Hidden Eruption

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Since he had nothing important to do on such a cool and tranquil Saturday, Leo found himself in the perfect mood. He grabbed his notebook and left his house. The eighteen-year-old high school senior didn’t have many friends to begin with, but it didn’t bother him very much. He always enjoyed being alone. Being an aspiring writer in his spare time helped in seeking isolation in the right moments. And today, the young Japanese-American man chose his own school campus as an environment worthy of strengthening his everlasting encouragement. It would be a location destined to provide him with a stronger imagination for his work in progress: a science fiction novel that included aliens, spaceships, and a rebellion led by humans and robots alike.

It didn’t take long for Leo to reach the high school, since he lived only two blocks away. The school remained silent and certainly devoid of human activity. In fact, the entire city of Monrovia gave the impression that it would seldom be overwhelmed by stressful times for the entire day. The streets had illustrated minimal commotion from both human and automotive behaviors. Los Angeles County, as well as the rest of Southern California, could very well benefit from this rare phenomenon.

Leo entered the campus and seated himself on the bleachers in front of the football field. He looked around to see the clean green pastures free from unwanted intrusions, from birds to beggars. On the left side, the distant foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains added just a little more serenity to this peaceful suburban terrain. Leo couldn’t help but smile. Everything seemed to work in his favor. He wrapped his dark blue jacket around his waist and let the cool breeze of the early spring jumpstart his savory intellect. He opened his notebook and skipped to the tenth page. He had already written an enormous battle sequence last night, and he received the same inspiration just by the peace and quiet alone. He intended to finish the sequence today.

He sat alone on the bleachers as he continued writing on his notebook. He spent the next fifteen minutes envisioning a conflict between missiles and lasers before narrating it on paper. He didn’t even realize that someone else had entered the field and started his weekend exercise on the tan-colored running track surrounding the football field. Leo looked up to see one of the P.E. teachers wearing the appropriate apparel for jogging. A black shirt and a pair of dark blue shorts was all he needed for his personal activity.

At thirty-six years of age, Roderick appeared even healthier than before. Leo spent all four years at this school while keeping a close eye on the brawny white man. Roderick kept his powerful strapping body intact since Leo’s freshmen year. The Japanese twelfth grader didn’t notice at first, but his fascination bloomed in his senior year. Leo expressed his attraction towards the same sex with his cousins and classmates, but he never revealed the truth to any of the staff. It wouldn’t matter if they knew, anyway. And for the past three months, Leo approached casual logic with uncertainty.

He watched Roderick completing the first lap during his weekend jogging. The young man sat in silence. He didn’t even keep his eyes on his notebook. Observing the P.E. teacher had proved to be an effective distraction from his already planned schedule. Leo could watch him run all day. He wanted to smile, but he didn’t want Roderick to receive unwanted curiosity if he ever had the chance to look straight at the one student who didn’t feel ashamed of having such a dirty mind after all.

As soon as he finished three laps without stopping for a rest, Roderick finally ceased his activity for a breather. He grabbed his water bottle which lay on the grass and took a seat on the bottom bleachers. Leo, who sat on the other side, needed to ignore eye contact. But his failed attempts at shielding his inquisitive eyes from the older adult could give away his position at any moment. He slowly spun his pen with his fingers as he eyed Roderick from top to bottom. He started to wonder if the teacher had any interest in partners who were much younger. He would have asked, but it would have been an idiotic move in the first place.

Roderick finally turned his head to spot the young man seated on the opposite end of the bleachers. Leo gave him a little smile for a brief moment before finally looking down at his notebook.

Roderick didn’t say anything until he stood up and walked right past the silent student. Leo expected him to keep his mouth closed, but Roderick stopped right in front of him.

“So what brings you back here? Shouldn’t you be hanging out with your friends? This isn’t a weekday, you know.”

Leo chuckled. “I’d rather be alone today. This is a good time for me to write a few more chapters to this novel that I’m writing.”

“So you want to be a writer?”

“That’s right.”

“I hope you’ll make it big.”

“I hope so, too.”

Roderick didn’t say anything else. He just nodded güvenilir bahis his head and left the field. Leo watched him leave for the gym. The man had the keys, so it would be smart for him to use the building to his advantage. Leo didn’t want to stay on the bleachers any longer. He brought his notebook along as he followed Roderick into the gym, where the basketball court was still available for use.

Roderick kept the door open, which led Leo to step inside the building without feeling so uncertain of himself. He watched as Roderick grabbed a basketball from another room and dribbled it onto the floor. Leo leaned against the wall and opened his notebook once again. He kept his eyes on Roderick who attempted a free throw and succeeded. It must have been so simple for him to do, since he had been highly recognized on campus as a marvelous basketball player when young and more vibrant. Now, he had become calmer and more calculated not only with his athletic abilities, but also in his overall demeanor. His deep baritone voice blended well with his unbroken composure.

Leo respected him even more when discovering his history and his well-adjusted behavior. The Japanese student was no longer interested in writing of an epic battle sequence at the moment. Instead, he wanted to describe one of his main protagonists just a little more. He used a blank page to start a new paragraph. He kept looking up at Roderick, who now began to shoot three-pointers, most of which made it to the basket. Leo wrote the first few sentences, describing the protagonist as a tall handsome man with a well-earned reputation in his field. Leo made him out as a powerful captain who led a group of rebels to defend against absolute evil, namely an alien race destined to colonize Earth. Leo wanted the right personality, so he wrote that the protagonist held a calm and calculated personality, just like Roderick. In fact, the character would have the same qualities as Roderick’s: athletic, decisive, and highly respected by many.

Leo couldn’t resist the similarities between fact and fiction. Even if he didn’t know Roderick very well, the young man could only be certain that his judgment had been well-intended. He recognized the positivity surrounding Roderick’s demeanor and status. He continued to write his descriptive passages, only to be interrupted by the abrupt silence in the building. Leo looked up to see the P.E. teacher giving him an inquisitive look.

“I hope you’re here because you’re tired of the sun, because you’re making me feel a little suspicious.”

Leo replied, “It’s all right. I’m not a threat, and that’s a promise.”

Roderick kept the basketball close to his side. “What brings you here?”

“I’m just writing the next chapter. That’s all.”

“What exactly are you writing about?”

“It’s a science fiction story, and it has all kinds of action and adventure in it.”

“I’m never interested in aliens and spaceships, but of course, everyone’s different.”

“I hope you’ll like it when I publish it.”

Roderick nodded. “Well, if I ever am in the mood to read about outer space, then maybe I might buy it online. What’s your name?”

“My name’s Leo. I’m not in any of your classes, but I wish I was. You seem like a great teacher. That’s all I hear about on campus.”

Roderick smiled. “You’ll see that I deserve all the talk that’s going on around here.”

Leo eyed him from top to bottom for one second. “I think I already know.”

He didn’t see a wedding ring anywhere on Roderick’s fingers, which made Leo breathe a little sigh of relief.

Roderick asked, “Do you play basketball?”

Leo shook his head. “I’m not that much into sports. I’m only into bowling and watching baseball with my father.”

“You should be more athletic. It’ll do you some good.”

“I think I’m fine the way I am.”

“You look a little skinny.”

“At least I’m not overweight.”

Without warning, Roderick threw the basketball straight at him. Leo dropped his notebook and seized the ball with his hands just in time to prevent an unnecessary injury on his upper body.

Roderick proclaimed, “Why don’t you try a little basketball? You might like it. It’s never too late to try new things.”

Leo almost laughed at the teacher’s unexpected move. “Do you think I’ll be good at this?”

Roderick’s tone of voice grew more resolute. “The only way to find out is to try. Show me that you can throw it in the hoop.”

Leo could listen to that baritone voice all day. Just by its solemnity alone, Leo suddenly wished for something different other than writing. Experimentation wouldn’t hurt. Even if he didn’t wear the right clothes (consisting of a black t-shirt, black pants, and the blue jacket wrapped around his waist) for this sport, impressing the P.E. teacher became the one opportunity he would never reject. He stood at the exact spot for his first free throw.

“Show me how it’s done.”

Roderick eyed his posture. “Just relax and keep your eyes on the türkçe bahis basket. Don’t feel nervous. There’s no one around except for me.”

His voice did small wonders to Leo’s brainpower. The student concentrated solely on the voice, which helped him ease the tension from within his body. Roderick guided him on how to make the perfect free throw. And when he felt ready to prove himself to be worthy of small praise, Leo threw the ball up in the air. It missed the hoop completely and bounced off the wall.

Roderick grabbed it and threw it back to Leo. “Don’t feel so bad. It’s your first time.”

Leo tried a second time, and he failed again. He tried to repeat the postures that he had witnessed when watching several live broadcasts of NBA matches. He couldn’t perfect it. Neither could he make the basket a third time. Roderick must have felt amused by his lack of skill, but he didn’t mention it at all.

Instead, he remarked, “Maybe I should help with that.”

“I think that’d be best.”

“Here, let me help you.”

Much to Leo’s slight astonishment, Roderick drew closer and stood right behind him. Leo had never felt this close to another man before, and this little accomplishment was further recognized by the fact that Roderick turned out to be the one to make his move. But Roderick didn’t express a tender mood. He wanted to show Leo how to hold and throw a basketball the right way.

He whispered in Leo’s ear, “Just relax. Lean forward a little.”

Leo almost trembled when having such a close encounter with the man. He followed simple instructions even when struggling to control his overall conduct. Roderick, who was several inches taller, seemed to be a towering presence even when Leo couldn’t see him. The coach placed both of his hands on Leo’s hips to adjust his posture for the free throw. These strong hands could have been the ones that demolished Leo’s serene state, but the student continued to stay calm. He took a few deep breaths as Roderick’s hands slid across his body, right up to his arms. He grabbed hold of Leo’s hands to demonstrate a firm grip on the basketball.

He whispered, “Now, what you have to do is put the ball in the hoop.”

Leo started to shiver. “That’s all I have to do, huh?”

“Just don’t be afraid to make a mistake.”

Leo slowly raised his arms and threw the ball up in the air. He now admitted complete fulfillment for his fourth attempt as the ball made it through the hoop. He picked up the ball and returned to the same exact spot as before.

Roderick was already waiting for him. “That’s pretty good. You still need a little more work, though.”

Leo laughed. “It’s not like I’m trying to make it in the NBA, you know.”

“Like I said, it doesn’t hurt to try something new.”

“Well, I have to admit, I’m enjoying it so far.”

Roderick smiled. “That’s good.”

The next attempt became a repeat of the previous one. The coach kept his hands on Leo’s body to demonstrate the proper way of becoming victorious. Leo no longer found himself fighting against his own unease. He let Roderick correct his motions and his pose. A man who gained control of his body wouldn’t necessarily make Leo feel awkward, but seeing as how a well-respected P.E. teacher gave him the instructions on becoming a true winner, Leo didn’t desire a way out. With Roderick’s strong hands receiving complete access to Leo’s open skin, the student waited for his mind to burst from such silent anticipation.

Roderick duplicated his slow and careful motives. He whispered the same instructions as he adjusted Leo’s overall posture once again. Leo concentrated harder to impress his coach just a little more. Once he threw the ball up in the air, it dropped down right through the hoop. Leo’s second free throw made him wonder why Roderick made all the right moves.

Roderick took one step back. “As you can see, you’re getting a little better.”

Leo already missed having a tall handsome man standing behind him. He grabbed the basketball and asked, “What about a three-pointer?”

“I think you’re too much of a novice to learn that one.”

“I’m willing to learn. Besides, it would be a great experience knowing that a coach like you would teach me how to make a three-pointer.”

Roderick appeared enthused. “I’ll show you how it’s done.”

He told the student to move a little further away from his original spot. Leo took three steps back and waited for Roderick to show him how to depend on the right position. The coach stood right behind him again. The invisible alleviation resurfaced in Leo’s enclosed imagination. Roderick’s nonthreatening stance, coupled with his warm and welcome touch, softened the unease perpetrated by worthless fears.

At this time, Leo greeted the foreign intrusion as a stimulant to his senses. With the way things were going, new ideas had formed in his thoughts related to his work in progress. The main protagonist in his science fiction story would be more than just the outside features. While güvenilir bahis siteleri using Roderick as a mere imitation for his fictional character, Leo could sense the coach’s undying confidence and sheer determination to provide necessary information to every single one of his pupils. This would be the main reason why Leo wanted his character to be just like him: a leader who rightfully earned his reputation.

Another major character arose from this situation. Leo envisioned an ordinary man following the leader during times of peril. This man would grow to admire the leader. As a matter of fact, this young man, who would most likely be aged nineteen or older, would be the one who would do anything to please his mate after a hard day of fighting against natural enemies. This character would be young, slim, and perhaps would be drawn to an East Asian heritage, just like Leo. This character just had to be the leader’s love interest. But their chemistry would have to be believable, otherwise this brand new story arc would be nothing more than filler. The relationship between the sturdy leader and the young sly follower would have to start with the former showing the latter how to fire a weapon. Just like how Roderick would be showing Leo how to throw a basketball.

At first, the lesson would be straightforward. But as progression came to fruition, the follower had to be impressed by the leader’s fierce willpower, just like how Leo was impressed by Roderick being an efficient educator of sports and competition. The leader would have his hands on the follower’s arms just as he was about to show him how to fire a laser gun.

Leo just had to say it. “You’ve got some real good hands there.”

Roderick replied, “I need them…to show you how it’s done.”

Leo just stood still as the coach kept his hands on the young man’s arms. At this point, the follower had to discover the magnetic allure that slowly drew him to his new chief.

Leo relaxed his body and let out a deep sigh. “Your hands…they feel so strong and pure.”

He couldn’t see Roderick’s expression, but it appeared that he didn’t need to. Roderick whispered, “You sound as if you want me to hold you tight.”

Leo chuckled. “You don’t think I’m that kind of guy, do you?”

“Let’s see if it’s true.”

Roderick slowly slid his fingers across Leo’s smooth skin. Leo’s arms almost grew weak from the touch. The young Japanese man now felt like the young follower who found himself in the arms of his hero.

“I have a confession to make.”

Roderick asked, “Does it have anything to do with your book?”

Leo nodded. “I have this idea for a character. He’s the supreme leader of a rebellion. He is capable of looking after himself, he is considerate of his followers, and he doesn’t take shit from anybody.”

“Sounds to me like he’s the hero.”

“You’re right. He can train his soldiers to be strong and competent. They will look up to him.”

“Is he like me in any way?”

There would have to be no nonsense whatsoever. “Actually, I’m basing him off of you entirely.”

“I feel delighted.”

Roderick slid his hands all the way down to Leo’s waist and fondled his blue jacket. It was almost as if he tried to tickle the young man.

Leo whispered, “I’m thinking of giving him a romantic interest: a young man who will do anything to help win the war against the enemy. He begins to see how the leader rightfully earned his reputation.”

“How does he find out?”

Leo could feel Roderick’s fingers approaching his hips. “He remains close to him. He could feel the leader’s strong arms around him, hugging him as an assurance to their unbreakable bond.”

“You mean like this?”

Roderick held him tight from behind. His sudden embrace didn’t surprise Leo at all. He adored the strong warm touch. He dropped the basketball and grabbed hold of Roderick’s arms and welcomed the engrossment.

“Yeah, it’s just like this.”

Roderick hugged him even tighter. Leo almost gasped from such a tight grip. His entire body shivered from the foreign impact.

Roderick asked, “Do they go even further with their relationship?”

“Oh, yes. They even get to kiss each other.”

Leo turned his head to the right to gaze at Roderick’s pair of inquisitive eyes. The coach murmured, “Show me.”

Leo’s mouth was so close to Roderick’s own that he could feel the coach’s warm breath acting as a gentle breeze destined to reawake a gratifying experience. Leo needed this to happen. He wanted it to happen. His imagination required a little affirmation from a different source. The student kissed Roderick on the lips as they remained locked in their tight embrace.

When their lips separated, Leo let the tip of his tongue lightly touch Roderick’s lower lip. “And that’s how it’s done.”

Roderick chuckled. “I think you should take it even further.”

“Show me how.”

Roderick used his slick fingers to undo Leo’s jacket from his waist and drop it on the floor. “I can see why the leader would choose someone like you.”

“What makes you think that I’m basing the character on myself?”

“Don’t try to hide it. If I’m the leader, then you are my disciple.”

“I guess I can’t deny that.”

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