I Love Basketball!! Ch. 01

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My wife Lori is an assistant girls’ basketball coach at our local high school, and I frequently go to watch her team’s games. One of her girls, Emma, an 18-year old senior, has a mom that is a real knock out. Her name is Trish, and we frequently sit at least near each other for the games. Trish, who’s about 38, always comes to the games on her way home from work as an office manager, so she’s always dressed nicely, usually in a dress or skirt. Sometimes, her husband is with her, but most times, not. He’s kind of a nerd, but nice enough.

I have to tell you, that Trish is a very tall, statuesque blond, and her daughter is taking after her, being the center on the team. Trish is very flirty, which is okay with me, but not very okay with my wife, who is just slightly jealous of her.

A conversation Trish and I had recently started messing with my mind, and led to much more. We were talking about how good Emma is at center, and Trish said that she took after her, being so tall. “I’m five-eleven,” she went on, “and all of my height is in my legs.”

By the way…. Trish has an unbelievable pair of legs, and they’re always clad in very sheer nylons. She had my full attention as she talked about them.

“They’re so long, that I can’t even buy pantyhose that are comfortable on them….”

Wait a minute. I looked down at her legs, which were crossed, with the hem of her dress riding about half way up her nylon clad thigh. Is she telling me that those outstanding examples of female legs do not have pantyhose on them? Then…. what is she wearing? I wondered.

When she knew she had my full attention, and no one else olgun porno was watching, she answered the question for me by sliding the hem of her dress higher, for just a second. So high, in fact, that the welt at the top of her sheer, silky, sexy stocking appeared, along with the chrome clasp of her garter belt strap. As quickly as it appeared, it was gone. As quickly as it was gone, I was rock hard. Nothing, and I mean “NOTHING” turns me on like stockings and garter belts!!!!

Well, I was shot for the rest of the night, that’s for sure. I could not take my eyes from her legs, hoping for another glimpse of stocking clad thigh. And…. She NEW it, and obviously LOVED it! She watched me watching her… smiling all the while.

I wished I was sitting in front of her, instead of beside her, which would give me a chance of an upskirt view. But, I wasn’t. She still made interesting enough, though. Cross legs… uncross legs. Slide dress up…. slide it back down. Jump up to cheer for Emma… sit back down with a dress adjustment. Oh, man, I was in a cross between misery and ecstasy. And…. Trish seemed to be reveling in my discomfort. I could hardly talk, because even my tongue was hard!

At half time, Lori went to the locker room with the team, and Trish turned the heat up. As people were leaving the stands, she turned towards me and the sharp heel of her 3″ stiletto came in contact with my calf…. and stayed there. Her dress, which buttoned up the front, had the lowest button undone, and the split allowed the top of here nylon to be exposed if she wanted it to be. She did.

“You really seem to be playboy porno interested in my legs, Rick…” she suddenly said.

I couldn’t talk. Silence for a few moments. Finally… “Do you like them?” she asked.

“Ummmm…” I looked from her eyes to her legs and back. “They are without a doubt, magnificent!” I declared.

“Why thanks, Rick,” she continued. “Do you like my stockings?”

“No, Trish…. I LOVE your stockings….!” I was able to mutter, still dumbfounded by the whole situation.

Then… “Would you like to see more?” she asked innocently.

I looked back into her eyes. “How?” I asked.

She immediately stood up. “Follow me!”

It wasn’t a request — it was a command! Of course, I obeyed. The view of her nyloned legs from the rear was just as good as the others. She led the way past the concession area, and down a darkened hallway. We passed several empty classrooms, and then entered one. She locked the door behind us, turned around, and stood by the window, which allowed the light of parking lot tower lights to illuminate her.

Then, she unbuttoned her dress. Just like that. All the way up. High heels, nylons, garter belt, bra… wait. No panties? NO PANTIES! “Do you want to feel them, Rick?”

What do you think? I was on my knees in a split second, sliding my hands up and down those nylon clad wonders, from high heel to garter clasp. She had leaned back against the wall.

After a few seconds, I moved higher, causing her to moan a little. Higher yet, a louder moan. Pay dirt! She spread her legs, and my fingers slid into the hottest, wettest pornhub porno pussy I have ever encountered.

I guess her flirting session affected her the same way it did me! Her high heels moved farther apart, and her hands went to the back of my head, nudging me forward. Who was I to argue? My face came in contact with her mound, and I noticed the odor of hot sex coming from her.

My tongue came out and parted her lips…. another loud moan. A harder push on my head. I worked my way up to her clit and sucked it in, teasing it with my tongue and teeth. Now I had her! She hunched hard against the probing of my tongue. One of those marvelous nyloned legs slid around me, over my shoulder.

I sucked, nipped, licked, and ate her sweet pussy. In just a couple of minutes, she was there. Her hands pushed harder, my tongue went deeper, and her moans were louder still. “Oh, Rick……EAT ME!!

She nearly screamed! When she came, I could taste it… not like when a guy cums, but definitely a new taste. It was unbelievable! When she was done, she slowly released the vise-like grip she had on my head.

When I stood up, she kissed me. “Jeez, Rick,” she said, “You sure know how to eat pussy!”

I just smiled, and pushed my boner into her. “We don’t have time for that Rick, your wife will be back out in about 2 minutes!” I looked at my watch and nearly panicked. She kissed me again, sucking my tongue, and then simply left the room.

I rearranged my hard cock, and headed for the concession stand. A coke and popcorn, and I was back in the stands as Lori came back to the floor. Trish came back a few minutes later, none the worse for wear. She still looked great, but with a seemingly satisfied look on her face.

The second half went by quickly, and we were on our feet, heading for the doors. Trish leaned up close to me and whispered, “Next game, Rick, I’ll suck your cock!”

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