I Give Laura Her Wedding Present

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We arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon to attend the wedding of my girlfriend Yvonne’s best friend from high school, Laura. We checked into the Flamingo where the wedding party was staying and went to our room. Yvonne and I decided to check on the bride to be. We entered her room and Laura was in the bathroom getting ready. Laura was your typical blonde, blue eyed California girl who could look really fuckable or really average depending on her weight fluctuation. Laura had the typical bar slut look. She reminded me of a blonde Drew Barrymore. There had been times in the past where I wanted her badly, and others when I could have cared less. I found out later she wanted to look her best for her wedding, and she had done so.

Laura and Steve the groom to be were staying in the honeymoon sweet which had a sitting area off the bathroom with big mirrors at odd angles. I overheard Laura say something about Steve going off to do some last minute things. Steve was an alcoholic and I knew one of those last minute things was to calm his nerves. As I plopped down on the bed to watch sports, the girls were talking and I looked up at the mirror, I could see into the bathroom where Laura was putting on her makeup, topless! She did not know I could see her and it was a good thing because my jaw hit the floor when I got a look at her jugs. They looked to be a 36D with just the perfect amount of off center sag. My horny little mind started to race and my fat cock started to twitch. Laura was drinking champagne and probably working on female agent porno an itch that surely would not get scratched that night, as Steve certainly would not be up for the job. Suddenly I was in the mood for some serious scratching.

Yvonne and I left to head back to our room to get ready. My horny mind was racing because those mouth watering jugs were stuck in my head and I just had to experience them. Yvonne had told me that Laura was quite slutty and had fucked her share of guys. Also Laura had made some remarks about me in the past that led me to believe she was interested. Laura and I were friendly though not really close, but I was hatching a plan to get up close and personal. When we hit our room I knew Yvonne would take forever getting ready and I would have time pull off my scheme. I made up an excuse to disappear for 30 minutes and I was off to the Promised Land.

I knocked on Laura’s door and my prayers were answered. She was probably expecting Steve because answered wearing only a shear white bathrobe which showed big cleavage and I could see her huge nipples popping out. I told her that I was looking for Steve, and that I had time to kill and was wondering if they needed any help. Laura seemed a little tipsy and told me to come in and she closed the door behind us. She said “Steve was probably out getting drunk and she was really pissed”. She then gave me a funny look and said “she always liked me and that she hoped the goods didn’t go to waste tonight”.

That was gizli cekim porno all I needed to hear as I grabbed her and we kissed passionately, I could taste the champagne in her mouth. I untied her robe belt and the robe quickly hit the floor. She had the nicest biggest hangers I had ever seen and I went right for them. She was wearing only black panties which defined her womanly fuckable hips and shapely stomach. I was out of my clothes in a blink and my big 8 inch cock was standing at attention and looking for a moist place. Laura peeled off her panties and we embraced, my cock ending up between her legs and I could not believe how wet she was as her musky scent filled the room. She told me whatever I did, don’t cum inside her as she was ovulating and they were going to try and start a family tonight. She then laughed sarcastically.

We started pawing at each other as I diddled her soaking wet pussy which was high lighted by a forest of golden brown fur. We were standing in front of the vanity in the sitting room; she then turned around and leaned against it in front of the mirror. Even though I am well endowed I entered her sopping wet pussy from the rear with ease in a standing position. It was like watching a bad porn flick in the mirror in front of me. Her face contorted with pleasure as her huge boobs swayed to the rhythm of me pounding her from behind. It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls start to tighten. Wanting to prolong the action I pulled my meat out of her, my swollen purple glory hole secrets porno head and shaft covered in her honey.

Both of us sweating we went over to the bed where she laid down on the edge. She raised her legs and wrapped them around me as I grabbed those luscious hips and buried my cock into her. We quickly got into a rhythm were I was pounding her aching pussy with deep powerful stokes. My big hairy balls loudly slapped her ass with each stoke. We were both nearing the point of no return. I looked down and saw her huge jugs shaking like Jell-O molds as I fucked her senseless and that sent me over the top. I heard her mumble something about getting pregnant but I was determined to fill her belly with every last seed in my testicles. I planted my fat long cock as far into as I could. I grabbed those baby making hips tight an felt the tip of my manhood touching her cervix as I emptied the contents of aching balls into her. Jet after jet of my sperm went directly into her fertile unprotected womb. We collapsed in a heap and as I pulled out I saw that she was proudly sporting a gaping cream pie that began to run down her ass and onto the bed. We lingered a minute, laughed and parted.

Steve did get drunk but managed to slur his way through the ceremony and reception. Someone at the reception made a remark to Laura about starting a family. I could not help but smirk as little did the person know that earlier I had given Laura my wedding present. I had made my deposit into her sperm bank and my seed were swarming through her tubes looking for an egg to fertilize. I don’t know what happened later that night when Laura and Steve went to their room. Nine months later Laura gave birth to a daughter. That was 17 years ago and since the daughter looks just like Laura I don’t know who her father is, but have my suspicions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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