Kate’s an Asshole

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“-can’t get the job done properly and on time don’t bother!” Kate screamed before knocking everything from Mike’s desk to the floor and storming out. Mike stared for a moment at the door as his shapely boss stomped off to wherever she went when she was too disgusted to stick around. He had never once questioned where she went and really didn’t want to know. There wasn’t much point in chasing after her when she was that upset.

“You know why she acts like that don’t you?” Mike looked up from the floor where he was starting to resort the papers she’d knocked on the floor. “Cus she can’t get that stick out of her ass.” Kyle grinned. He was a few years older than Mike and though he wasn’t technically Kate’s equal he’d never talked down to him the way she did most of the employees. “You gotta stand up to her though. I mean this isn’t good for anything.”

Mike looked down for a moment grabbing for the rest of his papers and remained squatting down as he sorted them out. “I know I know. It’s just I can understand why she acts the way she does. She’s a wom-“

“If you think for one minute that she works twice as hard as everybody else for half the notice I swear I’ll knock you into next week. She didn’t do twice the work when she was just a low level grunt like the rest of us and now that she’s management she certainly doesn’t do twice the work. She does her job which is delegating jobs to other people. Don’t get me wrong she’s damned good at what she does. She got promoted over me because she’s better at her job than I am. But don’t buy that bullshit about her being twice as good and getting half the recognition. Don’t buy that crap about her sleeping her way to the top. Believe me if she was working that five star booty of hers for promotions she’d be a few steps higher with a private parking spot because she’d still be good at her job and not just a set of legs that refuse to quit.”

Even though Mike would never have dreamt of saying the things that Kyle was saying out in the open he knew it was try. If Kate had wanted to be a model she could have been. She was three quarters Chinese and a fourth Irish and the mixture had created something that was as close to perfect as he could imagine. Her hair wasn’t a deep auburn that bordered on red when the light hit it just right. It was a good compliment to her eyes which were a shade between green and gold that didn’t really have a word other than stunning that felt adequate to describe. She had the kind of plush lips men kiss in their dreams, or at least feel wrapped around their throbbing shafts and a collection of freckles stretching from one cheek to the next that begged men to play connect the dots.

Even with a face that incredible her body nearly outshone it even in the concealing outfits of loose slacks urla escort bayan and heavily padded jackets that she favored. As Kyle had once put it she had legs up to her tits and she didn’t seem to own any shoes that didn’t have heels so even hearing her walking in the halls had a sexual rhythm to it. There actually rumors that she had implants because her tits were almost too big for her slight frame just a hair wider than her shoulders and constantly straining against her jackets.

“What am I gonna do about it?” Mike asked setting the papers on the desk and then starting to gather up the pens from the floor.

“I don’t know what you’re going to do about it. I’m just sayin’ she’s right, you screwed up but not enough for her to take your head off. You’ve got to man up or she’s gonna keep hounding you until you quit.” Kyle shrugged. “By the way she goes up to the roof.” He said kicking off of the wall and returning to his own office.

Mike thought about what Kyle had said for a moment letting the idea float about in his head. If he was going to go up to the roof to confront her what was he going to offer other than an apology for being late? It was true that she’d changed what she wanted, three times, on him or that she was completely anal retentive about so many details that she really should have either done the work herself or at least been much clearer about what she wanted but that didn’t change the fact that he was told to have it on her desk at three o’clock and three fifteen had come while it was still escaping the printer.

“Fuck it.” Mike grumbled grabbing the packet of papers and jamming them into a manila envelope and headed up to the roof. It was only two stories up but he’d never been on the roof, it just wasn’t a place he’d been interested in going before. Now he was standing at the door staring at the handle as if it were a cobra. It was the final step before he crossed over the threshold and the world was going to change one way or another when he stepped through that door. Either she would suddenly respect him for his moxy or she’d make damn sure she drove him to the point of handing in his resignation by the next pay day. There would be no going back once he grabbed the handle and it held him transfixed in place.

Mike didn’t know where the sudden surge of courage came from but he grabbed the handle and stepped out onto the rooftop. It only took him a moment to spot her standing on the edge of the roof, a cigarette in one hand and her cell phone in the other. He hadn’t known that she was a smoker, but it suddenly made sense why she came up to the rooftop so she wasn’t technically inside the building when she smoked. Whatever she was talking about on the phone didn’t sound like it was a pleasant conversation escort urla either. The woman who’d always struck him as being such a strong woman was close to breaking into tears. He was too far away to hear the particular details of the conversation but instead only caught a few words that didn’t make sense to him. He was about to retreat back to the building when she caught him in the corner of her eye. “Oh look there is someone right now Chris. See I told you not to fuck with me like this.” She put the phone on speaker phone. “You see I told you first guy I see I’m gonna give him everything I never gave you. That’s what you get for fucking my sister! Come here Mike.”

Mike wasn’t sure if he really wanted to walk over to her right then. It sounded like it might be hazardous to his health and he didn’t want to get in the middle of her spat but more than that he didn’t want to cross her. “Say hi. I want Chris to know that I’m not fucking around.” Mike managed to squeak out a greeting. “See I’m gonna suck him off right here on the fucking roof. Who knows who might walk through the parking lot and see! Take off your pants.” She said sharply. “Then I’m gonna give him my ass. He’s gonna be the very first man to pry open my brown eye. I know you wanted it, you’ve been talking about it for months and I was going to let you for your birthday but now I’m not. Now I’m gonna give it to him. Every little bit!” She reached over and slapped her phone off.

“Okay I’ll just go back down stairs.” Mike said taking a step back.

“No you’ll just stand there and get your dick sucked and then fuck me in the ass unless you don’t think you can handle it.” Kate said glaring up at him. Her hands shot forward and started working to unfasten his belt and lower his zipper. At the same time her phone was ringing and she answered it. Whatever Chris was trying to say he didn’t get out, or rather Kate wasn’t interested enough to hear him out. “Can you hear it I’m sucking his great big cock.” She yanked his pants down out of the way and surged forward forcing Mike’s cock down her throat so hard tears appeared in her eyes and she gagged. She kept gagging and slurping, even louder than she would have otherwise just to make sure she was audible over the phone. “Oh he’s so big and he tastes so fucking good!” Kate moaned running her tongue along the underside of his cock. One after the other she fed on his balls sucking each between her lips in turn again just as noisily as she could manage.

“You hear that you motherfucker. That’s me sucking Mike’s cock, and licking his balls!” She a string of insults poured from her lips into the phone. At the same time she gracefully rose up to her full height without taking Mike’s cock from between her lips and unfastened her slacks. urla escort Gravity wanted her nude as much as any man and quickly pulled her slacks down to the rooftop. Kate had to help her panties down her firm thighs but once they reached her knees they too were forced to comply with gravity and simply fall to the floor. The entire time she was sliding out of her clothing not once did her lips part from Mike and his manhood. The only thing that could part her lips from Mike’s cock were the barbs she tossed toward her former lover every few moments.

Kate started by putting the phone against the edge of the building just a few inches from where her lips were intended to be. “You just heard me sucking on his dick, well now you’re gonna hear me letting him fuck my ass.” At the same time she was teasing her boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend Kate was leaning forward and pulling her ass open for Mike exposing her tight asshole to a man for the first time.

Whatever Kate’s motivation was Mike didn’t really care anymore. It wasn’t important with her waving her perfectly shaped ass back and forth inviting him to take her. Mike grabbed her hips sinking his fingers into the pliable flesh there and pushed the spit soaked head of his cock against her anus. Slowly he started leaning forward. He could feel her sphincter slowly giving in and letting him slide in. “Don’t you wish this was you Chris? Don’ you wish you were the one getting to fuck my ass? I can feel my little but hole stretching open for him. It’s just a little bit at a time but he’s gonna get in there!” There were sounds of outraged protest coming from the other end of the phone but Mike wasn’t listening. He was barely aware of Kate speaking. He was focused on getting into her ass.

After several moments of pushing he finally slid into her ass. Even soaked in spit he had to force every inch into his boss’s tight rear end. She was helping gripping the edge of the roof and pushing back against him. At the same time she was taunting her boyfriend with a literal inch by inch update that ended only when Mike’s balls were resting against her slit. He stayed like that until he felt her muscles relax around him. If she was in any pain she was much more interested in humiliating her boyfriend than she was in giving a single inch to her discomfort.

Kate was pumping her hips back against Mike just as fast and hard driving him deeper with each thrust than he’d been a moment before occasionally twisting partially to look at him or leaning close enough to the phone that he could hear the air escaping from her lungs with each breath.

It took all of five minutes for Kate’s formerly virgin hole to milk the come out of Mike’s hard cock and leave him leaning against her for support. “That was it, did you hear him? Did you hear him dump his cum in my butt? It kinda felt good once the first part was over.” She pulled away from Mike and turned around. “Whatever it was you wanted to say don’t. Just go back to work.” Mike started to speak then thought better of it and did exactly as he was told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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