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I was away attending a school when the following happened. The School involved lots of leadership and management training and included writing some papers about our studies. We were in the 4th week of training and I’ll tell you, I was missing my wife and the great sex we have. My wife is a real dynamo in bed and can make me cum in about 2 minutes flat whether using her mouth, hands or pussy. Although I had been jerking off on a regular basis, there is nothing to compare to the touch of another human being.

As part of the course we had to participate in daily physical fitness training, this was a needed break from the routine of the classroom environment and allowed time to interact with other students in a more relaxed atmosphere. During a PT sessions one of my classmates, John, asked if I could stop by his room and help him with his paper after our workout. I agreed and told him I would follow him to his room after we were done.

Well it was a grueling session and we were all sweaty from the workout. I told John that I would go home and get a shower and then come down to his room, telling him that he didn’t need me stinking up his room with my body odor. He told me not to worry about it, that he was just as sweaty and smelly and it wouldn’t be a problem. When we got to his room he started up his computer then tossed me a towel so I could wipe some the sweat off my face and hands before I got on his computer. John pulled up the paper he was working on and began explaining the problem he was having. As John sat in the chair, I leaned over his back to get a better look at the screen, as I leaned over him I looked down for some reason. What I saw shocked me, his cock was sticking halfway out of his shorts, and I guess his shorts had pushed up as he sat down.

I quickly averted my eyes and John must have noticed my embarrassment because he looked at his shorts and said

“Sorry, it slips out sometimes” as he pulled the leg down to cover himself up.

“Yeah, well I’ve never had that problem myself, but I make my wife happy so I guess that’s what counts” I told him.

John replied with a laugh “Don’t sell yourself short”.

“Let’s get back to your paper” I said, mainly out of embarrassment from talking about our dicks.

John opened the file containing his paper, then got up from the chair and then told me to sit down in the chair so I would be able to see it better. I sat down and started reading the paragraphs making an occasional correction. I asked him what he was trying to say in a particular sentence and it was John’s turn to lean over my shoulder. As he leaned over me I could have sworn he was sporting a hard-on, as something stiff was pushing into my shoulder. I was too embarrassed to turn and look, but I knew that’s what is had to be.

I made some changes after figuring out the point he was trying to make and John backed away and then said

“I’m going to take a shower and do you mind continuing to proof my paper.”

I told him “no problem, I’ll be right here when you get done.”

I watched him walk to the bathroom out of the corner of my eye and when he was out I sight I was able to adjust my own cock which was now hard as hell. I would have never thought that another man could excite me but the lump in my shorts was proof otherwise. I leaned back in the chair to stretch and noticed that I could see into the bathroom through the reflection in the wall mirror.

I saw that John had his back to me as he was undressing. He had a very solid body, proof that the PT was paying off. I must have been staring a bit too hard because John suddenly turned around and asked

You need some help.”

I was kind of in shock at the sight in front of me, John’s cock was hanging down about six inches and wasn’t even hard and his balls were hanging down just as far. I snapped out of my daze when I realized that John was asking me again if I needed him to clarify something on the paper and I realized I had been staring at him.

“No, sorry I was just stretching and kind of zoned out” I told him.

“Well, keep looking if you want, I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made on my body.” He replied back.

I turned back around to the computer and tried to focus on the paper in front of me, feeling quite embarrassed for looking so hard at another guy. I heard the water start and then heard him step into the shower. For some reason I had to look again. I returned my gaze to the mirror to see what I could see. The position I was in afforded me the ability to look right into the shower stall. John had soaped up his hair and was now busy working soap into chest and arms; he then took the soap and proceeded to lather up his cock and balls. As he did this he pulled on his nut sack and stroked up and down the length of his cock. I watched in amazement as it began to grow. It didn’t get much longer but it became quite thick. I would say it was probably about eight inches long and about three inches in diameter. I noticed him move towards the spray in order to rinse off and realized that I had better stop staring or he güvenilir bahis might get the wrong idea. It had been a while since I had felt this turned on, and never because of another man.

I was trying to concentrate on the paper when I realized I had better save the changes I had made. I pulled down the menu bar and as I was getting ready to click on the save button I noticed that there were other file names visible.

One in particular caught my eye titled, “First time cocksucker”

I turned a little to see what John was doing and saw that he was still working on lathering up his body. I figured I could open the file and read a few lines before he got out, so I clicked on the file and it opened right up. The story jumped right into the title as it described the scene of someone pulling down a guy’s jeans and then described how they were touching a dick for the first time. I am an avid porn reader so I guess I got kind of engrossed in the story and did not hear the shower stop.

The next thing I know John is out of the shower and standing there wearing only a towel.

“I see you found my porn stash” he says to me.

Startled, I jump at the realization he is now standing behind me.

“Sorry” I tell him, “I wasn’t trying to snoop, I went to save the file and this caught my attention, I like reading stories also, and blowjobs are one of my favorite subjects.” I continued.

“Well read on, the ending may surprise you” He tells me.

I continue to read the story, soon realizing that my cock is now hard again. I try to adjust my position so that it is not obvious to John. As I lean forward to do this John comments

“Yeah my dick gets hard when I read that one too”.

As I read further along in the story I think to myself that this is one talented cocksucker, she is keeping the guy on the verge of coming for a long time. John is now reading over my shoulder and I realize that the same stiff object is poking into my shoulder again, only this time he seems to be slightly moving his hips.

I get down towards the end of the story and realize what John meant about the ending surprising me. It seems that the person receiving the blowjob was not the only male in the room, the person doing the great job of sucking was also a guy. The story ended with the guy cumming in the person’s mouth.

“WOW, I wasn’t expecting that” I told John.

“Did it bother you that it was two guys in the story?” John asked me.

“No, not really, it was a good story and I believe people shouldn’t judge others based on what they like to do behind closed doors and among consenting adults.” I answered.

“Hell, it made me horny, I just wish I was closer to home so I could get some relief once in a while, where did you get the story?” I asked John.

“I wrote it” he replied to me.

“Do you write a lot of fiction like that?” I asked.

“Oh I do write a lot of stories, but that one isn’t fiction.” He informed me.

“You mean to tell me you saw this happen?” I asked.

“You could say that” he answered, “You see, that was me giving the blowjob in that story”

“wow again” was all I could say.

Finally I asked him, “How did you find yourself in that position?”

“Well, let me tell you how it all happened. My wife and I were swapping fantasies one night and she asked me what I most wanted to do to or with her. I told her “I really want to fuck her ass”

My wife told me to come up with something more original and but I told her “that is my biggest fantasy”

“Well my wife told me she didn’t think that would ever happen, pointing to my dick she said that there was no way that big thing will ever fit into my ass”.

I asked her what her biggest fantasy was, and she shocked me by saying “I want to see you suck another man off and let him cum in your mouth!”

I told my wife that “I didn’t ever think that that would happen!”

My wife asked me why it would never happen and I told her that I didn’t go for that kind of sex, that I was happy with just her and me. She called me chicken for not wanting to explore anything outside normal sex. I argued that I was more than willing to experiment, just between us.

My wife and I continued our fondling and groping when suddenly she pulled away and asked me point blank,

“If I promised you that you could put your dick in my ass would you suck a cock for me?”

I didn’t know what to say for an answer, so I just kind of sat there thinking about her question. She turned around and spread her legs showing me her ass, then began running her finger up and down her ass crack. She moved her finger down around her wrinkled hole and asked me if it was worth a little humility on my part to sink my hard cock into her tight virgin ass.

Watching her act like this had me harder than ever before. I had tongued her ass on many occasions but she has never played with herself in front me like this before, usually it was just a gentle nudge indicating she wanted to lick a little further south than her pussy. My wife dipped türkçe bahis a finger in her pussy then slid her finger back spreading her juice around her asshole making it shiny and very inviting.

As she performed this lewd act, she asked; “well what do you think John, is it worth it to you?”

Ok back to the present for a moment, I have to tell you that while John was relating this story to me I was about as hard as I could get. I did not interrupt but I had a very vivid mental picture working in my mind of his wife doing all the things he described. I had turned around to face John since he had sat down on the bed. He had turned his towel into a pup tent and was not ashamed to let me see that fact. John had also noticed that I too was sporting a tent in my shorts.

Back to John’s story;

John continued with, “I thought I was pretty smart and finally told her, yeah, it would be worth it.” “My thought was that I would get to fuck her ass tonight and then we would forget about my part of the deal, but I should have known better than to try to out smart my wife, she is always thinking further ahead than I do.”

“Do you mean that John?” as she slowly inserted one of her fingers slowly into her tight sphincter.

That did it for me; I told her “I would gladly do what ever she wanted for the chance to replace her finger with my cock! Now get over here and let me get to work.”

“Oh not just yet big boy, I never said It would happen tonight, besides I know you too well, you’ll have to fulfill my fantasy before you get yours, If I let you fuck my ass tonight I’ll never get to see my fantasy come true.”

Well she had me there, so I asked her how we were going to set this up, she told me not to worry, she would take care of everything.

I noticed John was looking off at the wall and lightly stroking the lump under his towel as he continued to relate his story to me.

“About two weeks after that first conversation my wife came home from work on Wednesday and told me to be ready for Friday night as that would be the night we fulfilled each others fantasies.”

“I told her that I didn’t think I could do it and she scolded me by saying “Oh no mister, my pussy has been dripping non stop think about this night, you’re not backing out now. Everything is set and I can’t wait.”

“I had to admit that our sex in the preceding weeks had been fantastic and her pussy did seem to be extra juicy.”

John now had me openly stroking my cock through my shorts; his story definitely had me worked up.

“Well Friday night arrived and when I got home from work my wife was not in the house but she had left me a note saying “I already started dinner, but I had to pick up a few more things for tonight.”

“The note also told me to shower, put on the clothes that are on the bed, have some dinner then go into the den, make yourself a drink, relax, and turn on the DVD that is in the machine, it should help set the mood. A drink sounded like a good idea, I knew I’d need something to help me relax if I was going to go through with her fantasy.”

“I went upstairs and showered noticing that the only thing on the bed was a pair of red silk boxers. I dried off and put the boxers on then went into our den and started the movie. As the soundtrack started I knew it was a porno, they are the only movies that sound like that. I got myself a drink and settled into the couch to see what the movie would be about. The title said something about two men and a lady; little did I know what I would be watching.”

John continued, “The movie started out innocent enough, but soon there were three people on the screen all grabbing at what ever body part they were closest to and putting it their mouths.”

“There were two cocks getting sucked but only one female on the screen, you do the math” John told me matter-of-factly.

“Well sex is sex and I was horny as hell” John continued with his story, “I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it while watching the scenes on the movie.”

“At one point I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and when I turned to look my wife had entered to room completely naked. She walked over to me, and without saying a word got down on her knees and engulfed my whole cock in her talented mouth.”

“I almost came but she knew me well enough and pulled her mouth off of my cock. She looked up at me and said, “I can’t wait to see you do that John, my pussy is dripping just thinking about it. You aren’t going to back out on me are you?”

“As she said this she turned around and bent over at the waist while sliding a hand between her legs up to her puckered brown hole. “Remember what you get in return.” She reminded.

“Well between the hardness of my cock and her little display I was willing to do anything to get into that ass and told her as much. “Oh goody” was her only reply as she got up and left the room. When she return she was leading someone by the hand. I swallowed hard as the realization set in that she really was serious.”

“Behind her was a good güvenilir bahis siteleri looking man in a polo shirt and jeans looking to be in his mid thirties. My wife introduced me to him as Jim, a guy she works with at her firm. She told me that Jim considers himself a heterosexual but is will to try anything to have a good time. I stood up to shake his hand and realized that my cock was still hard and poking out the hole in my boxers. Jim lightened the mood by grabbing my cock and shaking it saying “hi I’m glad to meet you, and it looks like you are glad to see me” as he stroked my length.”

“I flushed with embarrassment but my cock got harder at his touch.”

“My wife was beyond anxious and said “enough with the pleasantries I want to see some cock sucking!”

“Sounds good to me” Jim said “How do we start?”

“Ok, since this is my fantasy I’ll direct the action” my wife asserted.

“John, start by taking off Jim’s shirt”. I moved closer to where Jim was standing and with trembling hands I reached for the hem of his shirt. As I started to pull his shirt off he raised his arms to assist me. With his shirt off my wife and I could see that he had a smooth hairless chest that was well defined from lots of time at the gym.”

“I started to back away to await my next instruction, when my wife told me to “play with Jim’s nipples”. My hands were trembling even more as I reached up towards his chest. I slowly grabbed his little buds and rolled them between my fingers and they hardened at my touch.

“Jim let out a moan saying “Oh, that feels nice.”

“Ok John, now suck on them” my wife commanded. I leaned in and took one of Jim’s nipples into my mouth and Jim cradled my head in his arm telling me to “bite it, I like it that way.” I rolled his nipple between my teeth and as I was doing this Jim reached down and began stroking my cock with his free hand.”

“My wife pulled Jim and I back to reality by telling me to remove his pants. I sank to my knees and began to undo his pants, I could feel the heat and hardness under the fabric, and Jim appeared to be packing some meat inside his jeans. I grabbed his zipped and as I began to slide it down it was evident that Jim was not wearing any underwear.”

John then looked at me and startled me out of me reverie by saying

“Well Bill, you read the story so you know how it ends, so what do you think?”

I looked over at John; he was now on the edge of the bed and had completely removed the towel and he was openly stroking his very erect cock.

“I don’t know what to think, I’m horny as hell and don’t know whether it’s from your story or watching you! I have to ask though, what was it like, giving a blowjob I mean?”

“It was weird at first, but after I started I realized why my wife enjoys doing it so much. Once I got going I just couldn’t stop, I really wanted to do it and make him cum.”

I guess I was looking at John kind of weird, because he said, “Do you think different of me now Bill?”

“Actually no, I am still curious and very horny!”

“You want to try it?” John asked me.

Actually I did, I just didn’t know what to do. John solved all that when he stood up and came over to the chair I was sitting in. He walked right up to me and placed his cock inches from my face.

“Touch it” he said.

I reached up and tentatively grabbed his hard cock. It throbbed at my touch. It was incredibly hard and slick from all the pre-cum that he had been spreading around it. I slowly felt all around the shaft sliding my hand up and down its length, eliciting moans from John.

“That feels great” he told me.

“Go as far as you want, I’m ready to cum just from your hands but a mouth would feel better.” He added.

I wasn’t quite ready for that yet so I just continued to explore him with my hands. I reached down and took his cum filled balls in my hand and his hips involuntarily jumped literally bumping his cock head against my lips. As I fondled his balls I put my tongue out and licked the purple head. John obviously couldn’t wait; when my tongue hit his cock he thrust his hips forward shoving about 4 inches of his length into my mouth. His size stretched my lips but it wasn’t painful, just full. It scared me but I didn’t pull away, instead I did what I like to have happen to me. I swirled my tongue around the shaft.

John was openly moaning as I was doing this. He took his hands and put them on the back of my head and began to move his hips back and forth slowly sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I continued to caress his balls with one hand, and with my other hand I started to slide it between his legs to do something I love to have happen to me when my wife gives me a blowjob. Sensing my destination John spread his legs apart. I found his asshole with my finger tip and John again let out a low moan. I circled his hole with my finger and slowly tried to push it in. It was tight so I pulled my finger back and rubbed it around in some of the slobber running down his shaft from my mouth. Sufficiently lubricated, I again tried to insert it into his asshole. The slobber worked and my finger slowly entered him. This entire time John is continuing to saw his cock in and out of my willing mouth, amazingly enough, John now had about six of his eight inches going in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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