Hitch Bitch

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* * * * *

She looked safe, the pretty young thing standing along side the highway. And God knows I sure could use the company.

“How far are you going?” I yelled out as I stopped the car along side her.

“Phoenix,” she yelled back.

“Get in, throw your bag in the back seat if you can find the room,” I laughingly yelled over the roar of the traffic.

My back seat was full of clothes, a weakness I developed over the years. My ex-husband used to call me a shopping addict.

As the young girl crawled into the passenger side of the car I couldn’t help but notice how she was dressed, clothes and style being a passion of mine. Extremely oversized sweat shirt and baggy jeans, as if to attempt camouflaging a perfectly ripe teenage body.

I pulled back on the highway and sped up to cruising speed. “Do you know how dangerous it is for a young lady like you to be hitch hiking in today’s world?” I chided her.

“I know,” she said as matter of fact. “But sometimes choices are like, you know, limited. I’ve been lucky so far though. And I don’t hitch at night.”

“So you’re going to Phoenix,” I said to change the subject. “Do you have family there?”

“No,” she said. ” I’m going there to look for a job.”

“My name is Jessica Hunter,” I volunteered. Everybody calls me Jesse. I’m glad I could help you out with a ride. I could use the company. Gets lonely driving across country by one’s self.”

“My name is Lisa,” she responded. Nice meeting you too.”

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“A little town near Rockford, Illinois. Small town. You know, one of those boring little towns where everybody knows everybody else’s business.”

I knew it was none of my business why she was alone on the road, especially such a young and pretty girl. I asked anyway.

For some reason she decided to tell me . I’m sure she wanted to see if she could shock me with her revelation. She did.

“A week after I graduated high school I was caught in bed with my Social Studies teacher,” she stated as matter of fact. “When my dad found out he cut me off, said he wouldn’t pay for my college. Everybody in town heard about it. I tried getting a job so I could move out of my parents house but nobody would hire me. So here I am. On my way to Phoenix to look for a job and hopefully to eventually get in college.”

“Your dad was really tough on you, huh,” I’m sorry for you he wasn’t more understanding.”

“Yea, he’s not like, you know, the coolest person in the world. But he’s honest. He believed his punishment was right as long as I still lived around town where he could keep an eye on me. When he found out I was leaving he had my sister bring me one of his credit cards for emergencies.”

“That sounds pretty cool to me,” I stated. “Also sounds like he loves his daughter.”

“Yea, maybe,” Lisa said reflectingly. “But I’ve always been a pain in the ass to him. Actually, the real reason I left though was the teacher was arrested because I was seventeen at the time we got caught. The police wanted me to testify against her and like I wasn’t going to do that. So I split.”

“Her,” I heard myself say. “The teacher was a her?”

“Yes, didn’t I mention that before? I thought I did, maybe I didn’t,” she said. “Why, does that shock you?’

“I’m an Social Studies teacher!” I exclaimed. “Don’t you think that’s a little ironic, me, a female Social Studies teacher picking you up hitch hiking and you telling a story like that.”

“It’s not a story, it’s the truth, she said defiantly. “I’m not lying.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean to insinuate you were lying,” I said apologetically. “I just meant what are the chances of this happening. It’s really weird.”

“So what about you,” she asked boldly. “Driving down the highway in a nice new car…nice clothes. You must have it made.” ”

Not quite, I murmured. I just divorced my husband and decided to travel. Quit my teaching job and here I am. I’m going to San Diego to visit my sister. Haven’t seen her for about five years. It’s going to be nice to see her and her kids. She has a two year old daughter I’ve never seen, at least not in person.”

What I didn’t tell Lisa was what an asshole my husband turned out to be. After ten years of marriage he went wacko. Our normal sex life, dull as it was, didn’t need to suddenly become perverted to spice it up. Oh, but he thought it did. Suddenly I wasn’t enough for him. When he found a woman who would do the things he liked he filed for divorce. And I didn’t fight for anything we had… our joint property, his successful business, all I wanted was cash…and I got it. Enough that I don’t have to work any more. But I’m only thirty two years old. I can’t imagine not going back to my first love, teaching. But for now I was just going to enjoy myself for awhile.

“You sure you need company?” Lisa said.

I was jolted out of my deep poker oyna thought. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I was just thinking about something.

Yes, I’m glad to have your company. I’ve already driven a thousand miles by myself.”

“Listen, If your going to San Diego you’ll be going right thru Phoenix, won’t you?” she said enthusiastically. “You think I can get a ride all the way with you?”

“Sure, why not,” I said. “I have to tell you though, I’m not trying to set a speed record getting to the coast. We won’t get to Phoenix until tomorrow night. I have reservations at a motel for tonight. Will that be a problem for you?”

“No, I have money,” she offered. “I can like get a room there too.” This is sooo great. I won’t have to fight the drunks and perverts who try to pick me up. Maybe now I’ll get to Phoenix unscathed. I really appreciate this.”

“Oh, there’s a restaurant up ahead,” I blurted out. “Are you hungry? Because I’m starved. Must be lunch time.”

“Cool,” she giggled gleefully.

As we walked towards the restaurant from the parking lot Lisa was about three steps ahead of me. I don’t know if it was intuition or ten years of high school teaching but as I watched her walk I blurted out an observation. “You were a cheerleader in high school weren’t you Lisa.”

Lisa slowed, turned, brushing up against my arm. Intentional or accidental, the nipple touching my arm un-nerved me.

“I thought you’d never notice,” she cooed softly. “Thank you.”

“Just a guess,” I blurted out. “Come on, let’s eat.

After lunch we were back on the road, enjoying the western scenery and pleasant conversation.

I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to someone of her age…an age I was teaching three months ago.

Suddenly, without warning, Lisa blurted out; “You seemed a little disturbed this morning when you heard the person I was having sex with was a woman. Have you had…you know, experiences with women?”

“My god, no,” I cried out. “I was a happily married woman for 10 years. I never even looked at another man, let alone a woman. Why would you ask me that?”

“I dunno,” she said. “I just thought…..

“And by he way,” I added. “I wasn’t disturbed. Surprised maybe, but not disturbed. What you did, or do, is your business.”

“Well let me tell you Jessica,” she stated emphatically. “While I was a high school cheerleader for three years I can tell you there was as many women as men trying to look up my skirt at every game. And that’s the truth.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I replied in amazement. “I’ve been too a lot of high school games myself. I never noticed any women, you know…doing what you said. But your right about the men. I expected it from the boys, but not their fathers. Sometimes it was pretty pathetic. But that’s just the way some men are I guess. Christ, even my ex-husband couldn’t keep his eyes off of them.”

“You never looked at the cheerleaders and thought about them sexually?” she asked sincerely. “Be truthful.”

“No, I never did. I did admire their hard work. I know being a cheerleader isn’t all fun and games. I think sometimes I was disturbed by the way they acted so innocent. I’ve seen some of them pretty flirtatious around adult males.

“How much of an act can innocence be at eighteen?” she asked. “Really, how much could they know at eighteen?”

“You’re right, Lisa. That probably wasn’t fair of me. That’s a very insightful thing for you to say.”

“Well, if you didn’t think of them in a sexual way you were one of few who didn’t,” she said. “You know, you’re also the type of woman that other women are drawn too.”

“What are you talking about?” I stammered. “You’re crazy.”

“No, no I’m not,” she said so self assured. “Your beautiful, have great body. But the one characteristic you have is the look of vulnerability. That’s what women look for in other women. And cheerleaders usually have that look because they’re young. That’s just the way it is.”

Was there a compliment in there somewhere?” I laughed nervously.

“Yes,” Lisa giggled.

The conversation ended on the subject, thank god, because I didn’t want to concede that she was partly right. Everyone thinks of cheerleaders as sexual. I never did specifically, especially not like I am right now. I wonder why. Maybe she was right, it was the innocence, the vulnerability, the revealing uniforms, the panty shots they give the crowd. I didn’t really know. I know I wanted to stop thinking of it now!

That evening, about 8:30, we approached the town where I had motel reservations for myself. I took the next off ramp exit and easily found the motel near the highway. I pulled into the parking lot and, for the first time, noticed how tired I was. I was glad to be here.

As we climbed out of the car I heard Lisa gasp. “Look…look at the sign Jesse.” There it was, boldly flashing, “NO VACANCY”

“Maybe you could drive me down the road to another motel,” Lisa said. “It doesn’t have to be real nice…It’s only for one canlı poker oyna night.”

“Let’s go in here first,” I said. “Just to be sure.”

The desk clerk confirmed the motel was fully booked. They did have my reservation and my room was ready for me.

“You know,” the desk clerk said apologetically, “Both of you could stay in one room and I won’t charge you for double occupancy. It also has a king size bed. I think you would be comfortable.”

There was an awkward moment of silence. Lisa knew, I’m sure, how uncomfortable I felt at this moment, primarily because of her revelation to me about sleeping with another woman.

“Jesse, this isn’t necessary. Just take me down the road. I’ll find something.”

“No, it’s no problem LIsa. The man’s right…we would probably be comfortable for one night. We’ll stay here tonight, get a good nights sleep and be on our way in the morning.”

“You sure?” she whispered. “I just don’t want you to feel like you have to do this. I don’t want you to feel you’re being forced into an uncomfortable position.” After all, I am a cheerleader,” she giggled.

“Lisa, stop joking around,” I said as I choked back a laugh. The motel clerk was already looking at us strangely.

“No, we’ll take the room,” I said. “It’s done, Lets get our bags and go up to the room.”

The room was beautiful and the clerk was right, it was a King size bed. It was huge. That fact alone made me feel better. We could sleep in this bed and not even seem to be in the same proximity of each other, I thought to myself.

After we were settled in to the room I suggested we go down to the motel coffee shop for a bite to eat. After a couple glasses of wine I knew it was time to get some sleep.

While preparing for bed Lisa stripped down too a cut-off t-shirt and panties. She seem to be putting her firm, full round tits and tight little butt on display. It annoyed me a little that she would be so brazen around me, especially after our conversations today.

I know my face was flush red, and despite everything, I actually appreciated the fact she thought of me sexually. This was just her way off flirting, I thought, and like most people, I liked the feeling of being wanted and desired. I also caught myself leering at her, just like a man would do, and I quickly tried to look away before she noticed. I certainly didn’t like what I was feeling.

I hurriedly staked out my side of the bed, bade her good night, and was soon fast asleep.

I was awakened by a noise in the bathroom. I glanced at the clock, it read 1:00 am. What is she doing, I wondered. The room lights were dimmed, not totally dark but barely lit.

The bathroom door opened, out came Lisa….fully dressed in a cheerleader uniform!! Short skirt, knit sweater and sloppy white socks that accentuated her taut, tanned calves.

I let out a gasp!

“Jessica,” I heard her say. “Most women will never get this chance I’m giving you. I saw you look at me earlier tonight. It was like, so sexual. Don’t deny it. Don’t fight it.You may never get this chance again.”

She moved towards the edge of the bed. I could smell her, a faint whiff of cheap, teenage perfume. “Cheerleader,” she whispered. “Isn’t it a magical word! Say it slut, chearleader.”

The sudden rush of images shooting thru my mind, planted there over the years. White cotten panties, creamy thighs, tanned thighs, innoent pouty lips and tit filled sweaters.

She kneeled on the edge of the bed throwing one leg over my body. She was laying on top of me! I could feel her firm tits pressing against my arm, her thighs locked around one of my legs. When her lips touched mine I nearly fainted.

“Don’t do this,” I tried to scream. “Get off of me,” I tried to cry out. But all I heard was my heartbeat.

Suddenly, the heat from her warm body, her soft firm body, sent a shiver thru me from head to toe. Her flicking tongue, as it roamed over my teeth, my palate, my throat, seemed like a natural intrusion.

I tried to push her away, all the while my hand was grasping the back of her head to hold her lips tightly to mine.

My body turned to jello when I felt something wet and warm sliding up and down my upper leg. I could make out the outline of her hips as she humped, fucking my leg like a male dog in heat. Moans filled the room and…was it me. I didn’t know which of us it was coming from!

She whispered in my ear. “Do you want me to eat your pussy Jessica? Do you want me to suck your clit, your cunt?”

I groaned.

“Or do you want to suck (my) creamy wet cunt, lick (my) soft sweaty ass crack, let (my) warm cum fill your slutty mouth?”

I groaned even louder.

“Just as I thought Teach,” she hissed. “Sluts like you always want that sticky little pussy glued to their lips, the sweaty little gash fucking their face, the thick slimy goo filling their mouth. You want to be a cheerleader’s slut bitch don’t you Teach. To take her cum in your mouth, your slutty pussy mouth.

I moaned internet casino in total submission. My body went limp. I was her’s too use, too fuck, too degrade. Her fingers were kneading my large breast, intermittently pinching my hard, swollen nipples.

“Yesssssss,” I moaned as the pain shot thru my body. “Pinch me, pleaseeeeeee!! Harder, oh godddd, harderrrr.

She slowly moved her body upwards, sliding her tits over mine, causing another gasp of pleasure. Her knees were now on both sides of my head, darkness enveloping me as she lowered her pussy to my lips while pulling her skirt over my head.

I felt her wet panties touch my lips and I immediately sucked the crotch up into my mouth. I squeezed them with my tongue, feeling the few droplets of juice dribble down my throat. I wanted more. Her strong fingers pulled the panties from my mouth, peeling the crotch aside, lowering her fuzzy covered cunt too my waiting mouth.

My tongue made one long swipe from the bottom of her gash to the top, coating my tongue with her warm, salty discharge.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned as even more of the thick, creamy potion coated my palate and throat. My tongue continued licking, probing this luscious, tangy pussy. Suddenly her hips began a slow, thumping tempo on my tongue.

I could feel her fingers under my nose as she stroked her own clit, leaving me with her wet gash and my futile attempt to lick it dry. Her hips continued their rhythm, her hand under my head holding my mouth firmly to her, my tongue and jaws aching to keep up with her approaching orgasm.

I felt her body stiffen, heard the low, short grunts emitting from her throat as she filled me with her tangy, addictive cum juices. I almost lapped myself into unconsciousness, the gurgle in my throat caused by my gasping for breath and swallowing at the same time.

Her body finally relaxed, but even then I continued to lick her, sucking out every drop from her perfectly pink pussy.

She rolled off of me. “Finger yourself bitch,” she ordered. “I want to see you cum. I want to see your eyes roll back in your head. Finger yourself. Look at me…at my swollen tits, my nipples, you like them don’t you Teach. Here, suck on this,” as she pushed a nipple between my lips. I nursed like a baby as my fingers squished between my swollen lips.

“Lick your lips,” she ordered, “you still have cunt juice dribbling out of the corners of your mouth.”

I shuddered after every sound of her voice, my body seeming to crave this humiliation.

“You just sucked a cheerleader’s cunt, Teach. You gotta be the envy of your teacher friends.”

My fingers, now under my soaking panties, plunged deep into my pulsating cunt. My orgasm was immediate. In 10 years of marriage I never came so hard. My body trembled uncontrollably. I could barely breath. I was spilling my wetness on to the sheets and down the crack of my ass. Oh what pleasure as I moaned thru the final spasm.

I lay there quiet. Lisa leaned over, kissing me on the lips. “See how an innocent little chearleader can send anybody, man or woman, into depraved oblivion,” she whispered. Why is that teacher, why did you become my slut tonight?”

I could only moan as another orgasm swept over me. I couldn’t think of an answer, I couldn’t even remember the question. I could only feel the depraved pleasure.

As Lisa rolled over to sleep I fingered myself to another orgasm, till finally I couldn’t hold my eyes open any more.

I awoke at 7:30am. Lisa was still sound asleep. The nights activities rushed thru my mind engulfing me with guilt. I couldn’t rationalize what possessed me into participating in such a sexual scheme.

I quickly undressed, smelling the scent of putrid sex juices that permeated the room. I was so thankful no one knew us here. Just strangers passing thru. The maid will no doubt know what took place here when she cleans the room, I thought to myself. Especially when she removes the sheets.

I jumped into the shower, slowly turning the water to a temperature as hot as I could stand. I scrubbed myself for ten minutes, attempting to wash away the night.

My body was a baby pink by the time I stepped out of the shower. I felt some sense of normalcy return as I applied my make-up and got dressed.

“Lisa, wake up, it’s time to go,” I said as I gently shook her. Her tousled, blond hair lay across her face, the picture of innocence, the picture of sex.

Lisa opened her eyes. “What time is it?” she asked groggily.

“8am. Time to get on the road. I’m going down to the coffee shop. When you”re thru showering meet me there.”

“You’re not going off and leave me here are you?” she said, her lips curling into the perfect little girl pout.

‘If I were going to leave you here I wouldn’t have awakened you. I’d already be gone. Now get up and get yourself ready.”

“Order me toast and a glass of milk,” she said. “I’ll be down in 20 minutes.”

“Okay,” I said. And as if I couldn’t resist, I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. “Thank you for last night,” I whispered. “I’m really not like that normally but you caught me in a weak moment. I think I was just desperate for love and attention. I won’t need that kind of love any more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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