Flowers for Laura

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I was working in the garden when I saw you walking down the street. At my age I really shouldn’t be on my knees so much and today I was really feeling it. I felt ridiculous hollering but I needed some help. “Excuse me son. Could you help an old woman to her feet?” I asked. You came right over.

“Sure thing,” you replied as you held out your hand. “Are you ok?” I could see true concern in your eyes.

“Oh I’m fine. You would think at 67 I would know better than to kneel in the garden all morning. Just a little stiff in the knees is all.” I explained. “Thank you so much dear.” I looked you up and down as you helped me to my feet. What a fine looking young man. I always did like young men. At my age I can look all I want. None of them every pay me any mind. I noticed how strong your hands were as you held mine even after I was standing firmly. I felt a long forgotten tingle as we stood hand in hand in my front yard. “Would you like a tour of my garden, young man?” I offered hoping to delay your leaving. I get to be so lonely now that my husband is gone.

“I would love to see it,” you reply and remove your hand from mine to take my arm, pulling me close. It feels so good being this close to you. I look up and think I see you looking at my breasts. God was generous with me giving me nice full 44 DD’s to show off should anyone be so inclined to notice. He also gave me similar proportions all the way down. I have always said no matter what, I always have the best seat in the house because I have plenty of natural cushion.

As we wander about the garden I point out some of my different flowers and plants. Every now and again I look up to see you not really paying any attention to my gardening. Wicked thoughts run through my mind. Finally I decide to see if what I think I am seeing is actually what is there or if I am just a silly, hopeful, old fool. “Would you like to come inside and see my houseplants?”

“I would love to,” you exclaim. The excitement in your voice sends chills down my spine. It has been so long since I have gotten any male attention. I can’t believe the moistness I am feeling between my legs.

“I’m Betty. What’s your name?” I ask as we walk into the house.

“I’m Lawrence but you can call me Laura,” you reply as you turn to close the door behind you. What an interesting nickname for a young man I think as I head towards the living room. In my lifetime I have heard it all though so I don’t judge.

The tour of the living room is quick, as I really want to get you upstairs. We are making idle small talk until I announce, “I have more upstairs if you would like to see them as well.” I hold my breath waiting for your reply.

You step closer to me taking my face in your hands, “Betty, I didn’t really come in here to see your houseplants.” You lean forward and place a soft, gentle kiss on my lips. The kiss takes my breath away. You misread my hesitation. Stepping back you drop your head saying, “I am so sorry. güvenilir bahis I thought I saw something… I shouldn’t have been so forward.”

“Nonsense,” I reassure you as I come to my senses. “You DID see something. I was just taken by surprise, dear. Please come here.” I extend my hand encouraging you to come into my arms. It isn’t until just now that I really notice what you are wearing. Your tight young ass is snuggly wrapped in some of those Lycra bike shorts I have seen the young women of the neighborhood wearing. I can see the outline of your cock. I guess I did notice it earlier but it seems much bigger now. The skimpy tank top you have on is clinging to your chest like a glove.

You wrap your arms around me and bury your face in my chest. Your moans are muffled but they vibrate off my huge tits causing the most delightful sensation. “Oh Laura, that feels so wonderful.” My hands roam down over your back, sliding along your hips. I feel a waistband of underwear but then nothing. Confused I look down, “Just what are you wearing under those shorts?” I ask.

You step back with a concerned look on your face. You step out of your shorts to reveal a lacy little thong barely holding in your now raging cock. “I hope this doesn’t offend you,” you meekly mutter.

“Offend me!!!?? Oh heavens no. I think they look great. Do you often wear women’s things?” I reply curiously.

“I love to wear tight frilly things,” you squeal as you step closer to me. My hand snakes out and rubs your hard cock through the lace. You moan as your lips find mine once again.

“You really must come upstairs with me, Laura,” I announce. “I have some of my granddaughter’s things up here that I think you will JUST love.” I am bursting with excitement. Not only have I found a beautiful young man to give me some attention but he likes to dress up too. My husband and I used to do this all the time. There is nothing sexier than a man in a tight silky teddy with his hard cock bobbing in front of him.

At the top of the stairs I show you to a room full of obvious young girl décor. “Help yourself to anything in here, Laura. I’ll be at the end of the hall when you find something you like, come down and show it to me.” I scampered off to my own room to find something appropriate for the afternoon we were about to have.

Some time later I heard a light knock on my door. “Come in,” I breathed from my place on the bed. When you walked through the door I could not believe my eyes. There you stood in a beautiful pink teddy. It fit snug across your chest with little spaghetti straps and a low neckline. The silky material was accentuated with lace across the nipples and along the hemline. Underneath was a matching pair of pink panties that barely contained your raging monster cock. To top it all off you found a pair of pink high-heeled shoes. You look FABULOUS!! I was about to say something when you whistled.

“My, My Betty. If you don’t look gorgeous,” you türkçe bahis purred. I had found a black teddy that pulled my huge tits up and out. The nipples were clearly visible through the shear fabric. They were sticking out a full inch in my excitement. My thick thighs and round ass were coved in similar black, silky panties.

“You look pretty hot yourself, Laura. Now come here and let me really see you,” I commanded from the bed. You sauntered over to the side of the bed then turned every so slowly so I could get a good look. The panties fit so tight; they were riding up the crack of your ass. I stopped you to slide them out and let my finger brush against your tight hole. Your shivers gave me all sorts of ideas for later.

“Yes indeed. You look good enough to eat,” I said coyly. “But first come over here and make me feel good,” I demanded as I lay on my back with my knees bent.

You crawled on the bed, making your way between my thighs. I was getting wetter by the second. I felt your lips as you kissed first one then the other of my generous thighs, working your way lower with each kiss and nibble while sliding my panties off at the same time. By the time you reached my moist center I was moaning and quivering like a bitch in heat. It had been so long since I had a hot, wet tongue between my legs I was about to explode. The very first touch of your tongue against my nether lips sent me over the edge. My legs clamped down on your head as your tongue kept right after my swollen little bud, bringing wave after wave of pleasure. It seemed like an eternity spent in heaven before I let loose and you came up for air.

“Damn, but that felt good Laura,” I exclaimed.

“I am so glad you enjoyed it,” you smiled as you came up to your knees. I could see your cock throbbing and I knew it was my turn to make you feel good.”

“Bring that nice hard cock over here so I can show how good you made me feel,” I instructed.

You crawled to the head of the bed bringing your cock to my lips. My tongue slid out and licked at the sensitive tip of your cock, tasting it through the silky panties your wore. You moaned and tried to thrust yourself closer. I took hold of the base of your cock and held firmly so I could torment you as I wished. I licked the length of you shaft, leaving a wet trail along your panties. I let my tongue slide down to lick your smooth balls. I was enjoying my teasing methods as much as you were. Finally I looked up at you and said, “If you want me to blow you then you best take off those panties.”

You leapt off the bed and pulled them down, causing your cock to thud loudly against your stomach. You began to crawl back onto the bed but I stopped you. “I want you on your knees on the edge of the bed,” I commanded. With a questioning look on your face you did as you were told. I got up and came behind you. I kissed and licked your ass cheeks, slowly opening them. I let my tongue slid lower and lower into your crack. güvenilir bahis siteleri Finally, I let my tongue slid across your hole. You shivered and moaned as I did. I got it all nice and wet, licking and sucking before I let my finger slid inside. You howled as I did tightening your muscles around my invading finger.

“How does that feel, baby?” I asked with sex dripping in my voice. You answered by thrusting your ass against my finger. My other hand dropped down to stroke your aching cock and balls while I finger fucked your ass. I fucked you for a few minutes then pulled out gently. I walked over to a chair and sat down. “These old legs can’t handle this anymore. Bring your hard cock over here Laura.”

You jumped off the bed and presented your hard cock to me. The teddy hung down just over it giving it a kind of pink lacey frame. I took it in one hand, the other going to your balls. I licked the length of it while your fingers ran through my hair. Once at the tip I let it slide between my lips. You rocked forward on your toes to allow it even deeper. I let you slide ALL the way in then back out to just the tip. I slid your wet cock over my lips before swallowing it again. In your excitement your started rocking faster so I let you go. I held my mouth tightly around your shaft and let you fuck my face. Your balls slapped against my chin as you went faster and faster. I listened to your breathing and when I knew you were close I pulled away.

“As sweet as I know your cum would taste, I want to feel you coat the walls of my pussy with it,” I explained as you looked at me with hurt puppy dog eyes. I rose from my chair and walked back to the bed. I laid down on the edge of it. “Come over here and lift my legs, little one,” I implored.

You approached the bed as a man possessed. You lifted my legs, resting them on your shoulders. Your cock slid easily into my dripping wet cunt. I could feel your balls against my full ass cheeks on every stroke. Again you had me cumming in no time. You wrapped your arms around my legs and hugged them as you impaled me with your thrusting cock. Kissing my ankles you drove in harder and faster. I came time and again as I watched the pink teddy flow across my stomach like waves of the ocean. My tits were bouncing back and forth inside the shear black material of my teddy. You watched, mesmerized as your balls began to boil. It won’t be long now.

“That’s it baby!!” I screamed as you pumped into me. My pussy walls were constricting around your pistoning cock trying to milk the cum from your balls. “Fill me up with your young hot cum, LAURA!!!” I moaned. Moments later I felt the explosion I had waited so long for. I could feel every spurt of cum from your balls coating my insides. You threw your head back and buried your cock between my thighs and deep into my quivering cunt as you shot the last of your load.

After a few seconds to recuperate you pulled out cooing, “I hope we can get together for gardening again soon. I saw all kinds of things in that room I want to wear fro you.”

As you crawl up to lay next to me on the bed I ran my hand down your silken covered back saying, “Anytime you want to stop over, Laura, dear. Anytime.”

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