut and dyed, so that my final tattoo can be applied.”

I smiled completely on side. She could do whatever she wanted. “Please can I cum then? Pleeease…!”

“Perhaps slut, if you are good. But not yet!”

I lay back down on the bench and suffered the thrilling indignity of having a three-colour tattoo on my arse, god it made me want to scream at the pain, but wow! What a buzz. If you like your rear entrance played with, you must get it inked, it’s like no other feeling describable. Sophia simply sat open mouthed at my indignity and the heavy amount of ink now on my body. I had flowers everywhere that could be seen. I would need to dress like a beekeeper to not show my ink. After I was inked on my arse, Sophia had me crawl to her, lift her pleated skirt & eat her naked pussy to several orgasms. I then repeated the feat for Chrissey, who opened her 501s for me to revel in her aromas & fragrance. I was of course edged mercilessly and not allowed to come. This continued for most of the evening. I was covered in cunt juice & sore in my jaw when Sophia took me to her bed and spooned me to sleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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