Halloween Ho

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Adriana Chechik

Touch-down San Diego airport. It has been a year since I’ve seen my friends of over 20 years, Derrick and Stephanie. It’s all hugs, smiles and kisses at the arrival gate. The sun is shining as we roll on down the highway chatting about everything under the sun.

Stephanie asks if I’m OK with a Halloween party this evening, her friends are throwing it and it would be great if we can attend.

“Sure,” I say, “but I don’t have a costume.”

Derrick chimes in, “No worries, we’ll put together something.”

“How about a bum?” I ask.

“Lame!” both Derrick and Stephanie reply.

Stephanie says, “I know, a Zombie – nope, not enough time to get the makeup.”

“What about a pro surfer?” Derrick suggests.

I say, “That’s lame.”

“Wait, what are you guys going as?” I ask.

“Oh, I’m a Pimp and she’s my Ho,” Derrick says.

Just trying to get some laughs, I say in a girly voice, “Oooo, I’ll be one of your Hos.”

They both jump on it, “That would be awesome!”

Huh, their serious. “Guys, I was just joking,” my mind simultaneously rolling it over for consideration.

Stephanie says, “No really, I can make you up with all of my stuff. Your taller but lean – I’m sure my clothes will fit.”

Derrick states, “Yeah man, it would be easy and we don’t have that much time anyway. Besides a pimp needs more than just one Ho.”

Why not? What am I worried about – no big deal. I grinned, “Yeah, what the fuck! This will be fun.”

Stephanie excitedly squeals “Oh goody! I get to dress you up.”

Derrick laughs and adds, “Dude, you’re going to be one ugly girl.”

Again with the jokes, I say, “It won’t matter after a few beers.” And I get a few laughs out of the both of them along with slightly raised eyebrows.

At their home I’ve unpacked and Stephanie is urging me into the shower to get ready. Her small fists are clinched, her jaw is set and she insists that I shave my body, since as a Ho I’ll be showing a lot of skin.

I’m reluctant but Derrick pipes up, “Dude, don’t worry about it – it ain’t no big deal. I used to shave my legs and arms all the time for cycling!”

Whatever, I think as I proceed. After a good hour I emerge out of the shower wrapped in a towel with Stephanie impatiently waiting and tapping her feet. She says, ” Did you get everything?”

“Yeah, just about and it feels pretty strange, but nice,” I say.

Irritatingly she says, “What didn’t you get?”

“Well, you know – butt and pubes,” I say with a nervous laugh.

With a look that suggests she won’t take no for an answer, she informs me that my butt may be slightly visible from the miniskirt she has picked out and all hair must go.

Flustered, I push back, “I can’t even see my ass to shave it.”

She remarks coolly, “I’ll do it.”

Wow, I didn’t see that coming. This is a little much, intriguing though – I don’t decline, just mull it over.

Uncomfortably, I seek out Derrick who has just entered the room with an imploring, questioning look. Derrick sees the set jaw and body stance of his wife and decides to defer to his wife, “Dude, she’s a perfectionist- just let her dress you up.”

Well if it’s OK by him, I guess I’m good with it. Embarrassingly, I follow her back into the bathroom. Sure, she’s seen me naked before – a few skinny dips, a couple of drunken strip poker games. But nothing like this.

She beckons me back into the shower and I turn away from her and remove my towel. She sprays my ass with hot water and then rubs shaving cream all over my butt cheeks. And all izmir escort the while I’m thinking no, no, no, no – don’t get hard. But, as her hands grasp my ass and glide the steely blade over it, my cock is sprung.

Then she goes further than I ever would of guessed – she pulls on one of my butt cheeks and lathers up my butt hole. I tense up, but don’t move – I don’t want her to see my hard cock. Plus, I have to admit, I like the feeling. She deftly shaves around my anus.

She grabs my hips and forcefully spins me around, not wanting to fall I go with the motion and try to cover my boner. She slyly remarks, “Oh, you liked that.” Trying to eye my hard cock and noticing my pubic hair, she hands over the razor and suggests that I take care of the rest and struts out of the bathroom.

I’m checking myself out in the mirror. Stephanie has transformed me into a slutty Ho with a disturbingly manly face that makeup barely conceals. I’m wearing a blonde bobbed wig, red knit low cut sweater, stuffed white lace bra with the straps showing, white mini skirt, flats and a white sheer thong to top it all off.

Seriously, I don’t make an attractive girl; but my slender athletic build is living up to the part. Especially my ass, giving it the ones over I think I would definitely tap it.

My rager is gone, but I’m still swollen, enjoying the feeling of the silky thong trapping my cock and snaking between my cheeks. Stephanie is dressed in similar fashion – she really does look hot. The smile on her face reveals her delight in how we look.

And she was right, every move causes my miniskirt to ride up and bare various degrees of my smooth butt cheeks. Now I know why girls are always adjusting their skirts.

As I bend over to adjust my flats, smack! I look up to see Stephanie smiling at me mischievously. I smile back and dramatize rubbing my ass as if it really hurt.

Derrick makes his first appearance in the mirror, we crack up. He’s wearing a white fake fur jacket with no undershirt and his bare chest is sporting several gold chains. His tight leather pants appear to be stuffed at the groin with socks so that his cock looks like a horses.

Derrick looks us both over, his eyes take in his wife and he chortles when he sees me. Looks me up and down and says, “Wow, not bad! Maybe after a six pack.”

The party is a slight bust – many have already split; mostly couples remain. We throw back a few drinks and easily mix with a small group: Frankenstein and his Bride; a vampire and his blood bag and three young ladies dressed as Pirates.

It was a bit of a relief to see the Pirates dressed scantily (quite sexy)- at least Stephanie and I weren’t the only ones.

After some brief polite chatter, Frankenstein comments on our costumes, “You two really went all the way on the Ho costumes, especially you,” looking at me in disbelief. Then directing a goof at Derrick our pimp, “How much for the Hos?”

Getting into his role, Derrick replies, “Well, for dead monsters that will cost millions; but if any of you Pirates are into some lesbian action with Dan – ielle (laughing as he caught his slip), that will cost a fresh beer from the keg.”

Now we’re all laughing and one of the Pirates trying to cover her mouth from spraying beer cheekily says, “Lesbian? I think he, I mean she might have something under the hood.”

Derrick, now really hamming it up, says, “What? This fine dame, check out the goods.” And he quickly flashes the front of my skirt. To hoots and demands for more, Derrick continues, “Dan – ielle, bend over alsancak escort for the nice prospects.”

I’m slightly inebriated and I’m enjoying the attention, surprising myself I bend over like I’ve seen so many strippers do – arched back and straight legs. My skirt rides up and Derrick helps it along by flipping it up. My ass is bare and I’m sure my puckered butt hole and tight balls aren’t concealed by my sheer thong. Our little group whoops it up and Stephanie gives my ass another slap.

Derrick, using both hands grabs both of my cheeks and says, “This is a fine girly ass.” He searches for more to say but just smirks. His grip, the attention, and my exposure stir my cock, rock hard in seconds.

While this is going on, one of the Pirates slides her hand under my skirt, feeling my hardened cock under the constraining satin. Giggling, she says, “He, um she has a huge clitoris!” She stumbles back and trips over her friends.

I’ve broken free from Derrick and I’m hopeful of hooking up with the Pirate. But it’s clear she’s had too much to drink and with the mood broken the party slowly breaks up.

We drive back to their house, talking about our antics. I’m a little bummed at the missed opportunity and I’m still horny as hell.

Back at their house, we enter the kitchen from the garage. Stephanie dolls out water and gives Derrick a look. Derrick fidgets a bit and then hits me with a question “Danny, you can go to the guest room and retire for the night or you can really be our Ho. But if you choose to be our slut, you have to do as we say. But we understand if you don’t want to, it won’t affect our …”

I cut him off with, “OK.” And it dawns on me that they planned this. Hell, I’ve thought of this with them, but not quite like this.

Derrick smiles, Stephanie winks knowingly. Derrick quickly drops his pants and the socks fall away. He stands with pants to his knees, his hard cock jutting out, his wife watching and says urgently, “All right, come suck my dick!” Perhaps worried I would change my mind.

I drop to my knees, scoot over to his cock, grab it with one hand and engulf it in my mouth. I’m surprised by its silky feeling. I go about bobbing my head, licking the tip, licking up the shaft and jerking him while I suck. He is groaning, Stephanie is chanting in an excited pitch “Suck it, suck his cock, suck it, take his cock.”

And just as I get into a rhythm, his urgency changes. He grabs my head with both hands, stops my bobbing and holds me still while he rapidly bucks his hips and fucks my mouth. Slightly fearful of gagging, I hold my ground feverishly sucking and swallowing my own saliva which quickly turns into his thick, warm cum flooding my mouth. No real warning, just grunts and sharp inhales.

Derrick swiftly removes his cock from my mouth and sheepishly turns away. Stephanie silently walks over to me, kneels next to me, gives me a kiss and undoes my miniskirt. She motions for me to stand by grabbing my hand and standing herself. As I rise the miniskirt falls away.

She declares to Derrick, “Oh baby, don’t worry, he liked it, look!” As she points to my hard cock straining under the sheer thong, crowned by a slick wet spot. She undresses my sweater and stuffed bra. As she leads me into the living room where the candlelight of jack-o-lanterns flickers orange and red through the shadows; she lazily undresses as she strolls.

On the thick wooly living room carpet she bids me to lay on my back. She straddles my head, crouches slightly and smiles down at me. I stare up at her sweet buca escort perky tits and her glistening slightly parted pussy.

She coos, “Lick me and don’t stop.”

She begins to squat until her drenched pussy is upon my mouth. I lick her with abandon, trying to fill her pussy with my tongue and lips. She rocks her slit back and forth on my mouth, holding my hair, moaning, drenching my face in her juice. One moment my tongue is in her pussy the next my nose while my tongues lashes her tight butt hole. After losing myself in her, she finally gives way. Derrick helps her stand on shaky legs.

Derrick’s lust is partly restored, his cock stands at half mast as he stands naked over me. He partly sits on my chest and kneels with his balls on my chin while he feeds me his semi stiff cock, rubbing it randomly on my face.

He stands and then squats, much like his wife, lowering his puckered butthole on to my tongue. And I lick and press my tongue on his constricted sphincter. While he pumps his cock with one hand and holds my hair with the other begging my tongue farther up, I oblige and use my hands to spread his butt cheeks, slipping my tongue deeper in his asshole.

With my face between Derrick’s butt cheeks, Stephanie lifts my thong to the side, releasing my cock and balls. She slowly licks and sucks my shaven cock and balls. Slow and leisurely, just enough to keep me from cumming.

Derrick rises and pulls Stephanie off my cock. He sits on the couch, grabbing her hips and guiding her to him. Facing him, she mounts his cock with her knees straddling his thighs. His cock slowly drives into her pussy as she lowers her chest to his chest exposing her ass and finally her butt hole.

Stephanie looks over her shoulder at me and down at her exposed ass. I know what she wants, I kneel on the floor between their legs. First licking her ass, then tonguing what I can reach of his pistoning shaft, down to his balls and back up again. All the while, them fucking and grinding. Intermittently, Derrick pulls his cock out and nestles his head on her asshole so I can lick, suck and swirl both cock and butt hole together.

I give his cock a few good sucks, lick her gaping quivering wet pussy and guide his cock back to the fuck. Derrick picks up the pace. Stephanie cums in between gasps and moans, rolls off of Derrick, and gently strokes her damp body.

Derrick, cock hard and red in hand, tells me to bend over the arm of the couch. I think I want this. I bend over the couch arm, arching my ass high in the air. Derrick kneads my ass, spreading my butt cheeks, he tentatively licks my ass hole and uses a finger to probe my hole. Once I’m wet with his spit, his finger slipping in and out of my ass, he stands up and positions his cock on my asshole.

He rubs his cock on my clinched hole and tries to push in to no avail. I’m too tense. He disappears and quickly returns with lube. He’s has me roll over on my back, spreads my legs and pushes them towards my chest. He lubes his cock and pushes a lubed finger up my ass.

For the second time he presses his cock against my hole, wiggling and pushing. His cock slowly fills my ass and the pain has me squirming away. He stops, I relax and nod, indicating I’m ready for more.

He bares down slowly and doesn’t stop until I’ve taken his entire length, he starts to pump in and out. I feel full, really full and good.

He grabs my hard cock and strokes to the rhythm of his pumps. Stephanie joins and replaces Derrick’s hand with her mouth. He’s fucking me hard now and every buck causes a rough jolt of my cock into Stephanie’s mouth – I cum quickly, she sucks it up. My ass spasms around Derrick’s cock, gripping and releasing until he spurts up my ass.

He pulls his cock out and I can feel his cum leaking, my asshole gaping. We’re quite for a bit until Derrick comments, ” Holy shit, that was hot!” Yeah, that was hot.

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