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I’m lying on the bed, eagerly waiting for you to return with the toy you have chosen. To my surprise, it isn’t a toy – it’s a video camera. You’ve got it running and you start filming me – watching me squirm for you. You sit next to me on the bed, and bring one hand up to play with my nipple – filming it getting harder and bigger – zooming in to fill the screen with the shot of my hardened nipple in your fingers. You put a clamp on it, and move to the other nipple for the same treatment. You bend down and begin nipping the hardened buds in your teeth – listening to me gasp in pain/pleasure. You back away a little for a shot of both nipples clamped and slowly pull the chain between – watching them stretch as my back arches to follow. You hope that the camera is picking up the noises I’m making – you love to listen to me.

You set the camera down between my legs – making sure it’s capturing how wet my pussy is getting in anticipation. You spread my legs şişhane escort further and tell me to stay that way as you walk over to the toys. I’m waiting for you eagerly – I can’t wait to feel what you are going to do next.

You sit on the bed between my legs, behind the camera so you can watch what is being filmed. You put lube on the dildo and tell me to lift up so you have access to my ass. You slide your lube covered finger into my ass, and ensure it’s ready. You slide the dildo home, but leave it off for the moment. You move it in and out of my ass, slowly fucking me with the dildo. You lightly tap my clit, bringing me off the bed I’m so ready for you. You grip it gently between your fingers and slide the clip on – picking up the camera to get a close up of my clit all decorated and standing out for you. You dip your finger into my pussy, sliding it in and out, moving the dildo in my ass in time with your finger. şişli anal yapan escort You slide your finger out and bring it to my lips. I eagerly suck it off for you – while you film the entire time.

You hold the camera so it’s pointing down on my clit and begin licking. First the pussy lips, taking them in your mouth and nipping and pulling on them. I keep moving my hips, trying to bring my clamped clit into contact with your tongue, but you continue to tease me. I grip your hair and try and pull your face where I want it, but you are stronger than I am. You slide one finger into me, slowly moving it in and out. I’m moaning, begging you to touch me. You slide your tongue out, and just barely t- ouch my clit – it’s like electricity shoots through my body. I gasp and arch my back and beg you to lick again. You suck my clit between your teeth and suck and nip on it until I’m about to cum and you stop – leaving şişli bdsm escort me begging and trembling.

You slide back up and begin assaulting my tits and nipples – pinching, sucking, and biting. You pull on the chain over and over, slapping my tits occasionally. I can feel the tip of your dick just barely touching my pussy – I keep hooking my legs around you to try and bring you closer, but you won’t let me.

You back away from me completely, not touching me at all but still between my legs. You have the camera and are filming my reactions, from how hard my nipples are to how wet my pussy is. You zoom in on my face, and turn the vibrator in my ass to high, watching my jump and moan.

You pull me to the side of the bed, so that my ass is hanging off it and put my legs over your shoulders. You are still holding the camera and filming – tightening the shot so that the entire frame is filled with your dick entering my wet pussy. You film yourself fucking me, and then pull back to get a full shot of you fucking me while pulling on the chain clamping my nipples. You put the chain in your mouth and reach down and flick my clamped clit – just once is all it take and I’m cuming all over your dick. You slam into me a few more times before you join me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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