First Knight

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The Princesses chambers are a buzz of activity. The wedding festivities just completed, and now the Ladies in Waiting all alighting around the Princess, brushing her hair out, removing her gown, preparing for her wedding night…

“Oh M’Lady It shall be frightful, but you must grin and bear it if you wish his happiness”

“Yes Princess, do not show him your pain” Another said.

“We have all born the first time well Princess, you shall be okay…So many of the ladies in waiting, although not one of them married, had all been well experienced with men. Having traded favors with merchants or tradesmen for gain or goods.

And now here sits our newly married Princess, alight with glee, yet somber of her first passing with the charming Knight.

“Ooh and now I shall be taking the big step myself” mused the Princess. “

I so hope it will not be like you ladies have recounted to me”. From some of their descriptions, it was sounding like a frightful experience.

“Ah Princess, I’m sure the fair Knight will not treat you like the boys we have lost our virginity from. They all just want to hurry and come themselves, then dash back to their pubs and swill beer with their mates.

“Princess, the man that took me, was in business with mine own father.” Little Susan started saying “He just threw me on the floor and just started slamming his cock in and causing this awful pain. Even though I cried, he just kept ramming away at me.”

“Never mind little Susan’s awful tales, Princess”.

“YES!” I shouted completely flustered. “All of you stop these ridiculous stories at once. Now finish my hair, and let me enjoy some peace.”

As the ladies in waiting quietly went about removing all the bows and pins in my hair, brushing it well out. While others were washing my feet and arms with scented rose water. I became lose in my own thoughts of the pending eve.

‘I’ve been masturbating now for a long time, I’ve never felt any of these painful feelings they’re describing. I even tried that sensuous looking candle one night, its form excited me so. I used it as all the things I do with my hands, and it did feel different. I was so very excited that time, thinking of my dear Knight.’

‘As I laid on my stomach that eve, with that candle, thinking of my Knight, riding it as I might he. I do recall pushing it in pretty far and it felt odd, not exactly painful, but nothing horrible like these maidens describe.’

Musing… ‘Oh dear, how I want this night to be so perfect…’

The oak doorway suddenly gave way. ‘There he is.’

His brightly polished wedding armor is now gone, his chest filling his simple cotton tunic so. He has not waited long to arrive from the formal ceremonies.

“Quickly Ladies, away, all of you” I called out.

Looking up at once as one set of a dozen eyes, they pause, their feelings expressed through their sudden silence, small sighs emitting. Then fled as a group of gaggling hens, tittering away. The sound of the large oak door closing, sealing us in my chamber, punctuated the shift from boisterous pandemonium, to a foreboding silence.

My eyes met his, we both held fast our gaze, reading the mood, imparting each our feelings, our expectations, in a wondrous moment of communion.

He steps toward me, not loosing eye contact, and embraces me in a warm hug. Ohh that felt so good. He held me a long time. So much communication happened in that moment. His hands so warm, held me firm and close beside him.

He seemed so at ease. We chatted and talked, he made me laugh.

The dark room suddenly brightened, as the moon emerged from behind a cloud. Its cool white light suddenly filtering into the room and illuminating my bedstead. “Oh Heavens” I thought right there, its going to happen. My legs felt like jelly, but I also felt my natural juices flowing between my legs Kolej Escort in anticipation.

He stepped around behind me and held my shoulders. Bending over he kissed my neck and ear. Brushing his beard across my hairline down my neck. I shivered, and goose bumps appeared all over my arms and legs. Tilting my head back, leaning onto his chest when he asked. “Are you ready now my sweet”

“Yes” I turned instantly, and kissed him deeply. Then whispered, “you know I’ve never done this before my, my, husband”, ooh those words sounded so strange.

He stood upright, and held me again by the shoulders. “I know, and that’s why we’re going to take this very slowly”

Feeling emboldened, I said “Yes sire, I so want you to be my first”

He took me firmly in his arms, and kissed me hotly, his tongue slipping between my lips, and searching inside my mouth. His arms holding me tightly, like I’d fall if he let go. Then he started to pull up my simple gown, and slid his hands up my back.

Lifting it off over my head. He stepped back and gazed upon me, now naked in the flickering candle and moonlight.

“Now you help me” bending slightly, and raising his arms, beckoning me to remove his cotton shift. I did, pulling it over his hardened back. Removing his clothes so, elevated my passion more. Now I too gazed over his chest, so large and wide. Hair evenly spread down to his member, which hung somewhat pointing at me. I so wanted to touch him.

Now both naked, he took to the shelf, where a number of candles sat. We lit our first candles together. Here, naked, and in “our” bed chamber together.

Then we walked around the room together, lighting candles throughout the chamber. As our room filled with a warmer flickering glow, we lit the last candles by my spa. Then he surprised me by stepping down into my spa.

“Soap me all over, Princess, today has been an exciting day, and I wish to be clean for you tonight. Massage every part of me.”

Smiling to myself, I now did for my ‘husband’ as my maidens do for me. Scooping a pitcher full of water I poured it over his back and powerful legs. Then took the sea sponges, and rubbed oils all over his back and for some moments, perhaps longer than I should, caressed his glorious bottom with my sponges.

When he turned around, I was surprised, as now, looking at his member, it had swollen quite larger than it was before. Not pointing to the ground so, its end hole was like an eye looking right to my face!

Then he took my hands and showed me how to squeeze him, “More soap Princess, think of your insides, and how slick you are becoming, now massage me with your palms so” placing both my hands on either side of his cock. GOD, it actually felt hot in my cool hands.

I got to know his penis very well in this way, sliding my palms down to his root, and pulling back to me. Its head slipping across my fingers like a velvet harpists hands over its instrument.

Groaning, he bid me “Harder now Princess”, then a moment later “Faster”

So, pulling harder and squeezing my hands closer together, he groaned loudly. I was amazed at the sight of this man, He who slays beasts by day, now so powerless to my ministrations this night.

Suddenly it jerked in my hands, and a hot squirt of juice jumped at me! Then again. Feeling the milky flow in my hands, it was smooth, yet turned sticky as I rinsed myself of it a moment later.

Like my maidens did for me, I lifted and applied a warm towel to his softening member, then dried his body as he stepped from the spa.

He explained that he was of a want to do this once quickly. Which would quell his patience with me for the moment.

I think I had never been so moist and eager as a young woman can get. My earlier informs that this would be a painful, awful event Sincan Escort were now passing quietly.

Now also looking freshly bathed, his hair slick to his pate, his feet still wet with drops from his bath. Both our gazes again returned to the moonlight rays casting over the bedstead. The walls of the room glowed a soft orange with a flickering magical feel. My private chamber now felt more alive than it has ever before. He took my hand as we walked together through the candle lit room to ‘our’ bed.


Walking over to the bed, we sat down, and continued kissing. He started to kiss my arms, above my elbow. Then laying me back, held them both above my head as he kissed my neck. It felt so nice, his mouth caressing me there.

Sliding his strong hands down my body, slowly up and down my legs.

He started off with such sweetness and tenderness. Whatever my ladies had experienced, I knew it could not have been this.

I started to feel a sort of desperate need for more, to get to THAT place.

He continued with such tender and sweet kisses. I knew that he was treating me so softly, it made me want more, made me hotter, my cravings enhanced.

Then he lowered his head, and started suckling on my breasts. Oohhh my god. The warmth that was building inside me, now turned to a tingling that shot from my nipples straight to my head.

I was entranced in his sweet tenderness, but underlining it all, sexually I knew I wanted something hotter, something more full filling than the gentleness he was providing.

His fingers started playing with my labia. Rubbing up and down the outside of my pussy lips. His tenderness became maddening. My hands shot forth, grabbing his hands, guiding him. Telling him with my movements, I wanted more, needed more. Then as his finger entered me. I came once. As I had done many times on my own, I arched my back pushing against his hand. The familiar pleasure overtaking me. Diminished only by my shyness at doing so under his hands.

It was foreign, having a part of him probing inside me. His fingertip danced along under my tummy.

He seemed content, to remain at my side, expanding his efforts. As many of his fingers now made their way inside me, opening me, making me more comfortable… Often he would remove his finger, luxuriate in it as he sucked it in his mouth, adding more moisture to our mix, then replacing it again, one, two fingers, then

working, trying for three fingers… I felt myself relaxing, opening to him.

As deep as he could with his fingers… I knew I was ready for more…

He was making me wider inside… His entrance must be near I prayed…

Then my pussy begin to beat and pulse. I wanted him to take his fingers away as I thought something amiss, but sensing my gasp, only pressed further into me, heightening the feeling. I felt a wave pass down my soul.

Lifting mine own hands to my breasts, my nipples felt so hard to me as they met my fingers, I squeezed them and gasped out loud.

Something totally unexpected, yet wonderful, was happening to me. It was like nothing I had ever felt, but wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me. It was an exhilaration that was beyond delight.

Then it began to fade. I was exhausted, but I didn’t want it to end. I pressed against his hands harder, but the feeling was past. Then in a knowing way, he removed his fingers, so slowly, the sensitive skin now sparking shocks through my body slowly departed, my body spasming under him.


Before my pleasure subsided, he moved my body, pulling me over onto my side. Kneeling over me, he straddled my thigh, I felt his cock rub against me. I looked down, and saw how it was once again hard. There again I saw that eye pointing its way to me. He held it in his hand, pointing Yenimahalle Escort it like a sword to its scabbard, slipping the soft round head along my sopping, wanting sex. It shone in the moonlight now glistening from dipping into my juices.

I felt myself involuntarily push back against him. A natural feeling to capture him inside me took over.

I was still reveling in my recent delight, as he continued to manipulate this glorious tool against me with his hands, to slip up an down across my lips, touching my clit each time, and I felt the delight returning once again.

Then he pushed it down and I felt it part my muscles, It didn’t feel like his fingers there a few minute ago. This was a softer, fuller sensation. Slowly he just pushed it in and in. It reached depths his fingers never found. A new resistance felt.

I luxuriated in the feeling of him actual inside me, parting me, passing between my nether lips. Slowly I just closed my eyes, and felt another climax of delight approach, not a moment away.

Instinctively I pushed against him. My insides stretched so against his penetration. This sensation of a man entering me for the first time was both delightful, yet unsettling. If not for the love I felt him, I could not have wanted this embrace so.

We both felt it together, this giving way inside me. I pushed against him and felt it. I suddenly realized it wasn’t the pain of it, it was the shock of actually feeling myself give way inside.

There it was, a tiny little pain, like a tugging inside me, not sharp, but more of an ache.

He lifted my chin, and looked into my eyes, holding there against me, measuring my senses once more with his eyes… I shuddered and smiled at the passion that he provoked in me. I knew if I asked he would stop. I signaled my urgency by pushing my hips another minute distance to him, increasing the pressure against my virgin skin. We smiled.

He kissed me deeply, held me firmly and pushed the final inch into me. I felt the disappearance of my maiden at that moment. As it left me, he became my world.

If there was any pain, it was eliminated by his patient ministrations, and his building of my passions. My maidens could not have received such grace.

He pushed down into me deeply. I felt his hairy pubic bone push against my hood, and he just held there. A moment later the little pains subsided and I felt the returning of the delight that he gifted me earlier returning.

I was entering another world, a secret world I had no knowledge of. My whole body now emanated from this place below my stomach. My breasts tingled again, my heart beat so loudly charging blood into my head.

He moved so slowly and evenly inside me, I felt the joyous sensation of his real cock sliding in and out, filling and parting my muscles there. My delightful feelings returned, and I found myself pushing to match his strokes. Opening my eyes, we met in silence. Something in my look pleaded him to march forth. Gripping me firmly, his pace quickened, his body now slamming to mine, before parting, and returning with vigor. The delightful feelings returned, and I knew this is the O of mystery, of this secret world.

His motion hurried faster and faster. His whole body fused with mine. His eyes were transfixed, staring through me. He was looking into my soul. Then he paused.

I felt it happen inside me, the same jerking of his member, as I had in my hand, followed by his fluid shooting as it left him, painting my insides. Little hot streams as came. His sudden gentle motion inside me allowed me to feel this gift. He shuddered, his face twisting in a grimace. Oh how wonderful this is, to provide him such pleasure with this simple act.

The delight returned yet again, different, as his mouth dropped to cover my own.

This moment was so profound, triggered this time by seeing his pleasure, while receiving his gift.

We held one another for ever, as I do not recall anything until the next morning. As I woke, and he was there smiling at me, the sun now streaming in where moonlight watched us in the eve.

His smile, a view I would enjoy each morning for the rest of our lives.

— RobRoses2U 5.17.03 —

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