Golden Girls

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Being a widow at 26 sucks. My husband, Josh, just had three more months until he would be out of the army and coming home. We were going to wait until then to start our family.

With the help of some inheritance, we’d just purchased a beautiful property in southern Alabama. It had almost a hundred acres out in the tall pines, a large pond, a beautiful new house, and best of all, no neighbors.

The funeral was in Dallas, his hometown. I stayed with his parents while there. When it was time, his younger sister accompanied me back to Alabama. I could tell she didn’t want to, but her parents insisted that she stay with me and help me deal with things. It was summer and she was out of school. She was attending The University of Texas in Austin, and was in her second year.

I didn’t really know Glenda all that well, but from the topics she chose to talk about on the long drive, I got the impression she was quite a firecracker. Sex was almost all she talked about, and she’d been fairly explicit when describing some of the parties she’d been to.

I wasn’t accustomed to talking about sex. Josh and I had been together since Jr. High, and I hadn’t even dated anyone else. Needless to say, I had no such college experiences to share. “You mean Josh is the only man you’ve ever fucked?” She asked me at one point. And when I nodded, she gasped and threw her hand to her chest. “Oh my gawd! I can’t imagine.”

It was two a.m. when we arrived, so we decided to have one drink and then go to bed. She was only twenty, but I’d seen her drink in front of her parents several times, so I didn’t think twice about her having one.

I slept in the following morning until about nine. Normally I would have been up for a couple of hours by then. Our—my, the thought of the master bedroom being just mine now instead of “ours” saddened me. It was on the ground floor, and the two guest rooms were upstairs, along with a very large room which we one day wanted to turn into a game room with a pool table and the like. Josh loved playing pool.

After taking a quick shower and brushing my teeth, I came out of my bedroom and was stopped dead in my tracks. The living room, dining room and kitchen were all in one large room, with only the L-shaped counter separating the kitchen area. Glenda was in the kitchen fixing herself a bowl of cereal. She was totally naked.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked. Josh and I had gone naked around the house on several occasions. The great room had large windows along the front and rear walls and we kept the blinds up to enjoy the view of the woods in front and the pond in back at the bottom of the hill. We didn’t have any neighbors, and we kept the front gate locked. You couldn’t see the house or pond from the road because of how the quarter mile driveway curved through the thick woods. I would even lie out in the sun nude sometimes on the hot tub deck off the back porch.

I guess I was shocked simply because I never would have dreamed of walking around naked in someone else’s home. Glenda looked up and saw me, she held up her bowl and said, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all.” I said as she sat at the dining room table. I felt my face grow warm with a blush as I made my way to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I knew I had been staring at her too long.

I was jealous of her body. She was very athletic, her body toned and shapely. Her short auburn hair was straight and contrasted beautifully with her tanned skin and bright blue eyes. Her breasts were magnificent. I marveled at how they defied gravity being so large and heavy looking. I guessed them to be at least a D cup if not larger. She didn’t have tan lines.

“So, what’s on our agenda for today?” She asked in a cheery tone as I took my place at the table with my coffee.

“I . . . I haven’t really thought about it. I don’t have anything pressing.”

She was heading to the sink with her bowl. I couldn’t help but notice how her full hips jiggled with each step. After washing her bowl and placing it in the strainer, she turned around. I hadn’t noticed before, but her pubic area was completely devoid of hair. She must have seen me looking. She stopped and held her hands out from her sides, “You like?”

Gawd! I thought I was going to die right there and then. “I . . . I’m sorry. I didn’t-“

“You can look all you want. I don’t mind. If I did, I wouldn’t run around naked. If the roles were reversed, I can guarantee you I’d be staring at you. It’s only natural to stare a little when you’re seeing someone naked for the first time, male or female, it doesn’t matter.”

And then she let out a silly giggle, “Gawd! Beth, you’re face is as red as an apple.”

“I’m . . .” I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of. I hope you don’t mind, but I plan on staying naked out here as much as I can. That’s something I don’t get to do at home, and I hate wearing clothes.”

I forced myself to turn my attention to my coffee cup, and she güvenilir bahis said, “I was hoping to use the hot tub for a few minutes and then catch some sun. Is the tub useable, or does it need to be filled?”

The hot tub was on a deck which extended out from the full wrap-around porch. Since the house was built on a hill, the front porch was only six inches off the ground, while the back porch was over twelve feet in the air. The hot tub was located such that we could walk out of the master bedroom’s back door and go right into the tub. While sitting in the hot tub, we had a beautiful view of the pond and the grassy area on the other side of it.

“It should be ready to go, but I should check the chemical levels.” I told her.

“I’d do that for you if I knew how. If you’ll show me this time, I’ll take care of that while I’m here.”

I poured myself another cup of coffee and we went out to the hot tub. I showed her how to use the test strips and which chemicals to use for what. After adding some, I turned on all of the jets and told her, “You should let it circulate for ten or fifteen minutes before getting in.”

“Okay, I’ll go grab my shoes and walk down to the pond for a few minutes. Will you join me?”

“Sure, why not.”

When she came back out of the house, she stopped and looked at me, “Why aren’t you naked yet?”

I didn’t know that’s what she’d meant when she asked me to join her. And then I thought, hell, why not. I’d been outside naked before to lie in the sun. I’d just never gone off the porch that way. It was over a hundred yards to the near side of the pond where the dock is. I shrugged, “Okay, I’ll do it.” And I began undressing.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head and reached behind me to unclasp my bra, exposing my B cup breasts to Glenda. She was just standing there watching me with a huge grin on her face that caused me to ask “What?”

“I’m just happy you’re actually going to do it. I didn’t think you would. That’s all.”

I kicked out of my shorts and panties, revealing my full black bush of pubic hair. “Okay” she said, “Let’s go flash the fish.” And she let out another of her charming giggles.

When we reached the far end of the pier, Glenda stretched her arms out wide and turned in slow circles. “Gawd! This is incredible. I never thought I’d get the chance to do this outside. Don’t you just love it?”

Actually, I did love it. It felt very liberating and a bit naughty too. “Yes, yes I do. It’s wonderful. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.”

“Then c’mon, let’s walk around the pond and back.”

We were just walking across the dam when I heard a helicopter approaching. I’d totally forgotten about the helicopters. Our property was in the flight path of training flights from the nearby army base. They always flew over our place just above the tops of the trees. “Shit, an army helicopter is coming. What do we do?” I asked in a panic.

She laughed out loud, “Smile and wave, of course.”

The only other option was to go down behind the dam and into the trees, and I wasn’t about to risk getting poison ivy like Josh had done once. So, we both just smiled and waved like it was nothing. Of course, my heart was racing and my whole body was shaking.

“How often do they come over?”

“Sometimes twenty-five or thirty times a day. And sometimes, they turn right over the pond.”

“Well then, we’ll just have to do our patriotic duty and entertain the troops.” She said with a wild laugh.

When we got back to the house, I went inside to make us some tea, and Glenda headed for the hot tub. When I got back outside, I got another shock. Glenda was on her knees in one corner of the hot tub, the corner with the two rows of jets that pulse up and down to give your back a wonderful massage. Her eyes were closed, and her face was contorted. Just as I got to her, she let out a barrage of loud moans, “Oh Gawd, Oh Gawd, Fuck, Oh Gawd.” And then her whole body started convulsing.

I didn’t want to interrupt her orgasm, so I just stood there, watching in awe. Finally, she slumped down into a normal sitting position in the corner. She was panting and gasping for air.

When I saw her beginning to calm down, I said, “Here’s your tea.”

She looked up at me with a very satisfied grin on her face. She took the tea and said, “I know where I’m going to be spending a lot of time while I’m here. Those jets are fucking amazing. Why didn’t you tell me about them?”

“I . . . never tried that.”

She looked astonished, “Then get yourself in here and give it a go. You won’t be sorry.”

“Maybe some other time.” I said.

“Bullshit. You’re just too shy to do it in front of me, but you’re going to do it, and I mean right now. Besides, unless you’ve been holding another man in reserve, you need something. So cut the bullshit and get in here.”

I’m not sure why I found it so difficult to say no to her. Then I rationalized it, thinking to myself: well, she had been right about it türkçe bahis being fun to go around the pond naked, and even though it made me really nervous, the whole thing with the helicopter had been fun too. And, sad to say, I had been holding out until Josh got home, so I hadn’t had an orgasm in months. So, what the hell? I crawled into the tub.

“Here, let me turn down the power on the jets for you. I’ll turn them back up after you get into it.” And she reached around me to turn the knob to just the right setting. I jumped a bit when I felt her boobs against my back, but they were gone after only five seconds or so.

The pulsating water did feel delicious, and since I hadn’t had sex in almost a year, it didn’t take too long before they had me moaning a bit. That’s when I felt her boobs on my back again and saw her hand come around to turn the knob. The jets were at full power now, and they were driving my pussy and clit crazy. I knew it wouldn’t be long before an orgasm would overtake me.

This time, after she finished adjusting the knob, she didn’t back away. I felt her smash her huge boobs into my back. Before I could protest, she had her arms around me and she was pulling and twisting both of my hard nipples. That did it. I was lost in the most powerful orgasm I could remember ever having.

I couldn’t take the jets anymore. I had to escape them, but the only thing I could do was turn away from them and toward my sister-in-law. She understood and backed up, but just a little. When I was fully turned, she was standing close in front of me and I was staring right at her marvelous tits.

She leaned down and gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek and then moved her mouth next to my ear so I could hear her over the sound of the jets, “You can touch them, you know, anytime the urge hits you. I won’t mind.” And then she let herself fall back into the water and sat on the far side of the large hot tub.


After a few minutes, she said, “We should have a drink to celebrate your new liberation.”

I didn’t know what time it was, but judging from the position of the sun, I guessed it to be around noon. “It’s early, and we haven’t had lunch. I don’t think-“

“You said you don’t have any plans, and I surely don’t. We can eat after and then take a nap if we feel like it. Out here, time is relative. And besides, I think we’re both going to want another turn on those wonderful jets, and then a nap will be very welcomed.”

So we went inside and made us each a Screwdriver. When we returned to the hot tub, Glenda told me quite frankly, “It’s good to see you loosing up a little. Your world has been turned upside down, and the best way to get over it is not to think about it. Stay busy with new things until some time has passed.” And then she got quiet and I could see her expression sadden, “I miss him too, you know. I can’t believe my big brother is gone.” And then, quite unexpectedly, she began sobbing uncontrollably.

I went to her and hugged her tightly, and we cried together for a very long time.


Finally, Glenda shook off her grieving mood. “I need to pee.”

I watched as she climbed out of the hot tub and squatted with her ass hanging over the edge of the deck. Josh had not installed pickets around that part of the deck. He said they would block his view. Then he went on to explain that he would install them when our first child was old enough to worry about them going off the edge.

I tried not to stare, but she saw me looking and showed me a naughty grin and a wink. “It’s fun peeing outside. I don’t get to do it very often.” I’m sure I showed her a blush in return.

I think I’ll have another go with the jets. Will you help me this time?”

“How?” I asked, sincerely not knowing what I could do to help her.

“Just do what I did to you. You liked it, didn’t you?”

“Uh . . . yes, I guess it helped me get . . . you know.”

“Good, then I’ll tell you when. I like it rough, so don’t be shy.” And she knelt in front of the corner jets and turned them down some.

I watched her from behind. The sight was very erotic and sexual. I felt a stirring in my loins. After only a few minutes, I saw her reach up and turn the knob. “Now, please. I need you right now.”

I was glad she wasn’t facing me. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did if she’d been looking at me. I moved up behind her, reached around her body, and found her nipples. I began tugging at them and rolling them between my fingers—just like I did my own during the few times I actually masturbated.

“Harder!” She almost screamed, “Fuck! Harder!”

So I increased the pressure on her nipples. Mine were pressed into her back and it was like the pleasure she was feeling was flowing through her body and into mine.

She let out several loud moans, and then her whole body started shaking. I waited until I knew she was engulfed with her orgasm before I eased up on what I was doing. When I tried to release her, she güvenilir bahis siteleri shook her head, “No please.” Her tone pleading. One of her hands came up and covered one of mine, forcing it to cup her breast and knead it. I voluntarily did the same with my other hand.

When she had turned down the jets, she said, “Whew! That was awesome. Thank you.” But she didn’t release my hand which was still holding her firm breast. “Ummmm, that feels so nice. Please don’t stop.” So I didn’t. I cupped and kneaded both of her breasts gently. I loved the feel of them, and the feel of mine pressing into the flesh of her back.

Finally though, she let me release them and fall back to the other side of the hot tub.

When she turned around and sat, she showed me that naughty, satisfied grin again. “See, that wasn’t so terrible, was it?”

“What?” I asked her.

“Feeling me up and helping me cum. It wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“Ummm, no. I kind of enjoyed it.” I admitted.

“Good, because I did too. I really, really enjoyed it.”

She slid aside and said, “So, what are you waiting for? I know you want to.”

I did want to. I wanted to feel the jets again, to feel her breasts pressed into my back, and to feel her hands on me. I moved into position with her sitting right beside me. “Gawd, that feels wonderful.”

It was probably two minutes or more before I felt my orgasm starting to build. I loved that feeling almost as much as the orgasm itself, so I moved back from the jets a little to prolong it.

When I knew I was getting close, I moaned out loudly, “Jets”. She understood and quickly spun the knob. She was behind me in no time, pressing herself to me, her hands on my breasts, kneading them more firmly than before. She began pulling my nipples and pinching them much harder than she had the first time.

It only took a half minute of that to rocket me into outer space. “Gawd!” I cried out. “I’m . . . Oh Gawd! Oh Gawd!” I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. I wanted to push myself back from the jets, but Glenda was still pressing me to them. She released my nipples, but continued kneading my breasts.

Finally, she reached up and turned the knob until the jets stopped completely. “That was a good one, huh?” She asked in a sexy purr, her mouth so near my ear I could feel her warm breath on it. All I could do was nod. I was still panting too hard to speak.

As my breathing calmed and my body eased its shaking, I expected her to release me, but she didn’t. “I’m done. You can stop now.”

She let out another of her silly giggles, but didn’t release my breasts. “I like feeling them.” She said.

“I need to get off my knees.”

She finally released me and backed off. When I turned around and sat though, she immediately put her hands back on my breasts and gently cupped them. “It’s okay.” She said, “Girls don’t have to be gay to enjoy feeling another girl’s tits. It’s a lot different than feeling your own, and I know you liked feeling mine. You can do it again if you want. I’d like you to.”

So I did. I simply reached up and cupped her large breasts. She was right about it being different. It made me feel giddy and very, very naughty.

After several minutes, I said, “We should get out. We’ve been in here way too long.”

She must have agreed because she released me and backed away.

After we’d covered the hot tub, we were caught in an awkward moment of standing, facing each other, on opposite sides of the hot tub. I felt like I needed to say something, but nothing came to mind.

She must have sensed what I was thinking, but she got it wrong. “It’s okay, Beth. What we did is okay. Don’t let it fuck your head up.”

I finally shook my head, “That’s not . . . I don’t know how to . . . I really enjoyed it—that’s all.”

She walked over and sat on the free standing porch swing. Come over here and I’ll tell you a secret.”

When I was sitting beside her, she turned to look me in the eyes. “That’s the first time I’ve done it—like that, I mean. Oh sure, I’ve done things at parties, kissing other girls and feeling them up and stuff, but it was always just quick little things here and there to get the boys all hot and bothered. It was nothing like what we just did. I really, really enjoyed doing that with you.”

I was stunned, “Really? I just thought-“

“Nope. I’ve never touched another girl’s naked tits. Actually, until you got in the hot tub, I never even thought about it, and then I just wanted to, so I did it. And I have one more confession: Not now, but soon, I want to kiss them.”

I’m sure my jaw dropped. I stared at her hard. Her eyes were pleading. And then I thought, after what we’d already done, I guess it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. It couldn’t hurt, and no one would ever know. Hell, it might even be fun to be that naughty. “I guess I’d be okay with that—but you said ‘not now’ right?”

“No, not right now. Right now I just want another drink.”


I fixed sandwiches while Glenda fixed our drinks. After we’d finished both, I told her I was going to go wash the chemicals off. I’d only been in the shower less than a minute when the shower door opened and Glenda asked, “Mind if I join you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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