Lesson Plan Ch. 03

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My brain is racing through the endless possibilities of what Jerome may use me for as I drive to the convenience store by my house. I can practically feel the buzz of energy that is running through my body from my own arousal and nerves. Never did I expect that a wickedly naughty Friday night would turn into a devilish fuck at my school on a Monday, followed by any number of devious and degrading things. My pussy is dripping wet thinking about the black sex god that is Jerome, who is waiting for me at my house. Also, the idea that I have so quickly given myself over to this man is not lost on me, but rather than let it eat away at me, I choose to revel in the thought that such a man desires me so much that he plans to take me as he pleases.

Reaching the convenience store, I hurry inside to purchase the beer that he has requested I bring home with me. I am sure I look frantic to the employee behind the counter, but I do not care as I only want to pay for the case of beer and be on my way; I want to be standing naked for him in my house presenting him the beer and myself. Leaving the store, I quickly pull into my house’s driveway and wait for the garage door to open. Once inside the garage, I shut of the engine to my car, grab the beer, and press the button to close the garage door before stepping out of my car. As the door rolls down, I step towards the door inside my home and set the beer down on the step in front of it. With my hands free, I slide my dress off and toss it atop the washer to the right of the door and pick up the beer before entering my house. Naked, minus the heels, I step inside and head towards the living room. I see him sitting on the couch, and as I get closer he speaks without looking at me.

“Put the beer in fridge, and then go shower. When you are done, return to me wearing only what I have laid out for you on the bed.”

I am a little hurt that he didn’t even turn to look at me, but push those feelings aside and simply do as I am instructed. Placing the beer inside the fridge, I make my way to my bedroom to shower. I check my bed to see what Jerome has left laid out for me to wear and am somewhat confused when all I see is a thin nylon strap. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it is a pet’s collar. It is red, with a metal clasp, and a silver bone shaped tag that reads, “PET SLUT” on it. I am a bit shocked by the collar, but after a moment I feel charmed that he is claiming me; even it is as a pet. The idea that Jerome considers me more property than partner should appall me. However, it does the opposite, as I realize that giving myself over to this man will be relieving in a sense. When with him, I will not have to worry about anything going on in my life outside of his control. I will be able to just be there, and enjoy the ride. So with a smile on my face and a new sense of purpose, I quickly wash up in the shower, dry off, make myself presentable, and put on the collar he has provided for me.

I return to him sitting on the couch in the living room watching the television. This time I am able to make it completely into the room and am standing in front of him before he speaks to me. As I stand there waiting for his next command, I notice that he has my video camera next to him on the couch, as well as a pair of handcuffs, and a number of other sex toys I have never seen before. My pussy floods with the anticipation of those toys to be used on me. He moves his gaze from the television to me, and smirks with approval of following his command. Saying nothing, he simply begins to unfasten his pants and pull out his hardening member.

At that moment I know exactly what is expected of me, and drop to my knees in front of him, and quickly move my face towards his wonderful rod of pleasure. Still he says nothing as I slip the head of his enlarged cock into the warm confines of my mouth. I begin to build a steady rhythm, and soon am coating his shaft with the thin layer of my saliva. As I continue to work his thick pole with my mouth, I look up to him and notice he is now not even looking at me, but rather seems more interested in what is on the TV. I take this as a challenge to get him to notice my effort, and redouble my oral assault on his dick. Soon I am gagging myself with it as I begin to push more and more into my throat. His pubic hair tickles my nose as I finally impale my throat completely with the monster cock, and again I take a glimpse to see if his attention has now shifted. However, I am disappointed to see that it has not, but rather than anger me, it instead turns me on. The idea of doing something so personal and erotic for someone I only met three days ago while I am currently naked except for a collar that reads “Pet Slut” on it is humiliating; and it is that humiliation that continues to add gas to my burning fire of desire.

After five minutes of my suck-fest, he finally makes a movement as if finally noticing me. He looks down at me and pushes me away with his hand on my forehead. I remain güvenilir bahis kneeling in front of him, with saliva dripping from my lips and chin as he stands up in front of while grasping his trouser snake with his own hand. As he does he talks to me, all while stroking himself vigorously in my face.

“I ordered some Chinese food to eat while I watch the game; it should be arriving any minute now and I think it would amazingly slutty if you answered the door naked and with a huge load of cum on your face.”

At the finish of his sentence, he grunts some before unleashing a torrent of spunk onto my face completely coating me with his sperm. Four or five large spurts land all over my face; I know I must looked like I just got slimed from the heaviness of the cum clinging to my skin. Spent, he puts the tip of his beautiful cock to my lips, and I lick away the excess that didn’t manage to eject itself onto me. With his rod now cleaned and softening from its stiff stature, Jerome pulls it from my mouth and falls back to the couch. I tentatively begin to open my eyes and am surprised to notice that even with the amount he spewed forth onto me, my eyes were left unobstructed. I can feel it everywhere else though: my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin are all slickened with his heavy manly juice.

As I remain in my kneeling position in front of Jerome, waiting for what is next, the doorbell rings and my pussy floods with excitement from what I am about to do. Jerome digs into his pocket and pulls out thirty dollars before handing it over to me. Taking the money, I stand and begin to walk over to the door. In doing so, I feel a drop of his cum fall from my chin onto my chest, and feel a bit dangling from the tip of my nose. I know I must look ridiculous, and am too aroused to care.

Hurrying to the door, I open it without a care in the world, as if nothing is a matter with the way I am presenting myself. The delivery boy is mid 20’s, but doesn’t take notice of me at first. Instead he is reading off the order from the ticket, but when he looks up I can see that he is nearly going to drop food from shock. I reach out and grab the bag from him, saying thank you and handing him the cash as I do. Giving him one last cum covered smile, I close the door and bring over the food to Jerome. I set the bag down on the on the coffee table in front of the couch and look to him for further instruction. He reaches past me for the food, while indeed spouting off an order at me.

“Go get me a beer slut.”

Without hesitation, I turn to leave and retrieve him a beer. I am not put off by the fact that he is just an errand slut, and cum disposal. In fact, I am actually extremely turned on by the way he is using me, and am eager to see how far he is going to go with the treatment.

I return quickly with the beverage and hand it over to him. Taking it from me he instructs me to get down on my hands and knees in front of him so that I am facing away from him and towards the television. It is at this moment that I notice he has slid the coffee table out of the way I guess in preparation for my positioning. Once in position, I feel him set the now opened Chinese food boxes onto my back, and crack open his beer. He is humiliating my further by using me as a piece of furniture, all while I still remain collared, naked, and facialized with his spunk. It is completely degrading, but at the same time it causes my pussy to flood.

Continuing to remain in my position as his table, I don’t look back, but can tell from the movement of the weight that he is indeed eating the food, and paying no mind to me at all. Occasionally, I will feel the drop of a piece of food onto my skin, or the drip of a sauce. It is a hot sensation, that doesn’t really burn, but does give me the sense that he isn’t going out of his way to keep it from happening. I begin to sense from the lessening of the weight, that he is getting close to finishing, and soon hear the sound of an empty beer can hitting the floor. My knees ache as I have been in this position for an extended period of time, and can only hope that he will soon order me to retrieve him a replacement beer.

My wish is granted as I hear the thud of empty Chinese food boxes hit the floor, from him using his arm to clear them off of my back, and orders me up to get him a replacement refreshment. I scurry off to the kitchen to complete my task, and while in there I feel my lower back with my hand and touch the sticky residue of dropped food pieces on my skin. I don’t wipe it away, just as I hadn’t with the now dried cum that is plastering my face, and I return to living room to supply him with his new beer. When I return and he takes the beer he speaks to me.

“Why don’t you clean up this mess slut? No hands though; I need to train my pet slut to accept that she is nothing more than a pet to me; one that does as I order with no argument. Isn’t that right slut?”

I reply with a simple head nod as I drop to my hands türkçe bahis and knees to begin picking up the discarded Chinese food boxes from the floor with my mouth. There are three discarded boxes and one empty can, so I will have to make multiple trips to complete my task. Back and forth I go, taking each item individually from the living room to the trashcan in the kitchen. I remain on my hands and knees as I go to and from, to show my black master that I truly want to be his pet, and accept my role in our relationship.

Covered in dried cum and specs of food, I dutifully complete my cleanup duty and return to Jerome in the living room. His pants are still open and his enormous black pole, though flaccid, is still out and taunting me. I present myself on all fours in front of him on the couch, and am greeted with one of his devilish grins. My cunt flutters and floods with his grin and the anticipation of what is next.

“Okay slut, go wash off your face and return here, you are going to be my half time show.”

Quickly, I jump up and make my way to the hall bathroom. Once inside, I turn on the faucet and begin to splash my face with water, and scrub away the dried, caked on cum. I make quick work of it, and am able to dry off and make my return to Jerome in no time at all. I return to the same position as I was in before leaving, on my hands and knees in front of him and I wait for his next command.

“Well pet, the game I was watching is at halftime, and because I don’t really care for their halftime show, I thought you could make a better one. I want to watch and record you stuffing these into your ass, every single one of them.”

He tosses down a set of anal beads in front of me. The strand is at least ten inches long, and each bead looks to be the size of a golf ball, and there are six of them. Considering that just a few days earlier I hadn’t anything more than two of my own fingers in my ass, and now I basically taking anything he throws at me in ass. I love knowing how quickly I become an anal loving slut, from the moment when he first slipped his thick thumb into my hole I knew I would enjoy having my ass stuffed full.

“Just turn around and face that slut ass at me.”

I do as he commands, and feel the ooze of lube squirted onto my puckered hole. I am thankful that he is letting me use lube, and I am getting even more aroused as I feel his finger rub the cool liquid into me.

“That should do it, now grab those beads and start pushing them in. Make sure to look back at me and the camera as you do so I can see the expressions on your face as you shove them in. Oh, and don’t forget, I want all of them in; all the way in until just the plastic ring is sticking out.”

I grab ahold of the beads, and find the one at the end. Bringing it up to my slick hole, I rub it around some to coat it first; all while staring back at him. Getting it slippery, I begin to press the ball into my ass. At first, my hole resists, and will not allow me to push the intruder past. However, I am determined to get it in so I press harder and soon feel my tender hole give way and allow the ball to slide through. The sensation of it stretching me open briefly before slipping inside and filling me up is unexplainable; it is simply pure bliss.

Only lingering on the sensation of the first ball pushing into place for a moment, I focus on now getting the next one in. I line up the second ball just as I had with the first and begin to press it in. The resistance is less than the first one, but as I feel it begin to enter inside, I can also feel it butt up against the first one. This causes the stretching feeling to last a moment longer than the first and I moan out in delight because of it. Once it is fully lodged inside, I waste no time moving on to the third ball.

With each ball that I press into place, my asshole loosens, but the time it takes to push it all the way is extended. I have to basically push the previous balls already inside, further in to make room for the new one. It causes me to slowly feel full, and my pussy to practically drip with excitement. Eventually, I run out of balls to push inside, and I look to Jerome for further instructions.

“You’re not done yet slut, there is still some of the strand hanging out. I said I wanted you to get it all in until just the ring is left.”

I realize my mistake and take the remaining bit of cord that each of the balls is attached to into my hand. Slowly, I begin to work the last little bit into my ass. It is difficult because of how flexible it is, but I manage and can feel the hard plastic of the ring pressing my puckered hole. It is remarkable to think that I now have at least ten inches of golf ball sized anal beads stuffed up my ass, and if anyone would to see all that would be seen would be a plastic ring nestled up against my asshole.

“That’s a good little pet slut, now I’ll hold onto the ring and you crawl forward. I won’t pull them out; I will just hold güvenilir bahis siteleri the ring steady as you pull yourself off of them. I want to see the beads pop out one at a time.”

What a naughty way to remove them, to have me crawl away from him as he holds onto the ring, causing the beads to just pull out. I eagerly began to crawl forward, and could immediately begin to feel the cord slide out. Trying to go slow, I continue the erotic crawl as I feel the first of the six balls reaching the exit point. Just like going in, it was a bit difficult to get out. I really needed to pull myself forward to allow for my asshole to begin opening up. As I finally opened up enough, I felt the ball pop out in a hurry, causing me to almost fall forward from the momentum I had built up. With the first one out the process continued the same, with each coming out a bit easier than the one before it. As the last one fell out, I could feel my asshole gaping open some and I just remained in my spot as I awaited further instructions.

“Now come back here and let’s do that again.”

Not wanting to keep him waiting I turned around on my hands and knees and began to crawl back over to him. When I reach him he hands me the beads again, and I begin to push them inside me once again. With back in, he again has me crawl away to pull them out. This routine happens two more times before Jerome seems to bore of it. Overall the impact made on me is that my anal opening is pulsing with the constant in and out of the balls, and my pussy is flooded with arousal. I have a feeling though that my ass will not be get a rest for a while now; Jerome seems to be eager to make me the biggest anal slut in town. As if on cue, he indicates that he has something new for me to do by holding up a long double ended dildo.

“Well that was fun; your asshole seems to really be opening up well. Why don’t we see just how well your ass can do taking things deep? This is an 18 inch long double dildo, and I think it will make a good barometer for just how much of anal whore you can be. How does that sound slut?”

“Oh, I would love to see how deep I can take that dildo in my ass. Please slip it in me as far as you can.”

“I certainly intend to. Now get into position and I will start feeding this thing to your hungry ass.”

Without even a pause, I crawl over and turn my rear to face him. He too wastes no time as I quickly feel him spit on my hole and began pressing the dildo in. Looking over my shoulder, I see he is still capturing everything with the video camera as he uses his other hand to feed my ass the dildo. He notices me looking and orders me to turn away.

“It’s better if you don’t look, that way you won’t think you have to much in and complain. You will just keep taking it until I can’t push any more in.”

I turn my face back forward, just as he wishes and focus on the unique feeling of the intruder sliding into me. I at times can feel him push it in and pull it out, but realize I am not really able to gauge just how much is in at any given moment. Of course, I do sense when it is deep, but usually only for a moment before Jerome pulls some out. I get the sense that he has a plan, but am not sure just what. Also, throughout the entire ordeal, he is talking to me and asking me questions.

“That’s it slut, take this cock deep. Show me how much your filthy asshole can take. You have a greedy little ass don’t you?”

“Ugh, yes I do. It just wants to be filled. Oh yes, filled by whoever and whatever.”

“I can tell slut; I just met you and already you are letting me use and abuse you holes. You are just a nasty whore. Imagine what your students would think if they knew just how much of a dirty slut you are. That you are willing to let a strange black man you met at bar use you like a fuck toy.”

The humiliation of Jerome mentioning my students only arouses me further. It makes me what to show him just how much of a slut and dirty whore I am. I know it shouldn’t, but I can’t fight my true feelings. This is an entirely new me and I am one hundred percent into finding all about this new me.

“You are doing good slut, taking so much of this long cock into your whore ass. But you want more don’t you cunt, you want more of it filling your naughty ass?”

“Oh god, yes, give me more!”

“Beg for it slut!”

“Please, oh, please give me more. Push more of that cock into my ass. I can take it; push as much as you can in. Please, I need it so bad. I am just a filthy anal slut who needs her hole stuffed full.”

“What a pathetic slut, if you want more reach back here and feed it into your hole yourself.”

Eagerly, my hands reaches back to grab ahold of the dildo to start taking over and to show him just how depraved I am. However, upon getting ahold of it I am shocked to realize that there isn’t much left. In fact what is left isn’t even a handful. There is only about an inch or two remaining, the rest is already deep inside of me. My head snaps back to look at him in confusion. I can’t really have almost all of that dildo inside me can I? A smile forms across his face when he sees my reaction and my head spin. He kind of laughs some before informing of my situation.

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