Keeping Him Pure Ch. 05

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Ally’s sleeping bag was incredibly cumbersome as she toted it to the Parkers’ front door. As she struggled to get it up onto the porch, her old, heavy green backpack rocked to and fro on her back. It was stuffed to the gills and she had barely been able to get it zipped. There was a small tear on the back side near the bottom.

Ally let the sleeping bag fall down onto porch below the ‘Bless Our Home’ sign and rapped on the door. One of the cinching straps from the bag had come loose and Ally stooped down to refasten it.

When the door opened, Ally froze as she stared at the white flats in the doorway. Above the shoes was a hint of pale leg skin that disappeared behind a long, flowing cornflower blue sun dress. Ally continued to lift her face until she met the gaze of Mrs. Parker. The weight of the backpack pulled her backwards and Ally lost her balance and fell back onto her butt.

“Oopsies,” Mrs. Parker said and extended a hand to Ally.

Ally took her hand and was surprised at Mrs. Parker’s strength as she was lifted back to her feet. Mrs. Parker maintained their interlocked hands and turned Ally to the side. She patted Ally’s ass several times, sweeping away the dirt from her fall. The contact made Ally’s lower back tingle.

Ally wrested her hand free Mrs. Parker’s and twisted her body away from Mrs. Parker’s strokes.

“Thanks,” Ally muttered.

“Good to see you, Alejandra,” Mrs. Parker said. “Do you need a hand with your bags?”

“No thanks,” Ally said and grunted as she steadied her backpack and seized her sleeping bag.

Mrs. Parker smiled and stepped aside as Ally dragged her sleeping bag into the Parkers’ living room. Ally sat her backpack down and fell back onto the couch. Mrs. Parker went to the bottom of the stairs and called out to Benny.

“Benjamin! Matthew! Alejandra’s here, are you two almost ready?” Mrs. Parker looked up the stairs and when she didn’t get a reply, started heading up. “Make yourself at home,” Mrs. Parker said to Ally as she went up.

Ally got up from the couch and grabbed a handful of her dress and turned to look at her backside. The plum color of her dress did a satisfactory job of hiding the dirt. She swept at it and sat back on the couch.

Ally crossed her legs in front of her and stretched them out. She put her hands out to either side of her on the cushion and ran her fingers back and forth over the velvety fabric. She moved her hand to the rear of the cushion and when her hand sank behind the cushion, her mind flashed back several days to when she’d used that space as a hiding spot. A hiding spot for the tissues Benny had cum into after Ally had sucked and jerked him off. A hiding spot that turned out to not be so hidden when Benny’s mom found the tissues and confronted Ally with them.

Ally bit her lower lip as she recalled what had followed. Benny’s mom had dragged her upstairs to ‘pray’ with her about the situation. As Ally had knelt in prayer beside Mrs. Parker’s bed, she was interrupted by Mrs. Parker lifting her dress and kissing the back of Ally’s thighs. Mrs. Parker had demanded Ally continue to pray. As Ally did so, the kisses found their way to Ally’s pussy. Mrs. Parker ended up eating her to an incredible orgasm while Matt was down the hall sleeping and Mr. Parker and Benny were outside grilling.

Ally’s mind drifted back to the present and she realized she had been bouncing her legs and rubbing her thighs together as she mentally relived the event. She relaxed her legs and smoothed out the front of her dress. She leaned forward and unzipped her backpack, double checking that she had everything she needed for her trip.

She had been invited by Benny’s parents to join him and Matt at their church’s youth retreat. It was an annual two day event at the church for members and friends aged 13 to 20. The attendees spent the weekend participating in age-specific workshops, seminars, games, and other activities intended to instill Christian values in the youth of the church.

Ally wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of spending the weekend with a bunch of stiffs. She barely knew anyone at the Parkers’ church. The only reason she agreed to go was because Benny had been so thrilled when he told her his parents had not only invited her but had paid her registration fee. Ally hadn’t had the heart to crush his enthusiasm. And even though she expected it to be a wasted weekend, Ally felt it was far too rude to turn down the offer.

Soft thumps on the stairway signaled Mrs. Parker’s return. “Benjamin and Matthew should be down shortly,” Mrs. Parker said. “I told them to shake a leg. Their father will be home soon to drive you all to the retreat.” Mrs. Parker walked to the couch and sat on the opposite end from Ally. “Looks like you’re ready for a great weekend,” Mrs. Parker said as she looked down at Ally’s sleeping bag. Ally noticed Mrs. Parker wrinkle her nose when she looked at the backpack.

“Yes, I’m really looking forward to it,” Ally flexed her right hand as she lied. “And thank Beylikdüzü escort you again for paying for me to go.”

“You’re more than welcome Alejandra. My husband and I felt that it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to see some of the great things our church offers. And it will be a chance to make some new friends as well.

Mrs. Parker’s eyes traveled to Ally’s backpack again.

“Your bag looks awfully uncomfortable,” Mrs. Parker said. “You know,” she spoke as if the idea had just come to her, “I think I have a spare suitcase I could loan you.” Mrs. Parker stood from the couch and started toward the stairs. “In fact, it’ll match your dress too,” she smiled and motioned Ally to follow.

As far as Ally was concerned, anything was better than walking around looking like she had a giant turtle shell on her back. Ally got up and followed her upstairs.

Ally’s pace slowed as Mrs. Parker went into her and Mr. Parker’s bedroom. Ally hung back at the door and stared down at the place on the floor where she’d been when Mrs. Parker’s face was buried in her pussy.

Mrs. Parker opened the door of their walk-in closet and began rummaging within. “Come on in,” she said from within the closet.

Ally hesitated and scratched the door frame with her fingernails. She looked down the hallway at the open doors of Benny and Matt’s rooms before stepping into Mrs. Parker’s room. She kept her distance from the bed and stood near the writing desk on the far side of the room away from the closet.

There was a cacophony of bumps and thuds from within the closet before Mrs. Parker emerged. “I found it,” she said as she wheeled out a large, dark purple suitcase. It was accented with flecks of white and hot pink squares, a far cry from Mrs. Parker’s usual style. She pulled it into the center of the room. “It was a Christmas gift from a couple years ago. I just never got a chance to use it.”

Given its design, Ally figured it was more likely Mrs. Parker never intended to use it.

“It looks great, thank you,” Ally said. She grabbed the handle and began leaving the room with it.

“Actually, before you go,” Mrs. Parker said, “I wanted to talk to you for a moment.”

Ally froze in her tracks and tightened her grip on the suitcase handle.

Mrs. Parker stepped past her and gently shut the door. She reached down and grabbed Ally’s arm and tugged on it until she released the suitcase handle. “Let’s have a seat,” Mrs. Parker said.

Ally’s heart rate skyrocketed as she sat on the bed next to Mrs. Parker. The woman still hadn’t let her arm go.

“As you know,” Mrs. Parker said with a smile, “The youth retreat is fully chaperoned. The boys and girls sleep in separate areas and actually don’t spend a lot of time with each other during the weekend. Still, there will be a few activities where boys and girls mix and there is a chance that there may be a few times when you’re not under the immediate eye of an adult. To be frank,” Mrs. Parker continued, “I sincerely hope and expect you will be on your best behavior this weekend.”

Ally had been distracted as Mrs. Parker spoke. Mrs. Parker’s grip on Ally’s arm had tightened with almost every word to the point that it was now almost painful. Ally casually tried to pull her arm away but Mrs. Parker resisted. Though Mrs. Parker continued to smile, her steely eyes were boring holes into Ally’s soul. The message was loud and clear.

“I will be, Mrs. Parker,” Ally said. She moved her arm again, more forcefully this time. Mrs. Parker’s left eye twitched slightly. Her smile grew wider and she released Ally’s arm. When Ally pulled it back, there was a red mark where the woman’s hand had been.

“Alright, thank you,” Mrs. Parker said. She stood from the bed, “I know this retreat is not something you’re used to, but I really do think you’ll have a good time.”

Ally got up from the bed immediately and grabbed the suitcase, eager to push past Mrs. Parker and out of the room. Mrs. Parker grabbed the door knob, turned it and opened the door a few inches then shut it again, leaving her hand on the knob.

“You know,” Mrs. Parker’s lowered her voice, “maybe we should pray over your trip before you go.”

Ally took a step back, putting the suitcase between herself and Mrs. Parker.

When Mrs. Parker turned around, her smile had almost completely eroded away. “You tell me that you will behave yourself this weekend, but how many times have you abused my trust?” She took a step toward Ally.

Ally stepped back further, pulling the suitcase with her.

“You exposed yourself to my son right in front of me. Then I take you to the store and you expose yourself to the salesman,” Mrs. Parker’s smile had been replaced with a sneer. As she spoke, she continued to move toward Ally who in turn, moved away.

“And then I invite you into my home but I can’t leave you alone for five minutes because as soon as I’m gone, you seduce Benjamin into letting you perform fellat-,” Mrs. Parker’s face grew red, “give Beylikdüzü escort him a blowjob!’

Ally released the suitcase and as she did, Mrs. Parker quickly stepped around it and grabbed her by the arm.

“But I…he wanted…,” Ally spoke as Mrs. Parker pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“Don’t you dare lie about my son,” Mrs. Parker hissed. “He told me what you two did.” She pushed down hard on Ally’s shoulders. Ally didn’t resist and fell to her knees. “Pray,” Mrs. Parker said, her voice now a whisper.

Ally placed her arms and hands on the bed in front of her. “Oh please God,” Ally said. “Don’t let this happen again,” she said quietly, almost inaudibly.

There was a rustling behind her as Mrs. Parker got onto the floor behind her. Ally’s body tensed as Mrs. Parker grabbed the sides of her dress and lifted it up over her ass. Mrs. Parker ‘tsk’d’ behind her, obviously disapproving of the thong-style pink panties Ally was wearing. Ally shut her eyes as Mrs. Parker pulled them down her legs.

Mrs. Parker ran her fingernails along the back of Ally’s thighs. She squeezed Ally’s ass cheeks and leaned over her back. She gently kissed the top of Ally’s left ear. Ally moaned as she felt the woman’s warm breath on the side of her neck.

“You’re supposed to be praying,” Mrs. Parker whispered into Ally’s ear, “Not moaning like a whore.”

Ally wanted to turn and spit into the woman’s face.

Mrs. Parker drew back and as she did, she began kissing Ally’s back through the dress. She started between her shoulder blades and moved down her spine until she reached her exposed skin. She planted a single kiss onto her lower back. She continued her path down Ally’s back, extending her tongue and running it down the middle of her back.

Ally’s anger thawed as Mrs. Parker tickled the surface of her ass cheeks with her tongue. She started on the left side and when she got down to the top of Ally’s thigh, she went back up and then down the right side.

When she got to the top of Ally’s right thigh, she snaked her tongue onto her inner thigh, toward her pussy. Ally thought Mrs. Parker was going to plunge right in but she broke her tongue’s contact just before she got there and continued onto her left inner thigh. She continued to tease her tongue back and forth along Ally’s thighs.

The anticipation was starting to draw Ally in. If this woman intended to go down on her again, it was time to just get it over with. Ally moved her hips back an inch. “Please God make her eat my pussy,” Ally couldn’t believe the words had come out of her mouth.

“Hmph,” Mrs. Parker sounded amused. She squeezed Ally’s ass cheeks hard.

“Aaaagghhh!” Ally cried out when Mrs. Parker’s tongue parted her pussy lips. She spread her knees apart to give her better access.

Mrs. Parker slipped the tip of her tongue into Ally and flicked it in and out, making the young woman shiver with delight.

“Oh God yes,” Ally moaned.

Mrs. Parker flattened her tongue and ran it over the entire surface of Ally’s pussy, stopping just short of her clit. Ally shook her ass in the woman’s face, trying to get her to lick the sensitive bud. Mrs. Parker grabbed and squeezed Ally’s cheeks as she held her in place and continued to mop up Ally’s seeping juices with her tongue.

“Oh please God, please,” Ally said as Mrs. Parker continued to hold short of her clit. She tried moving again and Mrs. Parker slapped her on her right cheek. “Ow!” Ally cried out and grabbed the bedspread.

Mrs. Parker mumbled something but with her tongue pressed against the folds of her pussy, Ally couldn’t make it out. She straightened her tongue and plunged it into Ally. She curled it as she withdrew it and brought it close to Ally’s clit.

“I need it, oh God I need it,” Ally whined as Mrs. Parker teased her.

Ally sat up and released the bedspread with her right hand and reached under herself to unbutton the front of her dress. She reached in and pushed down one of her bra cups and brushed her palm over her hard nipple. She gnashed her teeth as she gently pinched the sensitive nub.

Mrs. Parker picked up her pace and was rapidly tongue-fucking Ally’s pussy but still avoiding her clit.

“Mmmmmm,” Ally moaned, “God, lick my clit, please.”

Ally moved her hand to her mouth and slipped in her index finger. She swirled her tongue around it and moved it deeper into her mouth, for a moment wishing it was Benny’s cock instead of her finger. She withdrew her finger and brought her hand back to the front of her dress. As she reached in, the bedroom door opened.

Mrs. Parker quickly removed her face from Ally’s pussy. Ally struggled to break free from her grip and jumped to her feet. With her panties still around her ankles she lost her balance briefly. She bent over and pulled them up. Mrs. Parker was still on her knees and was looking back over her shoulder.

Mr. Parker was standing in the doorway. His mouth hung open and his jaw looked unhinged. His wide eyes traveled Escort Beylikdüzü back and forth between his kneeling wife and his son’s girlfriend. Ally had no idea how much he’d seen but was certain he’d seen enough. She cursed under her breath when she realized her dress was still unbuttoned and turned away to button it.

Mrs. Parker was the one to cut through the silence, “Either come in or leave, but for gosh sake shut the door!” Her tone was one of exasperation, not of someone who’d just been caught eating the pussy of her son’s girlfriend.

“What are…but…why are…,” Mr. Parker’s usually assured voice had been replaced by something Ally had not heard before. He continued to stand unmoving in the doorway.

“Shut the door!” Mrs. Parker said louder.

“Hey dad, I’m almost done,” Benny’s voice carried down the hallway.

Mr. Parker finally woke up from his trance. He turned toward the voice and stretched his arm out and held up his hand. “Stay there Benjamin, I uhh…I’ll be down there in a minute. Just finish getting ready.” Appearing satisfied that Benny wasn’t coming down to their bedroom, he stepped inside and shut the door.

He folded his arms across his large chest. “Barbara, what are you…what are you doing?” Some of the confidence was coming back into his voice.

Mrs. Parker finally stood to her feet. She brushed off her dress and smoothed down her blonde hair. A large lock of hair had come out of her bun and dangled over her eyebrow.

“I said, what are-,” Mr. Parker said.

“I heard what you said,” Mrs. Parker said. Although her voice was low, it dripped with venom. “Maybe you could try to keep your voice down.”

“Don’t play games with me,” Mr. Parker lowered his volume but his tone was no less serious. He unfolded his arms and pointed at his wife “What were you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Mrs. Parker extended her arms to the side and then put them on her hips. “We’re getting ready for the retreat. We were praying.”

Mr. Parker stroked his shaved face. “Hmm, well it looked like you were-,” he said.

“And what of it?” Mrs. Parker leaned forward on her toes. She stuck her thumb over her shoulder at Ally. “Do you have any idea what kind of girl your son is courting?”

Ally’s ears perked up as she was brought into the dispute.

“Don’t change the subject. What does that have to do with-,” Mr. Parker said.

“Do you remember when she came over for family movie night and we went upstairs and left her downstairs with Matthew and Benjamin? Do you know what I found in the couch cushions?” Mrs. Parker said. She turned to look at Ally as if expecting her to answer.

Ally turned her face to the floor. She debated crawling under the bed.

Mrs. Parker spoke when Ally remained silent. “I found tissues. Tissues that Benjamin had ejaculated into.”

Mr. Parker’s face tightened up in apparent revulsion.

“Apparently, she,” Mrs. Parker pointed at Ally as she spoke, “performed oral sex on him in the living room.”

Mr. Parker’s face relaxed and his eyebrows went up. He leaned slightly to his right to try to look at Ally around his wife.

“Yeah, there’s a lot going on that you don’t know about,” Mrs. Parker said. “I don’t know if you’re blind or you just choose not to see it.” Mrs. Parker began pacing in front of the bed. “All I have been trying to do is reign in her bad behavior. I mean really, do you want a girl like this,” she gestured at Ally, “around your son?”

Mr. Parker stroked his face again as if giving it serious thought.

“No, the things I do aren’t easy and yes, touching her makes me want to burn my skin off with the fires of Hell, but it’s necessary.” Mrs. Parker stopped pacing. “Think about it, what if she goes to this retreat and whores herself around? Everyone knows Benjamin is courting her.”

“That wouldn’t be good,” Mr. Parker said.

“Not good?” Mrs. Parker was stunned. “Not good? It’d be an embarrassment! We’d be run out of the church.”

Mr. Parker raised his hand as if he were asking a question in school. “So what do you propose?” His tone had balanced out. Now he sounded like the guy Ally was used to hearing. The one that sounded like he could almost pass for a DJ on a Christian radio station.

“Prayer,” Mrs. Parker said, “and lots of it.”

There were several moments of silence before anyone spoke or did anything. Mr. Parker still looked to be considering the magnitude of what had happened over the last couple minutes.

Mrs. Parker stepped up to Ally. The young woman flinched when Mrs. Parker reached around and put her hand on Ally’s back.

“Come on, Alejandra, let’s finish up,” Mrs. Parker said.

Ally couldn’t believe the turn of events over the last couple of minutes. “But we can’t,” Ally put her hand on Mrs. Parker’s arm and pushed it down and away. Her eyes focused on Mr. Parker who was still standing near the door.

Mrs. Parker followed Ally’s gaze. “Don’t mind him.” She turned back to Ally, “Come on let’s go, we don’t have a lot of time. You all need to leave soon.”

Ally couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Mrs. Parker put her hand on Ally’s back again and gently tugged her back to the edge of the bed. “Come on, let’s finish praying.”

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