I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This!

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Ellen, I think to myself, you are so silly for being here. Here is a loud house party in a different part of town. The voice in my head scolds me, “Girl, you don’t even like this hard rock kind of music. You should never have come here with that skanky girl from your sorority. You hardly even know her.”

There I am a college junior who should know better. I’m dressed in my normal student knee-length skirt and blouse beside my sorority sister who is dressed in a tiny party dress that is short enough to almost show off her panties, that’s if she is wearing any. Claire is a real piece of work. She sneaks in after curfew often and tells us girls tales of hot sex and macho men that make all of us blush. She is only a freshman but has had more experience with boys than all of us.

Lots of boys on campus ask me out. They seem to think I am pretty and I even had a photographer that was here on an assignment with Playboy magazine ask me if I wanted to pose for their College Girls edition. But of course I said no. I would simply die if folks back home ever saw me in the nude.

My goodness, how did I get here. It was a perfect storm of things. Brad, my boyfriend back in South Dakota and I had a spat on our Skype call and I was in an angry mood. Claire kept calling me a nerd and a chicken girly, girl and that got my goat even though it is totally true. When she dared me to go out with her to a party, for some strange reason I said yes. And here I am, standing against a wall with a can of Miller Lite in my hand with a nervous look on my face beside a sexy young chick in a fuck-me dress flashing big, come-here big toothy smiles at any good looking guy that looks her way. There are plenty of nice looking guys. These are a bit older than our college crowd and more street-wise. The girls are all young though and most were dressed like Claire, proud of their assets and advertising them. The music blared and a dozen couples were dancing to the heavy beat of the rock music.

Thank goodness I didn’t wear one of those sexy kind of dresses. True be known, I don’t even have a sexy dress like that. That is not my style. I hope the guys here get the hint that I am not ‘that kind of girl’. I’m at college to get a degree and go back to South Dakota and settle down. I’m not the smartest student so I have to study a lot and that means not socializing very much. Sex hasn’t been a big part of my life. My boyfriend Brad and I had sex a few times after I graduated from high school and when I went home for summer break after my freshman year, but it hasn’t been the fireworks that Cosmopolitain magazine says it should be. I haven’t had real sex for seven months. Brad gets so horny back home that I have to strip and flash for him on our weekly Skype call so that he can jerk off and not go crazy. I must admit that turns me on and after we disconnect, I always masturbate until I orgasm. That has proven to me that the poor sex I’ve had with Brad is not due to my equipment not working. But this isn’t something to worry about until I get back home to South Dakota.

Oh, oh, here comes a tall hunk of a guy in his late twenties coming straight at us. His eyes are locked on Claire and hear her squeal, throw up her arms and leap into his embrace. He grabs a handful of her ass brazenly and gives her a deep kiss as she mashes her body to his.

Their bodies part and he looks down at her and says, “Hey baby, thanks for coming. I’ve missed you.”

She looks up with a huge smile and replies, “I would never miss one of your great parties, Jack”

I think, “Yes, good name, he’s a Jack type of guy.” He has dark brown hair in a country and western longish cut with that trimmed three-days-growth beard that is so stylish and manly on his handsome face. He could have stepped out of a Budweiser commercial.

Jack looks down at me. I am almost five eleven but he is at least six four. “Claire, who is your gorgeous friend?”

“You are always asking me about my college friends, so I brought Carol to your party.” She turns to me. “Carol, this is Jack. This is his house and his party.”

Jack looks me up and down slowly like he wants to eat me. I’m sure all the girls fall in his arms. I have an overwhelming urge to put my hands in front of my crotch but successfully fight the urge. Since coming to university in the big city, I’ve become a bit of a feminist but right now I feel like the weaker sex beside an alpha male. My goodness, it’s like he is looking through my clothes. He steps towards me and my mind panic thinking he is going to hug me and grab my ass like he did with Claire. I shot out my hand nervously as a handshake gesture. He looks down at it and breaks into a big smile and gallantly shakes my hand. I can feel callouses so I guess he doesn’t have a desk job.

“Hi, Carol. Nice to meet you. Claire keeps talking about the plain looking geeks at her sorority but you are beautiful. Thanks for coming. You give his party a touch of class.”

He continues to hold my hand as he looks deep into my eyes. I can czech super models porno/ feel a blush on my cheeks. “Damn it,” I think, “I’m acting like a teenager. Hell I’m twenty-one.”

“Why don’t I get you two hot chicks a fresh beer? I’ll be right back.” He flashes me a big flirty smile. He has such a tight butt encased in tight jeans as he walks off. I might be a bit prudish but a girl has eyes.

Claire turns to me, “Fuck, aren’t you lucky. I think he’s in love with you. My god, I’ve been after him for months and he won’t even let me give him a blow-job. He’s a real catch. His daddy owns a big homebuilding company and Jack is learning the ropes.” That explains the callouses on his hands and the nice house we are in. Thankfully, he’s not a drug dealer or something. Anything’s possible with Claire.

“Claire, I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I just came to have a night out after exams.” I am feeling the strong beat of the music and my body moves with it.

Jack is back with two cold beers for us and one for himself. He stands in front of me looking me in the face with a confident look. I sip my beer. The eye contact is to hot so I look down shyly. He is dressed in nice light grey silk shirt that clings tightly to his toned developed muscular chest and thin waist. With my eyes lowered, I can see he has a big bulge in the front of his jeans. My goodness, it’s getting hot in here and that music is really sexy. I must say he is quite a package but there is no way I want a college girl fling. I have a practical life and a great one ahead of me in South Dakota. My hips start to swivel to the heavy rock beat.

He breaks into a masculine grin and says, “Let’s dance.” I nod yes. How can that be bad? He grips my hand strongly and pulls me into the center of the dancing bodies. The others part in respect to give us access when they see that it is Jack. Other’s seem to respect him. It’s like the alpha male instinct that I am learning about in biology 101.

This is a fast song and we dance facing each other a few feet apart. The room is a bit dark but I can see the other dancers clearly. He is an excellent dancer and I try to keep up. My body feels great as we move and shake. Some of the girls around us are shaking their asses and grinding their crotches into the thighs of their guys. Jack pulls me to him and our chests touch. I feel an electric shock in my nipples as they slide across his chest. It is too intense so I back away and we dance close but apart some more. He eats me up and down with his blue eyes like I am his prey and rather than making me feel fear, I feel special and protected. My breasts are only a 34B but I push them out towards his gaze to show them off. I can’t do any harm and it makes me feel sexier than I ever have before. He sees my actions and a shit-ass grin comes across his face as he ogles my breasts. No doubt, he has seen a lot of breasts.

Clair appears out of nowhere and hands Jack a marijuana joint. He sucks in the smoke and hands it to me. I have smoke a bit of pot but not too often. I don’t want to be a prude so I inhale deeply. The room tilts immediately and pleasant feeling washes over me. Wow, that is stronger stuff than I have ever had. Clair vanishes.

Now the heavy beat of the music is really going through my body. I love the feeling. I see Jack is looking over at two hot looking girls who are dancing together. They see him and start gyrating their hips seductively. The message is clear. No way, he’s with me. I put my hands over my head and swivel my hips to the beat. I wish I had short dress like them but my pleated skirt rises up enough to show him a lot of my thighs. Jack sees me and his pleased look means he likes what I am doing. I think he really likes me. The other skanks can get lost. Geez, it’s a good thing Brad and the folks can’t see me now flirting like this. But there’s no harm for a young girl to have a bit of fun.

Jack pulls me to him and I melt into his hard body. I can smell the musky odor of his sweat. It’s intoxicating. Our hips are out of tempo and bump but soon are locked and swaying together in a crazy making way. I nestle my cheek into his chest and float in an ocean of sensuality. His hands slowly move from my waist and my logical brain knows they are going to my ass-cheeks and I should stop him but my animal brain can’t wait to feel his strong hands caressing them. I give him a little hug as a sign that he can go on. I have no doubt he would grab his new prize regardless.

Holy shit, his hands feel great. He doesn’t just stroke my butt, he grips it strongly and massages it deeply. My world is his hands and my ass in a sea of heavy rock music. I can hardly breathe with the shear lust that is in my brain. I can feel my nostrils flare as I fill my lungs with hot air. Instinctively, my head tilts back and I kiss his neck below his jaw. He has a rough stubble of a mature man. I reach up and join my hands behind his neck to give him total access to my body. I am feeling so czech tax porno slutty. This kind of music is great.

His hands slide up my waist. I expect him to touch my breasts outside my blouse but he has other ideas. He undoes two top buttons and looks deeply into my eyes as he slips his hand slowly down my chest, into my bra and under to cup my breast, skin on skin. I shot of panic hits me knowing that the other people could see him holding my breast. What kind of girl would they think I am? Then he lightly pinches my nipple and I almost have an orgasm right there in the middle of the floor. Holy shit, my vagina is gushing. What’s happening to me? He pinches and I give a low moan that I am sure other can hear but I don’t care. He undoes more buttons and I can see his hand deep in my bra and then he pulls my globe out and he is looking down at my small light pink areola and erect nipple. I feel exposed to everybody around us but his touch is all I care about.

He dips his head to mine and our lips meet. Our tongues dance and search within each other’s mouth. I never thought a kiss could be this incredible. Both his hands return to my ass and he grinds my pussy into his crotch. I can feel his hard erection against my girlie parts. My hands go to his rock hard butt and I grind him to me with an equal vigor. I can hear him give a low animal growl even with the loud music swirling around us.

He steps back, grabs my hand and pulls me to walk behind him. I trot obediently. Wherever he is going, I want to go too. I’m hoping we can go somewhere private to make out. As we speed along, I realize my blouse is open and my right breast is hanging fully out of the cup of my bra. I blush as I realize all these guys we pass are seeing my nakedness. We go down a crowded hall to a stairway that leads downstairs to a large playroom with a pool table and large screen TV. There are several leather sofas and loveseats and large stuffed leather chairs. Three or four couples were making out passionately with no thought of anybody around them. The music upstairs is muffled.

Jack sits me on a love seat and says, “I’m going to get us a beer. I’ll be right back.” He turns and goes up the stairs. There is that wonderful butt again. I am sitting here, self-conscious, not knowing what to do while I wait. I tuck my breast back into my bra. I do up a couple of buttons but leave the top four undone. I don’t mind if he feels me up down here in this playroom but I hope to have sex in his bedroom if it comes to that.

A girl on a sofa to my right slides down to the floor and unzips her man’s pants and pulls out his good-sized manhood. She licks it up and down with gusto before popping the head into her mouth. The man has a contented grin on his face. He looks me in the eye. I am sure my eyes are just popping out of my head. This is something I have never witnessed before. I even avoid watching porn. As her head bobs up and down, I start to feel my pussy engorging. What an erotic sight. I have given my boyfriend a hand job but we never did oral sex. She seems to be relishing it.

Here is Jack. He hands me a beer and I gulp down a quarter of it. I am so thirsty from all the panting I’m doing. He sits on my right and I snuggle into his body. Over his shoulder, I can see the other three couples making out on their sofas. I am a little nervous. All of these feelings are a bit overwhelming but Jack seems to know what he is doing and is in no hurry. We finish our beers as the other couples moan in heat.

Jack leans in and kisses me deeply. My passion has been boiling close to the surface and in an instant I’m swept up in the moment. He looks down at me and says, “I didn’t tell you to button up your blouse.” My hands instantly go to the buttons and the blouse flies open to give him free access. My bra has a front clasp and he undoes that expertly. My breasts are now completely exposed. Thank goodness Jack was between me and the eyes of the others. He weighs my left breast and gives it is sweet squeeze. I moaned louder than I expected and lay back in the sofa. He kisses down my neck to the globe in his hand a sucks the areola into his mouth and flicks his tongue over my diamond hard nipple. A jolt of electricity goes directly to my pussy. I had to cross my knee over my thigh to give some needed friction to my pussy lips.

I looked to my right and the man that was getting a blow job is looking me straight in the eyes with a carnal hunger in them. He licks his lips. When Jack raised his head to nurse my left breast , the man had a clear view of my saliva covered right breast. His eyes eat up the view and his obvious desire sends my lust meter up a notch.

Jack sits up and reaches down to the hem of my skirt and runs his calloused hand up my thigh. My legs have a mind of their own and my knees pop open. I remember I have my granny white panties on, not thinking that anything would happen at the party. He reaches up to the waistband of my panties and pulls down. I lift my bottom off the defloration porno sofa to help out and the panties are off in a flash. I can smell the strong odor of my pussy juices and I’m sure he can smell it too.

A loud voice come from over to my right, “I smell hot young pussy. Way to go Jack.” I almost die of embarrassment and I snuggle my blushing face into Jack’s shoulder. He doesn’t miss a beat. He lifts my skirt up over my waist, exposing my womanhood to his hungry gaze. I have never trimmed my pubic hair. I wonder if Jack likes a full beaver. He rakes his fingers through the silky hair and takes some between his thumb and forefinger and gives it a little twist.

“Sweet, ” he whispers, “I love your nice thick thatch of pussy hair.” I guess that answers my question.

He dips his finger down over my camel-toe notch and along the full length of my slit. The sensation is crazy-making. I bite into Jack’s chest in my passion. My hips instinctively hump up towards his hand. His forefinger finds the entrance to my vagina and slowly penetrates a couple of knuckle lengths inside. The top of his finger strokes my clit and after a few strokes, I am screaming a muffled scream into his chest as my pussy explodes into an earth-shattering orgasm.

I am panting and my brain is muddled as he removes his wonderful hand and I hear the distinctive sound of a zipper being opened. Of course, I knew Jack would want sexual release but I expected to be going to his bedroom for a private interlude.

I lifted my lips to his ear. “Jack, let’s go up to your bedroom and make love.”

“Sure love. But first a little oral sex.”

I look over at the other couples and they are almost all completely nude and having sex in all kinds of positions. One man is eating his girl’s pussy. Another is fucking his lady doggy-style. The guy who had been getting a BJ before has mounted his woman missionary-style and she is shouting encouragement as he pounds his hips into hers. They don’t care what I do and surely nobody back in North Dakota will ever find out. What the hell?

Jack slides down so his ass is over the edge of the sofa and his long circumcised staff is sticking straight up waiting. I feel his hand on the back of my head giving me encouragement to taste his manhood. I hesitate. Jack takes his other hand and pulls my hand to his staff. I grip it. It’s hot and feels like soft velvet over granite. My mouth instinctively moves to the engorged head and I open wide to take it in. The spunky, salt taste is so erotic. I run my tongue around the bulbous head and I can feel the ridge where it meets the staff. Jack gives a loud groan of pleasure and sweeps my hair back to give the others a clear view.

Jack takes a gentle handful of my hair and directs me to bob my mouth up and down on his stiff weapon. Whatever he wants, I do. I gag a bit when the head hits the back of my throat but when he sees that he is more careful.

He undoes his belt and lifts his ass off the sofa as he strips his jeans off with his penis still lodged in my mouth. I look over at the others and one man is screwing his girl doggy style and looks straight at me with a lecherous look on his face. I close my eyes and bob my head up and down.

Jack pulls my head up off his penis. “Give my balls a good lick sweetie, I love that.”

I think, “Geez, oh my god. That is so base.” I hesitate again.

He repeats loudly, “I SAID lick my fucking balls.” I obey and am thankful that he has shaved his ball-sack clean. I lick. “Ya baby, make them nice and wet. That’s a good girl.” I lick the wrinkled skin all over and feel the two eggs within slide away from my tongue action.

He pulls my head up and kneels on the floor in front of me. He takes off his shirt to be completely nude and pushes my chest back and pulls my hips over the edge of the sofa. My skirt is down but I realize that my panties are off. Oh my heavens, he is going to mount me right here in front of everybody! I bite my knuckle and my eyes dart around the ceiling. My panicky mind wants to protect my womanhood with my other hand but it doesn’t move.

I feel my blouse being opened exposing my breasts. My chest is rising up and down with my quickened breathing and my heart is pumping out of my chest. Is the man going to ravish me violently? Oh my god, what have I done? Then, both of Jack’s calloused hands cup my breasts softly. It feels amazing. He gently massages my globes and my heart and breathing slow. I open my eyes and see his handsome, caring face smiling down a me. I melt. A wave of a sense of trust washes over me. He rolls my nipples in his fingers and a shot of sensuous pleasure explodes in my chest.

“Lift your ass up sweetie so I can take off your skirt.” I obey knowing somewhere in the recesses of my brain that this meant I was giving myself to him fully. I lift my knees together high and he slides the skirt up and off my legs. I place my feet back on the floor with my knees on each side of Jack’s hips. I can see is magnificent erection sticking up strong and proud. I see nothing else, just that perfect instrument. I can envision him mounting me and thrusting that magic rod into my center just like the stallions covering mares back on my father’s ranch. A vortex of pure animal sensuality carries me towards his mounting me and we becoming one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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