Mannequin Demo Ch. 02

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Thank you for the comments on my previous story in this series. Thanks especially to the anonymous commenters whose ideas for more instalments I have incorporated into this sequel. I hope I’ve done justice to their suggestions.


“Ohhhh, wooooooooow,” came the low groan over the intercom as I took off my bra and placed it on the pile of my clothes.

“You know you have the mic on George?” I said with a smile to the balding old man in the control room. He was almost drooling as he watched me disrobe through the window.

“Oh, sorry Nikki. It’s just, well you know.”

“It’s okay,” I said, smiling as I pulled down my knickers and dropped them on top of my bra.

“Thanks. Well, if you could stand on the red X and hold your arms out straight to the sides, we can get this started.”

Old George was now the fourth of my colleagues to see me naked in the course of two days – yesterday I had stripped off in front of Rob, my boss, who is also a friend of my parents, as well as Simon, a materials expert, and Billy the eighteen year old intern, all to demonstrate to two investors how lifelike our latest sex doll was. The investors had loved the product and they’d also loved me – or at least, my body – and asked if I would agree to have a sex doll modelled on me. I had agreed, and that’s why I now found myself standing naked in front of Old George. Oh well, I thought to myself, he was a sweet old man and I didn’t mind giving him a bit of a thrill.

I followed George’s instructions, entering the imaging chamber, standing on the red X on the floor, and turning to face him. I stood up straight, my enormous rocket-shaped tits standing out proudly.

“Great. And could you open your legs a bit more. That’s it. Now hold as still as possible and I’ll start the machine. That’s it, here we go.”

I had had experience standing as still as possible under some pretty extreme conditions recently so it wasn’t a problem to allow my eyes to go glassy and keep my body rigidly still as the machine whirred and clicked and I knew images and LIDAR measurements of my body were being taken in the most minute of details.

Without moving my eyes, I could see the camera and sensor rigs slowly moving around me on circular tracks in the imaging chamber.

“My God,” moaned George softly over the intercom. I smiled internally but made sure not to change even my facial expression while the cameras and LIDAR rigs were doing their work.

Eventually, the machinery stopped.

“All done,” said George. “You can, um, put your clothes on now,” he said with a note of sadness.

“Thanks George,” I said as I came out of my mannequin pose. “There were two cycles weren’t there. Did I move too much the first time?”

“Oh, uh, no – you kept still better than anyone I’ve scanned before. But, I uh just wanted to make sure,” he said unconvincingly.

“Good thinking,” I said as I started putting on my bra.


“What are you doing there?” asked Rob as he paused the video.

“Swirling my tongue around his head,” I said, looking at the large screen.

We were in the conference room with Simon and Billy, watching a video Billy had taken that morning of me giving Simon a blow job.

“Hmmm, that’s gonna be tricky,” said Rob.

“I know. We decided to record the full monty and then see how much of it we could mimic.”

“Good call,” said Rob grudgingly before re-starting the video.

After a few more swirls of my tongue round his knob head I slurped my way down to the base of his cock then bobbed my head up and down.

“Ohhhh god!” cried the version of Simon on the video and the other version of me opened her eyes in surprise as her mouth was filled with hot spunk.

“Hang on,” said Rob as he paused the video again. “I thought the purpose of this was to record the full gamut of oral pleasuring techniques to replicate them?”

Simon’s face went red.

“I’m sorry. It was just so good.”

“We had another go,” I said.

Rob looked to Billy.

“Let’s hope he fared better,” he said before re-starting the action on the screen.

My recorded self swallowed Simon’s hot cum to the sound of the version of Billy on the tape laughing. Then it cut to Billy’s thinner, longer, veiny cock sliding into my willing mouth.

“This time, I’m massaging the underside of his shaft with my tongue,” I said to narrate the action on the screen.

“It felt amazing,” said Billy.

“Looks difficult to replicate,” said Rob doubtfully.

“And now I’m adding suction action and bobbing my head to cover his whole shaft.” My counterpart on the screen had hollowed cheeks.

“And you did this wavy thing with your tongue too,” said Billy helpfully.

“Oh yes, I was undulating my tongue along his length,” I added. “I wanted to demonstrate as many techniques as possible in case—”

At that moment, the Billy on the video grabbed my counterpart’s head and held it to his crotch as he groaned loudly and I knew shot after shot of hot gooey cum were firing down my throat.

“Well, pendik escort in case that happened,” I finished.

Rob paused the video on a shot of my shocked face being squashed against Billy’s hairy groin, my eyes wide as I swallowed his bitter cum.

Rob looked scathingly at Simon and Billy.

“The whole point of having Nikki demonstrate techniques on you two was supposed to be so that you would understand them better as well as wanting to make this new animatronic tongue as close to her own as possible. How are we supposed to be able to observe and replicate her movements if you keep humming down her throat every couple minutes?”

“We managed it in the end,” I said wearily. “Once they had both shot off, well, a few times, they managed enough stamina to stay hard without ejaculating long enough for me to demonstrate all the main techniques I think we should concentrate on.”

“Good. Or we might have been better off just using a dildo or something.”

“My jaw would have been,” I said under my breath. It had taken most of the morning with me kneeling on the hard floor and diligently making my co-workers orgasm over and over before we had managed to get through all the main techniques and my jaw still felt stiff from the ordeal. At least I didn’t need much lunch after all the cum I’d drunk.

Rob re-started the tape and we sat taking notes through numerous more sessions, alternating between Simon’s short fat cock and Billy’s long thin one but always my round plump lips and active tongue pleasuring them.

“Good,” said Rob as he turned the video off. “So we’re agreed, we will concentrate our efforts on mimicking these five tongue movements first,” he indicated the list we’d narrowed them down to on the white board. “Hopefully we will be able to get them finalised before the launch. How is the new Nikki doll coming along?”

“I went to Old George to get scanned last week and he’s sent the measurements to Fabrication to get started. They’ve almost finished the armatures but they had some difficult with the, um, well with matching aspects of my, um—”

“Your tits?” asked Rob.

I nodded.

“We work at a company that designs and manufactures adult toys and I just watched a video of you orally pleasuring two of your colleagues countless times – surely you can say tits?”

“Yes, sorry – they had trouble replicating my tits. The armature required to hold up the weight of the latex without drooping is too rigid to allow for, um, realistic behaviour while being fondled.”

“That could be a problem,” said Rob gravely. “Jennings was adamant the new Nikki doll resemble you in every way.”

“Can we not make the tits just a bit smaller?” I asked.

Rob shook his head.

“Miss Evans called me yesterday to ask if we can demonstrate the new Nikki doll to the CEO of their company alongside you so the old man can appreciate how close it is to you.”

“And you said yes?” I asked, a little surprised he hadn’t asked if I would agree to letting some old letch fondle my naked body and compare it to the doll modelled after me.

“I figured you didn’t seem to mind the first demonstration. And we just watched well over an hour of you orally pleasuring Simon and Billy.”

“Well, yes, fair,” I said as I realised I had let my usual standards of civility slip a little the last couple weeks. “I will look into a better material for the armature to match my size and, um, suppleness.”

“Good. Now, um, could you stay behind a minute Nikki?”

Simon and Billy took that as their signal to leave. I noticed they were both sporting crotch tents from watching the blowjob video despite how many times they had both orgasmed that morning.

“We haven’t really talked properly,” said Rob after the others had left. “About the demo and how we, well.”

“How all three of you and an investor saw me naked and screwed my brains out?” I asked.

“Well, yes. I’ve known you a long time – well, all your life. Your father and I go back a long time. I hope what we did, well, I hope it hasn’t changed our relationship.”

“It has,” I said bluntly. “Our relationship will never be the same – you saw me being fucked by colleagues and a stranger and I saw you fuck a sex doll. You saw me luck and suck a stranger’s dirty cock clean after it had just come out of my arse… But that’s okay. It hasn’t ruined our relationship – only changed it into something else.”

Rob was shocked to begin with but then softened as I continued.

“So now our relationship is, well—”

“Mostly the same as it used to be. But now we have seen each other fucking,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Not having a problem using rude words now,” said Rob with a smile.

“I’m working on it. And it’s easier when we’re not talking about my tits.”

“So we saw each other fucking,” said Rob. “And if there’s another demo and I need to be there, to answer any questions you can’t as you’re doing your doll thing, we might, maybe, need to fuck too?” the ends of his ears turned bright red as maltepe escort he got out his question.

“I suppose so,” I said noncommittally.

Rob seemed both relieved I hadn’t reacted with anger or disgust but also a little disappointed. I realised he was trying to suggest something. He wanted more.

“And,” I said slowly.


“I suppose you might need to test my techniques directly too, from time to time.”

Rob smiled broadly with a deep relief.

“So our relationship. Like before but now we’ve seen each other fucking and we might occasionally fuck too?”

“Sounds about right to me,” I smiled. “Are you asking about this now because you have the same problem as Simon and Billy after watching that video?”

“Am I that obvious,” he rolled his chair away from the conference table and showed me the large tent in his trouser crotch.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, getting to my feet.

“Could you, um, do your thing?” he asked with a quaver in his voice.

“Sure,” I said with a smile. And I adopted a natural standing pose, allowed my face to glaze over, and froze in position, uncertain what to expect. Did he want what he saw Simon and Billy receive earlier or maybe he wanted more? Would he strip me or change my pose? I was his to do with as he wished.

“Oh yes,” said Rob as he stood next to me and took a close look at my face. “Thank you,” he whispered into my ear.

‘Any time’, I thought. It scared me how much I enjoyed being used in the first demonstration and then giving the boys countless blowjobs. But it was exciting too. It was undeniable, I was looking forward to being used as a sex doll again, this time by Rob.

He quickly removed his trousers and groaned as he freed his hard member. Then he caressed my enormous tits through my clothes, mushing them together and then letting them go to bounce back and forth. He pulled my tight sweater over my head and almost broke my bra clip in his haste to release the girls. He slobbered over the great mounds of flesh when he got them out, nibbling on my long, erect nipples one after the other.

I felt the zip at the back of my skirt being opened and my skirt and panties were pulled down to pool on the ground around my ankles. Then I was turned on the spot and bent at the waist until I was at ninety degrees over the conference table, my tits swinging pendulously, occasionally touching the cold varnished wood. I was relieved as I felt him pose my arms on the table to help support me – at least I wouldn’t have to hold the pose without leaning on anything.

A sharp sting as my round rump was smacked hard. Thankfully I was sufficiently zoned out that I could observe it happening without reacting as if it had happened to me.

“Perfect,” said Rob in a soft groan. He must have been bending over and examining me closely as I felt his breath on my damp cunt.

Then came another sharp smack and I felt my round cheeks bounce.

“Totally perfect,” said Rob before I felt his hard knob head against my slick cunt.

He rubbed it up and down my slit before pushing his head inside with a soft wet plop. I felt his hands take a tight hold of my hips followed by a sudden thrust, from head to balls in one go.

“Oh, yes,” he said in apparent glee as he pulled back and then thrust in again, building up a rough rhythm.

Before long, he pulled out all the way and I felt the unmistakable wetness of a slick cock head against my pink balloon knot. It seemed he wanted more than my hot wet cunt – he wanted my ass. He must have enjoyed watching Jennings take it and wanted it for himself. I wondered if he’d thought about this since the investor demonstration. Had he fantasised about it? Maybe he even wanked about it.

With a sharp pain, I felt him force his sloppy hard cock head into my back passage. I concentrated on relaxing my anal muscles as I felt the familiar tight grip on my hips and then came the sudden pain of the full length of my boss and old family friend’s granite-hard cock being forced up to the base in my unaccustomed arse with one brutal thrust. Somehow I managed not to react externally but internally I was screaming.

I don’t know what it is about my ‘doll routine’ but it seems to make men want to treat me so much rougher than in normal sex. Like they’re trying to break my mask or something. But whatever the reason, he was far from gentle as he drew back and thrust in again. Eventually, my anal muscles seemed to get used to the intruder and the pain dulled. I even started to feel some pleasure – had I been able to move my hand to my clit I might have been able to bring myself off as my boss fucked my arse mercilessly.

“Oh god, oh yes,” he puffed as he sawed away fucking my abused passage. “Oh, yes, yes, yes,” he panted in time with his thrusts. “Oh, YES!” he screamed and I felt the unmistakable splash of hot cum deep within me.

Rob collapsed on my back but I dutifully kept my pose. I wouldn’t want to break character before he wanted me to.

“Oh, that was kartal escort fantastic,” he said softly, into my ear when he had caught his breath.

“Just amazing,” he said as he pulled his softening cock from my tender hole and I felt a thin trail of cum dripping down my leg.

“Okay, you can come back to life now, thank you,” he said with a sigh as he took a seat on one of the chairs.

I broke my pose and smiled to Rob.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Would you, um, well would you do what you did for Jennings,” he said a little apologetically as he pointed with his eyes to his messy cock.

“You dirty boy,” I said with a smile as I knelt at his feet and slowly lapped at the sticky mess in his groin.

“Ohhhh, wow,” he groaned in bliss. “Just amazing. Thank you.”


Once again I found myself standing naked in the conference room in front of my colleagues. This time, however, I was joined not only by the Lexi doll but also by Alia and my own doppelgänger, the prototype Nikki doll. The four of us were standing in the same pose at one end of the room, waiting for our visitors.

I practiced holding my mannequin pose for a few minutes before Rob arrived with Mr Sterling, the CEO of the venture capital firm invested in our new dolls. Their money was already being put to use in the early stages of setting up production lines for the new dolls in our factory but Sterling wanted to see them in the flesh before committing the rest of the funds.

The door opened and Rob led Mr Sterling into the room. He was quite short, with a pronounced pot belly and thinning hair. He seemed quite unassuming – not many people would guess from looking at him that he controlled millions of pounds of investment funds.

“So these are the dolls?” asked Mr Sterling.

“That’s right,” said Rob. “Except for one.”

“Oh Jennings told me you had a model in there along with the doll last time. You’ve done that again today?”

“That’s right. Nikki, the R and D team leader on this project is the model for the newest doll. She’s one of the two in the middle there.”

“Those two?” asked Sterling in shock. “The ones with the, um”

“Enormous tits? Yeh, that’s her. I’d love to see if you can tell which is which.”

Sterling looked at Rob sharply.

“It’s okay,” said Rob, “she doesn’t mind us talking about her like that.”

“Wow, okay. Well I’d like to see if I can tell the difference too.”

With that, he approached the Nikki doll and looked closely at her face. Then he did the same to me, looking closely into my eyes one at a time.

“Are you sure one of these is a doll?” he asked.

Rob laughed.

“Oh yes. Nikki doesn’t have a twin. One is Nikki, my colleague, and the other is Nikki, the sex doll. Even I don’t know which is which – she set up the doll herself after I left her alone in here.”

“Incredible,” breathed Mr Sterling as he turned to look into my face once again. “Oh dear!” He cried as he accidentally nudged my left tit with his elbow. “I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it,” laughed Rob. “You’re allowed to touch.” Rob came over and forcefully grabbed my right tit and played with it.

“But what if she’s not the doll?” asked Mr Sterling in shock.

“It’s okay, Nikki knows what’s involved in testing a sex doll. She’s done it before.”

“Good god, really? Jennings didn’t tell me exactly how he tested the dolls last time – did he cross the line with your colleague?”

“He didn’t know one of the dolls was my colleague last time. And Nikki didn’t mind how she was treated.”

Rob cruelly twisted my nipple as he talked and I wondered if he actually did know which of the dolls was me.

“Incredible,” said Mr Sterling softly as he returned his attention to my face. “No reaction at all. She must be the doll. But then the detail – I can see each individual pore. And her eyes – they are too realistic. But then the other one is the same,” he said, turning back to the doll.

He carefully caressed the doll’s arm.

“It’s warm. That has to be the clincher – this must be the real woman.”

“They’re both warm,” said Rob.

“Really?” asked Sterling as he turned back to me and touched my arm too.

“They are the same temperature – the doll was created to mimic the real woman as closely as possible, in every way.”

Mr Sterling bit his bottom lip as if he was trying to decide something. Then he gave in and grabbed my tit.

“Oh it’s lovely!”, he cried. He grabbed the doll’s tit with his other hand. “But then so is this! There’s no way to tell!”

Rob smiled, then grabbed my pussy and unceremoniously stuck two fingers inside me as Mr Sterling gasped in shock.

“There are lots more ways to try and tell the difference,” said Rob and Mr Sterling smiled as he saw the opportunity.

Half an hour later, I was in doggy position on the floor. Rob had his hard cock ploughing away in my abused arse as I demonstrated the tongue swirl trick on Mr Sterling’s engorged member. They had both sampled all three holes on my doll counterpart and had almost finished doing the same with me.

“This tongue action really is incredible,” said Mr Sterling.

“It was actually Jennings’ suggestion,” puffed Rob as he slapped my arse in time with his thrusts.

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