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My homegirl, Alex is my closest friend; since we were babies. So whenever she needs me or I need her, we don’t hesitate to jump to each other’s aid. So when she calls me needing a place to crash for a while, it’s a natural reaction to let her stay as long as she needs. This time is a little different though.

I’m still in bed, not sleeping, just relaxing and my phone starts to ring. It’s Selena, Alex’s sister, and she tells me that Alex’s ex-boyfriend is kind of turning into a stalker. I live about forty-five minutes away, so it seemed an obvious choice to stay with me. So Selena and I agree that I’ll pick Alex up at the store near my house, just in case the loser is following them.

I get to the store a few minutes after noon and park next to their car as planned. I go in and find them fake shopping. I secretly give Alex my keys, and she and Selena go back to the cars. Selena gets into her car while Alex makes it look like she’s joining her, but she really gets into my car. As soon as Selena calls from the freeway, I leisurely make my way back to my car.

We get back to my house fairly quickly. I did stop a couple of times just to mess with Alex but immediately stopped after she punched me in the side of the head while I driving. I pull into the garage and look over at her still ducked down.

“You know we could’ve died when you punched me in the side of my head.”

She waited for the garage door to begin lowering before sitting all the way up.

“Boy, stop bitching. I’m the one being stalked. I’m the one who could’ve died.”

“And you still might; remember that.”

“What?” She unbuckles her seatbelt and turns completely towards me. “I didn’t hear you just then. What’d you say? What am I supposed to remember?”

“You know damn well you heard me. Unless your weave is too tight again, in which case-“

She jumps over to my side of the car trying to hit in the face, but I’m able to open the door and get before she can get to me. I slam the door in her face and lock her in the car while running to the door in the garage. She unlocks her door and gets out just as I open the door and run inside. I can hear her not far behind me.

“Why you running,” she yells while chasing me through the kitchen. “Stop being a bitch!”

I hide around the next corner and wait for her to run pass. She sees me too late as I grab her hands and hold them behind her back until she starts to calm down.

“You are such a dead man,” she insists.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.”

I let her hands go, and we laugh it off while she continues trying to hit me. I move away from her more until she stumbles into me to stop herself from falling.

“You should’ve busted your ass.”

She pushes herself off of me and hits me in the side of my head.

“One of these days, I’m just…,” she shakes off her rage and smiles. “One more joke. That’s all you get, one more.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve only had one more?”

“Keep talking. This’ll be your last one. Trust me, keep talking and see what happen.”

I step closer to her to put myself in range of her hands.

“What happens if I keep talking?” As she raises her hand to swing at me, I stop her. “Hit me and you’re cooking your own dinner.”

“What are we having?”

“That’s what I thought.”

After dinner, I showed her to the room she’d be staying in. Since we spend so much time crashing at each other’s houses, she already has clothes here. She looks through the drawers to make sure all her stuff is there.

“Don’t worry, I always put your panties back after I nut in them.”

She slowly turns toward me while clearly trying not to laugh.

“You are such a perv. Seriously, you are the kinkiest guy I have ever known. And that’s not taking into consideration the collection of sex toys I’m sure have stashed somewhere in this house.”

“First of all, I’m more nasty than kinky. Secondly, my toys aren’t hidden. They’re in the room down the hall. And lastly, I have a collection of sex toys? The bottom drawer is literally full of dildos and vibrators.”

She crosses her arms and gets into a more aggressive pose.

“It is not that many. Granted, I do need some options for getting my pussy bust on, but you’re over exaggerating.”

“You have four massagers, two of which are in a multi-tip set; three rabbit vibrators, one of which is of the highest tech that includes multiple vibrations, textures, and positions; two g-spot stimulators, both electrical and rechargeable; six different types of bullets; all textured; three pocket rockets, for convenience while traveling; six extra wide realistic flesh textured dildos, all over eight inches; six double-ended extra long dildos, two of which are realistic flesh textured and the rest textured jellies; and six realistic jellie dildos, all over nine inches.”

“Like I said, I need options. And that’s what I’m talking about. Why are you going through my shit you nasty motherfucker?”

“Because bitch, I’m the one that had to female agent porno put all your shit in this room. It’s not my fault that I have the ability to identify sex toys.”

“How is that not your fault? All you had to do was just dump them in the drawer.”

“Well, actually I had to clean them and then place them gently in the drawer.”

“Why the fuck are cleaning my toys?”

“A common mistake women make is just throwing their toys around and assuming that since they’re the only one using them, they don’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dust build-up can lead to problems with the functionality of the toy, and can carry bacteria that can cause an infection or rash. And throwing them around will clearly break or damage the toy. Sex toys are more fragile than most think.”

I can tell by the look on her face I lost her a long time ago, but I still went over the whole reasoning for cleaning and organizing her sex toys. As I continue talking, she sits down on the bed and looks up at me.

“Get the hell out my room.”

“Actually this is my room. I’m just letting you stay in it for a while. Remember that,” I add while moving towards the door.

I quickly close the door behind me just as she grabs some pillows the throw at me. I walk across the hall to my room and as I’m opening the door, I hear the specific hum of a massager.

The next morning, I wake up and go to the kitchen to start breakfast. I’m aware that she’s in the house, so I’m cooking for two. She comes in a couple of minutes after I do in just her bra and panties. I’ve seen her in her bra and panties before, I’ve even seen her naked. That’s one of the reasons people always think we’re dating. But for as many times as we’ve seen each other’s bodies, we’ve never had any feelings for each other. Although we both admit that we find each other attractive.

Today she’s wearing a sinful red bra that firmly supports her thirty-four C cups tits, and a pair of bright white panties that show off her tight, bubble ass. I know for a fact that her figure is thirty-four — twenty-four — thirty-nine. She’s not the bustiest of girls, but her tight body is well kept with a basic workout routine. She has a real girl feel, not a body like a supermodel or a poster girl.

The one thing I must admit that really makes her sexy is her smooth milk chocolate skin tone. It nearly matches my own. And her tattoos, although seemingly random, are accurately placed all over her body. Her body, to sum it all up, is perfectly balanced in every way. Especially her ass and tits; both are incredibly firm, yet have the exact amount of softness to make her jiggle with every step.

She tosses her hair onto her back and looks back at me staring at her.


“I’m a guy. I love that shade of red.”

“What shade is that? Slutty red?”

“Some would call it that. I call it sinful red.”

Her eyes squint as she realizes the way I’m staring at her is the same way at stare at other girls before bending them over my kitchen counter.

“You bet not be thinking something nasty about me.”

“Can’t help it, it’s the bra,” I respond enchanted.

She sighs and shakes her head while reaching behind her up back. She undoes her bra and pulls the straps off her shoulders. Once her tits bounce free, she throws her bra at me. I barely catch it in time before she realizes I’m staring at her dark chocolate nipples.

“There. Fantasize about that.”

“The bra or your titties bouncing like that?” I ask still staring at her.

She crosses her arms to hide her nipples.

“Boy, stop. That’s so fucking gross,” she says while sitting down at the table to hide her chest more. “And give me my bra back then.”

“Hell nah, this is mine now. And I will be making other girls wear it for me.”

I throw her bra over my shoulder before continuing to cook. I walk over to the fridge to take out the eggs, turkey bacon, cheese, and butter as she waits for her bra. I set the ingredients down on the counter and being cracking some eggs into a bowl.

“I’m still waiting,” she continues.

I look up at her as I begin scrambling the eggs. We both sarcastically smile at each other before I begin seasoning the eggs. I cut the stove on and set the pan over the flame. She sighs loudly to get my attention, but I continue cooking, putting some butter in the pan to melt. As the butter finishes melting, I slide the liquid around the pan before pouring the scrambled seasoned eggs into the hot pan.

“Oh my god,” she groans out of frustrations.

I turn around and see her storming towards me. I’m kind of freeze while watching her body jiggle towards me while completely being aware that she’s going to hit me once she gets over here. As a natural reaction, I take the hits while trying to hand over her bra. She snatches it out of my hand and hits me one last time.

“Perv,” she adds while trying to hit me again.

I push her away from me to turn my attention female fake taxi porno back to breakfast. She puts her bra back on and walks over to fridge to get something to drink. She takes out the carton of orange juice and grabs two cups from the cabinet. As she walks back over to the table, I turn just in time to see her ass before she sits down.

I finish cooking breakfast with two pieces of toast for each of us. I carry the plates over to the table as she gets the jam out of the fridge. She sits down as I’m putting the eggs on the far side of the table, and she sees my dick being poorly contained by my briefs.

“Why the fuck is your dick always hard?”

I lean back up and look down at her because she knows the answer.

“Why do you always ask me that? You know I’m always hard unless there are children around because my dick likes being awake. And let’s not forget, there was just a half naked black chick in my kitchen.”

“How many times have I told-“

“I’m pretty sure too many times,” I quickly cut her off.

She sits back and just stares up at me while trying not to stare at my bulging shaft. I let her finish her stare before sitting down across from her. We both eat our breakfast while making mean faces at each other, as we usually do in the morning.

After we finish breakfast, I go to my room to get ready for work. I get in the shower, leaving her to clean up the dishes. She finishes up the dishes just as I get out of the shower. I walk back into my bedroom and remove my towel just as she pokes her head into the room. I don’t even realize she’s standing there until she coughs to get my attention. I turn to see what she wants.

“What am I supposed to do all day?”

“The same thing you always do all day when you stay with me. Wait ten minutes after I’m gone, and then toy fuck yourself until you hear my car pulling in.”

She opens the door completely and stands in a way that suggests she’s about to attack. I’m again, completely frozen until I see that her eyes are secretly focused on my cock. It immediately occurs to me that her staying with me this time will be the time we fuck, but I decide to keep that to myself. I let her stare until she’s able to muster up some words.

“Don’t talk about me toy fucking myself while you’re naked and throbbing,” she commands.

“Are you all right, because you were gone for a minute or two there?”

“I was not gone for a minute or two.”

“Yeah, it was more like three or four minutes.”

“Shut up,” she laughs.

“Seriously, I actually thought you were lost forever. I mean you were just staring.”

She yells for me to shut up again while closing the door behind her. I feel my dick throb from the excitement of being admired like that and shake off the feeling. I continue getting ready before leaving her to do what we discussed.

I make it home later than usual, and I’m so tired that I’m barely able to get through the door. I immediately head for my room, but as I’m passing the bathroom door, Alex steps out in nothing but a towel. We bump into each other and her towel falls down her body a little bit, revealing her breasts again. I catch the towel before it drops anymore and hold it against her waist.

“Sorry, I didn’t see-“

“No, it’s my fault,” she apologizes.

Our faces have never been this close when one of us is naked, so sudden there’s an instinct for me to try to kiss her. But before our lips touch, we both pull away from each other and head to our separate rooms. She closes her door first and I leave mine open for a second to listen. After a few moments of silence, I finally close my door.

I slowly start undressing while running that moment through my head over and over again. As I throw my shirt on the bed, I remember that she and I have been friends forever, and we’re both too old and comfortable with our sexuality to be acting like teenagers. I walk out of my room and over to hers.

I open her door and she’s sitting in front of the mirror fixing her hair up for the night. She looks at me in the mirror as I stare at her body. She gives me one last glance before going back to her hair.

“Returning the favor from this morning?”

“What?” I stutter. “No, wait yes. Are you admitting that you were staring at me this morning?”

She softly smiles, “Okay, yeah. I was kind of entranced by the naked size of it. Happy?”

“Well, most women usually are. But that’s not why I’m here, and I’m not here to return the favor. Well, not anymore. Consider that favor repaid. I want to talk about what happened in the hallway a few minutes ago.”

She stops brushing her hair and turns toward me.

“I was walking out of the bathroom; you were walking down the hall. We bumped into each other and my towel dropped a little bit. You caught the towel and as we both were looking back up toward each other, our lips almost touched.”

“Really? Come on Alex. We both know that’s not what happened.”

“What glory hole secrets porno did happen? Because I’m perfectly fine with saying it was an accident that we avoided.”

I step into her room more and put my hands on my hips.

“We’ve known each other far too long and have become far too comfortable with other for that to be the excuse we use.”

She stands up and puts her hands on her hips while posing in a tomboyish way. It’s in this pose that I see her body still has that sexy after shower mist on it. I even notice her thick black bush hovering over some incredibly cute looking pussy lips.

“You want to tell each other the truth about what happen? Fine…”

I can feel my dick throbbing for Alex as it usually does, but it’s my lack of willpower and self-control that’s catching me off guard.

“There was a little more to our lips almost touching. After seeing your dick again after so long and you staring at my body all morning, there may be some built up horniness for each other. I think we both wanted to kiss, but we didn’t. So we clearly don’t want to jeopardize our friendship. Right?”

“Yeah,” I manage to reply after snapping out of my trance. “Great, glad we could talk like civilized friends. Now I’m going to go jack-off, so keep it down.”

I turn and start walking out her room as she sits back down to continue with her hair.

“I didn’t need to hear that.”

“Yes you did,” I yell while walking back into my room.

I push my door close, but it doesn’t close completely. I can hear into her room as she mumbles and moves around. I finish undressing down to my briefs and start deciding whether or not to sleep naked. I look down at my hard dick and see it fully erect and throbbing out of control.

“Fuck it,” I sigh while pulling off the last of my clothing.

The cool air blows over the tip of my head, causing a bead of precum to ooze out. I felt that bead start from my groin and spasm all the down my shaft and out my tip. I reach down and softly pump myself until more beads of precum ooze out. I shake away the sensations while looking down at the small mess I made on the floor. I walk into my bathroom and get a face towel to clean up the mess.

With the mess cleaned up, I turn off the light and get in bed. My dick is still throbbing wildly and is pounding the underside of the covers. I roll around in bed until my erection subsides enough that I drift off to sleep.

My dream slowly fades away as the sweet smell of hot pussy passes over my nose. I wake up just enough to look around my room. There aren’t any women in my room, but the smell is getting more and more intoxicating. I lay my head back and try to push the thoughts from my mind just as hear a loud muffled moan.

“Oh fuh…,”

I turn my head towards my door and realize my door is still open a bit. The sweet smelling pussy and mind-numbing moans are coming from Alex’s room. She must have left her door open as well. I start thinking about getting up and going into her room, but I’ve never heard her have an orgasm before. I relax in my bed and just listen to the toy-fest going on in her room.

I can hear what sounds like one of her rabbits, and it’s not on full blast yet. Her moans are soft, so she probably just started and is in the midst of warming herself up. I quickly get out of bed and quietly open my door more to hear her clearer. With my door half open, I can hear the sheets on her bed being slid around.

Her legs must be finding their position or rubbing together. Her muffled moans change between muffled and clear meaning she must be biting or licking her lips. I move back over to my bed and sit on the edge as the vibrator gets louder. Her moans get sharper for second as her body absorbs the new vibrations.

Her moans become more rhythmic and the bed aches the same way. I imagine her entire body beginning to ride the vibrator deeper against her G-spot and clitoris. The image of her firm tits softly jiggling under those addictive nipples causes me to lie back. My hand slides down to my member and wraps around my bulging shaft. My hand begins pumping up and down with the rhythm of her moans. I can just see her fingers holding on to the base of the rabbit as it hums her closer and closer to exploding.

Her moans get harder as the vibrator is kicked into high gear and is loud enough to echo through the entire house. She muffles her moans again, but I can still hear them clear enough for them to drive me insane. I put my other hand behind my head to relax more while stroking myself with Alex.

Both our breathing gets heavier as her moans get harder. I can hear the vibrator going from being loud to slightly muffled and realize she’s fucking herself with it. I imagine her pussy getting pumped by the “rabbit” while the “ears” attack her clit. I hear the headboard slam against the wall softly knowing that her body is now fully riding.

Her nipples are probably rock hard and trembling. Her legs are open wide except when her knees occasionally close from the overwhelming sensations. My hand is jacking so hard my bed is bouncing up and down, fortunately at the same pace as hers. Her hard moans suddenly turn to quick whimpers as she screams inside her mouth. Her orgasm is so powerful, that the imaginary immediately appears in my head causing me to enter my own orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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