Father Confessor

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Father Samuels was by no means a lecherous man. Chosen by God at the young age of 17, he spent most of his life behind the walls of a seminary. Raised in Boston, he earned a scholarship to study in Paris where his role model became none other than the Cure of Ars. As such, he would avert his eyes from women whenever he could and would not even think of touching their hands. By the age of 33 he had acquired for himself both a parish in the north of France as well as a reputation as the most pious Catholic priest in Europe. Many flocked to his sermons, but his God given talents laid in his ability as a confessor of sins.

There were many women who would confess to him debaucheries: whores, peasant women, and lusty nobles alike would seek penance from this Christ-like figure. His temporary arousal was always sated through a mixture of masturbation and self flagellation. Despite his affirmation of his faith and his devotion to chastity, a seed was growing within him that was not planted at ordination. It was a seed of youth that would come to fruition in a tight virgin ass.

“Marielle, this is the third time this week you enter into the sacred sacrament of Confession, what is wrong my child?”

Marielle was as fallen an angel as Father Samuels was not. Serving as a foil to her confessor, she deviously designed a confession sure to break the holy man into surrendering his virgin cock to her. A noble woman born to a duke and duchess, she was well aware of the sins of the flesh and given every opportunity to partake in them. However, participation in the Christian Church was a necessity in those times, and in this instance it proved to have extraneous benefits.

She had long sought Father Samuels affection, and her firm yet buxom build was a prize to any man. However the good priest saw her merely as a child of God, and with this fact she suffered to no end. Father Samuels was the type of man who believed in a balance of spirit, mind, and body, and his intellect was equaled by his physical beauty. His daily routine left him a muscular man of robust spirit, and as Marielle imagined, an equally robust cock. As he spoke the blessing and read the Scripture aloud, she contemplated her next move.

“Forgive me şişli rus escort Father for I have sinned, it has been two days since my last confession.”

Father Samuels now grew tense as he quivered in expectation. Marielle was his favorite for many reasons, not the least being her stories were quite graphic. “Not now,” he muttered to himself, “I am acting in the person of Our Lord.”

“What are your sins my child?”

“I am guilty of pleasures of the flesh Father.” Her breathing now became labored as she motioned her lily-white fingers through her dress and up to her awaiting orifice. Her squeals would have to be concealed from the other side of the booth for now.

“My child, you know that the Church requires specificity in naming the sin committed. To be purged of this evil, you must confess fully.”

“Well Father,” she moaned as her index finger gently massaged her clit, “last night, I attended a social in which my husband was a member. The crowning moment of the affair was later on that night, when a handful of choice guests sodomized me while my husband held me down. Oh it was too too terrible.” She attempted a sob while jamming now three fingers into her sopping slit.

“Marielle,” the priest stuttered as he regained his composure. This child was definitely having an effect on him. No, he reminded himself, he couldn’t, he mustn’t, not only was it an offense to his vows but this girl was scarcely 18! “You must be aware that sodomy is a grave offense, it is one of the sins that cries out to Heaven.”

“Yes Father,” she replied slyly while removing her dress completely. With her luscious mound waiting to be taken and her swollen nipples waiting to be sucked, she decided to make him an offer he could never refuse. No man could.

“Father, believe me, I know my sin cries out to God. Why, at every thrust from the five men that must have plundered my anal treasure came shouts of ‘Oh God, Oh God!'”

Father Samuels was taken aback at this covert proposal. Never had he heard such brazen defiance of God’s law coming out of the confessional, and yet he could not help but think of the pleasures that await him. God is a forgiving God, he reassured himself, şişli türbanlı escort and God wants us to be happy. That tight ass was ripe for the plucking, and his cock needed the comfort of another. His will to resist her advances were thus broken, and she continued.

“You know Father, if God sees all, then he sees me completely naked right now and licking my hands clean of my wet snatch. Would you like to have a taste Father?”

The priest blushed with both lust and terror. He knew there would be no repenting of his actions if he violated God’s sanctuary in such a manner, and yet there she was, the epitome of every man’s fantasy. A young cherry blonde with a young cherry that desperately needed to be sucked. He threw aside his jacket and collar and entered the other chamber. Although Marielle gasped it was all she could mutter as the lusty man of God dropped his trousers and with that every pretense of being holy.

“You will accept your penance you young slut,” he roared. She sat back with her legs set wide. He bent down and drew a deep breath to savor the sweet aroma of young pussy. He quickly slid his finger in and out of her tight cunt as her sighs and moans only demanded more. He pushed his face deep into her pulsating mound. Her hips rocked to the rhythm of his spear like tongue as he drove it into her pussy while sucking on her clit.

The juices emanating from her pussy only drove his madness and after minutes of sucking on that teen clit he grabbed her from beneath to find her asshole. With his mouth buried in her pussy he began banging her asshole with one and then two fingers. Her ass was still sore from the night before and she screamed in agony but her cries would find no sympathy there.

As tears of pleasure mixed with cried of pain he laid down on the ground within the limited confines of the chamber and motioned for her to sit on him. She dropped on his face and he continued ravishing her pussy and asshole until she turned to suck his cock. His balls had not been emptied in weeks and the mere touch of her small mouth on his prick made it glisten with cum. Her head bobbed up and down his massive member, and as she swallowed his cock he could şişli ucuz escort hear the resounding thud of her supple bosom smacking against his stomach. She sat up in all of her athletic splendor.

He could clearly see now the muscular outline of her abdomen and the muscles tightening I her legs. She was a slender little slut he thought, and he then grabbed her so hard on the ass that it left handprints. He sat her down on his shaft and her asshole welcomed the invitation by contracting around it. The pressure on his cock was more than he could stand and within seconds he slammed his shaft as far as it would go and released a load that made her pussy gush torrents onto his balls. She screamed out as she did the night before, “Oh God, Oh God!!!”

“Father, fuck me harder, hear me fucktoy, slam my asshole, make it bleed, harder, faster, NOW,” she roared.

Her ass cheeks jiggled as he forced his prick in again and again only to move harder and faster with each move. He did make her ass bleed with one mighty shove, and her asshole opened wide in expectation. He delivered with a grunt and all of the frustration that he had felt since childhood was released into her gaping fuckhole. The cum splashed into her hole and she laughed in delight. She stood up, reached over and tasted what had been released into her ass. He could not believe what he had seen and done, and yet surprisingly he felt no remorse. He was obviously spent and so she leaned up against the wall fisting her cunt and begging to be fucked once more.

His shrunken member returned to its true stature and he stood up to fuck her standing. The advance was not expected and her body quivered when he pinned her against the wall. She couldn’t move, she could stand there and take the increasingly violent thrusts of his cock against her pussy. Her pussy spread wide and took every inch of his throbbing muscle again and again and again. She cried out, “NO MORE!,” and with a last contraction came all over his cock. Her pussy’s movement had created a suction that had pained his balls to release one last load of semen. This time she was able to drop down to take the entire load in her mouth and swallow each salty spurt. She stood up and embraced her holy lover. A mix of juices and sweat clapped against each other as they shared a cum laden kiss.

“Get dressed young lady, your sins are forgiven in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

She licked her cumstained lips and promised, “I’ll see you tomorrow Father. I have new sins to confess.”

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