In The Club Pt. 01

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Kiera hadn’t gone out clubbing in a while. Ever since she started a new job after graduation, she had been pre-occupied with work as a marketing officer for a tech start-up. And not long after, she was promoted to the position of marketing director within five months. She was very dedicated to her job which meant late nights working on new projects and finding ways to bring in new clients. She had become a workaholic. So when her friends suggested going out for girls night on Friday, it was a well-needed break.

She decided on a cute black top which revealed her shoulders elegantly. And she wore tight, dark skinny jeans with black pumps that complemented her top. She was absolutely excited about this night. She straightened her hair and put on some simple makeup, smokey eyes and some lip gloss. She looked and felt great. She just wanted to have a very fun night where she could just let loose and drink.

Kiera and the girls decided to meet at a restaurant and grab a bite to eat before going to the club.

“I’m so glad you decided to join us tonight,” Ella said. “We really missed you Kiks.”

Kiera groaned. “Ugh I missed you guys too…you have no idea how much I needed this. It’s been a hectic and stressful week. I needed something to get my mind off of work and just relax.”

“Damn bitch,” Mel said as she grabbed her shoulders. “You’re so tense. Drinks just won’t cut it if you really wanna relax” she added with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Yeah? What do you have in mind?” Kiera said with raised brows and leaned forward.

“Bitch you need sex. The hot, nasty kind.”

All three girls giggle.

“I agree,” Ella said in the midst of giggles.

“I so get laid!” Kiera countered in mock offense.

“Really? And how long ago was that?” Mel asked skeptically.

Kiera quiets down as she thought about it. It really had been a while since she hooked up with anyone…six months to be honest. But damn she had been eyeballing this fine ass guy at her office. His name was Damian, and he worked in the IT department. She would often catch him staring at her with his piercing brown eyes. She was too shy to make the first move though. She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at the girls.

“Whatever! Look I’m not here to look for a one night stand. I’m here to have a nice time and get wasted with my girlfriends because I missed you guys. So this is all about us.”

“Yesss, ladies night. I’ll toast to that.” Mel says raising her glass of wine.

“Yes baby,” Ella adds and clinks her glass with the girls.

The waiter came and put their food on the table and they dived in.

They got to Lolita club right around the time where people were already dancing. Couples on the dance floor were grinding against each other and feeling each other up. It was warm inside. The music was entrancing, the colors were jumping off the walls. A mix of red, green and white. It was a good combination for the hot sexy vibe. It made you feel like you could lose yourself to female fake taxi porno the beat.

We went straight to the bar and had a few shots. The feeling of the drink going down Kiera’s throat felt so good. She missed the slight burn she would get while drinking.

The girls immediately went on to the dance floor and danced their hearts out. They were singing along to the songs, jumping up and down. They laughed till it hurt. They were all having a great time.

The music changed into a sultry Latino song.

Kiera was gyrating her hips to the song, that was being played and she was relaxed with her eyes closed and enjoyed herself.

All the men were looking at her. Kiera was a very attractive woman. Sexy with her thick luscious lips, her long curly hair, her big brown eyes, and her thick hourglass body. Men were definitely enjoying the view and she was oblivious to it all.

And then she felt a presence behind her. Kiera knew she was being much too brazen. She could tell that a man had started moving with her to the music. It was probably the alcohol, but his hands felt so good and his firm chest just felt so right pressing against her body. She just went with it. The warning bells were a bit fuzzier than normal she supposed, but she really didn’t care.

She turned around to face the man and her eyes grew wide, caught off guard. It was Damian. He looked so good with his dark buttoned-up shirt and dark jeans.

She didn’t know how to act. Her mouth opened in shock and confusion. What was he doing here?

But his hands didn’t stop roaming. And he held her tighter. He felt absolutely amazing but she didn’t know how to react. So instead of thinking too much about it, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She kept eye contact and leaned her face closer to his as they swayed together. She wanted to move away and find the girls and get out of there. But for some reason, she was glued to him. Her brain was telling her to move on, but his body felt amazing pressed against hers. She turned back around and pushed back towards him keen to feel what she thought. He responded immediately by pulling her hips into him so she could feel that he was hard. They grinded and swayed their hips together. He was feeling her up and she wrapped her hands behind his neck as they swayed in sync. She rubbed her ass and hips against his cock and teased him for what seemed like an eternity. Damian moved his left hand down to her stomach and quickly slipped his right hand between her legs, rubbing against her pussy through her skinny jeans with his palm. She responded to his touch, despite the voice of logic inside her screaming at her to stop. Damian leaned towards her and buried his face in her neck, gently biting her. She moaned and closed her eyes at the feel of him palming her through her jeans.

When the music changed into a fast-paced one she turned around, and locked eyes with his. He put his hands on her hips and stared at her.

“I genel porno gotta use the bathroom.” She said in a feeble attempt to getaway. She turned around and quickly pushed her way through the crowds to go to the bathroom leaving him on the dance floor.

She passed by a hallway mirror and paused. She looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised. Her eyes were wide and her pupils were dilated in excitement and because of the alcohol she had consumed. Her hair was a bit messy so she quickly brushed over it with her fingers to tame it. And then she put on a bit of lipgloss and sighed.

She made it to the lady’s toilets but the queue was out the door. She needed to catch her breath. Kiera turned and saw a small disabled toilet down the hall and headed for it quickly. She pushed the door open and let out a sigh of relief as she turned to shut the door. She gasped as the door pushed open and Damian stepped inside, pushing the door shut behind him and sliding the lock. She went to open my mouth to yell and he pressed his mouth hard against hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

She kissed him back, their tongues intertwining and moaned at the feel of his luscious lips against hers. He quickly reached for her jeans and opened her zipper as fast as he can. He reached inside her tight jeans and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She moved her legs apart and he growled in frustration because of how tight her jeans were. She moaned and leaned her head back as he moved her panties to the side and started fingering her. He kissed his way down her neck and rapidly thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy. She felt her body going weak at the feel of his fingers and held on to his shirt as she whimpered.

He kissed her hard as he supported her weight against the door. He continued his assault on her mouth and pussy. He pressed her harder against the door and grinded his hips against hers, making her moan louder.

Gasping, her head fell back and he leaned forward to catch her left earlobe between his teeth. Her heart was racing and Damian felt her hips arching back against his. He groaned and kept nibbling on her earlobe.

Kiera felt his bulge against her and bit her lips. She wanted to feel more of it. Kiera squeezed his erection lovingly, rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. He groaned in pleasure and muttered, “Fuck, what are you doing to me?” And kissed her deeply as she kept feeling him through his jeans. He slipped another finger inside her wet pussy. “Oh my god,” he breathed. “You’re so wet; you really can’t help yourself can you?” She whimpered in pleasure rubbing Damian’s cock insistently. She felt baffled at her powerful reaction to this man, but she couldn’t resist him. He had seduced her completely and now she had no choice but to see it through to the end; consequences be damned.

“Please…” she groaned, as he continued to tease her aching pussy. “Please…Make me cum”

Kiera reached longingly for Damian’s crotch, fumbling with the zipper glory hole secrets porno on his jeans, anxious to free his cock.

“Take me in your mouth, baby.” He demanded.

Slowly, Kiera went down on her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants and lowered them. Then she lowered his boxers down to reveal his hard cock. ‘Fuck’ she thought as her eyes grew wide at the thickness. She instinctively started licking her lips and looked up at him. Damian thought he would cum just by looking at her excited eyes.

Kiera stretched out her right hand and encircled Damian’s throbbing cock in a possessive grip. Her soft feminine hand felt amazing, and Damian caught his breath sharply.

She cupped Damian’s balls in her hands and looked up at him. Then she kissed the end of his knob and began working her way down with little kisses and licks until she reached his balls. She sucked each one in turn while stroking the shaft with her soft warm hand. Then she kissed her way back up to the top of his cock and licked the tip in circles especially the back of his cock.

Licking her lips with her small pink tongue, Kiera slowly formed her pretty mouth into a wide circle. Leaning forward, she eased her full lips down over the crown of his thick cock.

The effect of the girl’s hot, wet mouth suddenly hit Damian like a thunderbolt, and his entire body stiffened in surprise as he didn’t expect how good it would feel.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, just like that,” he told her in a controlling voice. “Touch yourself while sucking my cock baby.”

He saw her hands go down and rub herself furiously.

Kiera held the tip of his stiffly erect penis in her mouth and sucked lightly on it, while at the same time her soft fingers played up and down the throbbing thick cock.

She took about half his cock into her mouth and began sucking whilst teasing the end with her tongue. Her hands returned to his balls. Damian brushed her hair back and closed his eyes at the amazing feel of her sucking him.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum” he mumbled as she took him in and swallowed him whole. He held the back of her head there for a couple of seconds until she was out of breath and let her go.

Kiera gasped and caught her breath before sucking him again. He bit his lips as he gently fucked her face. Damian couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Kiera looked up at him as he came. A hot sticky creamy fluid hit the roof of her mouth. Kiera quickly swallowed it. She opened her mouth and showed it to him that she swallowed every drop of it. Damian moaned in appreciation. She kept rubbing herself until she shook in pleasure as she came after him.

Kiera slowly got up and smiled at him shyly as he tried to catch his breath. “Fuck that was hot, baby.”

He gave her a deep kiss lingering for a moment to feel her breath.

“Thanks for that.”

She smiled at him. “We should probably get out of here, I’m sure my friends are looking for me…”

“How about you go home with me tonight?” He said as he wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her closer. “We could have some more fun.” He added and pecked her lips waiting for an answer.

She looked at his light brown eyes as if she was searching for answers in them. She nodded and smiled. “Sure, why not?”

To be continued…

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