Joe’s Hot Austin Night

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I could not believe how exposed I felt. My cock was struggling to stay in this tiny suit, but it really felt wonderful. I knew that anyone who looked at me would be able to see every curve, every bulge, every vein in my dick — which both frightened and aroused me. It was time to take the big step and go into public wearing nothing but my tiny speedo.

When I had arrived at the Austin hotel I had not planned to go for an evening swim. I was at a conference and had met some nice people who were all staying at the upscale hotel with me. At the bar that evening, I found myself in a fun conversation with a couple from New Orleans. Tom was a nice guy who was at the same conference. We had been in several of the same sessions together for the past week, and we seemed to share a snide sense of humor with our muttered comments about whoever happened to be presenting.

His wife, Jane, was a stunning blonde woman who filled out her tight blue dress very nicely. Her tan skin was on full display in the tight dress, with cleavage to spare. I had a very hard time not staring at those wonderful tits. We laughed well into the evening as we drank a series of toasts to the wonders of a conference in Texas.

“Everything is bigger here,” Tom said with a leering gaze at his wife’s tits.

“Is it really?” Jane drawled in a mock accent. “Well you better impress me then,” and she reached down to grab his crotch as she smiled at him.

I laughed at the pair of them goofing off, but I noticed her hand stayed on Tom’s dick for a few seconds as she rubbed him through his trousers. I glanced up at her, and her eyes were locked – on me! I know I was blushing and I quickly glanced away and drank my beer.

“Say,” Jane said. “I have a great idea. Let’s go for a swim.”

“Great,” exclaimed Tom jumping up from the bar. “Come on Joe,” he motioned.

“No thanks,” I said. “You two go ahead. I’m just going to go to bed.”

“Like hell you will,” exclaimed Jane. “I need you to carry this big lug to our room. After a few laps, and after his drinking, he will be passed out in a lounge chair if you don’t come with us.” When she said this she locked eyes with me, with an intense gaze. I was not sure if it was the alcohol or if she was really sending me some signals, but my cock read it as the latter, and gave an electric twitch.

“Ok, but I didn’t even bring a suit,” I said.

“I have just the perfect suit for you,” Tom said grabbing my arm and propelling me forward to their room.


We rode up to the room in the elevator, and it was apparent that we all were pretty tipsy. As soon as the door closed on the elevator Jane turned to Tom and locked him in a tight full body kiss. Her hands were rubbing all over his chest as they made out. He looked at me and gave me a thumbs up behind her back. I nodded and smiled at him knowingly.

I tried to focus on the floor numbers, but my eyes kept drifting to the couple. Jane was unabashed in her kissing of Tom, and she turned him around as she kissed him. Her hands disappeared in a downward direction. It did not take much imagination to visualize her rubbing his penis through his pants. Then she opened her eyes and smiled at me as she kissed him.

Once the door opened, Jane pulled off Tom, and grabbed my arm. “Room 645,” she motioned as she guided me down the hall.

We went into the room, and I immediately felt awkward being in this amorous couples private area. Jane went straight for the dresser, and pulled out a white bikini. “This should do,” she said slipping past us into the bathroom.

Tom began to undress by the bed. I just stood in the room, awkwardly wondering what I was supposed to do in this situation. Tom seemed to not be bothered at all by the fact that he was pulling off his clothes while I was there. I wandered over to the window to look out at the skyline.

“Here you go,” Tom said. I turned around just in time to catch the speedo briefs he had tossed to me. I almost missed them because he was completely nude. How the hell had he stripped so quickly?

Just then the bathroom door opened, and Jane came out. Her white bikini was taut across her breasts, and the thin triangle barely covered her crotch. “Joe, aren’t you dressed yet?” she asked.

“I’ll be there in a second,” I said. I was slightly overwhelmed by the sensory input. Tom was pulling on a blue pair of swim trunks. They were tight on him, but my eye caught his big dick as he was pulling up the shorts. I was just not expecting to see that! Between his nudity and his wife’s hard body I felt my dick growing semi hard.

“Oh, he is shy,” purred Jane as she walked over to me. She ran her fingers down my chest. “We will let you dress in privacy.” She turned around, took Tom by the hand as he finished pulling up his shorts. “See you topide!”

Once the door closed I took a huge breath. What the fuck was happening here?

I sighed and quickly pulled off my clothes, then proceeded to put on the ridiculously tiny swimsuit. My cock was alternating between a semi hard-on, and Beylikdüzü escort flaccid from anxiety.

I glanced in the mirror, noticing just how pronounced my dick was in the yellow shorts. What was I thinking?

But before I could lose my courage I left the room and went to the elevator to ride up to the rooftop pool. When the door opened, I was very glad to see it was empty. What the hell would I have said to a group of college age girls if they were in the elevator? Lucky for me, that didn’t happen – but the thought kept running through my head. How would they react? Would anyone notice my bulging dick in this tiny suit? How could they not notice – I was on full display!

Just the thought made me aroused. I came to the conclusion that this was an act which I was long overdue for. A minor rebellion against the prudish rules by which I had been raised as a youth. This was me – take it or leave it!

The bell rang, and the doors opened to the pool. It was time to take the plunge and let people see me in my tiny swimsuit.


I walked out into the warm Texas night air wearing nothing but the tiny speedo Tom had loaned to me. I was surprised to see that several people were at the pool. A woman in a red one piece suit was sipping on a drink, and reading a book when I walked into the gated area on the balcony. She glanced up at me, then her gaze drifted south to my tight cock wrapped in a flaming yellow banana hammock. I felt ridiculous, but to my delight she simply smiled up at me as a walked past her.

“Joe!” called Jane and I spotted her swimming up to the side of the pool near me. I walked over and said hello as Tom came swimming up beside her.

“Well I guess it is true,” she said looking right at my cock.

“Everything is bigger in Texas,” Tom finished for her with a smile up at me.

I was nonplussed to say the least. Not knowing how to respond I smiled, and jumped as high as I could, aiming to land right beside Tom. It succeeded – practically drowning him with my splash.

I broke the surface laughing as he sputtered with the water. “You asshole – you could have given me a bigger suit!” I said as I rushed toward him. Tom smiled and met me head on with a huge bear hug, lifting me halfway out of the water and tossing me across the water.

I laughed as I broke the surface, and rushed back at him – dicking under the water at the last second and pushing his legs out from under him. Then I felt a hand on my ankle and Jane pulled me off balance, pushing me under the warm water.

We laughed as we continued to frolic in the water. I was very aware of the fact that both of them were very casual with their hands. All I know is that I was rubbed, pinched, and groped in multiple places during the ensuing struggle. Who touched who and where was a mystery – but it felt good.

After a while Tom got out of the pool. He went over to the deck chair nest to the woman in red, and fell back exhausted. She glanced up from her book, and smiled at Jane. Everyone else had left the pool by this time, so it was just the four of us.

I began to climb out as well, but Jane had other plans.

“Race you to the deep end,” she said as she broke into a fast swim.

I plunged after her like I was Michael Phelps. She was a full length ahead from the start, but I really did not mind chasing her. Just before she reached the edge, I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back – hard! Suddenly she was sputtering and coughing. I was stunned at my bad act – I realized that I had inadvertently pulled her back while she was breathing, causing her to inhale water.

I think it must be a nerd thing. Every time a pretty girl does something nice, I have to screw it up.

She was sputtering and coughing. I pulled her into my arms and swam over to the side of the pool. “I’m so sorry,” I said, holding her up at the edge of the pool.

I glanced back at Tom, expecting to see him furious at me – but as predicted he was already relaxed and his eyes were beginning to close. Evidently he was unaware of the crisis in the deep end of the pool.

Jane put her arms around me for support and hung onto me as she regained her breath. I was keenly aware of her large tits pressing into my bare chest – but I tried to focus on making sure she was okay.

“Jane?” I asked.


“Are you okay?”

“I am. Thank you, Joe.” she said as she looked up at me. Suddenly we were inches apart. Her eyes locked on mine. And although I was aware that her husband was only a few feet away, I felt and insane desire to kiss her.

My head seemed to move of its own accord. I leaned forward and she closed her eyes and suddenly we kissed. It was like a fireworks storm erupted inside my head. Her tongue was pressing inside my mouth – probing and wrestling with mine. It seemed like an eternity – but had to end.

I broke away, “Jane, I am so sorry,” I began.

She simply pulled me back toward her and kissed me again.

It was the fucking fourth of July inside my head as Beylikdüzü escort we kissed.

Jane pulled me to the edge of the pool. “Let’s get out now,” she whispered. I watched as she raised up out of the pool – her ass glistening in the moonlight. I followed and we went to Tom who was beginning to snore beside the woman in red.


“Hey sleepyhead,” Jane called out as she shook Tom’s shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she said, “he snores like a freight train.”

The woman just smiled and said, “It’s not a problem.” She smiled knowingly at Jane then looked at me. “It looks like you two had fun.”

I didn’t know exactly how to respond, especially since Tom was sitting up straighter trying to shake off the sleep which had com over him.

“Joe is my hero lifeguard,” Jane said as she moved over to sit in my lap. I startled and looked at Tom, who seemed unconcerned.

“Why,” he asked, “what happened?”

“I got choked and Joe rescued me,” Jane said. Then she leaned over and planted a big kiss on my cheek.

“Lucky you,” said the woman with the book as she looked at me knowingly. I was getting a definite vibe off this woman. Of course it may have been that my testosterone was bubbling after the kiss with Jane.

“I am Jane,” my friend said as she leaned across to shake hands. Her large breasts pushed hard into my side as she reached.

“Nice to meet you,” the woman answered reaching forward for the extended hand. “I’m Violet.” Her body was striking in her red swimsuit. Her breasts were just about perfect. My imagination was beginning to run wild.

Jane was still on my lap and had leaned over to wrap an arm around my back. It was cozy to say the least. I was glad to be covered by Jane, because I was beginning to seriously pop a boner.

We chatted with Violet for a while, and Jane continued to run her fingers lightly across my back. Tom was softly snoring the entire time.

“He has this condition,” Jane said. “He can’t stay awake past nine unless I’m going down on him.”

Violet laughed, “My ex was the same way. What is it about you guys – you are all hot when dating, but once married you drop all the romance.”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I guess we are just men.”

“True,” Violet answered. “If you didn’t have a dick we wouldn’t need you at all.”

“Yes, but a vibrator is still a girl’s best friend,” said Jane.

“Of course, but it never buys you dinner,” I laughed.

“And there is the special feel of a cock that a plastic toy just can’t compete with,” siad Violet as she glanced at Tom’s suit. I looked and saw that his dick was fully erect while he slept.

“Happens every time,” said Jane with a smile as she looked at his cock.

“Looks nice,” said Violet, her eyes lingering on the bulge in Tom’s blue speedos. His cock was stretching out to the side, fully covered, but pushing hard against the thin fabric.

Jane took the opportunity to push off me and walk around the chair behind Tom. “He is much better than a vibrator, I must admit,” she said as she leaned over him from behind the chair. She reached down and slid her hands across his chest. Tom didn’t move, and his light snores continued unabated.

Violet glanced up at Jane and they made eye contact. I saw the smile creep across both of their faces as they seemed to make an agreement.

“I bet he is,” Violet said as she leaned forward. Jane’s hands began to move further down Tom’s chest and Violet reached forward to lightly rest a hand on his knee. My eyes were drawn to Violet’s perfect tits as she leaned forward, giving me a better view of her cleavage.

Jane was now bent over Tom completely, her hair cascading across his chest as she reached for the prize. His cock was completely rigid, and her hands reached the top edge of his blue shorts.

Violet was staring intently at his penis, and I was fully erect by now myself as I witnessed this unexpected turn of events. There was an air of anticipation as we waited for Jane’s next move.

She did not disappoint. Jane hooked her thumbs under his waistband and pulled the tiny briefs forward, allowing his trapped cock to spring free into the warm night air.

Violet gasped at the sight of Tom’s penis. It was a beauty – long and shiny with a well defined head.

I glanced at Tom, but could not see him because Jane was draped across him. The only indication of his state was his continued snoring. I’d be willing to bet he was having a hell of a dream though.

Violet slowly reached her hand forward – moving up Tom’s thigh as she locked her eyes on his dick poking out the top of his shorts.

I shifted forward in my seat, drawn to the erotic scene. My cock was very uncomfortably positioned so it was pointing downward, creating a big tent in my shorts. I tried to shift without actually reaching in and repositioning, but all I accomplished was for my cock to now point straight forward. So I leaned forward on the edge of my seat to hide my erection.

Now I was very close to Violet’s side Escort Beylikdüzü as she continued to move forward, her mouth now only six inches from Tom’s dick.

Jane let go of Tom’s suit with one hand and reached up to place her hand on Violet’s head. I saw her pushing Violet’s head down onto the big dick.

I had the perfect view as Violet opened her mouth and took Tom into her lips. He moaned lightly as she sucked on the tip of his penis.

My own hand moved as if it wanted more of the action. I lightly cupped Violet’s ass as she thrust forward to slide his cock into her mouth. It was mesmerizing watching her slide his dick in and out as I pushed on her ass.

Jane looked up at me and smiled as she leaned forward even further pushing on Tom’s shorts so Violet could slide her husband’s pole into her wet mouth. My cock was raging now. As I looked at Jane I slowly stood up and took a step closer to the action.

Jane was still bent over her husband, and Violet was kneeling down between his legs giving him a good blow. I kept eye contact with Jane as I stepped even closer so my hard dick was inches from her mouth. My yellow bikini was stretched to its limit as I positioned myself in front of her.

Just then Tom moaned, and I glanced down to see him wide awake with a look of ecstasy on his face. He glanced at Violet as she tilted up her head to make eye contact even as she licked his penis with her tongue. He then glanced at Jane as she moved her head forward to kiss my hard cock through the fabric of the swimsuit he had loaned to me. I saw him smile and took that as permission.

I pushed down the yellow bikini, causing my hard dick to spring up in the warm night air. Jane wasted no time at all sucking me into her waiting mouth. It was heavenly feeling her tongue swirling on my cock. She sucked and slid on me sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I looked down at Violet to see her with her mouth full of cock and watching Jane suck me off.

I reached over and ran my hand over Violets firm ass, and reached my other hand up to run my fingers through Jane’s hair as she continued to give me the best blowjob of my life. I slid my hands down Jane’s neck, and loosened the tie on her bikini top.

Jane slowly pulled off my throbbing cock and rose up, pushing herself off the back of Tom’s chair. Her amazing breasts were free from the confines of the skimpy bikini, and I leaned forward to kiss them. Quickly that transformed into me slurping on first one then the other nipple as she arched her back enjoying the sensation. She held my head as I sucked on those luscious tits, and I felt Tom reach up to play with her boobs as I sucked on them.

I took her hand and guided her around the chair to kneel next to Violet. Jane wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me closer as she slid me even deeper into her mouth. I felt her fingers playing with my balls and I closed my eyes in an erotic stupor.

My arm draped across Violet’s back and I slid her straps off her shoulders. Tom took over and pulled down her swimsuit as she came off his dick for air. Her huge tits bounced in the air right next to Jane who was sucking my dick. Jane never even broke stride as she immediately switched to sucking Violet’s perfect breasts. She moved both hands over to cup those great mounds as she sucked on them.

I was enthralled at the sight, and the light stroking of my cock was driving me crazy. Suddenly I realized that it could not be Jane stroking me, as her hands were clearly busy on those huge tits. And Violet was giving Tom a full massage with both hands on his dick.

I looked at Tom, but he was focused on the sight of his wife sucking another woman’s tits. But I knew that the hand which was doing amazing things to my penis was his.

As if on cue, Jane chose that moment to push Violet back completely onto the concrete and lay on top of her as she sucked and pulled down that red suit. Tom stood up and stripped off his own shorts and we both knelt down beside the hot lesbian action, one on each side.

Jane was still on top of Violet, sucking on those huge tits. I reached in to fondle the breasts as she licked and sucked. Violet reached out to stroke my dick with one hand, and Tom’s cock with the other.

Tom untied the remaining bits of cloth on his wife, allowing them to fall to the ground. I pushed Violet’s suit the rest of the way off her as well, and soon we were all four totally nude. It was an amazing feeling to be doing this on the deserted rooftop pool, knowing that at any moment someone could possibly come out to the pool and catch us. It made me even harder to think about it.

Violet stood up and moved over to one of the lounge chairs near the edge of the roof. She knelt down on it, presenting her ass to us as we all followed. Tom wasted no time, walking up behind her and rubbing his penis on her dripping cunt. I slid another lounge beside that one and lay back on it, my eyes glued to Violet’s tits as they swayed with her movements.

As expected, it was only a moment before Jane straddled me and grabbed my cock and began to rub her shaved pussy on top of it. Her wetness had me lubed up in no time, and she slid me inside her, moaning as she impaled herself on my dick. It was amazing – fucking on the roof in an orgy of ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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